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PC nightmare
Posted by on

I went to PC world to buy a desktop PC, after about 15 minutes of waiting for help from people stood talking to eachother, I was advised on what model would be good for me. It so happened said model was ex display, and pre owned, no box, no instructions.

They refused to discount the price being as it was the only one of that model they had left. So I agreed to pay full wack.

The printer I bought with it just so apparently happened to be the same- ex display, only one left, slight marks, no box no instructions. They inisted I not only paid full wack but also bought the power cable to work the dam thing, sepperately! They wouldn't add it for free with the printer so I could use it or even know me off any small amount of money- the cable alone was £20!

I also bought a 50.00 graphics card with the Pc as I was advised I needed one.

The woman was incredibly rude and aggressive the whole time and showed very little interest in doing anything but taking my money. I needed a pc for work so decided to buy it as my budget was tight.

I just about got it working but it started having issues ater a day. I found the previous owner's name, address etc and some installed applications and downloads all still on it. I wondered if it was faulty or, had go infected wit a virus and that's why they had taken it back.

Upon returning to the store, I asked a manager if I could actually get it properly wiped and was told it would cost 15.00 I was not happy but agreed as I needed to get my work done asap. When I bought the pc in however, I was told 30.00 by the woman, who then refused to believe my quoted amount of 15.00 till I actually Called the manager over to tell her what he'd told me. She grudingly agreed to the quoted 15.00 and muttered that it would be an hour so not to bother waiting but come back.

So, I came back an hour later to find they hadn't managed to fix it, but had taken it apart! They said it was because they had removed my graphics card I bought -this had cost me 50.00 alone. They said had installed it already when I bought it( without telling me, just gave me the closed box and told me to read the instructions in the leaflet to set it up, which said all about installing certain things, )granted I'm no expert so I even called the help number to get a talk through and the guy ensured me I'd done it right. But because they hadn't told me, I aparently had therefore installed something twice so it was MY fault it wasn't working. I may mention at this point though that they did confirmed a virus that had done some damage, but again that was my fault even though I hadn't downloaded or installed anything.

The offered no refund for my graphics card and even expected me to pay an extra 15.00 to put my pc back together without wiping it. This time I was pretty angry and out right refused. Eventually, after 15 minutes of patronising, belittling and arguing with me, they agreed to only charge me the initial 15.00 but still no refund, or even money off the graphics card I could the aparently no longer use. Deflated, I agreed before having my pc almost thrown at me with my receipt. I have never been back.
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User Replies:
MRM on 10/01/2010:
Where is PC World located? I've never heard of them.
MRM on 10/01/2010:
It seems like its located in Europe.
Critical_level2 on 10/01/2010:
It seems they saw you coming. From what I read, you over paid for a used Pc that was being sold with no warranty what so ever. I think you should have walked away when they started off not offering a discount on a used display model.
Behr6 on 10/01/2010:
Critical level 2 I think you're right, Looking back now I know if it happened to me again I'd deffinately tell them to stick it. Incidentally I still have the PC but my partner has completely striped and re done the whole thing so it works fine now.

MRM, yep It's in Europe, I actually used to work for the company that own's their chain but on the mobile phone sales side of things, my partner now works for antother one of their companies, they have several in Europe all under a company called the "Dixons group".
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PC World Poor Customer Service
Posted by on
We purchased a printer from PC World Colchester, Essex in Feb 09. However after just 5 months it would not print correctly even after the replacement of genuine cartridges, also purchased from PC World. We took the whole machine back to the Tollgate store for a simple replacement as the law now states that after such a short time it can be deemed faulty and unfit for purpose. The manager was called and he refused to replace the printer, and walked off to chat to his sales staff for their view of retail law. One actually boasted that he used to be a Policeman and so knew 'consumer law very well'. The manager therefore decided to call the Police to remove us from 'his store'. There was no heated discussions but we tried to stand up for our rights. The Police came and embarrassingly for the manager advised him to simply replace it as a good will gesture and settle the issue. However having been made to look so foolish in front of his staff the Colchester manager decided to ban us from the store indefinitely. Unfortunately having his badge covered we did not catch his name, so wrote to Retail Director [snip - no names please]. Mr [snip] also told us in writing to shop at other stores in the Tollgate area, not the answer, attitude or customer service we expected. This retail group have a despicable customer care policy and are now fighting for new sales as they are rapidly getting such a poor reputation, as confirmed by being bottom of a recent Consumer Association retail survey.

When [snip] business has lost market share he share he should remember he and his inept management were solely to blame for their own poor service.
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User Replies:
pmarst on 08/26/2009:
I have to say I totally disagree with the above statement. I have always found the staff at both PC World and Currys in Colchester to be most helpful and they will often bend over backwards to help their customer. I had a faulty desktop PC purchased from PC world in Colchester and after having a few problems with it the manager agreed to exchange after three months, he was most pleasant and certainly not rude! However after shopping at both PC World and Currys I would recommend you visit Currys they seem to have a far nicer atmosphere and to my amazement don't pressure you as I found when I purchased my TV from them. First Class.
stexx on 08/27/2009:
The simple fact here is there is nothing to disagree about! Its fact that after what should have been a simple customer complaint for a printer less than 6 months old the colchester PC World duty manager walked around the store, ignored us and kept us waiting for 20 minutes. Admittedly he was the Sunday 'duty manager'. He called the Police for informing other customers of our experience. They told him, its a civil matter and waste of time, not to be so daft, and just replace the item, which also made him look extremely foolish, which he did after anwasted hour - so this is what customers 'can' expect from this group, which includes Currys - it's actually been all over the press inc 'Which' customer survey and TV consumer programmes - SIMPLES!!
jktshff1 on 08/27/2009:
stexx, very well written. VH.
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