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When will the calls and mailings stop
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For about 2 years I have received mail and phone calls, apparently dealing with a collection effort, for a person who does not live at my address. At first I explained that they had the wrong contact number then escalated my effort specifically instructing them not to contact me again. All letters received for this person have been returned unopen stating "not at this address" The calls continue Early AM on weekends and during the dinner hour. If I see PCR on my caller ID I will not pickup the phone anymore. The last time I spoke directly to a caller it appeared that they were from an offshore call center as the English was broken and with a heavy accent. How do I get them to stop???
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tnchuck100 on 05/26/2007:
Never talk to a collection agent on the phone. It will never help you. Communicate with them only via Certified Mail/Return Receipt Requested.

Send a Cease Communications request. State that they are not to call you on the phone and that they are to contact you in writing only.

Be sure the certified number is included in your letter. Keep a copy for your records.

Send a debt validation request demanding copies of anything you signed creating the debt, a complete payment history, and proof they own the debt.


If they don't stop then sue them. Make some money from their ignorance!
southbaypaul on 05/26/2007:
I'm trying to understand how they would relate your home phone number to a person who was previously at your address. It sounds like someone may have intentionally used your address and phone number.

Previously I was received a large number of calls for someone who was listing my number as their work phone on credit applications. No matter how many times you tell these agencies you are not that person, and do not know that person, they never seem to give up.

Fortunately I was not very attached to the number, so when I moved I had it disconnected.
Anonymous on 05/26/2007:
Change your phone number!
tnchuck100 on 05/26/2007:
Liddy, Paul: He stated he gets mail too. Changing the phone number won't stop that. Besides, letting them call him on the phone after they get notice to stop adds another $1000 to his lawsuit.
Starlord on 05/26/2007:
tn is right. Every time they call, they can be charged (fined) $1000, once you have told them that a0 you do not wish them calling you, or b0 you are on the National Do Not Call list. Document every time they call, date, time etc.
tnchuck100 on 05/26/2007:
starlord, just for the record, collection agencies are exempt the National Do Not Call Registry.
Anonymous on 05/27/2007:
"exempt the National Do Not Call Registry", that really sucks and now the IRS wants to out source to these same people!
rut on 11/19/2012:
I changed my number, and am still getting calls from numbers , like 732-379-5530....215-000-1111
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