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Peachtree Windows Review
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Rating: 4/51

GEORGIA -- I have read these reviews and the selling of the company in 2000 must have led to a drastic change in quality. I have 25 windows in my house and 6 doors purchased in 1996. I have not had one window or door lose its seal on the double glass. I just had an awning window crank fail and nobody answers the phone at the number on the warranty sheet so I just ordered a crank and paid $95 for it. This is just to let anyone considering buying a house with Peachtree windows that if they were furnished before 2000 they are a quality window.

Just Awful
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Rating: 1/51

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- We remodeled our home, and bought Peachtree windows from a local dealer. We are in upstate NY, but since the local dealer was selling them, we didn't think twice about buying them. I should have known by the name Peachtree that they should only be installed in homes where the temperature never dips below 32 degrees, because they are frosted, dripping, and now MOLDED! Just awful, and will now have to be replaced! They were not cheap! I am so totally disgusted!

Failed Seal on 50% of Our Windows
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Rating: 1/51

TEXAS -- We built a new home in 2008. I wanted Pella windows but our contractor highly suggested Peachtree. Within 2 years, the seals on the double paned windows began to fail. The first window was handled promptly (though we had to pay to have the window installed, which seemed 'unfair' since we had already paid once to have properly functioning NEW windows installed and the failure of the product was defect in manufacturing not one of the consumer). Then another window failed and another and another... within the 3rd year, 18 windows had visible fogging between the panes.

When I attempted to gain relief through the company, I could not get a representative to return my calls. After a year of on-again off-again attempts to get customer service, I was informed that the company was no longer in business and that the company that purchased Peachtree no longer honored the Peachtree window warranty. The cost of replacing these windows makes me sick! The business practice of Peachtree, their representatives (that made a healthy commission on the original sale) and the company that purchased Peachtree robbed homeowners of their money - they have no business ethic. I wish that there was a class action I could join against them.

Cold drafty windows
By -

GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA -- If you are considering purchasing windows, I can't say enough!! Stay away from Peachtree. I live in Mass and can't believe windows could be so drafty. A repair representative from Peachtree was over twice and after the third call for the same issue they claim there was nothing else they could do. They actually sent me new weather stripping to install myself without any directions on how to take out the old and install the new. Why would they send me totally different weather stripping if they thought there was really no issue. Adjustments were made but still on a new house (now 5 years old) you should not have to put plastic up year after year on the inside of the window.

The reasons were a joke why they are so drafty. That all windows are only rated for a spacific wind speed and that's why they are drafty. I live in a windy area. If that the case, in this day and age with all the technology, Peachtree should not be building windows or selling them in the North. The windows that are absolute junk are the series 300. Now I also have (3) series 500 windows that were installed, yes by the same builder at the same time. They seem to be fine. Why would the builder be able to install those windows fine with no issues and all the double windows with serious issues.

When I made the first call, you could actually see daylight on a few of the double windows between the window itself and the sash. The daylight was gone, but they were still and are very drafty! In regards to the series 500 windows, you can clearly see that there was better craftsmanship. Other new houses in the same development do not have any of the issues except my next door neighbor.

Ironically, he has the only other house with the same windows in my neighborhood. When a shade moves on the inside of a house there is a problem!! The windows were installed by 2 different builders, so it was not the installation. Please do yourself a favor: DO NOT CONSIDER Peachtree windows!!!

Do Not Purchase This Brand
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Rating: 1/51

The choice to purchase Peachtree doors and windows was the worst decision we made while building our home. They are a terrible quality and leak air after only a short period of time. My local retailer quit handling this brand and now I have no recourse other than the website. The customer service line has long wait times. I have replaced the lock/handle set on one of the doors and after only one year it is broke again. I cannot enter from the outside.

I have had three different locksmiths try to fix it with the parts supplied by Peachtree, but they have been unable to. Do not go with anything other than top of the line doors and windows in your home. You won't regret it like we do our cheaply made ones.

Warranty Service Non Existent
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JAMESTOWN, OHIO -- I am a building contractor in south central Ohio and have used Peachtree windows and doors exclusively for several years, even putting them in my own home. When customers started complaining about the doors I contacted the company I purchased them from and of course they contacted Peachtree. The first customer waited so long for someone to actually come see the problem they gave up and had someone install another brand door. The second customer spent an incredible amount of time back and forth with Peachtree, the supply company and alliance wholesale, the wholesaler in Ohio. It actually took over two years to get the doors replaced.

I am now having trouble with my patio doors and have sent several request for warranty service via "E" mail to Peachtree. The last message when you fill out the request form says; We have received your request and someone will contact you soon. I am not sure what soon means but my first request was sent almost a year ago. When it rains the water runs down the glass into the bottom frame of the door and comes out on the inside soaking the carpet, deteriorating the subfloor and soaking the drywall ceiling in the basement. This is the same problem my two customers mentioned above had.

This summer, if Peachtree has not responded to my complaint, I will replace this door with another brand and I will set the existing door in my front yard with a very large sign saying something like "this very expensive Peachtree door had to be replaced after only a few years do the failure of my lifetime warranty". I am a respected business owner in this area and live on a very busy road. It will get some attention.

Lack Of Customer Service
By -

NEW JERSEY -- Peachtree windows and doors are having some kind of problems... They state they are in a strong position with their marketing and sales, but their customer service is terrible. I will start posting transcripts from a 6 month long ordeal I have been through trying to get warranty service on 3 windows of my brand new home. I had over $30,000 worth of Peachtree windows and french doors installed in my home and I can't get satisfaction on repairs of 3 windows!!! I will definitely not use them on my next project if this is going to be the case.

A district manager came out over two months ago to tell me everything would be taken care of and addressed items I did not even insist on being addressed. After receiving emails from him that the product will be scheduled to be replaced when they get to a Pennsylvania warehouse, I cannot get a hold of him anymore. His cell phone is disconnected and his office number is dead. Even his rep company's website is gone!! I am expecting to see Peachtree gone soon as well. I have been getting frustrated with emails to a Lillian Johnson (I get return receipts for my emails) that go unanswered.

Peachtree has NO direct phone numbers on their website for you to call customer service to complain. Old timers without computers is screwed for any attempt at service I guess. This is only the beginning of my intent to inform as many people as possible about the terrible customer service I am getting from them. Imagine if I had only bought a few windows for a smaller house... If they treat a home builder like myself, that used over $30,000 of their glass in my own personal home like this... You do not stand a chance of satisfaction when the costs were small.

For detailed information, as well as copies of all emails sent to Peachtree windows and doors, please email me at **. I will be posting them on this and every home improvement site available to me.

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