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Lack Of Customer Service
Posted by on
NEW JERSEY -- Peachtree windows and doors are having some kind of problems... They state they are in a strong position with their marketing and sales, but their customer service is terrible. I will start posting transcripts from a 6 month long ordeal I have been through trying to get warranty service on 3 windows of my brand new home. I had over $30,000 worth of Peachtree windows and french doors installed in my home and I can't get satisfaction on repairs of 3 windows!!! I will definitely not use them on my next project if this is going to be the case. A district manager came out over two months ago to tell me everything would be taken care of and addressed items I did not even insist on being addressed. After receiving emails from him that the product will be scheduled to be replaced when they get to a Pennsylvania warehouse, I cannot get a hold of him anymore. His cell phone is disconnected and his office number is dead. Even his rep company's web site is gone!! I am expecting to see Peachtree gone soon as well. I have been getting frustrated with emails to a Lillian Johnson (I get return receipts for my emails) that go unanswered. Peachtree has NO direct phone numbers on their website for you to call customer service to complain. Old timers without computers is screwed for any attempt at service I guess.
This is only the beginning of my intent to inform as many people as possible about the terrible customer service I am getting from them. Imagine if I had only bought a few windows for a smaller house... If they treat a home builder like myself, that used over $30,000 of their glass in my own personal home like this... You do not stand a chance of satisfaction when the costs were small.

For detailed information, as well as copies of all emails sent to Peachtree windows and doors, please email me at

I will be posting them on this and every home improvement site available to me.
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Joe Decks on 04/09/2007:
After many emails back and forth between myself and various representatives of Peachtree window company and SNE enterprises, this is the last email sent to me by Mr. Roller of SNE Enterprises. This is the result after being told by another person employed by SNE that they would offer me all new glass and (1) day to install if I would sign a release promising NOT to post any further comments or opinions about Peachtree windows. I will post each email separately for all to view.

From: Roller, William
Cc: Studzinski, Jeannine
Sent: Monday, April 09, 2007 4:47 PM
Subject: Service Request

Dear Mr. Wengrin,

We have been unable to obtain information pertaining to the product in your home. We have contacted the selling dealer, without success. We have requested the information from you, without success. Without the Master Order or dimensions of the units and glass code, we are unable to supply the appropriate replacement parts.

If you wish to supply the information required, we will order and arrange delivery of the replacement product to your home as our warranty states. If you would like an inspection to determine the products required, we will provide that service for $145.00 prepaid. Any additional work will require an estimate and approval prior to any work initiated.

Should you wish to review a copy of the warranty, it is available on the Peachtree website, under the service tab, or I will mail one to your home.

Bill Roller

Eastern Region Service Manager

Tel. 717 932 3006 ext. 4201

My reply to Mr. Roller

Mr. Roller,
After all of the explanations and ridiculous amounts of information I provided to your company, including a representative your company sent to my house personally to take notes of all of this information, you are now telling me again that you will do 'basically" nothing to correct this situation. I went from a person, Lillian Johnson" who had this attitude that nothing will be done to correct this problem... to Bruce Brecht, a district sales manager for your company, who came to my home and promised me to take care of everything. I have emails from him stating that the product was ordered and will be scheduled for delivery when it arrives in the warehouse... Back to Lillian Johnson who tells me Bruce is no longer with the company... To Jeannine Studzinski, who at least tried to provide some customer service, and who was polite, (which is more than I can ever say for you sir, after your terrible manners on the phone call you gave me)... Where she said she would have the glass parts ordered and supply (1) day of labor to install the new glass as long as I sign a release NOT to post any further comments on home improvement forums (which I have this email as well)... back to you, saying you will not do anything beyond a poorly written warranty because you must think you are a "king" in your company. If all of this looks or feels like even "good" customer service, you are the problem.
I will provide you with what is needed to satisfy your requirements for the new glass being sent to my home. I will pay someone to come and replace the glass panels in my home... no problem. I will also file a lawsuit for the other items wrong with the manufacturing of these windows and defects not related to the glass. I will continue to post my opinions of your customer service on all the home improvement sites I contribute too. I will correspond with the many groups of people who are also having similar problems with your customer service and warranty. You cannot ask me, or tell me not to do any of these things, since you are obligated to replace the glass for a period of 10 years (unless you want to change this rule on your past customers as well). I will post all of our emails back and forth, as well as all photos and a video to help people thinking of using your products to see first and decide for themselves.
I am going to terminate my business relationship with 84 Lumber company. I will forward all correspondents to their main headquarters to see why I have made this decision. I will post comments on their company's inability to hold their vendors responsible for manufacturing problems and terrible customer service. I purchase all of our framing lumber for all our projects from them. I am sure they will not be happy or amused at the fact that I am going to make sure that they feel as "burned" as I do right now.
I am setting up a web site to post all of my scanned paperwork and email correspondents for people to view. I will provide a "blog", "chat", and "guestbook" feature so others may contribute to the site. The site WILL show up on all of the popular search engines when "PeachTree windows" or "SNE Enterprises" are typed.

Have a nice day, Joe Wengrin
PS Reply with your fax # so I can send you all of the PO's, invoices, and other supporting documents.
Alain on 08/05/2007:
Peachtree is not a company I would want to use. Passing the word in western PA/eastern Ohio.
Diane Baxter on 02/05/2009:
I purchased $25,000 worth of Peachtree 700-series alum-wood clad windows a little over a year ago. One came in broke and it took 3 months to get the replacement. Then they charged Lowes for the hardware that was on the broken window cause Lowes threw it out. Peachtree sent the replacement window with no hardware so that was yet another order that took another 45 days. Now the hardware has broken on another window and all I wanted to do is order it from Peachtree, pay for it myself and get the sang thing on the window so I can use it. Yet, another can of worms. Peachtree took over 2 months to even answer my email, then they told me to go to Lowe's to order the replacement hardware. I did go to Lowe's and now they cannot even get any response out of Peachtree. In less than a year the finish has started coming off all the hardware, and this is in a vacation home that is rarely used. The wood on the interior of the windows is cheap
and has a lot of fill. I should have bought Pella. I think that it will not be long before Lowes drops Peachtree completely. They cannot afford the bad customer service and bad product.
Gary on 11/18/2012:
Had Peachtree casement windows installed in our new home completed in 1992. Also had Peachtree exterior doors installed. At the time, and I still have the Peachtree brochure, their windows were advertised and sold with a lifetime warranty. Warranty covered parts, not labor. After several years some hinges broke on the windows and I visited my local Peachtree dealer for replacement parts. Whoops!! Peachtree changed their warranty policy and would no longer honor their "lifetime" warranty. After no response from customer service, I filed a complaint with my states' attorney general. That office also eventually just gave up trying to deal with Peachtree and advised me to seek legal help. Peachtree is not a member of the BBB. Wonder why? My advice is to stay away, FAR AWAY, from Peachtree.
Stephen gillenwater on 11/19/2013:
My windows are now only 14 years old. One of the patio doors in only a few years old as it is a replacement supplied by Peachtree after two years of fighting with them to get it. Tomorrow, ALL of the patio doors, 8 in all, are being refurbished and resealed by an independent contractor as the lifetime warranty supplied when I purchased the windows and doors is useless.
Every time the wind blows against the back of the house water comes right through between the seals where the glass of frame meets the door frame. The replacement door supplied by the new owners of Peachtree leaks the worst of them all. The carpet is ruined and the drywall down stairs below the door is stained.
I was a Building Contractor when I built my house and was talked into buying these windows by a reputable company that I did business with. That business had so much trouble with Peachtree that they have since dropped them as a supplier.
If any posters above are interested in a class action suit against Peachtree Doors and Windows for failure to supply replacements and warranty parts as promised I would be interested in participating.
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Cold drafty windows
Posted by on
GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA -- If you are considering purchasing windows, I can't say enough!! Stay away from Peachtree.
I live in Mass and can't believe windows could be so drafty. A repair representative from Peachtree was over twice and after the third call for the same issue they claim there was nothing else they could do. They actually sent me new weather stripping to install myself without any directions on how to take out the old and install the new. Why would they send me totally different weather stripping if they thought there was really no issue. Adjustments were made but still on a new house(now 5 years old) you should not have to put plastic up year after year on the inside of the window. The reasons were a joke why they are so drafty. That all windows are only rated for a spacific wind speed and that's why they are drafty. I live in a windy area. If that the case, in this day and age with all the technology, Peachtree should not be building windows or selling them in the North. The windows that are absolute junk are the series 300. Now I also have (3) series 500 windows that were installed, yes by the same builder at the same time. They seem to be fine. Why would the builder be able to install those windows fine with no issues and all the double windows with serious issues. When I made the first call, you could actually see daylight on a few of the double windows between the window itself and the sash. The daylight was gone, but they were still and are very drafty! In regards to the series 500 windows, you can clearly see that there was better craftsmanship. Other new houses in the same development do not have any of the issues except my next door neighbor. Ironically, he has the only other house with the same windows in my neighborhood. When a shade moves on the inside of a house there is a problem!! The windows were installed by 2 different builders, so it was not the installation. Please do yourself a favor: DO NOT CONSIDER Peachtree windows!!!
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Hugh_Jorgen on 10/26/2009:
Don't blame the manufacturer for making a cheap window, blame your builder for installing the cheapest window he could find into your home.

All the major manufacturers make a line of "builder's grade" windows that lack the features of their high end products.

That is why there is such a huge market in this country for upgraded windows in existing homes.
ken locke on 04/21/2014:
I have a whole new house of peachtree doors and windows. They are guaranteed for life. The doors are fiberglass and bend leaking air can't find peachtree to have them fixed. Do not buy they are junk, guarantee is a come on. Their plan must be SELL and forget the customer. Do not buy!
victor lanch on 08/08/2014:
I have peachtree windows and have one that will not stay up. I cannot find anyone who can repair this window. Will NEVER purchase Peachtree again.
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Warranty Service Non Existent
Posted by on
JAMESTOWN, OHIO -- I am a building contractor in south central Ohio and have used Peachtree windows and doors exclusively for several years, even putting them in my own home. When customers started complaining about the doors I contacted the company I purchased them from and of course they contacted Peachtree.

The first customer waited so long for someone to actually come see the problem they gave up and had someone install another brand door.

The second customer spent an incredible amount of time back and forth with Peachtree, the supply company and alliance wholesale, the wholesaler in Ohio. It actually took over two years to get the doors replaced.

I am now having trouble with my patio doors and have sent several request for warranty service via "E" mail to Peachtree. The last message when you fill out the request form says; We have received your request and someone will contact you soon. I am not sure what soon means but my first request was sent almost a year ago.

When it rains the water runs down the glass into the bottom frame of the door and comes out on the inside soaking the carpet, deteriorating the subfloor and soaking the drywall ceiling in the basement. This is the same problem my two customers mentioned above had.

This summer, if Peachtree has not responded to my complaint, I will replace this door with another brand and I will set the existing door in my front yard with a very large sign saying something like "this very expensive Peachtree door had to be replaced after only a few years do the failure of my lifetime warranty". I am a respected business owner in this area and live on a very busy road. It will get some attention.
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BokiBean on 02/28/2009:
Thanks for the review about Peachtree. I'm in the market for some windows and this is one company I'll bypass.
Lifemates on 11/07/2010:
Sounds bad you should start working with Milgard or Atrium instead they probably have much better customer service.
raven2010 on 11/07/2010:
Lifemates, neither company you mention does business in Ohio, where this poster is from. Additionally, the post is almost two years old, so I assume a better option has been reached (click on facilities)

Oh wait, I stand corrected----atrium has a branch in Columbus that didn't show on their links,
Digger on 11/20/2013:
Not sure what you mean by "another option has been reach but I still have the windows and have been trying to keep them from leaking since installed in 2000. They did send me one replacement door a few years ago and it is leaking worse than the older ones. I am a builder with a great reputation and 25 years of experience and the one black mark on my record is the few houses I used Peachtree windows in. They were junk then and still are. DO NOT BUY PEACHTREE WINDOWS.
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Do Not Purchase This Brand
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
The choice to purchase Peachtree doors and windows was the worst decision we made while building our home. They are a terrible quality and leak air after only a short period of time. My local retailer quit handling this brand and now I have no recourse other than the website. The customer service line has long wait times. I have replaced the lock/handle set on one of the doors and after only one year it is broke again. I cannot enter from the outside. I have had three different locksmiths try to fix it with the parts supplied by Peachtree, but they have been unable to. Do not go with anything other than top of the line doors and windows in your home. You won't regret it like we do our cheaply made ones.
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