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What A Rip Off!!
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FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS -- On 7/6/2007, I went to Pearle Vision in Fort Smith, AR to purchase new frames and new Lenses.

The first pair was made on sight, in the Lab.

When I went to pick them up, I couldn't see out of them.I told to take them and wear them, it would take some getting used to.

I tried to wear them all day and started to feel sick to my stomach, so I called Pearle Vision, and spoke to the man who said he was the Manager. He said to bring them back in, he would make things right.

I went to the Dr's office again, and had them to check my eyes again. He added a slight change, and sent me back to pearl again.Since Pearle was going to have to make the Lenses over anyway, I wanted to make sure they were right. Pearle, sent the Lenses out of the office, to be made this time, why they didn't do that to begin with,I don't know.

The Lenses came back, I went to pick them up, ONLY to have the NEW frames, poppoing and cracking like they were going to break. I told them, I wasn't happy with the popping and cracking. They took them to the Lab Tech, and he GLUED them in the frames. Well, the popping stopped, but the Tech got glue everywhere. on the frames, the Lenses, it was a mess!!

The Lady there worked for 35 minutes, trying to clean them. I took the glasses, went to my car, ONLY, to notice the New frames had the finish coming off, and a big Chunk was taken out of the top of the frames.

I went back into the Store, and showed it to the Lady who had just waited on me.
She checked to see if they had a new pair of Frames, they did not, so she put in an order for a new pair.

I waited and waited, finally the new frames came in. I went to the store to pick them up on Friday 08/03/2007. I put the glasses on, and the Lenses were ALL scratched. NOW, bear in mind, these NEVER left the store.

I told the Lady, I couldn't accept these, they were all scratched. She told me she would have to check with the Manager, I might have to pay 30% of the charge to get new ones made. Once again, these glasses NEVER left the premises.
Finally, she came back, said she would order new Lenses. This has been a Month, since I first went in to get new Glasses.

I came home, called my Insurance Company, and found Pearle Vision, had NOT been paid. The Insurance Co. told me to call Pearle and advise them Not to make new Lenses, they were sending me somewhere else. The Insurance Company stated to me, THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!

I also called my Credit Card Co. and put the amount I had to pay in Dispute.
Pearle Vision, REFUSES to give me a refund on my Credit Card.

There is no signage in the store, stating No Refunds, BUT, I was told to look at my Receipt, It states no refund, but they had already TOOK MY MONEY!!!
I tried to talk to Pearle today, 08/09/2007.

I spoke to TAMARA, who was so RUDE, AND, she hung up on me.
NOW, I ask you, Is This a Rip Off OR What?

Glenda K.
Fort Smith, AR
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User Replies:
old fart on 08/12/2008:
Boy, I guess pearle vision operates the same way all over the country...Stay away.. far away!
old fart on 09/03/2008:
Is it a coincidence that the manager's name was Tamara..? because the the Manager at the Saginaw MI store is also named Tamara.... she must really get around on her broom...
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Pearle broke eyeglasses while making ajustment
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MILLVILLE, NEW JERSEY -- The day before Easter, I took my son to Pearle Vision Center in Cumberland Mall, Millville, NJ. He needed to get his eyeglasses adjusted which he had done before when they needed it. Since he is 17 years old I shopped elsewhere. A nice lady adjusted them for him. Later, as we were walking to the car, he said they still did not feel right, one side seemed too close to his eye. I told him, I will wait in the car, you go back and see if they can adjust them a little better.

When he came back to the car, his glasses were in 2 pieces, borken at the barrel. He told me a different lady tried to adjust them but she broke them. I said well, what did she say, she asked if they glasses came from there (which they did which was why we got them adjusted there). She looked it up on the computer and said, Oh, they just a few days over 1 year old, you will have to buy new frames. No apology for breaking them, no trying to tape them together for temporary use. For all she knew, he had to drive home.

I went back in there and he showed me who broke them. She said nothing to me. I talked to the first lady who said she did not know what happened. I told her they were not broken when he came in there. The second lady sat there and still said nothing. I told them both, how was he going to get new glasses without a new prescription? My son is standing there saying he can hardly see, which is very true without his glasses. The first lady did offer and did tape them up for him to get by with until we could see an eye doctor.

It would have been nice to at least, get an apology but the lack of concern by the lady who broke the glasses was very disappointing.

Please avoid this location if at all possible. If you do have to go there to get glasses or especially an adjustment, please make sure only the man that works there does it. He is the one who helped us in the past and we never had a problem. He is also much nicer than the ladies that work there.
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User Replies:
rhondam718732 on 05/25/2007:
I have to say that you are MUCH more patient and nice than I would have been. They should have dicounted a new frame for you...period.
lovely13675 on 06/30/2007:
I purchased an eye exam and bifocal lenses on 12/28/06 at the Arsenal St Pearle Vision Watertown, ny 13601. I had a pair of very new frames from another eyeglass center.
It was agreed they were fine for my new pricey bi-focal lenses. I paid around $167.00 out of pocket after the AARP discount.

Now 6 months later my left lens, at two points {top and bottom }, where they screwed the lenses onto the frame {wire frames} has a sliver or chip out of the lens near the point it connects to the frame. My understanding is they are stress fractures of the lens.
My other lense is perfect.
These are my work glasses. They are well cared for. I have play glasses and glasses I wear to watch tv in bed.
I contacted their customer service department and have been told I had to have purchased ” insurance” to cover this. I feel this is an installation or defect problem in the lens. Not neglect by me.

Why would I insure against a defect ? If I had damaged these myself I would be happy to replace the lens at my cost. This is 6 months of use, not 2 years down the road. Their company policy is inadequate. They do not stand behind their workmanship or products.

I might add Empirevision,another large chain, has a policy that states: "Eyeglass Breakage Warranty” If your frame or lenses should break within one year from the initial purchase date, we will: For the first occurrence, repair or replace for free.After the first occurrence, repair or replace for a $25 processing fee".

Needless to say I'm very disappointed with Pearle Vision. I paid a lot for these lenses and this one looks like it may fall apart any minute, plus it's not very attractive close up.

I'm 56 yrs old, worn glasses since I was 15. I never had a stress fracture in a lens. My other glasses and frames I bought from them are very nice and I still wear those. These are defective.

This worries me about future purchases.I'll go elsewhere.
eyecandy on 08/22/2007:
I am an optometric assistant who works for a private optometrist. I handle eyeglass adjustments and repairs every day.
Reputable eyecare providers generally offer a one year warranty on regularly-priced eyeglasses. I would wager that, had you been dealing with a PRIVATE optometrist, your son's glasses would have been replaced at little or no charge to you. Two or three DAYS out of warranty is different than two or three WEEKS or MONTHS.
In Pearle's defense though, each time a pair of glasses is damaged and/or adjusted, the frame is weakened. In this story, ONE optician adjusted the frame then, a few minutes later, ANOTHER optician adjusted the frame. The gentleman who USUALLY adjusted the frame was not available. Once the frame had been adjusted a certain number of times, the staff at Pearle should have warned you and/or your son that the frame might not survive the next adjustment so that at least you could have been prepared for the possibility.

Lovely13675- any eyecare provider who requires patients to purchase 'insurance' against damage is not worth doing business with. Your chipped lens should have been replaced at NO cost to you.
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