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Company lies and does not honor their deal
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On Sunday afternoon my wife and I decided that we would like to stop by and look at the new trucks, as I have been emailing with one of your salesman David Loyola, who was pretty good and we felt that at minimum we owed him the courtesy of stopping by and seeing what he had to offer.

I was informed by your director of finance, that there was a sale ending Sunday that there was $8000 off of MSRP, I informed him that I have a code for GM supplier discount which he entered into the system and said that I would receive a $1500 discount in addition to the $8000 for a total of $9500 off of the price of the truck, feeling pretty lucky I tried to add that I am a veteran and asked if there was a Veteran discount at which point based on the fact that I am not a member of USAA that there is no discount for Veterans. At this point we decided that we should actually look a little closer at maybe purchasing a new truck..

We test drove a couple trucks and decided that we liked one. At which point we asked if we could get the same deal for Monday so we could go home and get my trade in. We were informed that Penske could do a “blind trade” after explaining what I had, David and Behzad informed me that they would give me $9500 for my truck. Thinking this is a great deal we started to work some numbers and everything was looking good.

After agreeing on a deal, Behzad had informed us that he had made a mistake and that we could not get the $1500 in addition to the $8000, this shot my payment up and I decided it was too much. My wife and I decided that we were not going to take the deal and started to leave, at this point I was offered $10000 for my trade to offset, I reluctantly agreed to this even though the payment was still a little higher than I wanted.

Was informed that everything is good and that all I had to do was bring my trade in to Penske and re-sign the Purchase Order. Once I arrived at Penske to give my trade in, I was informed that my trade was only worth $5000 and that they would have to get approval from someone else as Behzad should not have made that offer and that the deal could not be made.

I feel that with the mistakes made by Penske and not me that something should be done to resolve this issue.

At no point did I misrepresent the trade-in in any way.
I actually told the mileage to be 65K and in reality it is less than 63K.

I was told that I would have to go back down to Penske this evening to either walk away from the deal or see if a higher management would authorize this deal.

I feel that I am being given the run around by your staff and that the competency and ability to make a deal and actually stick to it by Penske GMC is in question.

My wife and I are being inconvenienced again for the second straight evening to get an issue resolved that should have never been an issue to begin with.

I am forced to ask myself; if it is this difficult to deal with Penske GMC of Cerritos on purchasing a vehicle then why would I ever recommend them to anyone let alone do any further business.

Can you inform me if I am wasting my time and energy trying to get a new truck through Penske or are you going make things right with my wife and myself?

We finally turned the truck back in and walked away from the deal

Crappy truck! No call backs from returning truck. Bad service
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Rating: 1/51

AUBURN, CALIFORNIA -- I requested several times in advance to rent a truck with cruise control. When I was all set to move and pick up the truck, no cruise control. I couldn't refuse it at the last minute. The tires also looked worn. Passing through the desert Needles and Arizona I noticed the truck was very warm inside even with the air on. There was a separation between the cab and van where I could see the road below! The truck used more gas because the air was on a lot. I was right about the front tires being worn, they shimmied from west to east coast. Halfway through my adventure the check engine light came on, another worry.

What a crappy truck! I dropped off the truck after hours with a key drop. After several calls to the "customer service supervisor", no returned call.

What a crappy company. Enough said.

Very Dissatisfied With Equipment failure....
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Rating: 1/51

LAVERGNE, TENNESSEE -- I rented a truck and car hauler to move across the country. The car hauler jack broke off halfway through our trip, we sat for 4 hours waiting for it to be repaired so we could continue on. Then the truck engine lights started coming on, which caused us to have to stop more and keep calling roadside assistance.

When we finally did arrive at our destination, a trip that should have been 13 hours ended up being 20 hours, it was 2 in the morning. We had to wait for someone to come remove the car hauler so we could get to the back of the truck. We weren't able to unload because of the time. We unloaded the next day which ruined all of our prepaid plans for the day. We went to return the truck the following day and once again broke down, with smoke coming out and all of the engine lights on, we pulled over and left the truck because I had to get the friend that helped me move here to the airport, they almost missed their flight because of another breakdown. The truck, on every incline,, slowed down to 40 mph, we were told that this was probably a transmission problem. This was the worst experience! I emailed Penske and received the hauler free and a discount on the truck, which was really not satisfactory to me. I can't even believe the problems we had with this equipment!

Complete Disappointment, but Penske made right
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CULPEPER, VIRGINIA -- My husband and I decided to rent two 26-foot trucks and a car hauler from Penske for our cross-country move. Initially, their customer service was great. They matched a competitor's price, giving us a $150 discount per truck. We got e-mail confirmation in a very timely matter. We needed to change the pick-up date - no problem.

The morning we were supposed to pick up truck #1, Penske called and said there was a mechanical problem with the truck we were supposed to get and they were sending another one. It would be an hour later than they originally said. Actually, it was 3 hours late.

The second truck was supposed to be ready for pick-up that same day at 2:30 P.M. At 2:30 we got a call from Penske saying it wiuld be there at 3:30. At 3:30 we got a call from Penske saying it would be there at 6:30. That would be after hours for the you -Store-It, but if we went by earlier we could do the paperwork and pay and pick it up later. Keep in mind, this was Penske's plan of action. We do that. But we spend no less than 45 minutes doing paperwork and paying. The Penske representative that called us with the modified plans said the computer wouldn't like to process our paperwork because the truck wasn't there and to have the employee call him for the codes. The employee at U-Store-It refused to call because "she knew how to do it." Obviously not. Meanwhile, our three small children had to wait in the car with me.

Later that evening we return to pick up the truck only to find it locked behind a gate. We weren't actually able to pick up the truck until 11:00 the following morning. It was only 20 hours late.

When we complained, we were told that we were already getting a discount (the price match) and they didn't need to do anything to compensate for the extreme tardiness of the trucks and incompetence of their employees. This was after we spent over $1700 with them. I will never rent from Penske again and suggest you don't either.

Edited to Add:
After writing this review, sent a copy to Penske who contacted us very promptly. They wanted to make it right with us. They apologized for the poor customer service and offered a refund. We appreciate the extra effort Penske on our behalf.

Resolution Update 09/15/2010:

Evidently Penske Corporate does care about their customers. I received a call from a very nice man named Justin not long after we finished moving everything and the trucks were returned. They were able to make good on their poor customer service at the agent location. I honestly don't think Penske corporate wants anyone to receive poor customer service, but unfortunately the agent who we rented the trucks from just didn't care. My feelings about Penske are now good, and I would rent from them again, but NEVER will I do any business at the U-Store it location in Culpeper, VA.

Excellent From Start to Finish
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Rating: 5/51

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- From renting in Sacramento to the drop off in Atlanta, GA, experience was superb. The 12 foot truck operated without a problem over the 2600 mile one way trip. Only 33000 miles on the truck which was comfortable and had a CD player and outlets for MP3 . Rental agents on the phone and in person were courteous and very helpful?

The price included unlimited mileage. I would use Penske again without hesitation.

Penske leaves you Hanging
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- I spent $23,000 on a 2006 International 4300 163,000 miles unit Since July 30Th 2012 until present 10-23-12,I have spent over $3500 on, diesel man power, tolls, hours invested, just to try to have an operational truck from them. Went through 2 units, I have been trying to run my business and have lost to much because of their malfunctioning trucks. In my conclusion its a loss dealing with Penske. There is a big disrespect from the service department towards me as a consumer. I will not recommend this company to any one.

When The Gas Goes Down The Truck Rental Prices Goes Up
By -

I had just got through with an online agent for Penske truck company...they just stopped communication with me....All of them are charging high prices because of the gas...when the gas goes down the truck rental prices goes up...and they give you a full 6 days when you don't need it...And all of them are doing this... Penske, U-haul and Budget...U-haul don't offer no auto club discounts... then it's the underlying charges...and these companies can charge you what they want and get away with this crime...They don't care and I was wondering if there was any way I can talk to someone about this so they can help put an end to this obviously criminal act...

I'm moving out of a three bedroom apartment...and will possibly need a bigger truck...this is ridiculous...and criminal. Then they tell me that the prices are based on the trucks availability...are you serious...?

So that means that if a particular franchise has a fleet of damn trucks available they will still charge the same high prices...probably even U-haul...

Deceptive Billing
By -

I rented a truck for a one way move with unlimited miles, I topped it off and returned it on time. The located I dropped my truck off at was closed on Sundays, so I dropped it off according to instructions. Penske then charged me an additional $107, for no reason. We complained and they told us we would be refunded this immediately, they lied we were not. When we called back they lied again and said it was refunded, it was not. When they actually checked they made excuses saying their system takes 5 days to process things. When we complained again saying they had taken my families grocery money from my account, they did nothing. When I further complained that I will get overdraft charges because of their mistake, they again did nothing. This company is full of screw-ups who are quick to charge you for anything they can and slow to correct their mistakes.

If you use this company, only use a credit card so you can dispute your charges. We made the mistake of using our debit card because it was all we had available for use at the time.

Great Company
By -

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA -- I started my shopping for my move I went to U-haul. I had had a small problem with them before so I went to the store. The clerks there told me that they have no guarantees as to what trucks they will have on a given day no matter if you make a reservation. The reservation system is just a way to steal your money. That was U-haul. So I called Penske and the price was less. They guarantee that you will have a truck that is 6 years old or less. AND they guarantee that they will have the truck you requested and at the place you want to pick it up!

DON'T shop U-haul you can get much better for your money!

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