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Good Service at a Fair Price!
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Rating: 4/51

MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I went in to repair/replace my brake rotors and pads as they were shuddering something awful. They confirmed that my rotors were warped and that the pads needed replacing. After driving over 50 years (this isn't my first rodeo!) I know about the bait and switch many of these service facilities use. No sales pressure here I picked the parts they quoted me the price and I authorized the repair. When I asked them how long it would take they said an hour to an hour and a half. 55 minutes later I got a text message from the Pep Boys computer telling me my car was ready.

When I walked up to the counter they were printing out the service statement. I handed them the 15% off coupon (saved $31.50) that I printed at home before I made my online appointment. I also signed up for their Pep Boys rewards card and I now have a credit for $15.00 off my next purchase or service. Overall a very efficient and courteous experience.

They Are a Rip Off and Not Up Front About Extra Charges for No Reason
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Rating: 1/51

COLLEGEVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Went to have brake lights checked, said brake light wire was installed wrong wire was sitting on disc brakes became burnt and caused light to stay on. They additionally found over $1000 in repairs on my daughter newly purchased 2006 Jeep Liberty that we only drove $1400 miles since purchasing it. Went back to the dealer since some of this was dangerous and should have been noticed during inspection and before the sales of the car. The dealer which was a GMC Buick dealer was charging half of what Pep Boys was charging, not giving us a deal, that was their rate to repair the car.

I explained that the manager of auto repairs and owners son was going to come up with a deal for us to repair the car. So they did, we are paying a third of what Pep Boys was charging. They charge a shop fee, which is to use tools to repair your car. If they have to do three different repairs than the charge could be as high as $40 extra for this stupid charge. They won't tell you this and their repair hourly rate is $109 per hour plus tax and shop fee. They are a rip off go somewhere else, they will find more repairs to hike up the bill as they did with me as well.

You will pay for employees, retail business rent and whatever else, why would you? I'm a marketing manager I know what extra fee are and why corporate business filters fees and passes them off to the consumer.

Appointments Are a Waste of Time
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Rating: 1/51

PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY -- All I needed was a simple oil change. I made an online appointment for 11:00am and arrived 5 minutes before. Waited 20 minutes in line while others tried to resolve their problems and finally spoke to somebody at 11:15. I was told at that point that it would take 90 min. to complete. I asked what do long and was told it was because of the tire rotation which takes an hour (bull).

This is part of the basic oil change package and online appointments are scheduled at 60min. intervals.... I thought this to be excessive. I decided to try it anyhow, but after an hour my car was still sitting in the lot and I gave up, got my key and left. Terrible management at this place and even worse customer rapport. They actually asked me if I wanted to reschedule. I'll never go back. Appointments are a total waste of time.

Additional Limited Extended Labor Warranty. Is It Legal?
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Rating: 1/51

SIMI VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- I went to Pep Boys Simi Valley to have my P/S pressure hose (steering) remove and replace because of the leak. Aside from the cost of labor of $245.80 for removing and replacing the pressure hose, Pep Boys added what they call Pepguard Limited Extended Labor Warranty for an additional $36.47 making total labor cost of $282.27. They said that the additional $36.47 is a warranty in case the work done by the mechanic is not satisfactory, I can return the car without any labor cost.

I feel I am being rip off so I asked information from a Nissan dealer and got an information that they do not charge their customers additional labor warranty. I requested Pep Boys to return to me the amount of $36.47 which they did. However, the following day, I found out that the pressure hose is still leaking. I called Pep Boys and told them about the matter and inform me since I do not have a labor warranty anymore, I have to pay again the labor for repairing the job that their mechanic did not do his job well.

I Guess Pep Boys Doesn't Think Customers Know Math
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Rating: 3/51

CULVER CITY, CALIFORNIA -- Well I went in for an alignment, added an oil change. They started with the oil change. After 2 hours and still in the oil change I told them it was the slowest oil change I ever had. The manager overheard me, tell the asst. manager and offered to give me 10 percent off the bill. I thank him. Then after the alignment the asst manager gave me the bill and took off 2 dollars off 186 or 184. 10 percent is 18.60. I said, "You told me the total was 186." She said, "I took 10 dollars off the alignment." I guess if she did she added 8 dollars to something else. Well in case they don't know that's one and a half percent, not ten.

Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

SANTEE, CALIFORNIA -- I arrived at the Santee, CA location for my appointment on Monday. Your representative looked at their computer and requested when I had made the appointment. I was then informed that the technician who does air conditioning won't be in until Saturday!

It was fairly obvious this was the first time the appointments were checked. If the appointment had been checked earlier, I could have been called. This is poor customer service. It would appear you need to update your website so that occurrences such as this would not be allowed. That is, if a technician is not available, do not let the appointment be scheduled.

Worst Online Purchase Experience
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Rating: 1/51

ONLINE SERVICE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Pep Boys has the worst online system. I had placed an order for Shocks on my 2001 Chrysler Town and Country Mini Van. I even paid for overnight delivery. Problem with them is that they don't tell you if they have the item in stock or not. Ordered parts on a Wednesday, nothing from them by following Monday so I called them. Waiting online for them to answer is a real fun experience. The person who answered said they would check and call me back, what a joke. Had to call two more times only for them to be delivered the following Thursday. They were not in stock and they can't tell if an item is in their inventory or not. Pretty sad in the modern world.

Don't Trust Them to Diagnose Your Problems, Take It Somewhere Else
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Rating: 1/51

HEMET, CALIFORNIA -- Went in with noise coming from? They did our bearings (at $550), then sent it home like it was fixed. Didn't even bother checking to see if the noise was still there. The next day I brought it back and had one of them jump in while I drove around the parking lot and he said something was rubbing. They put it back up on the rack and checked their work and said one of the bearings was dry, guess they don't pack them when they put them in!

That didn't work so they did a brake inspection and said it was the brakes so they did the brakes ($300), sound still there. Then they told us they checked the rear end and they found shavings and no oil. We need to repair the differential rear end, they don't do that. Wanted to send us to another shop, we went to Jimmy D's and they checked it, rear end is fine, no shavings, center bearing was out. Guess they couldn't see it right in front of them. Never figured out where the shavings came from. Will NEVER go back to Pep Boys again.

Predatory Auto Repair Abuse
By -

CRESTWOOD, ILLINOIS -- First, some history on my 2000 Chevy S-10 4X4. My truck is in excellent mechanical condition. Maintenance has always been performed by the book, on time, no short cuts, no exceptions. On my way into work on 12/10/2010, I began hearing a noise on the front driver's side of my truck which I assumed to be a bad wheel bearing. I took it to Pep Boys in Crestwood Illinois and talked with the service manager. The service manager initially gave me an estimate of $45.00 to investigate the noise.

The service manager called me a short time later and stated that the noise was from three lug nuts that were where loose on my front wheel and that these were tightened and everything was OK. The service manager stated "you could use rear brakes". The service manager went on to say "You could use pads, rotors, and bolt kits(?)". I explained to the auto repair manager that I had rear brakes/rotors replaced 7000 miles ago. The service manager stated that "they look real bad"€. Given that I had no interest in doing a brake lob in 5 degree weather and against my gut feeling, I told the service manager to go ahead with the rear brake work.

The service manager called a second time a short time later. He stated that I needed a front lower ball joint, that there was a lot of play in it. Given that I did not feel like doing a break lob AND a ball joint in 5 degree weather again, against my gut feeling, I told the service manager to go ahead with the repair. The service manager called me a third time a short while later and his opening comment was "how long do you plan on keeping your truck". My first thought was "here we go, I am getting my leg humped by this guy for un-needed work". The service manager stated that his mechanic "chewed up the upper ball joint trying to remove the lower one".

At this point, I said "stop what your doing". I told the service manager that I brought my truck in for a noise in the front end that was resolved by tightening the loose lug nuts and now I have purchased rear brakes and a ball joint that "€œI could really use"€ and now you are telling me I need another ball joint. Already having the feeling that I am being taken complete advantage of. I told the service manager NOT to do any additional work, do NOT call me with more needed work and to return the old break shoes, rotors, and ball joint to me. I picked up my truck later in the day. The initial estimate of $45.00 swelled to $650.00.

The next morning at work, I asked our truck mechanic (32 years'€™ experience) to take a look at the parts that were removed from my truck by Pep Boys. The following is what I was told about the parts: Brake pads when new typically are in the range of 3/8" to 1/2" of pad thickness. My old pads had 3/8" pad surface left. My rotors were not smooth like glass but showed normal signs of use. New rear rotor thickness is 0.79. My rotors were at 0.77 and could have been lightly turned rather than replaced.

The stud end of the old ball joint was clamped into an 18" vise mounted to a plate steel table. A 36" pipe wrench was applied to the underside of the base adjacent to a steel block. Upward force was applied to the ball joint base. Using this crude set up to measure play, it was established that there was less than. 005" of play and the ball joint did not need to be replaced. In addition, after checking my receipt, I found three line items for "Extended Warranty" which I never authorized to be put on my credit card.

I went back to the store and saw the service manager waiting on a customer back in the service department. I told one of the store associates that I wanted to speak with the service manager and left my name. 5 minutes later the associate told me that the service manager was not available and that he (the associate) could help me. I told the associate that I have two questions. First, what is the $35.00 shop fee that was charged to my credit card? The associate said it was a disposal fee for the parts removed, especially the brake pads because they contain asbestos and are hazardous.

I explained that all the parts were returned to me and therefore Pep Boys disposed of nothing related to my repair and I asked that the $35.00 disposal fee be removed from my credit card. The associate stated that that was a standard fee charged to all customers and the fee could not be removed. I then asked about the "Extended Warranty" charge of $23.46. The associate told me that the service manager had asked me if I wanted an extended warranty and I agreed to the charge. I asked for documentation to this effect and the associate said "see, here it is right on the receipt - authorized by phone".

I explained to the associate that I did not authorize the warranty in fact an extended warranty was never discussed and I wanted the charge credited to my card which he did. The associate stated in a very authoritative voice "if you cancel your warranty and the breaks fail after 90 days, we will owe you nothing." I replied "IF MY BRAKES DO NOT LAST LONGER THAN 1 1/2 TO 2 YEARS, I WILL NEVER SPEND ANOTHER PENNY AT PEP BOYS". I have submitted the facts above to the CEO of Pep Boys. While I intend to pursue this, I thought it fair to allow the CEO a reasonable time period to respond to this predatory, fraudulent behavior first.

Depending on the CEO'€™s response, and in view of many similar complaints I have seen on the internet, I am considering contacting my states attorney to discuss a class action suit against Pep Boys. Having purchased at Pep Boys from time to time over the last 20 years and having been mostly satisfied, as far as I am concerned after this fraud that was perpetrated on me, Pep Boys is a predatory auto repair facility. Pep Boys is dishonest, and Pep Boys has lost all credibility with me.

NOTE: The Pep Boys CEO contact information can be found via Google search. Might not hurt to drop him a few lines if you have been defrauded, taken advantage, or otherwise cheated by Pep Boys.

Customer No Service and Physical Threats
By -

PANAMA CITY, FLORIDA -- I dropped my truck off for service this morning at about 10am for hesitation and rough idle issues at the Panama City, FL 23rd Street location. I was told by the service manager that they would run a diagnostic test and have an estimate for me by early that afternoon. I left at that point to run some errands. By 4pm today I had not heard from them so I called to check the status of my vehicle. I was told by the employee that he just got on shift and would check on it and call me back. Two hours later at 6pm I still had not gotten a call. So I called again. Again I was told there was no information and I would be called.

An hour later at 7pm I physically drove to the location thinking that they must know something. When I arrived the employee at the counter pulled my file and told me they didn't really know what was wrong with it but I "should" replace the coils, plugs, plug wires, PCV, Air Filter, Fuel Filter, and get a Fuel System Cleaning to see if that fixes the problem. I had a problem with this as I had recently had the wires and plugs replaced and the fuel filters replaced at Firestone 3 months ago. This told me they really didn't look at anything on my vehicle. And to top it off they had no estimate as to how much all of this would cost and told me they would call me later.

I decided at that point I did not want them to touch my car and asked for my keys. The employee then rang me up $103.97 for the "diagnostic" test that apparently can't tell them what is wrong with my truck. I asked to speak with his manager which turned out to be a big mistake. When I told the manager about my wait, the issue with not knowing what was wrong and my dispute about the diagnostic fee he became very belligerent and aggressive. He screamed at me and when I tried to speak he talked directly over me. Towards the end of our conversation he came to the counter, put his finger in my face and leaned forward in a threatening manner.

I told him if he continued to be aggressive I was going to contact the police. He continued to do so and was extremely belligerent. At that point I stepped out of the store into the parking lot to contact the police. I advised them I was not comfortable with the situation as a 6 foot tall well over 200 pound man was threatening me. (I am a 5 foot 2 inch woman and very small in stature.) When the police arrived the manager accused me of threatening him and that I was going to leave without paying the bill. Neither of which I had done or intended on doing. It was at this point I just paid the bill and am in the process of contacting their corporate offices.

I wanted this to go out to a warning to anyone thinking of going to this or any other Pep Boys. I do not recommend going to Pep Boys for any repair as I believe them to be dishonest, belligerent, aggressive, and they have the worst customer NO service I have EVER experienced. They will charge you for diagnostic fees and then tell you they do not know what is wrong with your vehicle. They are unapologetic for their incompetence and totally unhelpful.

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