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Dishonest Service Work
Posted by on
EVANSVILLE, INDIANA -- I notice a small amount of antifreeze on my garage floor. I do most of the mechanic work on my car and truck. So I started checking for the leak. Checked radiator, radiator hoses, heater hoses, coolant line for oil cooler, I noticed small amount of seepage around lower timing belt cover and water pump. I was going to make the repair but my wife thinks I'm to old to still be working on my truck. So I took it to Pepboys and told them about the water pump leaking. I know when you replace the water pump it is best to replace the timing belt too because you must remove the timing belt to get to the water pump. This was quoted as five hour job. Took it in first thing Monday morning. Repair was completed on Saturday at 7:00 PM. Picked up truck first thing Sunday morning. Asked the service manager if I could drive it to Indianapolis In. he said no problem. I paid my bill and drove to my home in Newburgh In. which is about seven miles from the Pepboys location in Evansville IN.

I parked my truck outside my garage while I put some of my things back in my truck when I noticed antifreeze leaking rather badly under my truck. I drove back to Pepboys while watching temp gauge which never ran hot. I was telling the service manager about the leak when the mechanic standing there said, are you driving the T100, I said yes I am. He said you have a bad radiator leak, I told him it was not leaking when I brought it in, and he said he did nothing to it. The top radiator tank was cracked on the side next to the motor. I asked if he removed the radiator to replace the timing belt and water pump like the manual calls for and he said no. He laid a piece of cardboard on the radiator and laid on it to do the work. The top radiator tank is plastic like most cars and trucks use now days. Without liquid in the tank it is not very strong. And when he was lying on the radiator he cracked the tank.

They wanted 379.99 for the radiator and 79.00 for labor to replace it. I got my key and left they wanted me to pay for the radiator, that they damaged while working on my truck. The next day I went back and spoke with the store manager, he went and spoke with the mechanic that had worked on my truck, then we went out and looked at the cracked top radiator tank, he said it's been leaking a long time. We can not do anything about it. I told him it was not leaking when I brought it in. I went home and was telling my neighbor about what happened to my Toyota truck since he has a Toyota truck the same year. I told him what I had replaced and about the leak when I got it home. He said they cracked your top radiator tank. I said how the hell did you no, I just left the store, he said when Toyota replaced his timing belt and water pump they cracked his top tank. They did not remove his radiator to replace timing belt and water pump, they laid across the top of it like Pepboys did.

But Toyota replaced the radiator that they cracked no charge because they cracked it. I called the store managed and told him about what Toyota did to my neighbors truck. He said but your truck is going on sixteen years old, and I told him my neighbors Toyota truck is the same year. He said yours has been leaking a long time. I filed a complaint with the BBB. Have not heard anything yet. Do not trust PEPBOYS AUTO. I will tell everyone I meet not to take anything to Pepboys Auto. Pepboys did a a pressure test on my truck while they had it. No mention of a radiator leak. Isn't that strange. They also charged 35.00 for an electrical evaluation. I don't know why. Bunch of crooks.
Resolution Update 03/27/2009:
Pepboys payed for the radiator that they damaged, and refunded the money charged for and electrical evaluation that they failed to do. Still will not do business with them again.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/14/2009:
File in small claims court.
Anonymous on 03/14/2009:
Pep Boys are crooks. I can't wait for the day my wife tells me I'm too old to work on mine, and everyone elses trucks. lol. So Toyota has the water pump behind the timing belt? That sucks. Good luck getting Pep Boys to do anything. I'd find a radiator wholesaler and replace it yourself. 379 sounds high. I replaced one in my truck that has an oil and tranny cooler, for 260 wholesale.
Soaring Consumer on 03/14/2009:
Take this to small claims court. You have a witness to verify that they did this before.
Jeremy on 02/18/2012:
Been to Pep Boys twice, that was enough to let me know they are crooks and do not stand behind their work. Had 4 tires installed, woke up next morning for work with a flat. Lived a good distance away so asked if they could come to me. Of course not! Then after the work they expected me to pay for them not finishing the job right. Hmmm, me pay twice for a job to be done right? So, do you have different levels of payments? Standard payment says your work may last or you may break more in the process. Silver payment says you will guarantee you won't break anything more, but cannot guarantee your work. And if we pay the gold amount, you will do the work and stand behind the work. Will never do business with them again. Oh yeah, have your wife go in, they will try to confuse her into buying more than she needs. Crooks, straight up crooks.
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Con Artists
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
GLASSBORO, NEW JERSEY -- Pepboys is a bunch of con artist. My heat was acting up so I took it to them while my mechanic was out. I wait for an hour on what's the problem and they tell me 2000 to repair my heat along witb other things that need to be done. Apparently my water pump, oil, and holes in my radiator and hoses. Well firstly I got a new timing belt kit with everything about two months ago about a month ago got an oil change. I take it to my mechanic its a FRACTION of the price and of course my radiator and everything else is fine.

Oh don't forget the 3 days to fix my car if it was at Pepboys and they said labor would go up the longer it was there. Never go there !!!!!!!!
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 11/09/2012:
I don't know why anyone would use Pep Boys for service, unless they were desperate and had no other options. This is the kind of stunt I would expect, based on what I have heard.
ok4now on 11/09/2012:
Pep Boys and Walmart are competing with each other for the worst customer service. As 8r correctly stated why would anyone use this service? Don't spend your hard earned money at these rip off companies.
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Taken advantage of
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MONROEVILLE/WILKINS TWP, PENNSYLVANIA -- My daughter recently took her car to a local Pep Boys store to have new tires put on her car. She was quoted a good price for the tires and the sales clerk she spoke with was knowledgeable on the product, friendly and very helpful. At this point she was pleased and decided to purchase the tires from the store.

What happened next is typical garbage that you hear about but hope it never happens to you. She was contacted by the store to say that her serpentine belt was cracked and needed to be replaced at a cost of $200.00! She thought something may have been wrong with the belt so she agreed to let them change it. But for a cost of $200.00 really? That is ridiculous. There is no way that belt and the labor to install it would have cost $200.00 at any other reputable garage.

She was then told that her bushings needed to be replaced as well but it was decided that the work could wait until later.

She was once again contacted stating that she needed a some type of a cam kit (?) on her car. At this point she was extremely upset and I could not understand a word she was saying. This “kit” also resulted in a charge of a few hundred dollars. Her total is now in the $900.00 range.

I have heard stories of Pep Boys overcharging customers and making repairs that do not necessarily need to be done and now we have had the unpleasant experience ourselves.

It’s a shame as I too am due for 4 new tires on my car and was considering taking it to the same location she has. After what has transpired today, I will never take my car or refer anyone to any of your stores for any type of service. I won’t even enter one of your stores to purchase an air freshener.

I truly feel that they saw a young women coming into the store alone and she was taken advantage of.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 10/16/2012:
"I have heard stories of Pep Boys overcharging customers and making repairs that do not necessarily need to be done and now we have had the unpleasant experience ourselves."

There you go.

But this happens at various other places to various people. I had a car dealer service manager tell me I needed several things that I didn't, and I am a male who usually does my own work. I ended up going to my local dealership, documented the discrepancies, and reported the first dealer to district management. In your case, the solution is to go elsewhere.
Jeff on 10/17/2012:
I had a serpentine belt go on my car, and cost me about 200 bucks to replace too....granted it was a V8 and a very difficult engine to work on to begin with....depending on your motor, it could cost this much.
melissa253 on 10/17/2012:
When car repair/tire places tell me all the things I need to get done, I'll just say,'no thanks, I'll just do the tires this time and move on with my life.
Jeff on 10/17/2012:
A lot of times when they try to tell you you need these additional services, its best to think about how old the car is and how crucial it is to replace it. A lot of times the car would be fine without replacing anything if its an older car.
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Pep Boys Not Men
Posted by on
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I called Pep Boy Store on E Washington st in Indy 317-353-0020 at 530pm Friday Dec. 2 2011 after a lenghty wait and several transfers a male voice answered " what can I do for you."He said. I replied well my car won't start it turns over but doesn't fire I need a tow and would like to get it fixed. His reply"I can't set that up call 1800Pepboys they'll set you up but call me back after that or I won't be able to get to it they don't give me all the info I need so make sure you call me back if you want it fixed. I said O. K. and hung up. I should have not even called the number because I got this feeling that was not positive about how professional this guy was on the phone. But silly me I call and explain to the dispatch woman the behavior she explains to me that the man could have done it but she would help. She then took all the pertinet information; make, year, and color of the van then she told me it would be 100 minutes or an hourv and a half as if I was just some stupid person and that bethany towing would be here to pick me up and she would call back in 106 minutes to make sure the request was completed. Then 106 minutes later I received a call from an automated service to confirm service had been completed. Service had not been completed as stated so a live person took over the call and "forced" me to go over all the info again to verify the order it was all verified but the process was ridicules and when I stated to her that it was ridicules and how incompetent this process was and that I should cancel she said o. k. and you have a better day as if I was having a bad day. I told her I wasn't having a bad day that the next two days would be bad days because based on her attitude and inability to relate properly to the problem that I would go ahead and cancel the request and that I'll find a mechanic to fix my van tomorrow.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 12/03/2011:
If I infer correctly, PepBoys has a towing service, and that is why 1800pepboys was required. But you waited the prescribed period and nobody showed.

This complaint is helpful. I was unaware PepBoys had such a service. Sounds like having AAA or similar to cover towing may be a good choice.
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Questionable Service Practices
Posted by on
APOPKA, FLORIDA -- I am very disappointed with Pep Boys complaint resolution system. I took my car to Pep Boys in Apopka, FL to tell me what was wrong with my a/c. They did a "System Check" and said it needed an evac and refill of the refrigerant. That was done and 3 ½ days later my a/c still did the same thing. It would blow hot air and refrigerant would blow out of the underside of the car. I took it back and then they said the orifice hose and the accumulator can was blocked with trash. They replaced that (for additional money of course). I left and 2 days later the a/c did the same thing. I took it back and then they said the fan was not working. The only time the fan hasn't worked is when it was in their shop and the mechanic was hosing the engine down with water. We got no where with the store manager except getting treated like idiots. I did ask if they checked both fan relays and I was told (contrary to the repair manual) that my car fan had only one speed. We were told that our problem was being taken up with customer service to resolve the problem. Customer service is telling us the store has to resolve the problem. Now the district manager has called and stated we have a cooling system problem (and my car does not overheat, now or ever). We were told to bring the car back. Why in the world would I want to take a car back to a place that has done nothing but take my money and find something else wrong with the car every time they look at it. While my son was talking to the district manager they got disconnected (or he hung up on my son) so my son called back and was put on hold for almost an hour. Now I'm out almost $600 and still have an a/c that isn't working properly. Apparently their "Satisfaction Guaranteed" policy is their satisfaction and not the customer's. I will be contacting every agency that I possibly can TV stations, Better Business Bureau, and drive my car around with a sign on it about Pep Boys' service. I will tell everyone I know and come in contact with not to go to Pep Boys for parts or service. From the looks of the comments on this site, it is apparent that they need to clean up their image.
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User Replies:
Alain on 08/06/2011:
You can contact Florida's consumer protection office about this via
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Yes, you have a warranty, no we won't honor it
Posted by on
MORENO VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- Two years ago I took my 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan in to have the serpentine belt replaced since it was original to the vehicle that now had 119,00 miles on it. The service was relatively quick and the van seemed to have new power and life. Two days later, the belt started squeaking again. I called the service department and the man there told me that it does that for a while when its new and to not worry. I am not a mechanical person. Over the next 2 years my wife and I drive the van a total of 8,200 miles since I drive a company car.
Fast forward to last night ---->
My wife is driving the van home from work at night and the van suddenly looses power to the steering, but can still accelerate. My wife attempts to pull over, nearly wrecking the van due to no power steering and then the van starts overheating. Upon inspection, the serpentine belt had just come loose. We called Pep Boys since the belt had a 3 year warranty and they came and towed the vehicle to their store nearby. Tow service was quick by the way :D

Inspection revealed that the serpentine belt had come loose, causing loss of power steering, water pump power was lost and caused the radiator to overheat and crack, thermostat was now damaged as well.
After replacing the radiator and reattaching the new belt, the system was pressure tested and revealed that no other components were damaged that may have led to the belt coming off. Interesting...
I commented to the service manager that it was not a labor warranty issue as the belt would have come off in a matter of days if not immediately if something was not tightened. Since there was no other problems with the van, then it had to be a belt problem.
To make a long story short, the belt failure falls under warranty and resulted in the damage to the radiator. The service manager does not want to cover it under warranty for unknown reasons. He says that the part was put on 2 years ago, I told him that it had a 3 year warranty. He was then evasive and did not talk to me anymore.
I have contacted corporate office and haven't heard back from them yet, I have also contact the Bureau of Automotive Repair and filed a complaint with them.
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User Replies:
SMRP on 06/03/2010:
Quick question, what is the reason for your rating? By your own telling of this event, they installed the belt correctly, answered your question about the squeal appropriately, and when there was a failure of the component Pep Boys honored the warranty and repaired all damage and checked for any hidden damage... It seams to me that the problem was with the manufacture of the belt and not with the services provided by Pep Boys?
SMRP on 06/03/2010:
OK just saw PAGE #2 and see where the problem is, and this does seem wrong. Pleas excuse my prior comment, I am a mechanic for Pep Boys and this is why I took offense at what I thought was the complete story. Understand that I only diagnose install and repair the automobiles and have no power over the service managers and the decisions made by them.
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Unbelievable: A Pepboys store doesn’t assume its responsibility which is as clear as black and white
Posted by on
LAUREL, MARYLAND -- The short story: after a smooth drive of about 30-minute (about 20 miles) from a Pepboys store to my home, all four wheel covers, claimed by the store to have been installed, on my Honda were missing. The store insists that this was not the store’s responsibility. Sounds unbelievable? That’s what has happened to me. I record the whole story in the rest of this complaint.

On 7/15/2009, I had some repair/service work, including brake check for my 1996 Honda Accord at the Pepboys Laurel Maryland store. At about 9:45pm we (my wife and I) picked up the key of the car, which was parked immediately outside the workshop’s first bay and was heading to the bay. We walked through the bay to the car from the front and thus didn’t notice if the wheel covers were on or not. It was approximately a 30-minute and 20-mile drive from the shop to our home and the car was parked in our single home garage, with garage doors locked. The next morning, I found that all four wheel covers were missing. I drove the car to the store and spoke to the technician: “you forgot putting on the wheel covers yesterday”. To my surprise, he replied “No, I did put them on”. He also said something that it was not easy to install them and he actually spent some effort getting that done. Well, we had this car for more than 13 year and had driven it for more than 150K miles. The car had been left for services in different shops, including another Pepboys’ store. We never have experienced one single occasion of losing one single wheel cover. How could it be possible for all four to fall off in such a short drive. I spoke to Mr. A at the service desk on this (Note: I know his first name but hide this info for now). Mr. A helped to check the workshop but didn’t find any unclaimed covers. He said he would think about this issue and asked me to contact him in an hour. He gave me a business card and wrote his first name on it. I called him after more than an hour. He said that they didn’t have the spare Honda wheel covers and asked me if I would accept other covers. I said that other covers would be fine because the car was pretty old. I told him that I would be in the store after work. However, I later learned that there are different types of wheel covers, some clip-on type and others screw-on, and that my Honda uses the screw-on type. I then called Mr. A in the afternoon asking him what type of covers he had. He told me that the store only had clip-on type. I then said that I would want the screw-on type so that they wouldn’t fall off. He said that he needed to order the covers for me and asked my vehicle’s identification number (VIN), for ordering purpose. He said that he would call me once the covers became available. I waited for more than a week and never got any call from the store. I then called the store on 7/24 but the agent answered the phone said Mr. A was not in. I called again today (Monday 7/27) and reached Mr. A. He told me that he actually didn’t work on this issue and apologized. He said that he would talk to Mr. B (I know this persons first name but hide it for now), who checked in my car on 7/15. He said that he’d let Mr. B call me. I waited for about three hours but no body called. I then called Mr. B. To my surprise again, Mr. B insisted that the technician had put the covers on. I asked if the technician put the covers on appropriately and he answered yes. He said that because I didn’t check the wheel before I drove off the car the store would not be responsible for the missing covers. This was not a good logic. Even if the covers were on when I took the car, they shouldn’t have fallen off in such a short drive. I ask him to explain why the covers were missing in a 30-minute drive. He said that he didn’t know. I told him that there were only three possible scenarios: a) the covers were not installed; b) the covers were not installed appropriately so that all of them fell off in a 30-minute drive; and c) I stole the covers myself. Since he insisted the first two cases were not true, the only conclusion seemed that I had stolen my own car’s wheel covers and tried to cheat the store. No kidding, this would be a criminal act and would warrant a police report (which I probably will need to file if the issue cannot be resolved with the store). I asked to speak to his manager, Mr. B said that he was the associate service manager and that the service manager had known this and shared the same opinion with him. I asked to speak to his store manager. Mr. B said gave me the manager’s first name but said that the manager already went home. He said I could call Pepboys’ corporate 800 customer service number. I found the number from the Pepboy’s website and filed the case. I’ll report more on this later.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/28/2009:
I'll side with Pep Boys on this one. The customer is responsible for checking to be certain that parts such as wheel covers have been put back on. From their point of view you came back the next day to complain. If you had returned within minutes then maybe their response would have been more positive. A police report won't help your case because it's your word and you have no proof that a Pep Boys employee stole the covers.
novice on 07/28/2009:
Thanks for the comment. I agree that it's my responsibility to check the cover. My point is that it would be still the store's responsibility when those covers to fall off in a short drive, meaning they were not installed correctly (my scenario 2). Customers would not know if the covers were securely installed or not by walking around the car or even touching them. As for the timing, it was about 10:15pm when I got home and the service department's hours are to 9:00pm. I still wouldn't have driven back there had I found this problem at 10:15pm.

I know it may be hard for me to prove that I didn't steal the covers by myself or that nobody had stolen them from my garage (proving not having done something is usually not very easy), yet I believe that it's not difficult for ordinary people to judge if this could happen to such an old car's wheel covers. The thief would have gone into the locked garage during the night and needed to unscrew all the 16 bolts to just steal the wheel covers (and put the wheels back)! Actually, I don't think the technician would have stolen the covers or have been lying on the installation. I had chattered with him while he was replacing my starter. He had gotten his certificate in less than a week. He seemed nice and I was glad for him to have located a job right after the school. I think that, after learned the that there were two types of covers, the most likely case was that he might have snapped on the covers, which should have been screwed on. He mentioned that the covers were difficult to put on and he spent some effort. I don't have any experience on this but I guess that it might be difficult to snap on this type of cover after the bolts are already screwed. Of course this guess is based on the assumption that it was possible to snap on the screw-type wheel covers. If this is not possible, then I really don't have any other idea on what's possible.

Now, I have good news. The store manager called me, presumably after gotten the case from the corporate customer service. He said that he never had met such issue before. I told him that me neither. After some conversation, he agreed to find the same crewed-on type covers for me, without having to identifying the responsibility. He said it may take sometime. This is OK with me.
Anonymous on 07/28/2009:
I'll have to be contrary PB, and take Novice's part. Either the wheel covers were never re-installed, or they were re-installed incorrectly for them to fall off on the drive home. In either case, I'd say the fault lies with Pep Boys.
Anonymous on 07/28/2009:
I understand the situation. however, if it had been my car I certainly would have looked before driving off. It happened to me many years ago and I immediately went back inside. The manager said my car had no wheel covers then got very embarrassed when I pointed to them on top of a trash container. Having read the complete reply by novice it looks like Pep Boys is taking the responsibility. Good show for them.
maryland198 on 07/28/2009:
Thank passingBy and KenPopcorn for taking time reading my long post and writing the comments. I want to clarify that I forgot logging in first when I replied to passingBy's first comment and thus my ID was show as novice.
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Rip Off Boys
Posted by on

I decided to take my car to Pep Boys on 5/23/09 store 19 on Germantown Pike in Norristown, Pa. My car was cutting off while I was driving it and when I tried to accelerate the car would shake and choke on the gas to the point the check engine light came on. I explain this to the technician. A few hours later they called me and told me my car was ready and what the bill was. I paid the bill and on my way back to my house all the symptoms I dropped the car off for continued. I called the store and spoke with Doug the manager. He told me to bring the car back right away. When I got there he reviewed the work done and said that there was an error code for the transmission and I need to take it to a transmission specialist. I said I just paid you 411 dollars, my car is just as bad as when I dropped it off and your telling me to take it else where to have it fixed. Unacceptable.

Why did you ask me to bring the car back if you weren’t even going to look at it? I felt like I was just being dismissed. He also told me that the tech who worked on it didn’t tell him about the transmission error code. After going back and forth with him for about twenty minutes and being told I don’t know what you want me to do, he decided to reimburse my labor money. I would still have to pay for the parts. This is of no help to me. I am not looking for a hand out. I just want my car fixed.

The next day I took my car to a transmission place where they told me the symptoms the car is doing has nothing to do with my transmission. I put the car on drive and it goes and I put on reverse and it goes. Not a transmission problem. That same day the car died on me completely. It wouldn’t stay on. I called Pep Boys again on 5/24 and spoke with *****. She told me to bring the car in and it would be looked at on 5/25. I get a call on 5/25 from Harmon who tells me the car starts up rough but it runs. I thought to myself well if it starts up rough as he is stating then clearly there is a problem. I said you have to run it for 25 min or so and that’s when the car chokes, shakes and dies out. He said he doesn’t know what’s wrong with it and I would have to wait till another mechanic looks at it that isn’t available until 5/26.

I thought to myself, isn’t every mechanic there qualified to work on cars. Why do I have to wait till another mechanic comes in? So here it is Tuesday 5/26 at 1:30p and I haven’t heard from the shop at all. I call the shop and once again I had to explain to the person who picked up the phone what the issue was with the car. I told them I spoke to Harmon the day before. They put Harmon on the phone who tells me again they still don’t know what the problem is. I ask if they looked at the car yet, he said yes, I asked if I would hear back from them today, he said yes. Gut feeling told me no one had looked at it and I doubt I get a call at the end of the day.

Four days later they haven’t figured out what the problem is with the car. That is why I’m writing this email. It seems like there is a lack of communication at the store since I’ve had to explain what is wrong with the car to various people. Not to mention, when I took the car back on 5/24 I was told by Susan the information wasn’t in their system. Yet she was looking at a record of the work done that was stored in a file. I am frustrated and I just want to get the service I paid for. If they can’t figure it out the problem then let me know and I will pick up the car and take it else where. But don’t nickel and dime me in the mean time.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/26/2009:
I wonder what the percentage is of people that ever go back to the Rip off Boys for a second trip, other than maybe a simple oil change? Doubt many ever give Manny, Moe and Jack the time of day after reading all the horror stories about the Rip off Boys repairs. Very helpful review to warn others.
withvengeance86 on 06/01/2009:
I for one know that I will never be going back after I get my current problem with them resolved. I vow to never even step foot in one and encourage everyone I know not to even buy anything there.
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Incompetent Company and Employees
Posted by on
FT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- This letter was sent to Corporate without response:

February 8, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

On January 30, 2009, I brought my 2000 Chevrolet Blazer into your Pompano Beach location to have my vehicle inspected. I advised the shop manager that I did not have any heat in my vehicle.

After 2 hours of diagnosing, it was advised that my thermostat needed to be replaced. I was then quoted to replace that item with some additional services which I declined because I thought it was priced too high.

2 days later, I had replaced this item myself (due to the simplicity of this task) and then proceeded my trip to Connecticut (of which I advised the shop manager – this was the reason I originally brought it in).

I was traveling through Georgia when it began to get chilly and I turned on the heat – but alas, I did not feel any heat even having it turned up hot to the maximum. I turned it off and continued my trip so I can at least make it South Carolina, but could no longer continue the trip due to diminishing weather temperatures.

I pulled off of I-95 to an establishment called Carolina Cars located in Florence, SC and the mechanic, [snip], diagnosed the problem – my heater core needed to be replaced.
If I had known this prior to traveling, I would have had it replaced at that time, but your mechanic, [snip], diagnosed my problem as the thermostat.

I paid a total of $80.09 for a 2-hour diagnosis that wasn’t even CLOSE to what the actual problem was. If I had just replaced the thermostat (which I did) and just kept traveling, I could have destroyed my engine.

Adding to this issue, I brought my same vehicle in to have my oil changed on January 5, 2009 which was fine, but while that was occurring, I bought 2 wiper blades in your store and had asked [snip] to have the mechanic put them on for me while he was doing the oil change.

I got back to work and noticed that the wiper blades were not replaced – I then had to take time from work again and have them put them on. Later on in that week, I noticed that there was a shop rag tucked under my hood very close to the motor (I was checking my windshield washer fluid at the time). Could you imagine what would have happened if that rag flew into my motor?!

So let’s recap the events – The oil change involved me returning to your shop to have new wiper blades replaced and if I didn’t look under the hood of my truck, I would have never noticed the shop rag near the motor that your mechanic neglected to remove before he closed the hood.

Secondly, I paid for 2 hours of diagnosing a “no-heat” issue for my truck which was a thermostat replacement only to find out in South Carolina that it was my heater core. If this had not been replaced, my vehicle motor would have eventually been destroyed based up the fact I was traveling 1,400 miles.

This is UNACCEPTABLE under any terms of your establishment! The incompetence of your mechanics could cost customers thousands of dollars in repairs due to incorrectly diagnosing critical issues such as mine.

Here is what I proposing…

The cost to replace the heater core was $568.29 (find copy of invoice attached). I am seeking restitution along with $500 for my grief, aggravation, YOUR incompetence and frustration that I was counting on your company to provide me an accurate diagnosis which was never delivered – this is almost comparable to a Doctor who diagnosed his patient incorrectly and the patient suffered for it – this is called a lawsuit.

This is not a direct threat in any way or fashion, but merely a way for me to inform you that you are held responsible for your employees actions. So the total settlement I am seeking is $1,068.29.

If you choose to decline, I will seek legal council advise, advise the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs and possible media/newspaper publications. There will be no exchange of phone calls. All correspondence will be letter sent as legal documentation.
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Customer Satisfaction - Thanks Pep Boys
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NORFOLK, VIRGINIA -- Here is the following situation regarding Pep Boys in Norfolk, VA (Store no. 111):

Nov 8, 2008 I went to Pep Boys to buy some products. I happened to talk to a sales person (black heavy set male) who seemed to be a manager and was very nice. I changed my power steering pump myself and after proper priming procedures still had a loud whine (95 Ford Ranger). I also noticed my brake fluid was very dark and was going to change it myself because Firestone wanted $74 to change it and the local auto shop wanted $60. I already bought fluid etc...for the job.

However, last night the gentleman told me he would charge me $49.99 to change the brake fluid and thirty or so to flush the power steering to help kill the P/S whine. He also stated that the vehicle would have to be driven 500 miles or so before it should go away since the P/S was just replaced. We talked about Firestones prices and how because of his low price I would let Pep Boys do both jobs. He took my name down for a 9 a.m. appointment.

In honor of our agreement I arrived at Pep Boys at 8:45 a.m. and they got my truck in a little after 9. The sales person, who was also present the night before at the counter, completed the paperwork and asked me to sign so they could work on my truck. They finished the truck at 10:40 a.m. Before I paid I said the price for the brake service was incorrect and the sale person stated that’s what we (Pep Boys) charge. I explained that it was too high. I reminded her of the conversation the previous evening and she stated she only remembered the power steering part of the conversation. I told her that’s the reason I came in to have the work done. (The sales person from last night was not present this morning).

I said can’t you reduce the cost to what I was told last night and I advised her "why would I drive 5 miles and pay $65 for a brake bleed job when they charge $60 on the base where I am stationed?" She then stated, “You signed the paperwork!”

I stopped my protest at this point because she would not budge on her stance and I did not want to make any further scene in front of the other customers. I stated that I would not argue any further, that she got me, and she was right that when I signed I didn’t look at the price.

I assumed that the brake fluid change was Pep Boys regular price and that the price quoted the previous evening would be honored.

However, the next day the manager "Todd" called me and asked for me to come in to get the difference and he apologized for the mistake on our agreement. When I arrived we shook hands, he refunded me the difference and parted on great terms.

Re-learned Lesson: Read before you sign-Don't assume!

Note: Pep Boys prices are lower than Advance Auto Parts on average.

Thank you again Pep Boys.

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User Replies:
MRM on 11/11/2008:
\o/ \o/ \o/ Three cheers to Pep Boys for providing "hpd5705" great customer service! HOORAH! Hey, I just notice the location in Norfolk,VA, where I reside. Pep Boys in Norfolk,VA rules baby!!!
Anonymous on 11/11/2008:
Somebody please tell me if I am wrong but since when will a motor pool on a military base perform maintenance work on a personal vehicle? If so, can I take my vehicle for cut rate service as well.
Ponie on 11/11/2008:
PB, I think it depends on the size of the base. My BIL is retired AF and he's been at them all (almost)--both big and small. He was at some so small they didn't even have a gas station. If I'm not mistaken, when he was stationed at MacDill and I was visiting them in Tampa, my Sis took her car in for service of some sort. But, again, I could very well be mistaken--not unusual is it? :)
hpd5705 on 11/11/2008:
There is a shop on Norfolk Naval Base that is run by the MWR or Navy Exchange. I'm not sure of the details but it does charge for private auto work, parts and other auto items.
flasher on 02/10/2009:
If you people our nt happy call 1-800-Pep Boys your problems will be solved if the problems is with Pep Boys
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