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They Are a Rip Off and Not Up Front About Extra Charges for No Reason
Posted by Ktornese on 12/30/2013
COLLEGEVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Went to have brake lights checked, said brake light wire was installed wrong wire was sitting on disc brakes became burnt and caused light to stay on. They additionally found over $1000 in repairs on my daughter newly purchased 2006 Jeep Liberty that we only drove $1400 miles since purchasing it. Went back to the dealer since some of this was dangerous and should have been noticed during inspection and before the sales of the car. The dealer which was a GMC Buick dealer was charging half of what Pep boys was charging, not giving us a deal, that was their rate to repair the car. I explained that the manager of Auto repairs and owners son was going to come up with a deal for us to repair the car. So they did, we are paying a third of what Pep boys was charging. They charge a shop fee, which is to use tools to repair your car. If they have to do three different repairs than the charge could be as high as $40 extra for this stupid charge. They won't tell you this and their repair hourly rate is $109 per hour plus tax and shop fee. They are a rip off go somewhere else, they will find more repairs to hike up the bill as they did with me as well. You will pay for employees, retail business rent and whatever else, why would you?I'm a Marketing Manager I know what extra fee are and why corporate business filters fees and passes them off to the consumer.

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Appointments Are a Waste of Time.
Posted by Sbapgar on 12/27/2013
PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY -- All I needed was a simple oil change. I made an online appointment for 11:00am and arrived 5 minutes before. Waited 20 minutes in line while others tried to resolve their problems and finally spoke to somebody at 11:15. I was told at that point that it would take 90 min. to complete. I asked what do long and was told it was because of the tire rotation which takes an hour (bull).This is part if the basic oil change package and online appointments are scheduled at 60min. intervals....I thought this to be excessive. I decided to try it anyhow, but after an hour my car was still sitting in the lot and I gave up, got my key and left.
Terrible management at this place and even worse customer rapport. They actually asked me if I wanted to reschedule. I'll never go back. Appointments are a total waste of time.
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Oil Change Overcharge
Posted by Grahamweg on 11/14/2013
RIVERDALE, UTAH -- After retrieving a Pep Boys Coupon for a $20 oil change off the internet, I took my car in and showed them my Coupon. The sales person asked if I wanted to purchase a mileage improver package for an additional $10. I agreed and when I went to pay they charged me $46 which should have been $32 with tax. They did replace a fuel filter but did not ask me for permission to do so. I hate bait and switch tactics and will never go back to Pep Boys. Too bad they will screw over a customer once to make a few extra dollars and lose a customer forever.
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The Worst Customer Service Because He Was About to Be on Break
Posted by Dalila.mascorro on 11/06/2013
I was requesting help on a part I need, and they only had one so I ask if I could get one more and the person in charge said" well don't you know that I'm about to take my lunch break, I guess I'll never be able to eat". That made me so mad because he kept ignoring me so I could go away. Bottom line if you don't want to deal with customers go work at a zoo. .. .

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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-11-07:
A lot of retail stores have pretty strict rules about employees clocking out for lunch, if they don't clock out after X number of hours the store can be fined for violating labor laws. That could be what happened here. When I worked retail, it was no joke, you could be written up and/or terminated for not take scheduled breaks exactly when you were supposed to take them.

He could've explained himself in a more polite way though.
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Additional Limited Extended Labor Warranty. Is It Legal?
Posted by Jv91773 on 10/23/2013
SIMI VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- I went to Pep Boys Simi Valley to have my P/S pressure hose (steering) remove and replace because of the leak. Aside from the cost of labor of $245.80 for removing and replacing the pressure hose, Pep Boys added what they call Pepguard Limited Extended Labor Warranty for an additional $36.47 making total labor cost of $282.27. They said that the additional $36.47 is a warranty in case the work done by the mechanic is not satisfactory, I can return the car without any labor cost. I feel I am being rip off so I asked information from a Nissan dealer and got an information that they do not charge their customers additional labor warranty. I requested Pep Boys to return to me the amount of $36.47 which they did. However, the following day, I found out that the pressure hose is still leaking.

I called Pep Boys and told them about the matter and inform me since I do not have a labor warranty anymore, I have to pay again the labor for repairing the job that their mechanic did not do his job well.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-10-23:
Much is going to depend on what's stated on the release when you got the car back, and paid for the work done. More specifically what their stated labor (if any ) says. It does sound *very* shady to me though. One would think that there would be at least some kind of implied warranty when it comes to the labor.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-10-24:
Dispute the charge on your credit card, you shouldn't have to pay additional money to guarantee that the job is done right.
Posted by Paul on 2013-10-24:
This complaint helps support my view that taking a car to Pep Boys for service is the equivalent of taking it to WalMart - a really bad choice. The "extended warranty" is a ripoff in any event - not being willing to correct their error sounds like a ripoff as well. Sorry this happened to you.
Posted by cmthru on 2013-10-24:
If the hose is still leaking then Pep Boys has an obligation to fix it properly without additional charge to you. Essentially you paid already for a fix and it was not fixed correctly.
Posted by BigAl on 2013-10-25:
It is possible that your hose is not the problem and here lies a problem consumers have when they have work done to their car. Many people in your situation will assume what the problem is and ask to have it replaced. The repair shop does what you ask but that does not solve the problem. It is better to state your problem (leaking fluid) and ask to have it repaired. If they tell you that you need a new hose and that does not fix the problem then you have recourse against them. I seriously doubt that the new hose is the problem.
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Maintenance and Inspection
Posted by Garyglovergaryglover on 10/11/2013
Pep Boys (store 1593 Memorial Parkway, Huntsville, AL) did the scheduled maintenance on my (used) 2003 SAAB. I recently had the oil changed so PB checked filters, fluids, belts etc. for FREE! The estimates from other shops in the area for this maintenance/service started at $500. The staff was friendly and efficient. I will definitely go back to Pep Boys store 1593.
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I Was Told I Needed a New Belt and Wouldn't Make It Home.
Posted by Lhsbandgirl on 10/10/2013
I went in for an oil change, and ended up paying around $250 for a belt that didn't even need replacing. The told me I would not make it home on my vehicle unless I got a new belt. They said it was dry warps and had cracks all through it.. Before I left I asked for my old belt to show my husband and I realized right away that I had gotten screwed over.
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Time and Money, You'll Need Both!
Posted by Kihlmenow on 10/08/2013
COON RAPIDS, MINNESOTA -- I purchased a set of 4 tires from Pep Boys 10 months ago. Ordered them online, Hankook tires for a decent price. Got there for my "appointment" on that Saturday to find they did not have the tires...this is after they confirmed on Thursday that they did have them. Impatience and time constraints got me to buy a set of Definity tires, a Pep Boys name brand, which seem like decent tires for the most part.

10 months later I stop in to get the tires re-balanced. Being told that guys were sitting around waiting for work, I rushed over there to find 2 cars in the parking lot and 1 in the garage on a rack.

At the time I purchased the tires, I replaced the rear wheel bearings, and the brakes all the way around. I have worked on cars for 35 years doing everything imaginable...head gaskets, transmissions, drive axles...the works. And, I went to school for it.

After 90 minutes they tell me that because my golf "bounces" in the rear, the tires are "cupped", causing the vibration I felt. They went on to tell me that my rear wheel bearings are "really bad", and that one front bearing is gone too. They then hand me an estimate for $742. I would suspect, and expect, that once on the rack, they would be back telling me I need $800 worth of brakes...the ones I did 10 months ago.

If all of this sounds reasonable, then by all means this is the place for you. Personally, I wouldn't let them work on my sons 20" bike.

Good luck! And remember...Caveat Emptor!

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Posted by cmthru on 2013-10-08:
They confirmed having in stock the tires you ordered then they didn't have them. Unless I was desperate for new tires I would have demanded a refund. Then gone elsewhere.
Posted by kihlmenow on 2013-10-09:
You are correct, and you have described my situation at that time exactly...desparate. If I save one person from a similar experience, I'll feel better...some.
Posted by Kihlmenow on 2013-11-03:
An update to my experience with Pep Boys with tires, balancing and repair work. I have now obtained 2 other opinions on the condition of the wheel bearings they wanted to replace...no one else thinks they need replacing. I ended up going to Walmart and they balanced the tires perfectly. Vibration is gone. From what I was told, I would almost believe that Pep Boys removed any weights used for balancing to make the ride bad enough to get me back for the repairs they want to sell me.

Despicable, dishonest...what a bunch of losers. I wouldn't buy a screw driver from that place.

Good luck
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Being Racist.
Posted by Rigoalex31 on 10/05/2013
I went to the store and bought a floor mat for my car and I was waiting for my brother and my brother paid for something else and there was three cashiers and one of the cashiers was accusing me of stealing a floor mat when I bought it just cause I'm Mexican.
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I Guess Pepboys Doesn't Think Costumers Know Math
Posted by Tcrusin21 on 09/21/2013
CULVER CITY, CALIFORNIA -- Well I went in for an alignment, added an oil change . They started with the oil change after 2 hours and still in the oilchange I told them it was the slowest oil change I ever had, the manager overheard me tell the asst. manager and offered to give me 10 percent off the bill. I thank him . Then after the alignment the asst manager gave me the bill and took off 2 dollars off 186 or 184. 10 percent is 18.60 . I said I you told me the total was 186 she said I took 10 dollars off the alignment. I guess if she did she added 8 dollars to something else . well in case they don't know that's one and a half percent not ten.
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Posted by nikalseyn on 2013-09-22:
Blame the public schools and parents for not teaching kids math anymore. You wouldn't believe the number of kids I have interviewed over the past few years who couldn't determine 10% of a dollar if their life depended on it. They simply have no idea of how to figure anything, either in their head or on paper. Clueless. Always hire the older applicant. Then you have a chance getting someone dependable and with some skills and common sense.
Posted by James on 2013-09-23:
Wow, nikalseyn, I hope I never interview with you for a job. You always hire the older person because younger people are all clueless? I work with plenty of young people who are much brighter than the older people I work with. People like you are what's wrong with this world...insulting and demeaning to the younger generations.
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