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Fort Lauderdale 33304 Location-Great Service!
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Rating: 5/51

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- Aldo ** could not have been more helpful! And, over a silly issue I was having a problem with--the license plate holder on my car, of all things that a busy manager has time to deal with, but Aldo came out, looked at my car & solved my problem. I will definitely return to this Pep Boys location in the future. Nice & friendly. :)

Yes, You Have a Warranty, No We Won't Honor It
By -

MORENO VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- Two years ago I took my 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan in to have the serpentine belt replaced since it was original to the vehicle that now had 119,00 miles on it. The service was relatively quick and the van seemed to have new power and life. Two days later, the belt started squeaking again. I called the service department and the man there told me that it does that for a while when it's new and to not worry. I am not a mechanical person. Over the next 2 years my wife and I drive the van a total of 8,200 miles since I drive a company car.

Fast forward to last night, my wife is driving the van home from work at night and the van suddenly loses power to the steering, but can still accelerate. My wife attempts to pull over, nearly wrecking the van due to no power steering and then the van starts overheating. Upon inspection, the serpentine belt had just come loose. We called Pep Boys since the belt had a 3 year warranty and they came and towed the vehicle to their store nearby. Tow service was quick by the way. :D

Inspection revealed that the serpentine belt had come loose, causing loss of power steering, water pump power was lost and caused the radiator to overheat and crack, thermostat was now damaged as well. After replacing the radiator and reattaching the new belt, the system was pressure tested and revealed that no other components were damaged that may have led to the belt coming off. Interesting... I commented to the service manager that it was not a labor warranty issue as the belt would have come off in a matter of days if not immediately if something was not tightened. Since there was no other problems with the van, then it had to be a belt problem.

To make a long story short, the belt failure falls under warranty and resulted in the damage to the radiator. The service manager does not want to cover it under warranty for unknown reasons. He says that the part was put on 2 years ago, I told him that it had a 3 year warranty. He was then evasive and did not talk to me anymore. I have contacted corporate office and haven't heard back from them yet, I have also contact the Bureau of Automotive Repair and filed a complaint with them.

Taken Advantage of
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Rating: 1/51

MONROEVILLE/WILKINS TWP, PENNSYLVANIA -- My daughter recently took her car to a local Pep Boys store to have new tires put on her car. She was quoted a good price for the tires and the sales clerk she spoke with was knowledgeable on the product, friendly and very helpful. At this point she was pleased and decided to purchase the tires from the store. What happened next is typical garbage that you hear about but hope it never happens to you.

She was contacted by the store to say that her serpentine belt was cracked and needed to be replaced at a cost of $200.00! She thought something may have been wrong with the belt so she agreed to let them change it. But for a cost of $200.00 really? That is ridiculous. There is no way that belt and the labor to install it would have cost $200.00 at any other reputable garage. She was then told that her bushings needed to be replaced as well but it was decided that the work could wait until later. She was once again contacted stating that she needed a some type of a cam kit (?) on her car.

At this point she was extremely upset and I could not understand a word she was saying. This “kit” also resulted in a charge of a few hundred dollars. Her total is now in the $900.00 range. I have heard stories of Pep Boys overcharging customers and making repairs that do not necessarily need to be done and now we have had the unpleasant experience ourselves.

It's a shame as I too am due for 4 new tires on my car and was considering taking it to the same location she has. After what has transpired today, I will never take my car or refer anyone to any of your stores for any type of service. I won't even enter one of your stores to purchase an air freshener. I truly feel that they saw a young women coming into the store alone and she was taken advantage of.

$600 of Work Including Brakes, Oil Change, Belt, Air Filter and Battery Terminal
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Rating: 2/51

PISCATAWAY, NEW JERSEY -- I am disappointed in the service I got at that store. That store from my experience is all show but no substance to making a customer happy with the work done. For the past few times I have gone there there is always a lapse in performance on the help in the garage to get their tasks done and lack of management to make sure it never happens again.

Today when I picked up my car I asked them everything was done and the counter person said yes. I go to my car to find out they never bothered to top the fluids where they missed checking the washer fluid and the other fluids which were low too, but they remembered to charge me for everything else that needed fixing the car that cost me today $600. The last time I was there for an oil change they forgot the reminder in the windshield. The time before that I had a similar experience with fluids not topped off. It seems they don't care about the customer and I experienced the rudeness from one of the employees today with what I am about to tell you.

As soon as I noticed they did not top the fluids today I drove my car to the bay in the garage where my car was. A man who works for them was driving a customer's truck drove behind my car. He yelled out the window of the truck and said "You can't park there and block the bay." I said, "You didn't top my fluids and I am first before you get to this other customer." I was pissed too that I spent 4 hours for my car and I am not going to be told to move aside. He told me to move anyway. I said no. Another employee in the garage who I address the issue before the man in the truck yelled at me - told him that I come first. I still pissed.

If they like hiring people who don't dot their I's and cross their t's that is your choice. My choice will be to go somewhere else to get the full service I paid for and not to keep checking your employees work out in the garage. My wife keeps telling me not to go there because she had similar experiences in the car being tied up all day and to the next and I tell her the price you can't beat and I like going there. I guess I should say, I get what I pay for.

Pep Boys Not Men
By -

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I called Pep Boys Store on E Washington St in Indy 317-353-0020 at 5:30pm Friday Dec. 2, 2011 after a lengthy wait and several transfers a male voice answered. "What can I do for you?" he said. I replied, "Well my car won't start. It turns over but doesn't fire. I need a tow and would like to get it fixed.” His reply, "I can't set that up. Call 1-800 Pep Boys. They'll set you up but call me back after that or I won't be able to get to it. They don't give me all the info I need so make sure you call me back if you want it fixed." I said OK and hung up.

I should have not even called the number because I got this feeling that was not positive about how professional this guy was on the phone. But silly me I call and explain to the dispatch woman the behavior she explains to me that the man could have done it but she would help. She then took all the pertinent information; make, year, and color of the van then she told me it would be 100 minutes or an hour and a half – as if I was just some stupid person and that be then towing would be here to pick me up and she would call back in 106 minutes to make sure the request was completed.

Then 106 minutes later I received a call from an automated service to confirm service had been completed. Service had not been completed as stated so a live person took over the call and "forced" me to go over all the info again to verify the order it was all verified but the process was ridiculous and when I stated to her that it was ridiculous and how incompetent this process was and that I should cancel she said, "OK and you have a better day." as if I was having a bad day.

I told her I wasn't having a bad day that the next two days would be bad days because based on her attitude and inability to relate properly to the problem that I would go ahead and cancel the request and that I'll find a mechanic to fix my van tomorrow.

Questionable Service Practices
By -

APOPKA, FLORIDA -- I am very disappointed with Pep Boys complaint resolution system. I took my car to Pep Boys in Apopka, FL to tell me what was wrong with my a/c. They did a "System Check" and said it needed an evac and refill of the refrigerant. That was done and 3 ½ days later my a/c still did the same thing. It would blow hot air and refrigerant would blow out of the underside of the car.

I took it back and then they said the orifice hose and the accumulator can was blocked with trash. They replaced that (for additional money of course). I left and 2 days later the a/c did the same thing. I took it back and then they said the fan was not working. The only time the fan hasn't worked is when it was in their shop and the mechanic was hosing the engine down with water. We got nowhere with the store manager except getting treated like idiots.

I did ask if they checked both fan relays and I was told (contrary to the repair manual) that my car fan had only one speed. We were told that our problem was being taken up with customer service to resolve the problem. Customer service is telling us the store has to resolve the problem. Now the district manager has called and stated we have a cooling system problem (and my car does not overheat, now or ever).

We were told to bring the car back. Why in the world would I want to take a car back to a place that has done nothing but take my money and find something else wrong with the car every time they look at it. While my son was talking to the district manager they got disconnected (or he hung up on my son) so my son called back and was put on hold for almost an hour.

Now I'm out almost $600 and still have an a/c that isn't working properly. Apparently their "Satisfaction Guaranteed" policy is their satisfaction and not the customer's. I will be contacting every agency that I possibly can, TV stations, Better Business Bureau, and drive my car around with a sign on it about Pep Boys' service. I will tell everyone I know and come in contact with not to go to Pep Boys for parts or service. From the looks of the comments on this site, it is apparent that they need to clean up their image.

Misquoted and Overpriced
By -

VALLEJO, CALIFORNIA -- I need to replace steering rack and pinion on my Pathfinder. I call Pepboys and they say they can fix it for 500 to 600 so I think great I will go there. They say they usually have part in stock when I call before I leave my house. I get there and they don't have it so I have to wait till 4:00 for part then they call and say I need bushing too and it would be 40.00 more and they can't get it till next morning. So I leave car there overnight. I go back next day to pick up vehicle. I was told 40.00 for bushing and charged 90.00 and they sold me warranty for another 45.00 that I didn't ask for BUT they gave me tire rotation free of charge (yeah right!).

I pay and I leave. Next day I drive on freeway and it shakes really bad so I stop at local mechanic and it turns out wheel out of balance and suggested I take it back to the place that did the repairs. So I go back to Pepboys to do wheel balance and they want another 40.00. I asked about the warranty charge on my receipt and they said the guy should have asked me first, so I got my money back for the warranty and went to BIG O for a wheel balance that cost 30.00 even.

Pepboys is a ripoff and they should explain charges and people beware of tire rotations that can throw balance off! I thought it was part of a wheel alignment for which I paid 67.00 as part of Steering rack repairs. NO MORE PEPBOYS for me. All they care about is money and overcharging!!! I complained to higher up and he was more in charge of damage control than concern for customer issues! These guys will not last long...

Bad Managers and District Managers
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SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- I would recommend to anyone to check the prices before you got your car worked on, I believe we should do that as a customers. Now if you are expecting dealer quality parts, well go to the dealer. I'm a Pep Boys customer for over 5 years and the guys that work in this store are great. I know that there are some issues with parts but they don't make them or buy it, are their managers or district managers who know about these crappy parts and don't care. They don't even let their advisor get the parts from other auto part places with better quality. They force them to get them from their cheap store parts 1st.

I read about a bunch of complaints about the advisor and mechanics and how they take too long and perform bad. But for example, I bought 4 tires and alignment, they inform me would take 2 hrs. I was waiting and watching to the guy that was going to work in my car. He pulled one tire out and start writing in his work order. I asked one advisor what is he waiting for to remove the other three. These guy told me they are supposed to do 1 at the time then put it back torqued and go to the next 1. He said they just change the policy and they have to do it or they could get fired. Well after he finished writing the work order he told his advisor that I require belts.

I ask the advisor, "Where are my tires?" He called to his store next to them and nothing. The same guy that was working had to go and get the tires for me. I start thinking (wow must be tough work in this conditions). Well after 2h.30 Min my car was done. I tried to tip my mechanic and I was inform that they are not allow to take it. He was very friendly and polite. I ask why he said "policy". I just thank him, then my husband went for four tires to Goodyear and while we were waiting I went to check in the procedure and they pulled all of them at once which make them a lot faster. I ask them why Pep Boys does it differently?

I told him how they do it and he told me that their higher people probably changed their policy so they could slow down their mechanics so they won't be able to be faster and that would hurt their productivity and that is how they make their money. What I'm trying to say with all of these is that we shouldn't take it on these advisors or mechanics. They are trying to make their living and got rip off by their managers or district managers. I don't think any of us will perform at 100% if we were treating like them at our jobs.

Do NOT trust Pepboys Technicians...
By -

SACRAMENTO- SAN CARLOS, CALIFORNIA -- I went to Pepboys in Sacramento on Arden Way to diagnose my car for a long trip I had planned. There was a problem with my power steering which I mentioned. After the technician evaluated my car, he told me that power steering needs to be changed: Cost $800+, breaks are in really bad shape: Cost $400, water pump is leaking and timing belt is in a bad shape in which it would be dangerous for me to drive the car! Fortunately, I didn't have time on that day but took the car to Honda and purchased oil for the timing belt.

The following sat. I took my car to Pepboys in San Carlos and told them about the problem. They agreed that all those problems exist. I asked them to fix the power steering and the breaks. Cost: $1300+ After waiting for 4 hours, they told me that I need to change the timing belt immediately but they need to order parts. Cost: $1600.

I was lucky that my son-in-law came over that night and informed me that I should not have taken my car to Pepboys..."they are crook". He recommended me his technician whom checked my car and told me that there is nothing wrong with the timing belt and there is no way to identify the problem without bringing down the complete motor which would take a week. He told me that Pepboys are famous for lying specially if they have a female customer. He also said that the breaks need to be fixed!! And are dangerous to drive.

Pepboys called me the following Monday and told me that the unit they ordered would cost me additional $400. I didn't trust them then but I had to take my car for the break problem. I took the car two more times and every time waited for 3 hrs. They said there was nothing wrong with the break but the noise and sponge feeling are normal!!

BUT...the interesting thing is that one of the employees approached me about fixing the timing belt. I told him I don't have money to spend any more on my car. He said we can give you discount...his offer: $970 instead of $1600!! My Advice: DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THESE GUYS. They offer coupons but give you false information. Good Luck.

Mostly an excruciating experience
By -

MOBILE, ALABAMA -- Traveling through Mobile en route to Florida, I had a hose bust in my engine. I got towed to a Pep Boys because they were open on Saturday. I purchased a generic hose because they didn't have the right one in stock, and I installed it myself. At that point, upon leaving the parking lot, my serpentine belt snapped, so I turned around and got in line. A new belt was installed inside of 20 minutes for a staggering 108$ (I guess I should carry a ratchet set with me) and I was on my way.

Around the corner from the Pep Boys, my car stalled in the middle of an intersection. I had to jump out and push it out of the intersection because it wouldn't restart. I called the store I had just left and they told me to call the national hotline for a tow back to the store (less than a half mile). The national hotline told me it would be 90 minutes for a tow, and I promptly told them I could push it there faster, which I proceeded to do.

I was unable to get it over the final hurdle into the parking lot, so I solicited the help of a mechanic at the store, which he was glad to do. This was a few minutes after noon. That same mechanic said it was likely bad spark plug wires or a bad timing belt, but the diagnostician was needed to say for sure.

Long story short, I must have asked them for an update on my car a dozen times, with no updates available. After waiting all day, I finally booked a hotel and called a cab at 5pm. I still haven't received a phone call on the diagnosis, and I have grave doubts about actually receiving said phone call. Hopefully something happens before checkout time in the morning, though.

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