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Don't want to do business with them
By -

08807, NEW JERSEY -- Hello. To whom It may concern and Mr **... I was in your store Pep Boys in the location below, on Friday evening 8.30-8.45pm 02/15/2008 purchasing some custom parts like Chrome beading (Body-Side Moldings)for my car doors and bumpers.

735 PROMENADE BLVD. BRIDGEWATER, NJ 08807. Tel: 732-560-9559. First of all I picked 2 of the items, Chrome Door Beading which was found on a shelf carrying the same item with different thickness but the price was marked as $15.99 (remember that was the only price on that row for that item by the same company, none of the other items had a price tag). Also I picked a 3rd beading with rubber in the middle - priced $16.99. My plan was to use the first two beadings on the front and back bumpers and the third one for the door center.

I walked over to the register. They were ringing out to be 18.99 each for the first 2 sets and 19.99 for the third. I told the cashier they were not priced that way. He page another associate. He walked over to that section with me and verified I was correct. So I went back to the register to pay. He paged another person MR ** to match the price. Mr. ** also wanted me to walk with him to show him the price which I did. This was second time.

Even though he saw there was only one price tag priced 15.99 and 16.99 he was not willing to match the price. He was arguing it was the price for that item. Only the others are not on sale, I found this funny because the item marked 15.99 and the item I was carrying was in fact the same manufacture and same product. I told him at least to show me any price tag in that area which says 18.99 and 19.99 which he failed to show me.

He told me he is not going to match the price and nothing is going to make him. If I want I can complaint to whoever I want. I told him to gave me the store number. He said he don't have them and told me to walk upfront to the cashier and ask him, I did walked back to the cashier and got the number and store manager's name MR **.

People like Mr. ** makes your shop on my list not to go in there. You know I can find these products much cheaper online. I thought about running a weekend project that's why I went to your store. I am a business man. I don't have time to call MR ** for $9.00 issues during store or his available times, I have better things to do. But the reason I filed this complaint is as a warning to you and your company's future with hiring people who doesn't know the common courtesy to a customer.

If the price was admitted to be wrong by your first associate or MR ** apologizes for the misunderstanding instead of arguing I would have never minded the 9 dollar difference. Because of Mr **'s Bad behavior you lost a sale worth $60.00 and more. My purchase was not a necessary purchase, so I thought "Why put up with this guy? I will go to Sears or Walmart or any online stores and can push my weekend project to another week." I didn't provide you with my number since I don't pass them out. You can email me.

Charged for a Prep Fee and Charged for Title Service
By -

BOARDMAN -- On 11-24-06, I purchased a Dirt Runner and a Doodle Bug mini bike. I paid $29.99 X two for a prep fee. I was told this was for changing the shipping oil, adjusting throttle, chain, etc and that they would put fuel in both and test drive them and make any other needed adjustments. I was also charged $38.00 X two for Ohio documentation fee, Ohio title fee and Ohio notary fee. ($30.00/$5.00/$3.00). I was to return in the afternoon to pick them both up. When I returned, neither unit was ready. While I waited, they changed the oil. (shipping oil to regular oil) They never started them or did any further adjustments.

They said they couldn't do the rest because they were out of gasoline. I was told they would be OK, that they don't have any problems with them. I was also told I would have official state title in about 4 to 6 weeks. I took both vehicles home and added fuel. The Dirt Bike is a pretty nice machine and did start up OK. I haven't had any real problems to date. The Doodle Bug is another story. I had a hard time getting it started. It wouldn't stay running. When I finally did get it running, I found the rear wheel was bent or something. I returned the Doodle Bug and they did change the rear wheel and installed another one.

They did ride it some but it has never run right in my opinion. To keep it running, I have to leave the choke half on all the time. It tends to stall a lot, etc. I have yet to get the titles so after returning to the store and getting the runaround (lost/misplaced/etc) several times, I decided to file a formal complaint with the Ohio Attorney General's Office. The Ohio Attorney General's Office did get them to returned the title fees but I was told I would still get said titles. They said they returned the fees because of my inconvenience. I received the check on 3-16-07. I have yet to get the titles.

I returned to the store today, 4-19-07 and the manager stated they could not find my paperwork which has such things as my social security number on it, driver's license number, birth date and home address. It appears said paperwork got misplaced. Nice job Pep Boys!!! The store manager asked me to get him copies of my said paperwork so he could re-submit them again. This is the second time he has said he would re-submit them. They had told me the day I purchased the two motorized machines that the paperwork is sent to the State of Ohio.

Today, 4-19-07, the manager told me the paperwork goes to the Corporate Office and they (Corporate Office) submits said paperwork to the State of Ohio. The manager also told me the Corporate Office was a little messed up at the time of my purchase and didn't know how to handle said paperwork. He said they are doing better now. I asked if everyone else is getting their titles and he said some are and some are not. Anyone want to take odds on whether I get any titles? I had also asked for a refund of the $29.99 X two prep charges when filing with the Ohio Attorney General's Office but Pep Boys refused said request.

They changed their story and said the prep charge was for putting the machines together. The putting them together was never mentioned during the purchase process. I was told what I mentioned earlier. I will leave the assessment to those who read this but my personal feelings are I would think twice about doing business with them again. I also feel things are said during your purchase that were not all true, at least in my case. In looking at some of the reviews that I have seen, it doesn't look like I'm alone. My purchases were made at the Boardman Ohio 44512 store at 215 Boardman Poland Road.

Replaced Transmission Pan
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Rating: 5/51

LAS VEGAD, NEVADA -- They did a fantastic job on my car, no problems, just quality work. I would recommend them to anyone!

Fort Lauderdale 33304 Location-Great Service!
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- Aldo ** could not have been more helpful! And, over a silly issue I was having a problem with--the license plate holder on my car, of all things that a busy manager has time to deal with, but Aldo came out, looked at my car & solved my problem. I will definitely return to this Pep Boys location in the future. Nice & friendly. :)

Service and Experience at Store
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Rating: 5/51

NORTH WALES, PENNSYLVANIA -- I went to another auto body store where I was ripped off. I then went to the Pep Boys in North Wales Pa and glad I did. The 2nd service manager gave me a good price which was great. They were helpful, honest, and easy to work with. They fixed the problem and gave me a fair price. Thank you for your help!

Dishonest - False Advertisers. Beware!
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Rating: 1/51

ORANGE, CALIFORNIA -- Pep Boys store in Orange California refused to honor online sale price for a set of tires. Salesmen and manager both told me the price was "(too) low." The online invoice was $425, the store raised the price to $1100. I explained the situation to Pep Boys Customer Service and they advised me the store had the final say in the transaction and no contract was formed, even though Pep Boys confirmed my online order. Bait and switch tactics should not be practiced by reputable businesses. Stay Away!

Yes, You Have a Warranty, No We Won't Honor It
By -

MORENO VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- Two years ago I took my 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan in to have the serpentine belt replaced since it was original to the vehicle that now had 119,00 miles on it. The service was relatively quick and the van seemed to have new power and life. Two days later, the belt started squeaking again. I called the service department and the man there told me that it does that for a while when it's new and to not worry. I am not a mechanical person. Over the next 2 years my wife and I drive the van a total of 8,200 miles since I drive a company car.

Fast forward to last night, my wife is driving the van home from work at night and the van suddenly loses power to the steering, but can still accelerate. My wife attempts to pull over, nearly wrecking the van due to no power steering and then the van starts overheating. Upon inspection, the serpentine belt had just come loose. We called Pep Boys since the belt had a 3 year warranty and they came and towed the vehicle to their store nearby. Tow service was quick by the way. :D

Inspection revealed that the serpentine belt had come loose, causing loss of power steering, water pump power was lost and caused the radiator to overheat and crack, thermostat was now damaged as well. After replacing the radiator and reattaching the new belt, the system was pressure tested and revealed that no other components were damaged that may have led to the belt coming off. Interesting... I commented to the service manager that it was not a labor warranty issue as the belt would have come off in a matter of days if not immediately if something was not tightened. Since there was no other problems with the van, then it had to be a belt problem.

To make a long story short, the belt failure falls under warranty and resulted in the damage to the radiator. The service manager does not want to cover it under warranty for unknown reasons. He says that the part was put on 2 years ago, I told him that it had a 3 year warranty. He was then evasive and did not talk to me anymore. I have contacted corporate office and haven't heard back from them yet, I have also contact the Bureau of Automotive Repair and filed a complaint with them.

Taken Advantage of
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Rating: 1/51

MONROEVILLE/WILKINS TWP, PENNSYLVANIA -- My daughter recently took her car to a local Pep Boys store to have new tires put on her car. She was quoted a good price for the tires and the sales clerk she spoke with was knowledgeable on the product, friendly and very helpful. At this point she was pleased and decided to purchase the tires from the store. What happened next is typical garbage that you hear about but hope it never happens to you.

She was contacted by the store to say that her serpentine belt was cracked and needed to be replaced at a cost of $200.00! She thought something may have been wrong with the belt so she agreed to let them change it. But for a cost of $200.00 really? That is ridiculous. There is no way that belt and the labor to install it would have cost $200.00 at any other reputable garage. She was then told that her bushings needed to be replaced as well but it was decided that the work could wait until later. She was once again contacted stating that she needed a some type of a cam kit (?) on her car.

At this point she was extremely upset and I could not understand a word she was saying. This β€œkit” also resulted in a charge of a few hundred dollars. Her total is now in the $900.00 range. I have heard stories of Pep Boys overcharging customers and making repairs that do not necessarily need to be done and now we have had the unpleasant experience ourselves.

It's a shame as I too am due for 4 new tires on my car and was considering taking it to the same location she has. After what has transpired today, I will never take my car or refer anyone to any of your stores for any type of service. I won't even enter one of your stores to purchase an air freshener. I truly feel that they saw a young women coming into the store alone and she was taken advantage of.

$600 of Work Including Brakes, Oil Change, Belt, Air Filter and Battery Terminal
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Rating: 2/51

PISCATAWAY, NEW JERSEY -- I am disappointed in the service I got at that store. That store from my experience is all show but no substance to making a customer happy with the work done. For the past few times I have gone there there is always a lapse in performance on the help in the garage to get their tasks done and lack of management to make sure it never happens again.

Today when I picked up my car I asked them everything was done and the counter person said yes. I go to my car to find out they never bothered to top the fluids where they missed checking the washer fluid and the other fluids which were low too, but they remembered to charge me for everything else that needed fixing the car that cost me today $600. The last time I was there for an oil change they forgot the reminder in the windshield. The time before that I had a similar experience with fluids not topped off. It seems they don't care about the customer and I experienced the rudeness from one of the employees today with what I am about to tell you.

As soon as I noticed they did not top the fluids today I drove my car to the bay in the garage where my car was. A man who works for them was driving a customer's truck drove behind my car. He yelled out the window of the truck and said "You can't park there and block the bay." I said, "You didn't top my fluids and I am first before you get to this other customer." I was pissed too that I spent 4 hours for my car and I am not going to be told to move aside. He told me to move anyway. I said no. Another employee in the garage who I address the issue before the man in the truck yelled at me - told him that I come first. I still pissed.

If they like hiring people who don't dot their I's and cross their t's that is your choice. My choice will be to go somewhere else to get the full service I paid for and not to keep checking your employees work out in the garage. My wife keeps telling me not to go there because she had similar experiences in the car being tied up all day and to the next and I tell her the price you can't beat and I like going there. I guess I should say, I get what I pay for.

Pep Boys Not Men
By -

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I called Pep Boys Store on E Washington St in Indy 317-353-0020 at 5:30pm Friday Dec. 2, 2011 after a lengthy wait and several transfers a male voice answered. "What can I do for you?" he said. I replied, "Well my car won't start. It turns over but doesn't fire. I need a tow and would like to get it fixed.” His reply, "I can't set that up. Call 1-800 Pep Boys. They'll set you up but call me back after that or I won't be able to get to it. They don't give me all the info I need so make sure you call me back if you want it fixed." I said OK and hung up.

I should have not even called the number because I got this feeling that was not positive about how professional this guy was on the phone. But silly me I call and explain to the dispatch woman the behavior she explains to me that the man could have done it but she would help. She then took all the pertinent information; make, year, and color of the van then she told me it would be 100 minutes or an hour and a half – as if I was just some stupid person and that be then towing would be here to pick me up and she would call back in 106 minutes to make sure the request was completed.

Then 106 minutes later I received a call from an automated service to confirm service had been completed. Service had not been completed as stated so a live person took over the call and "forced" me to go over all the info again to verify the order it was all verified but the process was ridiculous and when I stated to her that it was ridiculous and how incompetent this process was and that I should cancel she said, "OK and you have a better day." as if I was having a bad day.

I told her I wasn't having a bad day that the next two days would be bad days because based on her attitude and inability to relate properly to the problem that I would go ahead and cancel the request and that I'll find a mechanic to fix my van tomorrow.

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