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Pep Boys
3111 West Allegheny Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19132
215-229-9000 (ph)
215-229-5076 (fax)
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Over Priced
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Rating: 1/51

STONE MOUNTAIN, GEORGIA -- My car broke down and I could not move it. So I got it towed to Pep Boys because it was less than a mile away from my house. I got it towed on Wednesday. I called customer service before my car was towed up there and was informed that I did not need to come and they would call me and let me know what was wrong. I did not receive a call that day. On Thursday I called and was told they had not checked my car yet but will give me a call by the end of the day. That did not happen.

Finally on Friday I was able to talk to someone who was a mechanic. He told me no one told me anything about car or did not have contact info for me. Smh. So he tells me its my ball joints and at the cost of labor would be around 200. And altogether with the towing the cost will be 436. The labor was $100 hr which equaled $333.30. Limited warranty that I did not ask for $50. Shop Fee $35. Suspension Evaluation $20. Towing was lowered to $20. Parts 78.72. And when I picked up my car they did not give me an explanation on what caused it or what's needed to prevent it. WILL NEVER RETURN!!!!

Pep Boys Is Responsible for Totaling My Car & Nearly Killing My Family.
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Rating: 1/51

SALEM, MASSACHUSETTS -- One of the Pep Boys drivers, who works for the Salem, MA location, blew through a red light and totaled my family's car. They nearly killed my husband and 2 small children. Pep Boys has a cheesy insurance company and we cannot get anyone to talk with us, let alone cooperate with us.

We called Pep Boys location in Salem, MA to discuss this w/the manager and he hung up on us. The Pep Boys driver received 3 citations and one of them was "driving to endanger". We have witnesses and the policeman on the scene told my husband that if the accident happened a second later, my husband and our children would be DEAD. We need Pep Boys' insurance company to pay for a rental car (now that we don't have one) and we need them to pay the related medical bills.

We are forced to pursue legal action. I really wish Pep Boys would run a thorough background check of the illiterate people they hire. The driver who hit us is known to the police and is a drug user. Please be careful when you deal with this company, and avoid the Salem, MA location because you are dealing with uneducated low-lives.

Pep Boys on McKnight Road Tried to Make Me Pay for Nonexistent Problem
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Rating: 1/51

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- I left my car at Pep Boys, 4571 McKnight Road, 15237‎ for a state inspection. An hour later ** from Pep Boys called to tell me that the "check engine" light is on and it will cost me $90 to diagnose it. I asked what is the error code and all he could tell me was that "it gives us an idea where to look at" and that I really need to pay for it. I refused to pay for the diagnosis but was still forced to pay ~$30 for the failed inspection.

When took the car home and googled the error code I found out that it is a coolant temperature issue, which could have a number of possible causes, none of which seemed worth $90. Long story short, I checked what I could (temperature sensor, thermostat, etc), couldn't find anything wrong with it, reset the "check engine" error, used the car for about 2 weeks / 500 miles, and took it to another place for the state inspection. It passed the inspection without issues and 2000 miles later the "check engine" light is still off.

I can't help but think that Pep Boys mechanics triggered the error code somehow - unplugged the sensor perhaps? Such attempts to coerce customers into paying for fixing nonexistent problems is disgusting. Even though my financial loss in this interaction was small (the cost of the failed inspection), I will stay away from Pep Boys from now on and will advise anyone I know to do the same.

Awesome Service
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Rating: 5/51

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I had my truck towed to the Pep Boys and once I seen the million cars I thought this is going to be a long day. The service was awesome! I was in and out. They checked my truck out, fixed it and I was out of there in less than an hour and the price was very reasonable. They did not try to overcharge me or anything. They offered me the discounts they had without me having to ask. I feel that they went above and beyond. And a special thanks to Nick and Seth. Great job and I appreciate you both for the wonderful service.

Money Saving Tip to Know - Before Work Begins
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Rating: 1/51

LONE TREE, COLORADO -- Today, I got my alternator replaced by Pep Boys. They charged $20 more than their online price for the component. When I challenged the manager on it, he said that he had been there for 5 years and it's weird, but there is nothing he could do about it. However, he indicated that if you purchase the component first, then you can buy it at the listed price. They will then install it at the service center for you.

To me, it seems ludicrous that you would have to pay extra for the material just because you needed it as a part of the repairs. This was my first time using them and I wouldn't go there again unless in an absolute emergency. However, if you find yourself in a situation needing repairs, try purchasing the part from one part of the store and walking it over to service to get it installed. You could see yourself saving up to 20% off the price.

What a Rip Off!!
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Rating: 1/51

LITTLETON, COLORADO -- In February, I took my car in for new tires. I was told I would have to pay for an alignment as well which I did. When I drove my car afterwards, it felt like it was out of alignment. I called and they said I could bring my car back in and they would check it out. In the meantime, I had read a complaint that said when another person brought theirs in for the same complaint, they were told it was not a problem with the alignment but something else.

I was not trusting them after reading so many complaints and wished I had read the reviews FIRST. I took it to another place for an alignment and asked them to check to see if it had indeed been aligned at Pep Boys. They said it certainly had not, so I ended up paying twice. Do not take your car there for any reason.

Customer Service is BAD!

INDIANAPOLIS -- I went into the store to order a bra for the front end of my car. There was a lady and a man helping me. The lady knew what she was doing, the man however did not. He didn't want to take the time to find the answer to our questions but said "You know we could bring it back if it wasn't what we ordered." We told him if he would order the correct item we wouldn't have to bring it back.

We wanted to avoid that if we could. He didn't seem happy to hear what I had to say even though I was nice about it. He asked if our information was correct in the computer, but how would we know, we didn't see what was on the screen. I think he would make a better door greeter at Walmart then to not do his job correctly at PEP BOYS. I am so happy the lady helped us, who knows what this guy was going to order.

Pep Boys Not Men
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INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I called Pep Boys Store on E Washington St in Indy 317-353-0020 at 5:30pm Friday Dec. 2, 2011 after a lengthy wait and several transfers a male voice answered. "What can I do for you?" he said. I replied, "Well my car won't start. It turns over but doesn't fire. I need a tow and would like to get it fixed.” His reply, "I can't set that up. Call 1-800 Pep Boys. They'll set you up but call me back after that or I won't be able to get to it. They don't give me all the info I need so make sure you call me back if you want it fixed." I said OK and hung up.

I should have not even called the number because I got this feeling that was not positive about how professional this guy was on the phone. But silly me I call and explain to the dispatch woman the behavior she explains to me that the man could have done it but she would help. She then took all the pertinent information; make, year, and color of the van then she told me it would be 100 minutes or an hour and a half – as if I was just some stupid person and that be then towing would be here to pick me up and she would call back in 106 minutes to make sure the request was completed.

Then 106 minutes later I received a call from an automated service to confirm service had been completed. Service had not been completed as stated so a live person took over the call and "forced" me to go over all the info again to verify the order it was all verified but the process was ridicules and when I stated to her that it was ridicules and how incompetent this process was and that I should cancel she said, "OK and you have a better day." as if I was having a bad day.

I told her I wasn't having a bad day that the next two days would be bad days because based on her attitude and inability to relate properly to the problem that I would go ahead and cancel the request and that I'll find a mechanic to fix my van tomorrow.

Questionable Service Practices
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APOPKA, FLORIDA -- I am very disappointed with Pep Boys complaint resolution system. I took my car to Pep Boys in Apopka, FL to tell me what was wrong with my a/c. They did a "System Check" and said it needed an evac and refill of the refrigerant. That was done and 3 ½ days later my a/c still did the same thing. It would blow hot air and refrigerant would blow out of the underside of the car.

I took it back and then they said the orifice hose and the accumulator can was blocked with trash. They replaced that (for additional money of course). I left and 2 days later the a/c did the same thing. I took it back and then they said the fan was not working. The only time the fan hasn't worked is when it was in their shop and the mechanic was hosing the engine down with water. We got nowhere with the store manager except getting treated like idiots.

I did ask if they checked both fan relays and I was told (contrary to the repair manual) that my car fan had only one speed. We were told that our problem was being taken up with customer service to resolve the problem. Customer service is telling us the store has to resolve the problem. Now the district manager has called and stated we have a cooling system problem (and my car does not overheat, now or ever).

We were told to bring the car back. Why in the world would I want to take a car back to a place that has done nothing but take my money and find something else wrong with the car every time they look at it. While my son was talking to the district manager they got disconnected (or he hung up on my son) so my son called back and was put on hold for almost an hour.

Now I'm out almost $600 and still have an a/c that isn't working properly. Apparently their "Satisfaction Guaranteed" policy is their satisfaction and not the customer's. I will be contacting every agency that I possibly can, TV stations, Better Business Bureau, and drive my car around with a sign on it about Pep Boys' service. I will tell everyone I know and come in contact with not to go to Pep Boys for parts or service. From the looks of the comments on this site, it is apparent that they need to clean up their image.

Misquoted and Overpriced
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VALLEJO, CALIFORNIA -- I need to replace steering rack and pinion on my pathfinder, I call Pepboys and they say they can fix it for 500 to 600 so I think great I will go there. They say they usually have part in stock when I call before I leave my house. I get there and they don't have it so I have to wait till 4:00 for part then they call and say I need bushing too and it would be 40.00 more and they can't get it till next morning. So I leave car there overnight. I go back next day to pick up vehicle, I was told 40.00 for bushing and charged 90.00 and they sold me warranty for another 45.00 that I didn't ask for BUT they gave me tire rotation free of charge (yeah right!). I pay and I leave, next day I drive on freeway and it shakes really bad so I stop at local mechanic and it turns out wheel out of balance and suggested I take it back to the place that did the repairs. So I go back to Pepboys to do wheel balance and they want another 40.00. I asked about the warranty charge on my receipt and they said the guy should have asked me first, so I got my money back for the warranty and went to BIG O for a wheel balance that cost 30.00 even.
Pepboys is a ripoff and they should explain charges and people beware of tire rotations that can throw balance off! I thought it was part of a wheel alignment for which I paid 67.00 as part of Steering rack repairs.
NO MORE PEPBOYS for me, all they care about is money and overcharging!!
I complained to higher up and he was more in charge of damage control then concern for customer issues! These guys will not last long...

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