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What a Rip Off!!
Posted by Sjohnsonhill2 on 05/12/2012
LITTLETON, COLORADO -- In February I took my car in for new tires. I was told I would have to pay for an alignment, as well, which I did. When I drove my car afterwards, it felt like it was out of alignment. I called and they said I could bring my car back in and they would check it out. In the meantime, I had read a complaint that said when another person brought theirs in for the same complaint, they were told it was not a problem with the alignment, but something else.

I was not trusting them after reading so many complaints and wished I had read the reviews FIRST. I took it to another place for an alignment and asked them to check to see if it had indeed, been aligned at Pep Boys. They said it certainly had not, so I ended up paying twice. Do not take your car there for any reason.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2012-05-13:
Although suggested, an alignment is not a requirement when changing tires. Any company that states you HAVE to, isn't one that I would visit. JMHO
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Service you don't need at a price you can't afford
Posted by ACMJames on 05/06/2012
BALDWIIN, NEW YORK -- I took my car to Pep Boys for a simple state inspection. I waited 10 minutes and they told me that the car failed because the parking break/hand break wasn't working correctly and that I'd have to have an hour long evaluation. I was told I wouldn't be charged for the eval but after it was over (in 40 minutes) I was charged 100 dollars for labor. I don't even think there was anything wrong with the parking break... They just robbed me of 100 dollars.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-05-06:
Yes, it sounds like a ripoff. Adjusting a parking brake should take about 15-20 minutes.
Posted by clutzycook on 2012-05-06:
And that's why I refuse to take my car to a service place for my state inspection. It's certainly more convenient, but I'm afraid of stuff like this.
Posted by Tezrien on 2012-05-06:
If I took my car anywhere and they told me it would need a FREE eval I would make them put that in writing. I think i would have refused to pay them and then when they held my car and keys I would have called the police and charged them with grand theft auto.
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Customer Service is BAD!
Posted by Donna01archey on 01/09/2012
INDIANAPOLIS -- I went into the store to order a bra for the front end of my car. There was a lady and a man helping me. The lady knew what she was doing the man however did not. He didn't want to take the time to find the answer to our questions but said you know we could bring it back if it wasn't what we ordered. We told him if he would order the correct item we wouldn't have to bring it back. We wanted to avoid that if we could. He didn't seem happy to hear what I had to say even though I was nice about it. He asked if our information was correct in the computer but how would we know we didn't see what was on the screen. I think he would make a better door greeter at Wal mart then to not do his job correctly at PEP BOYS. I am so happy the lady helped us, who knows what this guy was going to order.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-01-10:
Drop Pep Boys a note about the problem at this location: http://www.pepboys.com/about_pep_boys/contact_us/ If their response isn't satisfactory there's plenty of competitors in Indiannapolis that would like to have your business.
Posted by you just lost a customer on 2012-03-14:
pep boys is horrible i went there today and i ask for some ebc brakes they said they dont sell them i said yes you all do i purchase them a couple of years ago. They say o yeah they after market go to parts. I walked away and said wow i know more about parts the parts that you all sell than they do. I go to parts and they trying to sell me pro stop brakes im like nooo I would like ebc brakes. They said we have have to measure the brakes before we order them to tell the size do you know the size i said no i dont. The manager tells me to go to the service department to get the car measures lol i went to the service department how can i help you i said the parts department said that you all have to measure my rotor they said i dont know why they said that all i have to do is look at the rotor to tell the size i got the size and went back to parts and parts said ebc brakes only comes in the from i dont know if they come in the rear. I said i dont know either i dont no anything about brakes if i did i would put brakes on by my self. The manager came and told a worker to go out to the car and see if the rear runs on brakes or drum. I guess i had to walk out of the store twice to my car. I hear nothing from the worker but i came in on my day off, i didnt eat lunch, im working overtime. I'm like ok. In my head I'm like fix my darn car. I get in they find out that ebc brakes runs on the front and not the rear because ebc brakes doesnt run on rear of my car. I said ok i'll buy the front ebc brakes through you all and ill get the pro stop brakes for the rear. The salesman goes in the storage and come back with two boxes. He opend it to see the product he says i dont know what this is. I said thatnk have a good day. I get home and call customer service and i'm telling the story of what happened to me and she starts laughing im like is this funny. She gives a confirmaation number and everything.

All I can say is if you want your car fix teach yourself or get a family or friend to help you. These places out here like pep boyz dont know no more than what you know. This is sad.
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If You Not Speak Perfect English, Do Not Go Pep Boys
Posted by Mini-pig1122037 on 12/04/2011
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I went to 61-01 Metropolitan Ave Ridgewood, NY 11385 today, asked for if they carry Michelin tire, and I didn't pronounce "Michelin" right. One of guys was like "What? Misery? Yes life is misery!”. Then after that, about five guys at the customer service counter would not stop laughing at me!

I was going to spend oven $1000 on my four tires, after hearing them make fun of me and my English, I left the store ASAP!

Dear friends, do not go the Pep Boys if you don't speak perfect English, since you can't improve your English overnight, since you can not stop about other people making fun of you, but you can stop going to Pep boys.

Take my advice, I was so embarrassed!

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Posted by Skye on 2011-12-04:
Don't be embarrassed by a bunch of ignorant unprofessional fools.

If anyone should be embarrassed, it's them, not you.

I'd contact corporate and share the experience you had at this location.

Customer Service Center: 1-800-PEP-BOYS (737-2697)

By Mail:
Pep Boys Customer Relations
3111 West Allegheny Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19132
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-12-04:
Laughing at a customer is completely unacceptable. You did the right thing by taking your money and business elsewhere. I would follow-up by making a complaint to corporate. Best of luck to you.
Posted by mini-pig1122037 on 2011-12-04:
Thank you all for your kindly advice! i won't even brother to make a complaint to corporate, becasue to educate a bunch of fools is very hard. i just want to post a review to let more people know how unprofessional they are! don't even waste your money to go there!
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-12-04:
Taunting people and making fun of their English is like what a person on another consumer website does. She posts at all hours of the day and night, and under multiple user names, making fun of decent people like you who write complaints online about their experiences with companies and simply want to warn others. Sadly, some people have nothing better to do than make fun of people who they feel are inferior to them.

Thanks for warning others, and stop by our Community side if you have time. Helpful review!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2011-12-04:
I agree with the others as well. I'm sure it was embarrassing for you and you did the right thing by leaving without giving them your business. Give the business to those worthy of it.

As Trmn8r said, stop by out Community forum when you have time.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-12-04:
+158 Basher. Helpful advice!
Posted by ok4now on 2011-12-05:
If you have $1000 to spend on tires why did you even go to Pep Boys? There are better deals out there and you will be treated right. Try Tirerack.com. Excellent prices, top quality and they ship to an installer in your area.
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-12-05:
very helpful review!
Posted by JD_Straw on 2011-12-05:
It's difficult to believe that all the employees working that shift would be allowed to do such a thing and not lose their jobs.
Posted by ExPep on 2012-02-21:
Congratulations to you! I can tell you one very important thing I learned in 30 years working in the automotive field, people have different accents, people have different opinions on brands,and people sometimes mispronounce words that are not part of their normally used vocabulary..... but they all pay with american money! and that reason right there is why they should bend over backwards for your business, They did not just lose on the 1000.00 dollars you had, they lost you for a lifetime of consistent automotive maintanance and repair, Be proud that you made the right choice, please send a short letter explaining what happened and a copy of your reciept to the district manager and to the company president, this is what hapens when a company fires all the experienced people and replace them with people who dont care about customers, Bravo for you!!
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Pep Boys Not Men
Posted by Robertriester88 on 12/02/2011
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I called Pep Boy Store on E Washington st in Indy 317-353-0020 at 530pm Friday Dec. 2 2011 after a lenghty wait and several transfers a male voice answered " what can I do for you."He said. I replied well my car won't start it turns over but doesn't fire I need a tow and would like to get it fixed. His reply"I can't set that up call 1800Pepboys they'll set you up but call me back after that or I won't be able to get to it they don't give me all the info I need so make sure you call me back if you want it fixed. I said O. K. and hung up. I should have not even called the number because I got this feeling that was not positive about how professional this guy was on the phone. But silly me I call and explain to the dispatch woman the behavior she explains to me that the man could have done it but she would help. She then took all the pertinet information; make, year, and color of the van then she told me it would be 100 minutes or an hourv and a half as if I was just some stupid person and that bethany towing would be here to pick me up and she would call back in 106 minutes to make sure the request was completed. Then 106 minutes later I received a call from an automated service to confirm service had been completed. Service had not been completed as stated so a live person took over the call and "forced" me to go over all the info again to verify the order it was all verified but the process was ridicules and when I stated to her that it was ridicules and how incompetent this process was and that I should cancel she said o. k. and you have a better day as if I was having a bad day. I told her I wasn't having a bad day that the next two days would be bad days because based on her attitude and inability to relate properly to the problem that I would go ahead and cancel the request and that I'll find a mechanic to fix my van tommorrow.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-12-03:
If I infer correctly, PepBoys has a towing service, and that is why 1800pepboys was required. But you waited the prescribed period and nobody showed.

This complaint is helpful. I was unaware PepBoys had such a service. Sounds like having AAA or similar to cover towing may be a good choice.
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Bad Service
Posted by Punkypoo12347 on 12/01/2011
I went into PepBoys on Tara Blvd for a rotation and the manager on duty Daniel, told me they didn't have time because they had four cars ahead of me the tech was doing nothing. When I called back to get managers name, he got rude and hung up on me. Something should be done about this.
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Posted by unhappy999 on 2011-12-01:
The tech could have been on his break. If they were already booked up, they couldn't do your car, it happens. If they had said OK and you had to wait a long time, you would be complaining about that.
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Buy 3 Get One Free
Posted by Rexydog3295 on 11/10/2011
DOTHAN, ALABAMA -- WHAT A RIP OFF I'll make it short... 4 tires $100.99 ($403.96). By the time all is said and done you have to buy the tire installation package to get the rebate add $193.39. So now I'm at $597.35..oops can't for get the tax $37.62.. oops $4.00 for the word (other) typed on the invoice. OK out the door with my rebate form and invoice for (((( $ 638.97 )))) waiting on the rebate of 100.99 which by the way will come as a VISA card so my 4 100.00 tires cost $537.98.. and you know Pepboys didn't pay 100.00 each for the tire either.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-11-10:
This is why as consumers we need to check all the details before buying. Were you made aware of the required "installation "package" prior to them doing the work?
Posted by Nohandle on 2011-11-10:
I'm with TRM in wondering if you were made aware of the additional charges beforehand? None of this someone should have known about about an installation package. Give me the total charge first and then I can make a wiser choice. Thanks for the warning.
Posted by Churro on 2011-11-10:
Gripe-site hind-sight is always 20/20.
Posted by Prince-Caesar on 2011-11-10:
this is why I call ahead and get a total price quote before I do anything. I always shop around first. Those rebates may seem like a good deal, but not always.
Posted by JayByJay on 2011-11-10:
Also you should consider not blaming the store for the tax.
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Don't take your car or anything to pep boys
Posted by Lusfee65 on 09/30/2011
Simply took my car there because I had no choice, had an emergency, but regret it, received my car worse, they do tell you they're going to fix it, they give high hopes, but it's all talk. don't want to take it back to have them fix what they wrong, uphill battle, and will get it worse anyway. they don't go above and beyond, they charge a lot, they take long, they don't communicate, they promise the wrong time. omg, just simply take your car to someone else, you have better luck.

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Posted by ok4now on 2011-10-01:
Now that you're done venting what happened???
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Worst auto shop ever
Posted by Josborne1292 on 09/30/2011
OK, sent my Pontiac to PepBoys to get it fixed. It wouldn't start. I told them I thought it may be fuel related, but a previous diagnostics (from Pepboys ) indicated a Cam Position Sensor. Any rate, needed checked out. Guy said he wanted a new diagnostics, to keep from having to randomly replace parts looking for the answer. I said OK. Sounded pretty solid to me. Then he calls back needing to put a battery in because mine would not take a charge. Yes it would, I know it would cause I charged it a year ago, and have been driving it since, with no problems. Until the car wouldn't start. "Fine", says I, "put in a new battery for 94 bucks so you can run your diagnostics". Didn't know they were going to charge me 15 dollars to put in this 94 dollar battery, of course.

I called to check on it a few hours later, yes they put in the CPS but they recommended a 4 step pro fuel pkg and tune up and a tune-up pkg, because it looked like it needed it. This was somehow going to jump the price to over 900 bucks. yes, I told a couple people it was 700 bucks because I was starting to feel silly about how much it was costing, but my reasoning was that I was going to get a car totally redone, and purring like a kitten. Then I would have a vehicle that presumably lasted me til I graduate. It did. For a day and a half.

Back to the story: I called them the next day (Sunday) and asked them how it was going. He said they got the car to start, but it would not stay running, they said it needed an ignition module. 120 bucks with labor run round 300 dollars. I said, put the breaks on pal, I'm done with this. Forget the tune up and stuff, lets get the car running again. He said the tune up was done already. Really. A tune-up done on a car that isn't running. Right. So now we are looking at 1200 plus. I said I'm not paying another dollar to get this car fixed. You guys don't know what you are doing. He said he talked to the supe, and she said eat the ignition module and the labor, get me the car, I ended up paying 800. The car ran like a charm til Wed, I get in it to go to class, won't start.

This is the same thing it was doing to begin with. So I towed it right back to PepBoys. Now, today, they said a "MasterTech" looked at it and said the fuel is white. I changed the fuel filter a month ago, and I didn't see any white fuel. It has a gas lid on it. The diagnostics they ran has no codes written down so I can't figure out how much of that stuff should have been done. At the very least, the diagnostics was worthless, because they ended up randomly replacing parts anyways. Ended up with all that stuff, new belts, plugs and wires, and the cps unit, the module and some other thingy and no FIRE! For another 523 dollars they could hook me right up.

The big issue is, this hapens a lot in America. Business doesn't do business professionally or ethically any more. I should have went and bought the tools and the fuel pump and changed the crap myself, and you can believe me, next time I will. But the more peeps do this, the worse it is for the economy. I am not the only person this stuff happens to. I bet there is a veritable army of people out there who just really don't want to do business with anyone. :( So where do we go from here?

There was nothing wrong with the fuel system in my car. The problem is still in the CPS. First, the wiring harness was fried. Apparently they changed the plug thingy on the end but left the fried wiring while they started randomly replacing parts. Then, the sensor thing is both internal and external. The thing the plug plugs into has a magnet on the inside ot the timing cover that sends a signal to the thing with the wires. The magnet also has to be replaced, and the new mechanic has to fish the old magnet out. Incidentally, this is the main reason I wanted a mechanic to do it in the first place. I read this on a Pontiac mechanix fix-it forum, and I don't have the tools to go this far with it, and its a bit above my pay grade. :)

So...IF I had went ahead and let PepBoys drop the tank for 550 bucks, I would, once again, have gotten my car back still screwed up. And a "Master Tech" was the bright boy responsible for this newest diagnosis. I think I should get my money back. First, the diagnostics report is blank, so I dunno if they should even have replaced the other stuff. 85 bucks for a 4 step fuel tune up pkg that apparently turned my fuel white. I told them they could take all the belts and battery stuff back off but tey said my stuff had already been picked up and tossed. The new mechanic, fixing the real problem, is going to need 578 dollars. At the least, PepBoys should pay for this, since it was part of the first issue that was supposed to be fixed.
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Posted by Sandy on 2012-11-02:
I called PepBoys yesterday for 2 new tires. The girl says they have 4 in stock. Hubby goes to pick them up, waits over an hour because they can't physically find the tires. I call another semi-local Pepboys and the guy tells me he has my tires in stock, that he is looking right at them. Hubby takes the 20 minute ride to the second Pepboys and the tires are the wrong size. He ended up having to buy 2 more expensive tires because it was closing time 8:45 pm and we needed them right away. I feel Pepboys should have given him the tires for the price of the original quote and I'm calling there today to tell them that. It sure doesn't sound like anyone there knows what they are doing. The customer service is awful.
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Bigotry In Ri Pep Boys
Posted by Pices22936 on 09/29/2011
This morning, 9/29/11, I was shopping at PEP BOYS store: 0196, located in 375 Quaker Lane, West Warwick, RI 02893. It was about 9:30am. I was walking towards the back to the oil section. Cashier: 306506 was complaining out loud that because she wasn't undocumented or minority she could not go to college. I was going to let it go until she said specifically because she was not 'Guatemalen or black and pregnant' she could not get into college. I was in the back of the store, she was in the front. She was loud! Non of the other employees disagreed, instead she was having a conversation. I paid for my items, went to my car and returned to talk to the manager. I told him I was latino born in Brooklyn, NY. I can also pass as light skin African American and was highly insulted because many of us shop at PEP BOYS. He apologized. I will never go back to another PEP BOYS!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-09-29:
It is sad that an employee would behave that way, and not at least have the courtesy to lower their voice. But people who are racists and/or bigots often aren't inhibited about their feelings. Big blowhards who spread their hatred freely.

Hopefully management keeps track of complaints such as the one that you made. At least the manager apologized to you. It's hard to manage stupid.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-09-29:
I wonder if Cashier 306506 is also a M3C member?
Posted by justwondering on 2011-12-08:
The question is, was she wrong? I agree this wasn't the place for this discussion. But being white in America has proven in these times, it's harder to get into a college that has quota's that have to be met. I'm sorry your "feelings" were hurt, but the facts are on her side. This doesn't make people bigots, this makes them upset just like you.
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