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Frustrated with flimsy bottles.
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MIDLOTHIAN, VIRGINIA -- Please do something about your bottles. They are so flimsy that they collapse and the cap does not screw off the first time opened, they pop off. I will stop using Aquafina if this will be the norm for your bottles of water. Aquafina has been my first choice in the past but I may switch to someone who has a sturdier bottle. This is the first time I have complained but I feel it is important to let you know that it is very frustrating for consumers to use your flimsy bottles.

New 1.5 liter drinks.

I'm a big soda drinker, and I have always picked up a two liter of Dew or Pepsi every few days. Generally they would go for a $1 but now at most stores I have been to the prices have gone up to $1.79 I know its not that much but meh what can I say I'm cheap.

Today I noticed Pepsi came out with a new bottle 1.5 liter, these ones go for 99 cents. I bought a bottle of dew and Pepsi, Even though its not as big as a two liter I find it adequate for my needs.

Super Bowl Commercial For Pepsi
By -

DECATUR, GEORGIA -- I'm appalled you would show the most unfavorable display of bad attitude and violence being perpetuated by Afro-Americans in the most widely viewed audience you will probably have this year at last night's Super Bowl game.

I think the commercial lacks sensitivity and disproportionately shows black people in a very negative view. You have hit every stereotypical image ever created by most marketing and adverting companies. You would think, this type of unbalanced portrayal of Black people would have long been abandoned.

I am extremely disappointed in your decision to commercialize the character and integrity of a whole race of people.

Wayne K. Jones

The new throwback Pepsi tastes horrible
By -

I, m 65 years old and have been drinking Pepsi all my life. from 6-12 a day. I bought 4 1/2 racks the other day, and this stuff tastes bad the Pepsi throwback. how do I get a refund on this nasty tasting stuff?

Pepsi Packaging
By -

I just want to congratulate the Pepsi Cola company on their packaging for the Pepsi Frigmate. They finally got it right! I was able to open the end of the cardboard container without destroying the whole package. Some genius in that company ( or the packaging company) finally figured out how to create a dotted line that actually separates where it should.

Pepsi Attacks Jesus
By -

Pepsi's sponsorship of the Family Guy episode includes the phrase "Jesus hates many people, but none more than gays".

This is a vile, untruth mocking all Christians and our most holy saviour. The pro-gay stance of Pepsi is hate-filled and exclusionary. They have made a great effort to marginalize those of us who choose to not endorse the sexual behavior of promiscuity; especially same sex promiscuity.

Call Pepsi At (914) 253-2000

Pepsi can look
By -

I think that the look of the Pepsi can within the last few years has been awful. The blue can with graphics all over it strays too far away from its roots. I know that recently Pepsi is pushing a promotion to let consumers "design" their own can, and some of the newer can designs I've been drinking from are terrible as well.

I would love to see Pepsi go back to the plain-old white can with the Pepsi logo and blue and red markings. People these days love retro anyway (they are selling "My Little Ponies" and "Strawberry Shortcake" stuff in stores lately).
I would be willing to bet if you surveyed people they would be more likely to buy a can of Pepsi if it had the original look and feel.

Coca-Cola cans have been updated as well, but didn't stray too far from the original design.

Pepsico, get back to your roots!

High fructose corn syrup
By -

HENDERSON, NEVADA -- After 40 years of drinking my favorite beverage (Pepsi), I now have to give it up. When high fructose corn syrup was substituted for real sugar, I began to gain weight. Then my blood sugar levels became erratic. At first, I couldn't figure out why. I wasn't eating, drinking, or doing anything any different. I was unaware that the formula for Pepsi syrup had been changed. The public was not informed by the Company. Now some of the bottles say "sugar or high fructose corn syrup". It is highly important that the public know which one it is!These two ingredients are not the same. They react extremely differently in the human body.
I am not reacting to the many controversial reports on HFC, but to the fact that since I have discontinued drinking Pepsi ( and all other drinks containing HFC) my weight is back down and my body is getting back to my norm. Diet drinks are not an option, since chemical sweeteners are unacceptable. PLEASE PUT THE REAL SUGAR BACK IN THE FORMULA!!!

Taste bad
By -

NICEVILLE, FLORIDA -- I bought several diet Pepsi 2 litre bottles. I didn't drink them all at once, a few sat in the pantry for 3 months. Now they are UNDRINKABLE! They taste horrible. I also have some cans which were OK and now are also horrible. I would like PepsiCo to know they have a problem, but there's no way to reach them! None of their sites has a "contact us".

I would like my money back too! There is no email in these data base for PepsiCo.

Flat pepsi again!!!!!!
By -

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- This is the third time in as many months I bought (hoping to enjoy I might add) a flat bottle of Pepsi Cola. I am about to start drinking something else . I could not even send a complaint to the company. THIS IS MY HARD EARNED MONEY!!!!!!!

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