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Electric Superchargers Don't Work
Posted by Thetruth450 on 09/06/2010
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Submitted: Sunday, September 05, 2010
Posted: Sunday, September 05, 2010
purchased a gte 5psi electric supercharger w/ filter, it does not produce even 1psi, it blows less than a hair dryer, my vehicle does not have throttle linkage, and it has adjustable pedals so the connections for micro switch will not work, and the stock air moving through the v-8 is more air than the "supercharger " will produce, even if they did send a vehicle specific part "they didn't, but they ask like it mattered", it will never work.

i have made several attempts to contact and they will never respond, so the exchange policy is a fraud.



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Posted by Zach on 2011-05-25:
the problem is just airflow, if this was on a small 4 cylinder, you might actually see some brief boost, particularly at lower rpms where there is a limited amount of air moving through the motor, but you would need to spend time on a dyno developing fuel maps to take advantage of what pressure it can generate. If your just looking for a small amount of power gain on an older 4 cylinder then you might get a kick out of something like this.
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