Perimeter Staffing

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Perimeter Staffing
2020 Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road, Suite 202
Suwanee, GA 30024
678-407-9909 (ph)
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Rating: 1/51

I went up there for an interview. Which Phyllis failed to tell me it was a staffing company! When, I arrived, it smelled bad, and she was very rude to people. When I asked for a manager she said no one was available. When I called back up there, she was rude again and when I asked her why was she rude, she just laughed and said, "What else do you want?" I was livid! This company should not BE OPEN at all. SAD! You should never treat anyone this way!

The Consummate Unprofessionals
By -

SUWANEE, GEORGIA -- I was hired by Perimeter Staffing and sent on my first assignment today. That first assignment was a complete waste of time as the 'client' was sent a professional chef when the specific term of 'dishwasher' was the intended target. Although I agreed to do dishes I was discouraged by the client to do so. I was told they would like me to fill the chef position later in the year. I immediately called ** at Perimeter Staffing to convey the misunderstanding and as a result was released from employment due to HER CONFUSION over the client's request. I suppose I was seen as unwilling to do the job I was sent for when that was NOT the case at all.

To be frank I found this agency extremely unprofessional. I was hired on Friday to perform a particular task and when appearing for the job on time, in professional attire, ready, willing and able I was released because ** does not understand the difference between 'utility' and 'utility cook'. BIG DIFFERENCE! They may want to consider using the proper term of 'Dishwasher'. Upon arrival I was told that Perimeter Staffing makes more mistakes than they do getting things correct. A word to the wise, these people don't know what they're doing!

The Lies That the Owner Tells So You Cannot Collect Unemployment
By -

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I worked for Perimeter Staffing almost 3 months, the first week of working for that company told me a lot about the owners. But I stayed there hoping it would get better and maybe in the future we would have a better understand of each other and the policies and procedures. From the first day I was hired I was never given the policies and procedures. I receive them about a month later. As time passed the attitudes and things did not change from the owners. The owners of this company would not tell you what they wanted you to know themselves, they would rather tell someone else or should I say send a message by a friend.

The owner would not hire folks if they were fat, she would talk to folks with a nasty tone if you looked GHETTO and will refused to give you a job. I remind you this is a temp service and they basically staff for $8-11/hr jobs. This company is just a nightmare to work for. After I was terminated from Perimeter Staffing and filed for unemployment, I receive my eligibility paper and one of the reviews said that I was denied unemployment from being absent an excessive number of times. I had only miss one day from that company and that was the Friday before that following Monday, when she called and terminated me. She simply LIED.

She also told them that she terminated me because of phone calls I made to my mother who has a MS number and making long distance phone calls was against company policies. Which was mention in a meeting about two weeks before I was fired. She use that against me for unemployment. I think she is a joke!!! This company only keep employees for about 1 or 2 months. Because of personal issue not job related issue. So I am warning anyone who works for Perimeter Staffing, don't make plans or depend on that job because you are only guaranteed to be there a week or up to 90 days.

Employer/Owner Hold Paychecks
By -

SUWANEE,ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I worked for Perimeter Staffing for several months and what I witnessed in that time frame was unbelievable! The managers for this company is husband and wife and they seem to be very professional until you are hired. They told all account managers to don't hire fat people. People that have baggy jeans on. Some positions are only filled by race and gender. They have everyone that fills out an application to do a post medical questionnaire and if anyone answers yes to any questions they are asked to leave. We were told they are a workers comp issue.

Each applicant has $50.00 taken out of first check if placed on assignment, $25.00 for background and $25.00 drug test (this is too much money). The list goes on and on. When hiring the I-9 forms are not complete and associate files are left in the desk, not locked up, I have HR background all the files are not locked up and all over desk in the office. The turnover is too high! Nobody stays no longer than several months and when you leave the owners holds your paycheck for at least 30 days. No one that leaves the company ever get their expense check and early liquidation, direct hire payment.

Even though you were the manager at the time and it is your money. I am still waiting to get my paycheck, I have called Department of Labor Wage & Hour Division. They did make an attempt to get my paycheck, but was informed that they will be holding my money and I need to go small claims court. This will cost me money I don't have. Please help!!! This company has a history of taking employee's earnings and it is time they are held accountable!!!

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