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Worst service I've ever seen
By -

NASHVILLE -- I had insurance with this company for about 6 months. In the first few months I had no issues with them and the low rate enticed me to stay. Then the problems started. The first issue was they took a payment from me and I confirmed with the bank that the payment had been posted. They even gave me a confirmation number. I then find out 2 weeks later that there was an issue with their "system" and I had been riding for 2 weeks with no insurance. I called and scolded them and they fixed the issue. I figured "well, mistakes happen right?" Well the next mistake took the cake.

I recently purchased a car and called the customer service to switch the policy from the old car to the new one. They even sent a confirmation packet via fax over to the dealership and I was allowed to leave the lot. About a week later, I received the new insurance card in the mail. So everything is fine right? WRONG!!! I was getting closer to the expiration date for the dealer issued temporary tag on my car and wondered why I hadn't received my registration information yet. So I decide I'd better go to the tax office to find out what's going on before the expiration date reaches.

I grabbed a copy of the registration from the dealership and was at the tag office when the door opened. Asked why I hadn't received my tag info and she put the VIN into the system and said, "Sir, you have no insurance." I'm thinking like hell... here is the packet they sent me right here. She told me she couldn't go by that because the date had to be within 30 days of the current date and I would have to get PGAC to fax it over. Easy task right? WRONG!!!

I call them up to see what the issue was and when I requested a binder be faxed to the tag office they said, "this is for the 2002 Toyota avalon correct?" I was HEATED!!! That was the car that I had sold a month prior!!! They had me riding around for a whole month with no insurance on my car and I had no idea. To make matters worse, they kept me on hold for 30 minutes to try to get the issue resolved and I THOUGHT it had been taken care of. They faxed what was "supposedly" a binder over but the lady said the date on it was wrong so I called back again.

Got a different representative and when she checked the system, they STILL had the wrong car on file. After I got finished cursing I told them don't expect another payment from me and to cancel the policy and send me a refund for what had already been paid. I called State Farm right there at the office and was done in less than 10 minutes with my tag in hand and out the door.

The bottom line is I had to learn the hard way, you get what you pay for and Permanent General is a JOKE of a company. The reps had no idea what they were doing and even after speaking with 3 different reps, they still had the car that I had sold a month prior insured. Will DEFINITELY NEVER EVER deal with them again.

Poor Auto Insurance Service
By -

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- First of all anybody is looking at auto insurance don't go with Permanent General. Their service sucks, they don't know how to talk to customers, and their fast friendly service is a joke. I had an accident not too long ago and I did exchange insurance information with the other person and lucky for me the cop that handled the incident was nice, but when I called them to report the claim I was on hold for 20 minutes and once I got through to report the claim, they told me that an agent would contact me. A few days later the agent from my auto insurance company called me and was rude, even talk down to me.

So I ended being a smart ass and telling them the truth and the accident I was in, could not see because of sun glare and told them that in. The agent was rude with their response and it was the way they said. She rudely asked if the vehicle was moving or stopped and I told her that I could not see because of sun glare and she rudely said "well you should have been able to see if the other vehicle was moving or not" and I told her how could I when I could not see, until the last second.

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