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Customer Service
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JACKSIONVILL FLORDI -- We waited for ten min. for help after asking the clerk to send someone to help us. There were several employees that where stocking shelves but did not bother to help. I went to ask the lady at the grooming center she said she was not in charge to ask the man stocking shelves. He was part of the manager team so I feel like instead of excuses something needs to be done. This is a good way to loose customers who pays their pay. This is not the first time this has time this has happened. My husband and I both belong to many animal services and we are sharing this information with them also.

Animals Running Rampant Throughout Store
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ALBANY, NEW YORK -- I had the unfortunate experience of having to enter a store called Pet Smart in a quest to find some alfalfa for some guinea pig rodent type creature my nephew has. Upon entering the store I was overwhelmed by the terrible odor. I can not even begin to describe the scent. I'm surprised my eyes did not tear up, but I almost wish they did because after I entered the doors (which I had to pull open, get some automatic doors PetSmart) I saw tons of animals roaming around the store. Many dogs with leashes, some cats wandering freely, even some type of reptile that I couldn't stand to look at.

I entertained the possibility of leaving immediately before risking injury due to these animals being allowed to run amok throughout the store, but I decided since I was only after one item to risk it. Searching throughout the aisles, I was approached by a man with a far too overzealous dog that approached and put his front paws up on my legs. I was appalled and the man told me that his dog was friendly. I told him that I didn't care how friendly his canine was and I asked this man if I looked like the kind of lady who would want something so wild and untamed licking me all over and burying its face in my nether regions. He was speechless.

After not so kindly telling this man to go take a flying leap, I continued my search for alfalfa only now smelling like a mutt and covered in dog hair. As I entered a new aisle I was confronted by a curious tabby who decided to rub up against and between my legs all the while emitting a low, guttural sound. Obviously on the verge of attack, I was able to ward it off by jabbing and poking at it with a rawhide bone. At this point, I had had enough! I approached the manager on duty and showed him my pant legs covered in animal hair.

I told him PetSmart would be paying for me to have the entire outfit dry cleaned one way or the other and demanded to know where I should send the receipt after those services were performed. He told me that he was unsure about how PetSmart would handle something like that, but in the meantime offered to provide me with complimentary lint rollers in a feeble attempt to remedy the situation. After acquiring my three free lint rollers, I had this manager show me where the alfalfa was and lead me to the check out register to avoid further attacks.

I removed my change purse from my bag thinking PetSmart couldn't charge more than 75 cents for a bag of hay, but they wanted nearly four dollars! Needless to say, I left that bag of alfalfa sitting there and left with only my lint rollers. Since this event I have been calling PetSmart every day in order to get an address to send my dry cleaning receipt before I actually get it cleaned (there is no way I am going to pay for something like this), but thus far I have only been given the runaround. This will be the last time I ever step foot inside PetSmart. From now on I will only shop at pet stores that do not allow animals!

Throwing Away Pet Products Instead of Donating
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AVONDALE, ARIZONA -- Shame on the Manager at this Pet Smart. First making a statement that Pet Smart donates too much to non-profits dealing with animals than throwing away cases and bags of cat and dog food that are either torn or near expiration dates into trash bins. There are people out there that want animals but cannot afford to feed them. Pet Smart is the one that really stinks. If you don't believe me go behind the store any time and you will find un-open pet products in the trash.

PetSmart unfair to minor employees
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CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS -- My 16 year old daughter was hired by Champaign Illinois PetSmart in the grooming department. The second day she was handling and partially grooming dogs (Big and Small) on her own. She was bitten by a dog that had been marked down in the records as a biter. She should not have been handling the dog by herself. She did not receive any training and she had only worked there a couple of days. She worked any hours they scheduled her for , arrived early and stayed late when asked. She never had one complaint from a customer about her care of the animals.

She worked one day 8 hours without a lunch and she was by herself because the other employee went home. She has worked 7 to 10 hour days eveyday she was scheduled to work. 4.10.06 she lifted a big dog and popped something in her back. She told me about it when I took her in lunch. I told her she should tell a supervisor. She was scheduled to work until 7:00. At 5:00 she called and told my sister she had been fired.

When I went to pick her up the manager ** told me that she had been fired because mystery shoppers called and went into the store and my daughter did not identify herself and that she did not establish eye contact, they said that she did not seem interested in the dogs. The employee was identified as a blond between 21-25. There is another person there that fits that description and she does not smile. I know this because I have heard people comment on it. My daughter has a very nice personality and the other female manager even said that she was a sweet girl. All of this dedication and giving 100% happened in about a 2 week period.

I asked the ** the manager why he did not talk to her and ask her if there was a problem. He said that he does not have the time and that he felt that she was not a "fit" but she was a "fit" when she was working by herself without a lunch break and when she was working a 10 hour shift. He said that he was not aware of the fact that she worked that many hours. That is a manager "right on top of things" and he does not know who is working, how long they are working, nor does he feel that he has the time to handle training or the proper protocol for write ups.

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