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Bad credit card return policy
By -

JENSEN BEACH, FL -- I purchased several items from Petsmart, including a (approx) $40.00 dog cage. I paid with a Visa debit card. When I got to the parking lot and checked my receipt I found that they had charged twice for the $40.00 cage. I went back to the store immediately and pointed out the error to the cashier. She said that she made a mistake and called the manager to make the correction. They put through a credit, but I felt that they should certainly not charge my card the full amount. I was assured that they would not. Three days later, the full amount (including the$40.00 overcharge) was debited from my account.

When I went back for an explanation, the manager said the funds should come back soon. RIDICULOUS!!! How do you double charge someone, take the incorrect amount anyway, and tell the buyer "You'll get the refund at some point??? The manager said "We all make mistakes". My response was, "You made the mistake worse by keeping the extra $40.00 of my money anyway!" I own a business and take credit cards. The next time I am short of cash, I'll just run someone's card for $500.00 instead of $200.00, use their money to pay my bills, and return the mistake when I feel like it! Nice game PETSMART!

They've really helped me care for my fish
By -

SYRACUSE, NEW YORK -- I started keeping fish as pets last week. Originally I picked up a couple of items at Wally-world but then I started going to Pet Smart because they're more convenient to go to. The employees have been helpful - advice on how to maintain my fish tanks properly, how many fish I can realistically put in a tank, even free pamphlets on fish care for multiple breeds (I also have a betta in separate 1.5 Gallon tank). Today I picked up a second goldfish and the woman I spoke to helped me with advise on how to acclimate the new fish into the tank (15 minutes in the bag, give the other fish a snack in the meantime)...

The only trouble I had was that the filter wasn't filtering, wasn't passing any water at all, so I took it back and happened to speak to the same woman. She looked at the filter and saw what I was doing wrong - I didn't put any water in the filter. So I went home, tried that and... now it's filtering quite nicely. =) Thanks!

Sick Pets In Pet Smart
By -

I actually have a question concerning Pet Smart. Our sons 5 month old puppy just had to be put down due to parvo. Even though the dog had all his shots there was an outbreak and it effected a lot of dogs in town. (It did not happen at Pet Smart). I know Pet Smart is known for allowing your animals in the store but our town Veterinarian said because this disease is so easily spread and there's a lot of disinfecting to do afterwards, stores were going to stop allowing pets inside. I just saw a PS commercial on TV with the animals in the store so was wondering if this was true for any or all of them.

I'm just writing this because we are all just heartbroken over losing a pet. He was saved at a pet adoption shelter and got everyone of his shots. I wanted to bring this to everyone's attention that has a beloved pet and maybe check it out and see if it's true. I don't want any of you to lose your furry babies over something like this.

Customer Service
By -

JACKSIONVILL FLORDI -- We waited for ten min. for help after asking the clerk to send someone to help us. There were several employees that where stocking shelves but did not bother to help. I went to ask the lady at the grooming center she said she was not in charge to ask the man stocking shelves. He was part of the manager team so I feel like instead of excuses something needs to be done. This is a good way to loose customers who pays their pay. This is not the first time this has time this has happened. My husband and I both belong to many animal services and we are sharing this information with them also.

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