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Listerine Whitening Strips are very good
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I recently found a coupon in a booklet for a wholesale club for Listerine Whitening Strips. I had been shopping around for the best deal for quite some time, and this was the best since I got 56 strips + 28 extra strips. Most stores only have 56 per box. The coupon was $4 off of $27.49, so I decided to buy it. I went to the club today and got them. I used them twice today and found that they are very easy to use. They don't have an unpleasant smell or taste, and they aren't as messy as gels, or conventional strips.

I like their convenience as well since you can just apply and go. The only problem I seem to be having is getting the strip on my top lip when I put the top one on. My lips are very sensitive, and they make them a little sore, but that's a tiny problem that can be fixed. All in all, I'm satisfied and I can't wait until the end of two weeks to have bright pearly whites!

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