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Downy Ultra April Fresh Fabric Softener WHY WHY did you change the scent?
Posted by on
COLORADO -- I recently opened a new bottle of Downy Ultra April Scent Fabric softnener, and it smells very fruity and flowery. It's not even close to the April Fresh Scent. I do not like it. The bottle says new fresh scent pearls. Your laundry will retain the fresh scent for 7 days now, so they say. I used it yesterday to wash all the sheets, and today, they do not smell like they did yesterday, which I am glad about, but I do miss the original April Fresh Scent that left everything smelling nice and fresh. There had been a review in the past, where the original poster says the April Fresh Scent had changed. We all told the op, including myself, our bottles still smelled the same. A comment had also been posted maybe the op's sense of smell had changed. Nope, their sense of smell had not changed. Downy changed the scent.

I've been using the April Fresh Scent for years, and always liked it. Now I'll have to see if I can still find the old Downy April Fresh scent, but I doubt it's still available. I don't understand if something is not broke, why do they think it needs fixing?

I recenlty also had problems finding Downy dryer sheets recently. I had to go to 3 different stores, and finally found them at Target. I should have known something was brewing.

I contacted Downy about the change, via email, but as of yet, received a response.

Please bring back the original Downy Ultra April Fresh Scent Fabric softener.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/14/2011:
Change is painful, but inevitable.
Skye on 03/14/2011:
I always deal very well with change, but this change is not for the better, it's for the worse. I usually lets things go that are nuisances in life, but this new April smell is like over ripened cantaloupe, which is OK if you like cantaloupe that way.

Anonymous on 03/14/2011:
I used to use Downy, now I use another brand (can't remember the name off the top of my head) and it smells fresh. I can still smell it a few days later.
Mrs.Cole on 03/14/2011:
Isn't this stuff horrid??... I stopped using it...
Anonymous on 03/14/2011:
Over ripened cantaloupe smelling clothes...ewww!

I buy Tide w/a touch of Downey in it, I hope they don't change that too, it is my favorite laundry soap.
Skye on 03/14/2011:
The good news is JC, the smell is gone, my laundry just smells like Tide. I use coldwater Tide, Fresh Scent and Mountain Scent.
Skye on 03/14/2011:
Mrs. Cole, I'm going to try to find the original April Fresh Scent, and if I cannot find it, I'll just find something else.

Little, when you remember the name you switched to, please let me know.
Anonymous on 03/14/2011:
Skye, I'll let you know tonight when I am home. I know it's a blue bottle, but it's not Downy
Skye on 03/14/2011:
Thank you little!
Anonymous on 03/14/2011:
Oh Oh I just remembered it's Purex
Skye on 03/14/2011:
I didn't know they made fabric softener.

Thanks, I'll have to check it out.
Anonymous on 03/14/2011:
It's cheaper than Downy and smells good. They have several different scents
Venice09 on 03/15/2011:
I stopped using fabric softener years ago when I saw the residue it was leaving on the lint screen of the dryer. It eventually broke the dryer, and when the tech showed me the clogged screen, I couldn't believe it. I always cleaned the lint off the screen but didn't realize it was clogged with fabric softener, which has to be scrubbed off. I don't like knowing all that residue is on my clothes, sheets, towels, etc. I thought I couldn't live without fabric softener but ended up not missing it at all.

I'm very sensitive to smell, especially artificial scents, so I always look for unscented products. But I understand why you miss a scent that you liked and were used to. You may have to try some new brands of softener to find something similar. As yaya said, Purex makes a fabric softener now. I like their unscented laundry detergent. Have you tried Snuggle?
Skye on 03/15/2011:

I just solved this problem, for now anyway. I just came back from grocery shopping, and bought the Downy April Fresh scent in the cardboard container. It's the refill for the bottles. I never noticed these before, so I stocked up. Now I have my April Fresh Scent back. Good thing I kept the last bottle, so now I'll just refill it!
DebtorBasher on 03/15/2011:
DUH! April Fresh scent doesn't work in MARCH!!! LOL!
Venice09 on 03/15/2011:
That's great, Skye! I never noticed refills either. That's a terrific idea. If there are enough requests for the April Fresh scent, maybe they'll bring it back. But at least you'll have it in the meantime, even if it's not April!!!
trp2hevn on 03/16/2011:
I stopped using Downy when I read this review...
Venice09 on 03/17/2011:
Trp, as I said, I am no longer a fan of fabric softener in general, and I am not surprised at the review. The black gunk is probably mold, and I'm not sure why fabric softener would cause that, but I do know it leaves a residue on everything. Assuming fabric softeners consist mostly of chemicals, I just don't think it's worth it. Millions of people are happy with their fabric softeners and experience no problems, but I don't miss it at all.
trp2hevn on 03/17/2011:
I'm interested in trying that new one, Purex Complete Crystals. Maybe someone here will do a review first.
madge on 11/10/2011:
Irealy wish you would give us the option of the original April fresh sent and the avec is gross please go back to the original as I had an alergic reation to the pearls and had to take a corticosteroid to get rid of it .My grandchildren and Great gr
and children really liked the way the clothes smelled they said the new one stinks.
WHS on 12/06/2012:
I have used April Fresh Downy for over 5 years and I honestly have to say that I used it primarily for the smell. I noticed that if I put bed sheets on a bed from the dryer I would wake up with an intense headache the next morning. Alternating the sheets took care of the problem. However, the new Downy with AVEC caused an intense itching and skin irratation. This was found out afrter haveing to go to a doctor a coupleof times to find out what was causing the rash and irratation. When the new Downy came out I didn't notice the change in the formula. After two months of misery and trying to figure out what the cause of my skin discomfort was I noticed the new ingredient-formula. I stopped using it and the result was immediate. I'm not hypersensitive to anything else that I know of, but I'll never use any softner again. What a terrible and costly experience that was. I hope that anyone that is experiencing the same problem can benefit from this.
Saul on 02/17/2013:
I have been experiencing the same itching for over a month now and I've narrowed it down to the fabric softener as well. I didn't even notice that they added avec. I'm going to try not using it and seeing if the itching stops.
Valerie on 06/30/2013:
I thought it was just me on how absolutely disappointing it was to no longer be able to find the original Downy April Fresh softener. I've used it for over 20 years and just loved the soft scent it gave. The new Downy smells terrible and is way too pungent! Why on earth would they change this product? I will boycott Downy until they bring back The original scent and just use a different brand for now. What were you thinking, Downy people?! get a clue!!!
Blanche on 11/04/2013:
Why would you change something that works? My Mom used Downy when we had to hang our clothes on the line when she had a wringer washer in the 50's. My step daughters loved the smell of my sheets until you decided to stink it up with perfume. I now have to use your non smell version as the April Fresh gives me a headache. Bring back the Original.. please
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Ultra Downy--Excellence In Customer Service
Posted by on
COLORADO -- I've been using the Downy Ultra Fabric Softer Ball for about 12 years now. I love it, because you just fill it with about a 1/4 cup of Ultra Downy, toss it in the wash, and go. It realeases the fabric softener near the end of the wash cycle.

I wanted to replace my Downy ball, which I normally replace every few months, and this time, had trouble finding a new one. I went to three stores, and they did not have it. I came home, and called the talk to Downy customer service number. A very nice gentleman answered, and I told him I was having trouble finding the Downy ball, and if he could tell me which stores in my area carried them. He immediately told me he would be happy to send out a new one to me, at absolutely no charge for the ball, and no charge for shipping. I was pleasantly surprised, and thank him. This phone call took place on Monday, September 27, 2010.

Today is Thursday, September 30, 2010, and in my mail delivery today, was the Downy ball! Imagine my surprise at how quickly it was shipped out, and at how quickly I received it. As I opened the tiny box, also included was a voucher, for a free 120 loads bottle of Downy ultra. What a nice added bonus!

I called them up to thank them, and they did appreciate my thank you call. They said keeping loyal customers happy was their number one priority goal!

Thank you Procter and Gamble for having Downy ultra and the Downy ball available. It makes doing laundry so much easier, when you do not have to time the machine in order to add the fabric softener! I also love how nice and soft everything comes out of the dryer and the April Fresh scent lasts almost a week!

Kudos to Procter and Gamble!
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User Replies:
MRM on 09/30/2010:

\0/ \0/ \0/ Three cheers to Proctor and Gamble for providing great service to Skye! HOORAH!

MRM on 09/30/2010:
And Skye, with your informative review of the Downy Ball, you have just persuaded me to get one!
Anonymous on 09/30/2010:
Very nice, Skye! Always nice to hear the great customer service stories.
Venice09 on 09/30/2010:
That thing has been around for twelve years?! It seems like it just came out yesterday. That certainly was nice of P&G to send you one for free.

I stopped using fabric softener because it clogged up the lint screen in the dryer, which caused it to break. I had no idea the screen was so clogged until the repairman showed it to me. I couldn't believe it.
MRM on 09/30/2010:
Venice, that's what I thought also!
Nohandle on 09/30/2010:
These really are nice. I gave one to a friend a number of years ago who didn't have a liquid fabric softener dispenser on her washing machine. Actually they are better because you don't end up with built up fabric softener in the dispenser if not kept rinsed out.

Venice, are you speaking of liquid softener added to the rise cycle or those dryer sheets? I know the dryer sheets many times cause problems with the lint screen.
Venice09 on 09/30/2010:
MRM, I was not only shocked but a little embarrassed when the repair guy held the screen up to the light and I saw that it was completely clogged and restricting the air flow in the dryer. I always clean the lint off the screen, but I never held it up to the light!

It cost $120 to replace the coils. I just stopped using fabric softener, and it never happened again, and it's been quite a while now. I don't miss the softener at all. I do use it sometimes on clothes that I drip dry, but that's it.
Venice09 on 09/30/2010:
I used both liquid and sheets, Nohandle. The repairman said they are both a problem and I shouldn't use them unless I was going to scrub the filter on a regular basis. So I just stopped using fabric softener altogether and noticed that I really didn't miss it. One less thing to buy, too.
Ytropious on 09/30/2010:
Heck yeah! Way to go Skye, I didn't know they actually made the Downy ball anymore. What is the advantage of using it if I might ask? I love companies that do this for customers. A LONG time ago when I was younger I was looking for a video game I saw in a magazine, this was before the internet. I never found it anywhere and decided to write an actual letter to the company asking what stores carried the game. I also told them I could send them a check to purchase the games if no one around carried them. To my 10 year old surprise, they sent me 2 copies of the game (2 different versions) for FREE. And ever since I was able to find them in my local game stores. It was awesome. It never hurt to ask the company where to find something.
Anonymous on 09/30/2010:
I love the Downy ball and I love it when companies throw free stuff your way. Little things like that keep customers happy
Anonymous on 09/30/2010:
Venice09 on 09/30/2010:
Yt, I knew there was a reason you like this site. Any ten year old who takes the time and effort to actually write a letter is destined to use a site like this. I was the same way at that age, and here I am now using consumer websites.
Ytropious on 09/30/2010:
lol who would have thought? I was always one of those "but mom, it never hurts to ask!" types. I was also calling company 1800 numbers to compliment things or give suggestions. I was really bored as a kid...
Maha Zeheru on 12/17/2013:
I am very disappointed and frustrated to say the least!!!!
I just now bought your "I'm stopable" in wash scent booster
I read that's " safe for all colors, fabrics and loads" used it on my favorite And most expensive black pants AND guess what? It ruined it :( I have pictures, it took off the black color on several areas and it's like dots of brownish red on my black pants !!!!!!'n
Again very disappointed....
Do you have a phone number that I could reach any person in charge??????
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Downey April Fresh
Posted by on
SUFFOLK, VIRGINIA -- I hate the smell of all the new Downey products. they are the most putrid smell ever. I have called them several times and wish they would go back to the original scent of April fresh. I got so many compliments on the smell of my clothes. Why do they do such stupid things.

If it ain't broke don't try to fix it with junk. go back to the original scent please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted by on
My washing machine developed a foul odor, and there was blackish residue in the fabric softener dispenser and around the top of the wash tub. It was nasty! I called Procter & Gamble and they acknowledged the Downy fabric softener I was using was responsible for this. They gave me instructions to get the gunk off, which wasn't easy. Even though they are very aware of the problem Downy causes, they have no intention of taking it off the market or warning customers. I was told to buy the more expensive Downy wrinkle-control product, which they said would not cause the problem. Instead, I bought Snuggle. My friends have had no problems with it.
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User Replies:
TXRoadTrip on 03/23/2005:
I doubt they said it was them. Most likely you over fill the detergents.
NeveragainAmazon on 03/23/2005:
I use Downy as well.....and do have a residue build up in the softener dispenser, but I do clean my washer every couple of weeks. I would imagine that if the residue has had time to turn black that there would be a foul smell. Wonder what a culture of the residue would reveal! Scary thought!
garden on 03/24/2005:
To TXRoadTrip: The representative from Procter & Gamble told me specifically that the problem was due to Downy. It had absolutely nothing to do with putting in too much detergent or too much softener. Also, so many people have had the same problem with Downy that Procter & Gamble is prepared to give time-consuming instructions on how to correct it. The product simply isn't worth it, especially when there are so many others on the market that do a good job without aggravation.
TXRoadTrip on 03/24/2005:
I have (5) relatives that have used Downy for years and they never had any problems with it. And a few times used my washer and I had no problems with it in my washer. Personally I don’t use Downy = allergies.
garden on 03/25/2005:
It took over 8 years for Downy to do the damage. Downy also clogged the fabric softener dispenser. I have a Maytag washing machine. Maytags last for years. People who get new washing machines every five years or so may not run into the problem.
TXRoadTrip on 03/25/2005:
I asked my sister about it – she said she fills the cap with water and pours it in the dispenser after the Downy. Maybe that is why.

opeth_lover on 03/26/2005:
I have used Downy for years, and have never had a problem. I am sure it was not the fabric softener. Downy is usually a light pastel color,not black! How would pale blue fabric softener turn to "black gunk"? Makes no sense to me...maybe you had some tar in your jeans pocket? Nope, can't be Downy!
opeth_lover on 03/26/2005:, you say P&R said it was Downy? What was their explanation? I would love to know...not doubting you, just curious!
garden on 03/27/2005:
To TXRoadTrip: Like your sister, I always filled the dispenser with water after putting in Downy
garden on 03/27/2005:
To opeth lover: P&G recognized the problem immediately. Apparently they've had hundreds of calls about it. The representative explained that there is something in the formula of Downy (the original Downy)that causes it to clog the fabric softener dispenser and to cling to the upper rim of top loading washers. Eventually what clings there darkens. My hairdresser had the same problem with her washing machine. P&G told me that it doesn't happen with their wrinkle free Downy, but I won't buy a Downy product again. I think it's wrong for a company to keep a product on the market that they KNOW causes problems. And as I said in my first posting, it was a job to fix.
opeth_lover on 04/02/2005:, you should get them to buy you a new machine and new clothes!
gc on 03/07/2013:
For the past 2 months I've been using baking soda to wash my clothes and vinegar added to the rinse water to try to get the Downey residue and odor out of my washing machine and clothes. I had no idea it would be so hard to remove. Garden, you're right on!!! Under the two rims of the washer was an accumulation of oily Downey residue that I had to scrape off. Where it was under a rim and couldn't be seen it had turned black. It was so disgusting! I took the softner dispenser out of the center agitator, washed it with bleach, vinegar and soda but the smell is still unbelievably strong. I even put it through my dishwasher and it didn't change the smell. I just don't have it in the washer anymore. To most people this won't be a problem because they like the smell and don't scoure their machines but for people with fragrance sensitivities this is really bad. If anyone has any suggestions as to how to remove the smell please let me know.
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