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Ultra Downy - Excellence In Customer Service
By -

COLORADO -- I've been using the Downy Ultra Fabric Softer Ball for about 12 years now. I love it, because you just fill it with about a 1/4 cup of Ultra Downy, toss it in the wash, and go. It releases the fabric softener near the end of the wash cycle. I wanted to replace my Downy ball, which I normally replace every few months, and this time, had trouble finding a new one. I went to three stores, and they did not have it. I came home, and called the talk to Downy customer service number. A very nice gentleman answered, and I told him I was having trouble finding the Downy ball, and if he could tell me which stores in my area carried them.

He immediately told me he would be happy to send out a new one to me, at absolutely no charge for the ball, and no charge for shipping. I was pleasantly surprised, and thank him. This phone call took place on Monday, September 27, 2010. Today is Thursday, September 30, 2010, and in my mail delivery today, was the Downy ball! Imagine my surprise at how quickly it was shipped out, and at how quickly I received it. As I opened the tiny box, also included was a voucher, for a free 120 loads bottle of Downy ultra. What a nice added bonus!

I called them up to thank them, and they did appreciate my thank you call. They said keeping loyal customers happy was their number one priority goal! Thank you Procter and Gamble for having Downy ultra and the Downy ball available. It makes doing laundry so much easier, when you do not have to time the machine in order to add the fabric softener! I also love how nice and soft everything comes out of the dryer and the April Fresh scent lasts almost a week! Kudos to Procter and Gamble!

Downy Ultra April Fresh Fabric Softener WHY WHY Did You Change the Scent?
By -

COLORADO -- I recently opened a new bottle of Downy Ultra April Scent Fabric softener, and it smells very fruity and flowery. It's not even close to the April Fresh Scent - I do not like it. The bottle says new fresh scent pearls. Your laundry will retain the fresh scent for 7 days now, so they say. I used it yesterday to wash all the sheets, and today, they do not smell like they did yesterday, which I am glad about, but I do miss the original April Fresh Scent that left everything smelling nice and fresh.

There had been a review in the past, where the original poster says the April Fresh Scent had changed. We all told the op, including myself, our bottles still smelled the same. A comment had also been posted maybe the op's sense of smell had changed. Nope, their sense of smell had not changed. Downy changed the scent. I've been using the April Fresh Scent for years, and always liked it. Now I'll have to see if I can still find the old Downy April Fresh scent, but I doubt it's still available. I don't understand if something is not broke, why do they think it needs fixing?

I recently also had problems finding Downy dryer sheets recently. I had to go to 3 different stores, and finally found them at Target. I should have known something was brewing. I contacted Downy about the change, via email, but as of yet, received a response. Please bring back the original Downy Ultra April Fresh Scent Fabric softener.

Downey April Fresh
By -

SUFFOLK, VIRGINIA -- I hate the smell of all the new Downy products. They are the most putrid smell ever. I have called them several times and wish they would go back to the original scent of April fresh. I got so many compliments on the smell of my clothes. Why do they do such stupid things. If it ain't broke don't try to fix it with junk. Go back to the original scent please!!!

Warning Re: Downy Fabric Softener
By -

My washing machine developed a foul odor, and there was blackish residue in the fabric softener dispenser and around the top of the wash tub. It was nasty! I called Procter & Gamble and they acknowledged the Downy fabric softener I was using was responsible for this. They gave me instructions to get the gunk off, which wasn't easy. Even though they are very aware of the problem Downy causes, they have no intention of taking it off the market or warning customers. I was told to buy the more expensive Downy wrinkle-control product, which they said would not cause the problem. Instead, I bought Snuggle. My friends have had no problems with it.

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