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This is a Rip Off
Posted by on
SAN BERNARDINO, CALIFORNIA -- Like many of the stupid people out there, I also clicked on the "Free trial Phenterthin diet pills hot spot". I looked carefully for any pre-checked boxes agreeing to any future order that was attached to it and saw nothing like that.

Like every one else I was sent fifteen pills and got my credit card nailed for $149.95 fifteen days later. When I called my credit card Co. I was given a number to call. Guess what they were only the forwarding co. had nothing to do with it, they suggested I go to the www.NexgenLabsUSA.con Web site. where they asked you to sign up with them in order to make a complaint I did & I wasn't acknowledged as having signed up. They don't answer their phone they play games with you until you've spent so much time chasing your tail that you give up in disgust.

They are a phony company with a product that doesn't work. All it is, is over priced vitamins. Buyers beware of this Company.Every thing that everyone else has said is 100% correct. This is a rip off. big time

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Anonymous on 08/16/2007:
There are hundreds of complaints about these clowns all over the Internet. File a chargeback then contact the Oklahoma State Attorney General as they have hundreds of complaints they are looking into.

Registrant: Bryan Forester (TDTKS)
Pure Energy Products
1025 SW 59th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73109 United States
Phone: +1 (800) 664-4494

Then contact their web host and let them know you got ripped off, maybe you can help get their web site shut down:
Abacus America Inc.
They are in San Diego, Ca.

ejack053824 on 08/16/2007:
Diet and exercise! Who needs pills?
DebtorBasher on 08/16/2007:
If it was for a free trial, how did they get your card number? I'm guessing they got it possibly for the "shipping fee"? If someone feels the need for diet medication, please don't ever order from the internet...these over the counter Internet pills will only make your wallet thinner...go to a Nutritionists and do it the slower more healthier way.
Starlord on 08/17/2007:
Yeah, DB, these companies usually have something that says, "Credit card required for shipping and handling." So people come along and don't bother to read the fine print that exists somethere (they will tell you you should have read it)that states by accepting the 'free' sample, you agree to a subscription and for them to withdraw the funds from your account. READ THE FINE PRINT, PEOPLE!!!!
these people have lawyers that write the fine print, and you have to be just as smart to avoid their little traps.
Anonymous on 08/17/2007:
There should be a 'boilerplate' somewhere to save us the trouble of typing in the same info for every complaint about these diet pills.
Anonymous on 08/17/2007:
JayD, people will never learn!
Anonymous on 08/17/2007:
JayD - I'm sure if you were around in the 1920's you would have said the same thing about Sir Alexander Fleming's snake oil billed as a cure for syphilis and rheumatic fever. Never doubt what nobody is sure about.
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They steal!!!
Posted by on
CALIFORNIA -- This company will charge unauthorized amounts to your card and the amount they charged me is $149.95 besides the s&h charge for the free pills that I received but don't work. There was never any consent to charge for anything else and as I see complaints from others I feel the same way. They will rip you off, their web site doesn't exist, and when you call them they say that the receptionist is out and to leave a message, then they don't call back. You call again and they transfer you to an automated message that refers to the non existent website.

If you catch it in time the bank will try to get your money back but if they can't your not only out the amount they charged you but your also out the amount that the bank will charge to settle this.
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tnchuck100 on 08/14/2007:
Do you remember reading this in their Terms & Conditions?

"... do nothing, and we will place you on the AP Program 20 days after your trial order. We'll bill the same credit card information you have used for this transaction for the amount of $149.95."

EDUCATION is what you get when you read the fine print. EXPERIENCE is what you get when you don't.
moneybags on 08/14/2007:
Close your CC account and the checking acct and open new ones. That will stop any FUTURE charges
ejack053824 on 08/14/2007:
I got the best diet for you. Get off your ass, exercise 3 to 4 times a day for 30 minutes, drink plenty of water, and stay away from the twinkies and bon bon's.
Starlord on 08/14/2007:
Good choices comes from experience, which too often is the result of poor choices. We tell people over and over again that these outfits have in their fine print that by taking advantage of the "Free Sample," they are agreeing to be shipped more of the product monthly and giving the company authorization to withdraw the funds. Yet, almost every day we get another post about how evil these companies are and how they are thieves. Someday we won't have to worry about these companies, but as P.T. Barnum observed, there's one born every minute.
heaven17 on 08/15/2007:
It's never a good thing when I do a search on something like Phenterthin and the first thing I see in the results is a complaint.
Always investigate these kinds of things before you use that charge card.
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Bad Decision
Posted by on
RUPERT, IDAHO -- I like so many others have been taken in once again. I ordered my free bottle of diet pills and then went to my doctor and he advised me to get off them because of health reasons. I called the Phenterthin company and told them the problem. They said that they would take my name off the list for the next shipment. Now here I got 2 bottles of Phenterthin that I can't use and they debited my credit card $149.95. Where did it say how much these pills were when we ordered the free bottle. I have tried to call the company but just get a recording. Will keep trying to get through to the company but if this happens to you go to your bank and put a stop payment on these pills. Sure it might cost you $25.00 For stop payment but that's better than letting someone cost you $149.95 Every time they think they can send you pills you can't take!!!!!!!!!
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Pomona Guy on 06/07/2007:
You better make sure you cancel before you get two more bottles of worthless pills and another $150 bill!
FoggyOne on 06/08/2007:
Why did you give your credit card number for FREE pills?
wdouglas on 07/03/2007:
Okay, first you give you're credit information without knowing how much it's going to cost? No one will ever ask for this without it costing something. Try reading the Terms & Conditions section before you submit your information. (That's where I found the cost.) Second, doctors will almost always tell you to get off a diet pill that they did not prescribe. It's called kick backs. They all get them, whether or not they admit it. Try doing research before you order a product. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out.
AmelieBella on 07/07/2007:
I got the same spam email you did about this product. When I clicked the link, I noticed a "terms and conditions" link at the bottom of the page that says you will be charged. I included the link for you.
tiredmom21 on 09/25/2007:
I just found this great website, but wish I had seen it 15 days ago, when I "accidentally" ordered the "free bottle" of Phenterthin from an email I had rec'd about it...I did not read the terms and conditions,and now I know I should have...Anyway, if I had read about this company and all the complaint on "my3cents" about 2 weeks ago, before ordering, I would not have missed the 15 day deadline to cancel everything, and I would not be out $149.00, plus maybe the cancellation fee? (did not understand that, either, why so expensive to cancel something?)
How to explain this to my spouse is another worry, of course...(luckily, he is very forgiving, but don't know about this time!!)
I have written to this company very nicely asking them to please just go ahead and take the cancellation fee, but please don't charge me $149.00 for the bottles I will not be getting anyway...I got a "reply" with just the terms and conditions attached to it, so guess I am out of luck for now...they have not been too "friendly" about this to me, either, even though they have gotten all of my money, plus other people's hard earned money, I am sure...
I have been losing sleep and have a knot in my stomach from all of this, over a sample of 15 pills...did not know it would lead to so much expensive trouble for me...
take care, and will keep this website for future reference from now on!

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Terms of Agreement Breach
Posted by on
I (stupidly) ordered "free" diet pills on-line. All that was necessary was the $4.95 shipping and handling fee. Had I read the poorly worded "Terms of Agreement" more carefully, I (or anyone in their right mind) would never have sent for the Phenterthin Diet Pills. If you cancel, you owe a $49 fee, if you don't cancel in the allotted time, you are sent two more bottles of the pills at a cost of $149.95. They say that bottles that are sent out are not returnable!

I have sent several e-mails to the company and have received no response. I had not been given the allotted time to cancel my "subscription." I felt that I was receiving one bottle for a trial period and that I would have enough time to take the 15 days worth of capsules to decide if they were any different or better than what you can get over the counter at most drug stores or superstores (which they were not). Instead I have received two more bottles of Phenterthin and my credit card has been charged $149.95.

I called and talked to my credit card representative and was given instructions on how I might rectify the situation. This being Sunday, I will call the company tomorrow during regular business hours and see if this mess can be straightened out.

Unfortunately, the charge has already been paid by my credit card, otherwise I would have put a stop payment on the order.

I believe that this company uses a poorly worded and misleading "Terms of Agreement" to "sucker" people into buying their product. What also makes me angry is I thought that I was too smart to be trapped by companies like this. Always remember, anything that looks like a very good deal is always suspect.

Anyone considering buying this product or buying from this company had better be very careful. I believe that you will not get what is advertised at the price that is stated and you will be drawn into a scheme that they have devised (that is probably just this side of legal) that will deliver a product that is not worth buying at the advertised trial price, much less the price that you will be charged if you fail to cancel the "agreement."

If I can get a satisfactory resolution to this problem I will be glad to post it here on "" If I don't get this problem rectified to my satisfaction, I will be glad to post that also.

Be careful when purchasing anything, especially on-line and always read the "fine" print!

Thanks for letting me vent. I will keep you apprised of the situation.

Caveat Emptor,
Terri H
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Anonymous on 05/13/2007:
Thanks for reminding everyone to read the TERMS before hitting the ORDER button. There are lots of complaints here about the same situation you described. Most of the complainers never bothered to read the TERMS and then felt that they were scammed. I don't recall anyone saying they got some sort of refund. But I hope you will be successful in stopping further shipments.
Hugh_Jorgen on 05/14/2007:
Just because the CC company has already paid the vendor, it doesn't negate yout rights to dispute the charge. The can and will take the $$ back if you prevail. Good luck.
cindy p on 09/22/2007:
Please DON'T give up on this!!! It is NOT too late for you to get your money back! Make your credit card company let you file a claim, they WILL investigate and see ALL of these same claims and that you were NOT NEGLIGENT and they WILL credit your money back to you even though they have made payment! (they have insurance for these kinds of things!) BTW: Same thing happened to me with this SAME company, except that I did NOT even get a second shipment of the pills! They just decided to bill me the lump sum right after me paying for the shipping charge for the free bottle. I never saw the very very fine print of bullcrap, and you too can get your money back so make sure you do! Don't let these crooks get by on you like this! Good Luck to you and let me know when you get yours back too! :)
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Posted by on
CASPER, WYOMING -- I too feel into this trap of ordering Phenterthin, what can you do not everyone is ethical. I did find some go fortune, after receiving my "free sample" I started researching the product. I felt that anytime a product comes without a shipping invoice or contact information there is a problem. I read about all the people that has been taken advantage of by this company. The really sad part is that the information is in the terms and agreement section it is just covered up very, very well. I am sure that what they are doing is legal and that is the other really sad part. The good luck I had is that I cancelled my debit card before they could take out any more money from my account. I did email them I will pay them the cancellation fee because I did agree to it (without really knowing it) but I will mail them a money order and I will for no reason give then an account number to any credit card.

I hope that through this and other websites this type of abuse can stop.
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Starlord on 08/02/2007:
Kristi, unfortunately, some have to learn much harder than you have. It rankles me that these places take advantage of people's good nature by playing on the people's self-view. Good luck in the futurre and keep learning how to be a more effective shopper.
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Diet supplement
Posted by on
PENNSYLVANIA -- Phenterthin does not work. I got 15 day supply and I used it, I feel no less hungry or more energetic at all. DO NOT spend your money or time on this product.
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poppapia on 08/07/2007:
Eat a more balanced diet, exercise, and quit trying miracle weight-loss drugs.
talker on 08/23/2007:
I ordered the free sample and before I knew what had happened they charged me 149.95 on my card. I have called and called and even emailed these unsavor people. They will not return calls and will not even email you back. I have lost a lot of money and I am retired and on a fixed income. Needless to say they have ripped another person off and will get away with it. Does anyone have any suggestions for an elderly woman.
jktshff1 on 08/23/2007:
if it was free, why did you give them your credit card info?
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