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Beware Philips Flat Screen Buyers
Posted by on
Purchased this 2-1/2 years ago for $1200.00 at Sam's Club. I purchased this because the company has always had a good long reputation. I now have absolutely no picture. Talked to a salesman at Sam's Club and was told sorry we only sell them, not our problem. Called Philips and talked to the rudest service girl who would only repeat "we have a 1 year warranty". Asked her if this could be a wide spread problem she said..."1 year warranty". Asked her if there could be a recall on them going bad so fast she said she didn't know. Sent about 6 emails to different Philips executives regarding their product going bad so quickly when the consumers pay out so much money for their products, do they think there could be a part problem in their televisions. Absolutely no replies from anyone at Philips. So much for their reputation in my opinion. Found out it will cost way too much to repair. I purchased this right before retirment...thinking it would last me through my golden years. Thank you so much Philips. My not purchase their product and avoid their customer service department at all cost. I will now purchase the cheapest TV I can find now that I know the electronics today are nothing more than throw aways after a couple of years. Should be a law against this scam the electronic companies are pulling on consumers.
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Bad Product and HORRIBLE Customer Service
Posted by on
I purchased a Philips Television about four months ago. After only a couple months of owning the TV (during which I used it only about 10hrs per week) it went out on me. I called Philips Tech Support and they had me doing a bunch of really stupid stuff like checking to see that it was plugged in and making sure that I had batteries in my if I would not have checked that on my own.

They finally surmised that it needed repair and referred me to a repair shop who then told me that they needed to order parts. They said it would take a couple days. Afer three weeks or so, I finally called the repair shop and they told me that the parts were on back order from Philips and that they would be in in a couple of days. Again... I waited three more weeks and now word. I called Philips and was told that the customer care department was going to check into and get back with me. More than an week goes buy and nothing so I call Philips AGAIN.

They then assure me that the parts are now available and they are overnighting them to the repair shop and I will have my TV back in a matter of days. A week goes by and I nothing so I call the repair shop back and they inform me that the parts are on back order again.

I called Philips back again and they claimed they had no information. After about an hour on the phone, they finally told me that they did not know when the parts were going to be able to ship. They said they would inform me in 24hrs what they were going to do. THREE DAYS LATER they finally called back saying that they did not know where the parts were going to be available in the US and that they were going to ship me a new television. I was told that I would have my TV in 5 days.

After waiting a week and a half, still no television. I called Philps back and the person that spoke with told me that the television was going to be shipping in the next 10-15 business days. I am...two and a half months after this ordeal began and I STILL don't have a television and no one at Philips can tell me when my new TV is going to ship. I cannot find the words to even begin describing how ANGRY I am with Philps, their crappy products and most of all their HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Every time I called, they all acted as though I was such a bother for wanting a $1000 television to actually work!

After doing a little research, I found out that the reason the parts for my TV are on back order is because the problem that my TV had is a chronic issue with this model. They can't keep the parts in stock because 1000's of these units are going bad. Finally...the TRUTH.
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safesinger666 on 07/13/2010:
What model# is this TV? I realize this is an old post but I am curious.
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Horrible service and $800 TV lasting 6 months
Posted by on
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Mr. Reinier Jens, President
Philips Corporate Headquarters
North America
1251 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020
(212) 536-0500

Mr. Jens:

I am writing with a complaint about a product from your company. I purchased a Magnavox 26MD255V/17 Serial # LL000533012674. on November 25, 2005.

I purchased this TV on the midnight after Thanksgiving sale at Sam’s Club in Miami. We started using it in January, since it was a Christmas present to my husband and we were on vacation through the Holidays. We then had to purchase the bracket to hand it up. I would estimate that we actually had the TV up and working in our bedroom by the end of January.

About 5-6 weeks ago, we started having problems with the TV. It becomes unwatchable, the picture goes out and it scrolls through a TV/AV Mode select menu of options like TV, DVD, AV1, AV2, etc. It scrolls through those continuously. Even if you select TV it keeps on scrolling. It happens at any time, in the middle of what you are watching.

I called the service number, a place in the Philippines somewhere. The people were not helpful at all. The first thing they said after I gave them the serial number (I had to get my husband to take the t.v. off the wall mount, - no easy task since it was close to the cealing!) was that it was a refurbished TV. I knew this was not true. After asking for a supervisor, I was told the other agent had made a mistake but that the T.V. was out of warranty because it was only good for 90 days!!! I have owned and still own many televisions. I currently have one that we bought for our wedding over 20 years ago and we have never had any problems. At least 9 other televisions in our house an office are in the range of 8-15 years old. No problems with those either. This T.V. had been in use less than 6 months when we started having problems. I would expect much better for $800.00 which is much more than I have paid for any of the other televisions that we have except the Philips 42 inch plasma!!!. I am now worried about the Phillips 42 inch plasma in my family room, which is just over a year old, I guess I should be waiting for it to explode sometime soon.

After speaking with the supervisor, I was told that I would get a call from the Entitlement department to give me options on how to solve the problem. We waited close to 4 weeks and no calls. I called again, now after a couple of people one of which told me that I had to send the copy of the receipt before they could talk to me, I spoke to a supervisor and was promised a call in a couple of days. That did not happen.

I asked for an address and telephone in the United States to speak with someone in the corporate offices. I was lied to, they told me the only telephone # and address that they had were the same ones listed in my manual. Since I am an educated person, I brought it to their attention that then obviously this whole thing was a scam since they had no way of contacting anyone in the corporate offices and escalating the problem to find resolution. He laughed and said that I was right they did have a number but could not give it to me.

Your company is actually despicable. Your website does not have a telephone number for complaints or for corporate offices. I knew that if I persisted, somewhere on the web or through the telephone directory I could find it. I certainly did. It is sad that a company thinks so little of its customers that it is willing to alienate them in such a way.

I finally called the corporate offices of Wal-Mart who clearly has a customer service number answered by an American human being listed on its website. I explained to her how the Sam’s club had stated that they could not exchange it because they have a 90 day policy, I also explained my nightmare dealing with Philips-Magnavox. She called the club which took back the TV and I exchanged it for one from Panasonic.

I asked her to please tell her bosses about the experience and how they should not be dealing with Philip because the Wal-Mart corporation was then selling a product that could not be serviced, warrantied, and did not even last a year. I am supposed to be receiving a call from their regional manager on July 5th. I will be explaining my experience and how they should think of dealing with other brands instead of your.

I returned the TV and left Sam’s club thinking very highly of them and the Wal-Mart Corporation which is much more than what I can say for yours.

I hope at some point that you have the common sense to provider real service and create loyalty from your customers.

We are currently remodeling our waiting room and are thinking of getting and LCD TV. I will look for anything but Philips-Magnavox. I can tell you that at this point, I am making sure that every patient that comes through my office hears of the nightmare created by Philips-Magnavox and that they should avoid buying any of your products since they could very well be throwing out their money. As a matter of fact, I am thinking of even making a sign to place in the waiting room. “Ask us about Philips-Magnavox”

An unhappy customer


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User Replies:
Sparticus on 07/02/2006:
I did not know Philips owned Magnavox? Or is it the other way around?
Anonymous on 07/02/2006:
What ever happened to Quasar? With TV's I'd stick with Sony.
Anonymous on 07/03/2006:
Kudoes to Sam's Club... I would say the extended themselves for you.
nycmd on 07/18/2006:
Thanks for that address up there; I'm planning to send a letter over there as well - after today's experience, what I should really send them is all my junk mail.
BillyJ on 11/18/2008:
I unhappily own a Magnavox 20MS3442 CRT Flatscreen. Not even 2 years old, it turns on and off at full volume at any time it chooses day or night even at 3:00am. The service calls and numbers are worthless. I agree I will NEVER purchase another Phillips/Magnavox product for the rest of my life. Neither will my kids seeing what I am going through. I searched the internet and can't believe all the people with the same problem that are all common and more. Magnavox, I am here declaring your products JUNK and your service and support a FARSE. I can't wait for the day to see you go under and like the good Doctor, will tell anyone I know to stay away from your products. The word is now out about your substandard products and service. I'll even watch your stock ticker every day as it goes into the grave at my pleasure. What a shame for me to have to post this review, but you have driven me to this point. PEOPLE!! LEAVE MAGNAVOX IN THE BOX !!!
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Worst Customer Service - LCD TV
Posted by on
. In Jul of 2005 I purchased a Magnavox LCD TV from Circuit City in CT. I brought the TV home and enjoyed it for about 2 months until a problem developed where the TV would not turn on properly when the power button was pressed. I dealt with the problem for about a month but when it started to get worse and the time to turn on the TV increased. I finally called Phillips customer service who gave me a number for a local repair facility. I brought the TV to Don’s TV in Worcester MA. They told me the repair was going to take about a week or so.

Toward the end of the week I called the facility and was told that the part that was thought to be broken and was replaced did not fix the problem. They said that they were going to order another part. This took another 2 weeks until I called again and was told that they couldn’t fix the TV. The service center gave me a number to call (1-800-255-5122) to tell them that I could not fix the TV. I found when I called, that this number was for dealers only and that it was the repair facilities job to have this conversation with the Phillips customer service center. At Philips they told me that they would go through the evaluation process of the situation and get back to me in 3 to 5 business days. It took 3 weeks and finally I called them and was told that they will ask Don’s TV to try another repair. Again the repair did not work and the process of countless calls started on my part to see if the situation could be resolved. One month later after a second cycle of evaluations Phillips Customer Service rep called me to tell me that Don’s TV will be calling me today as they finally fixed my TV.

Don’s TV called me as mentioned and asked me to come in during my lunch hour to pick up the TV. I went in and found my TV absolutely filthy in grease, with bolts protruding through the front plastic speaker grills. Wrong size bolts were used to put the TV together and the bolts literally broke through the plastic on each of the Four Corners. I was absolutely shocked, and I asked them to power up the TV so that I could check if the TV was repaired. I turned the TV on a number of times and it was blatantly apparent that TV was in the same broken condition I brought it in. The TV would not turn on properly. And this is already after 5 months!!!

I immediately called the Phillips Consumer Electronics service center and explained the situation. The woman told me that she would look into the situation and return my call. Sure enough the following day I received a call and was told that its no longer Phillip’s problem and I would need to take it up with Don’s TV. The woman, rep, Irene told me that I am lying and that all I want is a new TV. I couldn’t believe ho incredibly rude she was and completely did not accept any responsibility of the warranty repair. At this point my frustration was complete. I tried to see if there was a way to escalate the situation to her superior but Irene refused any cooperation. I felt absolutely helpless and defeated.

Finally I was called by Don’s TV repair and told that the panel is ordered and it will be fixed. I called again after a week then 2 weeks and each time was told that they are still waiting for the panel. Finally I called Philips again and spoke to a woman named Irene who told me she would look into the situation. She put me on hold for 20 minutes and finally she told me that they just ordered the panel today (March 02, 2006). Lied to again... I again told her about the fact that I don’t’ believe it is fixed and she rudely replied to me that I press the button too quickly. I couldn’t believe it, rude and condescending customer service rep again
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/03/2006:
I'm not a big fan of Magnovox. How much did this TV cost? I think it's time to forget this TV and just do everything in your power to give Don's TV and Phillips a lot of grief. Call them every day and act like Special Ed from Crank Yankers or something. That's the sort of thing that would make me feel better.
Anonymous on 03/03/2006:
Consider finding someone that could bypass the on/off switch so that the TV is always on. Then you could put a switch inline with the power cord, or just unplug it when you want it turned off.
KenPC on 03/03/2006:
Time for small claims court. Go for triple damages, for unfair and unlawful business practices. You will have a new TV the day after they get the summons.
nycmd on 07/18/2006:
My TV also broke down in a few months after purchasing; with NUMEROUS problems which just got worse with time. Similar problem with obnoxious "customer service" from Philips; I had 2 of them actually tell me that having my TV turn on/off automatically without any prompting with intermittent sound and no picture among other things weren't really "major" problems! Unbelievable. Also they informed me that since its close to the end of my warranty (majority of the past year has been back/forth with repairs), I should be aware that there's "no way we can give you an extended warranty" (I didn't even ask for one!) - and I would be responsible for further repairs. After this nauseating experience, I'm planning to file a report with the Dept of Consumer Affairs, as well as my state Attorney General. Apparently there are a lot of people unhappy with this company (they even had a FCC intervention against them). I'm also making extra efforts to prevent anyone around me from purchasing a Philips/Magnovox product if I can help it.
amc on 08/28/2007:
My tv also broke down -- it's impossible to get anything repaired if it has a Philips name on it. They are the biggest scam company I have ever had to deal with. They just don't want to be bothered. Their customer service doesn't exist. Neither does their parts distribution center. There is no such thing.
Philips electronics is worthless.
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Philips LCD TV Broke After Just a Little Less Than 3 Year of Purchase!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I bought a Philips LCD TV in model # 40PFL3705D/F7 serial # YA1A1024006735 in late 2010 and here we are in December 2013, the TV is already broken. I switched it on yesterday afternoon, it switches on but no picture or audio. Initially, I thought it was a minor issue but every time I switch on since then same no picture, no audio.

I called their Customer Care Department, guy I spoke with said he won't offer any assistance since the TV is out of warranty, I'm thinking Philips reputation is online here so the little revenue from their warranty program shouldn't matter at this point when the durability of your product is stake, you expect a TV to last more than 3 years!!! I have a Panasonic TV that I've for almost 15 years now!
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User Replies:
FoDaddy19 on 01/01/2014:
Typically TVs have a one year warranty. I think it's reasonable to expect them to work with you if you're around a month or two outside of the warranty. But I don't think you're going to have much success 2 years after the warranty has expired. It would be nice if they would do something for you, but I wouldn't expect it.
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ALL Flat panel TV's Defective since 2006
Posted by on
After saving and purchasing a $1500 Philips Magnavox TV, it died at 1 month after warranty expired.

After only owning this companys product for life, I was shocked when I called customer service and was told they would not help me at all. Period.

I then turned to the internet to troubleshoot, again I was shocked to find that 100's of thousands of others have the same problem.

I found out that Philips Magnavox has been aware of their defective products since 2006. They are still today selling these defective products to unsuspecting consumers with no remorse.

This is unacceptable to not only me, but to many others.

A class Action lawsuit is now in the works and after speaking to one firm, it seems it will be the biggest siut of it kind filed to this date.

Please join so you may stop this company from profiting further as they still sell defective products, to hard working people. They knowtheir product will fail in a year.

Just search "Class Action Philips Magnavox" and sign on to one of the firms willing to represent you.
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User Replies:
andbran on 12/04/2009:
you do know that when a warranty expires there is nothing else to be done? I do hope you have good luck on the lawsuit. maybe you could keep us updated
PepperElf on 12/04/2009:
and brand - very good point

I'm not sure a judge would rule in favor if the warranty was expired

that would perhaps set up a precedent where people could get free extended warranties without paying for them
Starlord on 12/04/2009:
You intimated that ALL flat screen TVs have been defective since 2006. That is an overly broad statement. We have a Vizio 42 in. HDTV that is performing perfectly, running almost 24/7 for almost 16 months now. I had a Magnavox 26 in console that produced a cloud of green smoke when my son turned it on one day. The TV repairman we called found a burnt resistor, and took it to the shop. He found the picture tube had cracked where the 1 1/4 in. tube belled out to form the picture tube. He quoted a price for the tube that was higher than the entire set, and I told him to keep it. A friend then told me Magnavox TVs had a reputation for eating picture tubes. I have never even considered a Magnavox since.
1Montana1 on 12/05/2009:
They are hiding behind the expired warrantys, They know the Tvs are defective, and will last about a year, yet they still sell them defective. The point is they knew my TV, Bought in 2008 would die, yet they sold it to me anyway. Bad Business!

Not ALL flat screens, only Philips/Magnavox..They have defective Power Supply Boards
nstigator39 on 12/05/2009:
I have a Phillips 55 inch LCD which I purchased 15 months ago and so far it is working fine. As always, I bought mine at Costco, as I do all large items such as this, because they give you an extra year of warranty at no cost to you. so if anything happens to mine in the next nine months, I will call Costco and they will take care of it.
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Philips makes disposable Plasma TVs. Mine was $4200.00
Posted by on
I purchased my Philips TV based on the specification on the Philips website. The specifications were incorrect in that they advertised the unit as having an Ethernet connection in which one could play Xvid and Divx.

When I got the TV delivered, there was no Ethernet connection. I tried to return the TV to Philips based on a copy of the spec from their website. They said they would take it back, but after a few months, I got a call from one of the managers saying they decided not provide me with a refund. They did manage to update their website to include more accurate specs.

It’s been 2 years since I purchased the TV, and it decided to die the other day. I paid $75.00 to a Philips authorized service representative, come and turn the TV on and tell me it was broken. They did not do any diagnostics, just turned it on and said “yeah its broken”.

After a couple of days after the brilliant diagnosis, I got a call from the Philips authorized representative saying it would cost $1500.00 to fix. There was nothing wrong with the plasma screen, just a circuit board that needed replacing

The manager of the Philips authorized representative tried to get better pricing from Philips on the components because they were so much higher than other brands they dealt with, but they would not give reasonable pricing. Clearly Philips does not want to see their TVs get fixed.

Philips promotes themselves as a green company (check out, but don't buy it, it’s a load of crock. The TV is going to the landfill, because some 5 dollar transistor has blown, and they would rather see you buy a new one they be green.

I am a Philips employee and I can tell you that I am incredibly disillusioned with this company and how they work both internally and externally. They are a crappy company and are just about spin, and not creating real value.

Their catch phrase is “Sense and Simplicity”, but it should be “Nonsense and Complexity”.

I will never buy another product from them, least of all a TV.

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User Replies:
Starlord on 03/28/2008:
Usually, when I see the Phillips name, it is connected to Magnavox. I would not cross the street to spit on either one if it were on fire. Gee, you think that may be why I never bought a Norelco, because the packages are marked Phillips/Norelco? Or maybe it was the exorbitant price they charge for them.
CrazyRedHead on 03/28/2008:
I have a 50" Magnavox plasma TV. I have had it for the past year and one month. I haven't had any trouble with it yet. I do have a couple of scratches a nick in the screen that is not covered under warranty due to it being cosmetic. I only paid $1800.00 for it. It has a ethernet connection that I don't use. It has been a great tv so far, hope I don't have any problems with it.
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Black Screen of Death
Posted by on
SAN CLEMENTE, CALIFORNIA -- I bought a 42 inch Plasma TV (Model 42PF7220A/37B) direct from Phillips in December of 2006. I kept it current with any update issued by Philips. In early July 2007, the top or bottom half of the screen started having intermittent horizontal blank or black screens. At first it was infrequent and would go away within a few seconds. As the duration seemed to increase I found that I could gently tap on the upper rim of the TV and they would disappear. Recently the occurrence became more frequent and progressively worse. Then yesterday (10-2-2007) the screen went blank and will not display, even after being tapped. I have tried `resetting’ the TV by unplugging it for over 10 minutes to no avail. There is no menu display either. The audio is fine, but there is no display from any inputs including HDMI, RGB and cable.

I did some research into this problem before contacting Philips. There are numerous Internet blogs and complaints regarding this problem. There are even youTube videos showing the problem that have been sent to Philips. It is widespread through many Philips plasma models from 37” – 50” and should be well known by Philips. Their authorized service technicians and the technically savvy who keep abreast of these kind of things certainly havn’t been shy in expressing their view. On the problem.

My calls to Philips Customer Service were of no help. They indicated that my warranty expired after 90 days and that I was on my own regardless of the nature of the problem.

I have not taken it in for service, but I did call a Philips authorized service center whose technician was well aware of the problem and indicated that it would most likely be $200 - $600 depending on the extent of the problem, which was most likely a bad power supply and/or loose solder joints on the video boards or their connections.

If this is a common, well known, problem with the Philips Flat Screen Plasmas, why has there not been a recall? Why are the customers on the hook for known manufacturing deficiencies or defects?
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User Replies:
pghcoach on 10/09/2007:
I have been getting the runa around from Philips for the past six months regarding my black screen of death. I am already shopping for a replacement.
TheBeachBum on 10/09/2007:
Send your concerns direct to the Philips Electronics North America CEO, Paul Zeven ( Be polite and concise, but complete. You might mention that is a KNOWN PROBLEM and should be addressed by Philips via a recall or at least a wavier for all of us who experience the BSOD just out of warranty.
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42 " Black Screen With Sound
Posted by on
I have a 7 month old Philips TV. Screen has no picture but I have sound, called customer support and was given a phone number for a TV service repair store to call. They came out made repair at my home. One week later same thing all over again was told panel was bad and was no longer available. After two weeks and making phone calls to customer support they sent me a TV after I gave them my credit card info. Open box only to find a TV all scratched and looking used. This is wrong were is the quality control they think its a privilege to own there product.

Still waiting to hear from Philips.
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Awful Customer Service
Posted by on
ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA -- I bought this TV in March in high hopes of watching the Olympic games Which I have not been able to with this high tech TV. I had started seeing problems early on but then I was told since I don't have a cable the picture is not going to be the best quality. In August it just starting running strips of colors and then finally it just stopped running. I have been talking to the Customer since then it was September 26th when I finally got a technician to take a look in to it, I kept calling the customer service and they would ask me to to get in touch with the service shop. The service shop is equally useless. They don't have the parts yet.

Finally the Philips customer service is going to escalate the matter after 3... months. And then too I am going to get a call from their Customer relations officer in 3-5 business days and if they agree to replace the TV it will be another 15-20 days to ship it. Can you imagine so another month without TV, I cannot express my frustration of losing the Olympics and then the presidential race.

I would never ever suggest anyone to buy a Philips .
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/05/2008:
Call this: The Office of Citizen Assistance 703-838-4800
jktshff1 on 11/05/2008:
Am I the only one having trouble understanding this?
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