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Bad Product and HORRIBLE Customer Service
By -

I purchased a Philips Television about four months ago. After only a couple months of owning the TV (during which I used it only about 10 hrs per week), it went out on me. I called Philips Tech Support and they had me doing a bunch of really stupid stuff like checking to see that it was plugged in and making sure that I had batteries in my remote… as if I would not have checked that on my own.

They finally surmised that it needed repair and referred me to a repair shop who then told me that they needed to order parts. They said it would take a couple days. After three weeks or so, I finally called the repair shop and they told me that the parts were on back order from Philips and that they would be in in a couple of days. Again... I waited three more weeks and no word. I called Philips and was told that the customer care department was going to check into and get back with me. More than a week goes by and nothing, so I call Philips AGAIN.

They then assure me that the parts are now available and they are overnighting them to the repair shop and I will have my TV back in a matter of days. A week goes by and I nothing so I call the repair shop back and they inform me that the parts are on back order again.

I called Philips back again and they claimed they had no information. After about an hour on the phone, they finally told me that they did not know when the parts were going to be able to ship. They said they would inform me in 24 hrs what they were going to do. THREE DAYS LATER, they finally called back saying that they did not know where the parts were going to be available in the US and that they were going to ship me a new television. I was told that I would have my TV in 5 days.

After waiting a week and a half, still no television. I called Philips back and the person that spoke with told me that the television was going to be shipping in the next 10-15 business days. So here I am… two and a half months after this ordeal began and I STILL don't have a television and no one at Philips can tell me when my new TV is going to ship. I cannot find the words to even begin describing how ANGRY I am with Philips, their crappy products and most of all their HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Every time I called, they all acted as though I was such a bother for wanting a $1000 television to actually work!

After doing a little research, I found out that the reason the parts for my TV are on back order is because the problem that my TV had is a chronic issue with this model. They can't keep the parts in stock because 1000's of these units are going bad. Finally… the TRUTH.

TV Won't Turn ON
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Rating: 1/51

VANCOUVER, OREGON -- Same problem as many people on the internet with my 39" Magnavox TV which I bought just over a year ago from Target. TV won't turn on. I Went through all the troubleshooting tips to no avail. Evidently a manufacturing hardware defect known to fail soon after warranty. Magnavox, Philips and Emerson TVs are outsourced to Funai Corporation. Very, very poor customer service. I would not recommend any TV made by Funai to friends and family. I'll dump this TV at the recycling depot. Not worth fixing.

Black Screen of Death
By -

SAN CLEMENTE, CALIFORNIA -- I bought a 42 inch Plasma TV (Model 42PF7220A/37B) direct from Philips in December of 2006. I kept it current with any update issued by Philips. In early July 2007, the top or bottom half of the screen started having intermittent horizontal blank or black screens. At first, it was infrequent and would go away within a few seconds. As the duration seemed to increase, I found that I could gently tap on the upper rim of the TV and they would disappear.

Recently, the occurrence became more frequent and progressively worse. Then yesterday (10-2-2007), the screen went blank and will not display, even after being tapped. I have tried ‘resetting' the TV by unplugging it for over 10 minutes to no avail. There is no menu display either. The audio is fine, but there is no display from any inputs including HDMI, RGB and cable.

I did some research into this problem before contacting Philips. There are numerous Internet blogs and complaints regarding this problem. There are even YouTube videos showing the problem that have been sent to Philips. It is widespread through many Philips plasma models from 37” – 50” and should be well known by Philips. Their authorized service technicians and the technically savvy who keep abreast of these kind of things certainly haven't been shy in expressing their view on the problem. My calls to Philips Customer Service were of no help. They indicated that my warranty expired after 90 days and that I was on my own regardless of the nature of the problem.

I have not taken it in for service, but I did call a Philips authorized service center whose technician was well aware of the problem and indicated that it would most likely be $200 - $600 depending on the extent of the problem, which was most likely a bad power supply and/or loose solder joints on the video boards or their connections. If this is a common, well known, problem with the Philips Flat Screen Plasma, why has there not been a recall? Why are the customers on the hook for known manufacturing deficiencies or defects?

Defect in New Television, Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 4/51

LITCHFIELD PARK, ARIZONA -- Purchase a Philips 50 inch in March 2013. My television stopped working approximately July 11. I called the Philips Manufacturing Repair, 1-866-309-0843 and was advised to email receipt in which I did on July 11. After faxing the receipt, no one called me, therefore, I had to call them and set up for my television to be repaired, in which they gave me a vendor name and number to call.

I called Denny's Television and set up an appointment. The vendor did not show up nor called and we rescheduled three times before he showed up. The technician stated the television needs a new motherboard and he stated I should be concerned as this seems to be a manufacturing defect and I should be concerned of repairs in the future with this television.

My kids and I have had no television since July 11 and my kids are out of school for the summer. This weekend was horrible with no television and being on vacation. I have called the Philips Manufacturing Repair several times asking when can I find out details about repairing my television. I continue to hear, “Well, Ma'am it takes time and there are other orders to be completed along with our expedition time of 2-3 days before a technician can read the report and act on it, as well as many other reasons.”

I know everyone is busy and there is a time frame, but I informed him to put himself in my shoes. I purchased a brand new television and it is broken within three months and my kids and I have nothing. I bought a Philips brand as I thought they were an excellent brand and have longevity. I am a single parent and I try to spend my money on a good solid product, in which, I thought I did. I apologize but I do not feel there is a sense of any type of urgency or commitment to the product and service I have received. Based on what the technician stated, I would like to have my television replaced.

As stated below on your Philips website: “Creating a strong and trusted Philips brand with market access all over the world. We have a leading global brand, which is highly trusted across the world.” Please help me in getting a television for my kids and I that we deserve and have paid for. I still have not received any information on the repair.

Philips makes disposable Plasma TVs. Mine was $4200.00
By -

I purchased my Philips TV based on the specification on the Philips website. The specifications were incorrect in that they advertised the unit as having an Ethernet connection in which one could play Xvid and Divx. When I got the TV delivered, there was no Ethernet connection. I tried to return the TV to Philips based on a copy of the spec from their website. They said they would take it back, but after a few months, I got a call from one of the managers saying they decided not provide me with a refund. They did manage to update their website to include more accurate specs.

It's been 2 years since I purchased the TV, and it decided to die the other day. I paid $75.00 to a Philips-authorized service representative, come and turn the TV on and tell me it was broken. They did not do any diagnostics, just turned it on and said “yeah its broken”. After a couple of days after the brilliant diagnosis, I got a call from the Philips authorized representative saying it would cost $1500.00 to fix. There was nothing wrong with the plasma screen, just a circuit board that needed replacing

The manager of the Philips-authorized representative tried to get better pricing from Philips on the components because they were so much higher than other brands they dealt with, but they would not give reasonable pricing. Clearly Philips does not want to see their TVs get fixed. Philips promotes themselves as a green company (check out, but don't buy it - it's a load of crock. The TV is going to the landfill, because some 5 dollar transistor has blown, and they would rather see you buy a new one; they be green.

I am a Philips employee and I can tell you that I am incredibly disillusioned with this company and how they work both internally and externally. They are a crappy company and are just about spin, and not creating real value. Their catch phrase is “Sense and Simplicity”, but it should be “Nonsense and Complexity”. I will never buy another product from them, least of all a TV.

Warranty ripoff
By -

LAKE ZURICH, ILLINOIS -- I had a 55-in. Philips rear projection TV that needed repair and was covered under a service contract with Philips. I called them and they gave me the name of a contractor to call to fix the set. These guys said the blue tube had contaminated fluid and the fluid needed to be changed. They said they would order the fluid and call me when it came in. 3 weeks later I had to call them. They came out and replaced the fluid in the tube. 2 days later the set acted up again so I called Philips and asked for another contractor to come out.

Rex TV in Illinois came out and their service man found the problem right away. The previous clowns never sealed the blue tube properly and fluid leaked out and all over the control boards and shorted out the TV. He said he would order the parts and give me a call. Philips decided that the cost of the boards was not worth fixing the TV and gave me a new TV which I am happy with. The problem comes in with the warranty. I paid 1158.00 for a three-year warranty on the old set. The effective date of the new warranty was September 10th, 2007.

The TV was ruined by the previous service contractors before Sept. 10 and should have been covered under the old service contract but just because I reported the problem on September 10th, Philips says the TV was covered under the new contract and refused to refund my 1158.00. So I am out the money. So in reality Philips gave me a new TV as they say at no charge to me but they kept my $1158.00 so I paid for the set myself which I think is a rip off.

Screen disorder
By -

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SOUTH CAROLINA -- During the month of June, our eight-month old plasma TV's screen stopped working properly (model# 42PF7328-37). The screen showed everything in shades of red and green while a huge "black hole" was growing in size on the left hand corner. We called Philips who in turn handed us over to Audio Video Repair. Their repairman ** came out and said that the panel was bad and he would place an order to have it repaired. Philips, on the other hand, sent parts. They did not work. This has gone on for three attempts of fixing my TV.

Today the repairman came and the parts did not work on the TV, again. He called his boss and had a conference call with Philips only to be told again that they would put in the order for a new panel. Each time they order something, it takes nearly a month for them to receive the parts and to get to my house to try to repair it. So I called Philips and spoke to ** (who was nice) in order to find out who to make my complaint to and to find out what could be done.

He stated that Philips would have to exhaust all avenues to fix the TV. With this info, I asked for the V.P. or the President of Philips and instead I was told by ** that he did not have that information, but was able to give me an address in Atlanta to send my complaint. Anybody who works for a company KNOWS who the president is. Also, Philips is a publicly owned company so that should be basic knowledge. We gave Philips one more call after this and asked how many more times would it take to put this to rest. The answer was 'I do not know'.

So far the estimate for the repairman's hourly rate, the loss of the TV and parts is $3400. This does not include the cost of his next trip out or of the panel. As if that does not add insult to injury, I was told the panel will not even be here for at least another two or three weeks. The fact is I could quit now, but I do not have $2000 lying around to go out and by a new TV. Philips should not give a warranty if they do not want to play by their own rules.

Beware Philips Flat Screen Buyers
By -

Purchased this 2-1/2 years ago for $1200.00 at Sam's Club. I purchased this because the company has always had a good long reputation. I now have absolutely no picture. Talked to a salesman at Sam's Club and was told, “Sorry, we only sell them, not our problem.” Called Philips and talked to the rudest service girl who would only repeat "we have a 1 year warranty." Asked her if this could be a widespread problem she said… "1 year warranty." Asked her if there could be a recall on them going bad so fast, she said she didn't know.

Sent about 6 emails to different Philips executives regarding their product going bad so quickly when the consumers pay out so much money for their products, do they think there could be a part problem in their televisions. Absolutely no replies from anyone at Philips. So much for their reputation in my opinion. Found out it will cost way too much to repair. I purchased this right before retirement… thinking it would last me through my golden years. Thank you so much Philips.

My review… do not purchase their product and avoid their customer service department at all cost. I will now purchase the cheapest TV I can find now that I know the electronics today are nothing more than throw away after a couple of years. Should be a law against this scam the electronic companies are pulling on consumers.

ALL Flat panel TV's Defective since 2006
By -

After saving and purchasing a $1500 Philips Magnavox TV, it died at 1 month after warranty expired. After only owning this company's product for life, I was shocked when I called customer service and was told they would not help me at all. Period. I then turned to the internet to troubleshoot, again I was shocked to find that 100's of thousands of others have the same problem. I found out that Philips Magnavox has been aware of their defective products since 2006. They are still today selling these defective products to unsuspecting consumers with no remorse.

This is unacceptable to not only me, but to many others. A class action lawsuit is now in the works and after speaking to one firm, it seems it will be the biggest suit of its kind filed to this date. Please join so you may stop this company from profiting further as they still sell defective products, to hard working people. They know their product will fail in a year. Just search "Class Action Philips Magnavox" and sign on to one of the firms willing to represent you.

Philips LCD TV Broke After Just a Little Less Than 3 Year of Purchase!
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Rating: 1/51

I bought a Philips LCD TV in model # 40PFL3705D/F7 serial # ** in late 2010 and here we are in December 2013, the TV is already broken. I switched it on yesterday afternoon, it switches on but no picture or audio. Initially, I thought it was a minor issue but every time I switch on, since then same no picture, no audio.

I called their Customer Care Department, guy I spoke with said he won't offer any assistance since the TV is out of warranty. I'm thinking Philips reputation is online here so the little revenue from their warranty program shouldn't matter at this point when the durability of your product is stake. You expect a TV to last more than 3 years!!! I have a Panasonic TV that I've for almost 15 years now!

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