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When You're Told of a Design Flaw, LISTEN!
Posted by on
I bought this because it's the strongest I can find, and I need that. But it has a design flaw: the orifice where you plug in the coaxial cable tends to fall out. Once it does, it CANNOT be put back in; even if it could, there's no guarantee it's making the necessary contact.

I returned one unit to the store when this part fell out immediately. I threw out two other units that failed later. I notified Philips, even sent them the loose part, and:

-- they did not thank me for my valuable advice.
-- they did not replace the two failed units.
-- they did not keep me informed of what (if any) steps were being taken to correct the design flaw,
-- they did not get back to me at all!

This is unacceptable. I will not buy any more of these units until the design flaw is fixed. I'll miss a lot of TV here in the sticks, but I refuse to pay for satellite or cable. I want a signal booster that won't fail on me-- is that too much to ask?
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trmn8r on 07/26/2011:
I just read reviews on this thing on Amazon. The negative ones are very negative, such as it is a poorly made piece of junk. I think you should look for another one - maybe you can find one that has decent reviews. Good luck.
GenuineNerd on 07/26/2011:
I presently use an RCA amplified antenna on a set I use in the kitchen. Maybe try an RCA antenna next time, if you ended up with a number of bad Philips antennas.
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Another Plasma bites the dust
Posted by on
I hope this review can help save someone from making the mistake of buying a Philips (or anything made by them) TV. My plasma, like a million others, went bad after about 3 years. It just clicks and will not turn on. I was overwhelmed when I saw how many complaits there were about this problem. It seems that Samsung has the same problem but is taking action and repairing their TV's free of charge like a good company should! I called Phillips several times not getting anywhere, e-mailed several times and got to response. I recently contacted my local news station on their consumer hot line. They are also trying to contact Philips. I'm hoping enough people submit complaints to everyone they can so that Philips owns up to its mistake! My friends Samsung was fixed by a professional in a matter of minutes! Well, my Philips TV is all Samsung parts so why won't the fix it??? STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!
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User Replies:
Alain on 01/13/2011:
Good idea to contact your local TV station.
Anonymous on 01/13/2011:
There have been many unhappy plasma tv owners displeased with the short life spans of their tv's. Have you checked troubleshooting websites for possible solutions? I find I can usually solve most issues myself with a little research.
trmn8r on 01/13/2011:
"I called Phillips several times not getting anywhere"

When you called, what did you ask and what was the response? Is the tv under warranty? Has a repair shop told you the tv can't be repaired?
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Defective HDMI Cable
Posted by on
I want to write and worn everyone that when you purchase the cables needed to install your electronic components the manufacturers of the cables do not warranty any damage the cable causes your equipment. Here is a description of my experience.

I purchase an RCA DVD player and all the cables need to install. This included the fiber optics cable and HDMI cable. After installing the unit and turning the power on it instantly smoked and shorted out. I returned to the place of purchase and they happily exchange the player. I installed the second player and it also instatly smoked and shorted out. I returned to the place of purchase and of course they did not want to exchange again but asked me to contact the manufacturer (RCA). I decided to purchase another DVD player and try one more time. The differnce was I turned the unit on and installed the cables one at a time, as soon as I installed the HDMI cable the unit smoked and shorted out.

I contacted Philips via their on line customer care site. Their response was very quick, however they told me the best they could do was to replace the defective cable and quoted the warranty information. "Philips warrants that this product shall be free from defects in material, workmanship and assembly, under normal use, in accordance with the specifications and warnings, for a period of one year from the date of purchase.
This warranty extends only to the original purchaser of the product, and is not transferable. To exercise your rights under this warranty, you must provide proof of purchase in the form of an original sales receipt that shows the product name and the date of purchase.
THERE ARE NO OTHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES. Philips liability is limited to repair or, at its sole option, replacement of the product. Incidental, special and consequential damages are disclaimed where permitted by law. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights that vary from state to state."

I have since purchased a fourth RCA DVD player and new cable and everything is working great.

So I really don't need the HDMI cable that Philips wants to send me. I would like to be compensated for the cost I incurred to replace the cable and the brand new RCA DVD players.

So I paid three times the price for a working DVD player and twice the price for a working HDMI cable.

I do not want to contact RCA because it was not a defective player. This has been a very disappointing process. I do not intend to purchase any additional products from Philips Electronics.
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Phillips Sonicare's deceptive warranty policies
Posted by on
I owned an old Sonicare for many years. It was a great product. But that was before Phillips bought the company.

After five years, I purchased a new one, now branded "Phillips Sonicare". It failed in a year. They replaced it. The replacement has now failed a few months later. They refuse to replace it again.

What's interesting is that I had inadvertently called the professional customer service line (for dentists and the like) a few minutes before that call. There I was told the replacement model they sent me had a known history of failures and they would replace it with an improved version. We started to get the replacement information and he found out I was a retail customer. He said he couldn't do it and gave me a different number where, he said, they would take care of it. A that line (retail customer service) they told me that there was no problem with the unit and they would not replace it. This despite the fact that it was only nine months old and had a documented history of failures. When I told them what I had been told by the other guy, the response was that he was wrong, that no one at Phillips would ever say that.

Clearly, there is one company line for dentists who shill these things and get freebies for their staffs, and another company line for consumers who actually buy them.
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User Replies:
GenuineNerd on 10/21/2009:
Next time, buy an Arm & Hammer Crest Sonic Spinbrush. It costs under $10 on sale, runs off 2 AA batteries, and has the same sonic action as the expensive Sonicare products. The brush refills are inexpensive as well. So far, I am happy with mine.
Ytropious on 10/21/2009:
I agree, I use the cheap vibrating brushes you get in a pack of 2 for like 7 dollars. I used a Sonicare in the past, and I enjoy it, but the disposable ones are pretty good too.
madconsumer on 10/21/2009:
try the new crest sonic care one, under 20 quid, and works as good as the 100 quid one!
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Unsanitary, Flawed Product
Posted by on
This is the most unsanitary electric toothbrush I've ever used. Red gelatinous moldy stuff grew in the compartments. Very difficult to clean.

I've been using Sonicare since 1994. This was a new model intended to replace the one I'd been using for quite a while, until the rechargeable battery died. Never had a problem with mold and bacteria on that electric toothbrush. So, this new one was disappointing and disgusting.

The Optiva Corporation created this product. Philips Corporation purchased that company in 2000. Herein lies the problem.

I called Phlips to complain about the problems with the model. I was told that one needs to remove the brush head after every use and let it air dry. Then, wash the complete unit every week with mild soap.

In my opinion, this is entirely too much maintenance for a toothbrush--especially since the maintenance is intended to address a design flaw which makes mold and other ugly things grow in the product. Even with the maintenance, I would not trust that I could keep it clean.

A company representative told me that the design flaws have been addressed in newer models, but she refused to offer me a replacement or even a discount to purchase a new and improved model, or any remuneration to address my displeasure with this product.

Philips Sonicare could have made things right and kept a loyal customer. They didn't bother.

So, I will not purchase a Philips Sonicare tooth brush again and I would advise others not to as well.
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User Replies:
BokiBean on 08/03/2009:
My sis uses these. I will warn her. Thanks for the well written review.
Erin9 on 09/14/2009:
Wow, someone seriously took 15 minutes out of their day to complain about a toothbrush. I own an Elite 9500 and for the record, it takes me about 5 minutes of maintenance a week. The customer service line is the warranty line. A warranty means that if for any reason under the two years a product is defective, it will be replaced.
Not cleaning your toothbrush as recommended in the manual is not a defect, but rather carelessness. It constitutes misuse and neglect which is not covered under the warranty. It may seem like a pain to reach in with a toothpick with mild soap and water once a week, but seriously, suck it up. I know they offer rebates towards the purchase of a new one and you could have asked for one.
old fart on 09/14/2009:
Anonymous on 09/14/2009:
People complaining about complaints on a complaint website about a complaint that is over a month old. I don't think you can get anymore trivial than that.
Erin9 on 10/07/2009:
People taking their time out of their day to judge people who complain on a complaint website about a complaint that is over a month old is pretty sad.
Photown on 11/06/2009:
The Sonic Seal fixes this issue.
Robert on 11/23/2012:
Update to the cleaning complaint. I havae used mine for three years, mostly in an environment with pretty dirty water. After each use I rinse it thoroughly, shake out and wipe off the water, and stand the brush head in its little stand and the handle in the charger. Maybe once a month I use an old toothbrush to clean around where the head attaches to the handle and the magnets. That is it -- maybe one minute and a half.
But if you just stand it all assembled on the charger each time, you have toothpaste dripping down inside and building up -- need I say more?
charlie on 06/27/2013:
My Sonicare, despite my rinsing it and drying it after every use, developed a serious, uncorrectable case of mildew on the body itself and at the base. I never let it drip dry standing upright. Cleaning with a 25% bleach mixture did little good. The mildew is not on the surface of the toothbrush but is growing under whatever clear compound they coated the toothbrush with. It is, unsightly and unsanitary. Sonicare will do nothing about this - they claim that it is not a warranty issue - OK - but I don't believe that either a design or manufacturing defect should be considered anything else but a warranty issue. I will never use a Phillips product again - not just a Sonicare - any Phillips product. They refuse to stand behind their products. My reference # on my call to Sonicare is 50-1329041463. If Sonicare wants to talk, they have the info to used to do so.
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Sonic Care Hx 6910 Tooth Brush
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CANADA -- These units cost $180 each and last less than two years. Garbage product. Go to ORAL B!
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User Replies:
GenuineNerd on 08/24/2012:
You could buy an Arm & Hammer Sonic Spinbrush for under $10, and the replacement heads are around $6 or so for 2. The Sonic Spinbrush vibrates just like the Sonicare...but for much less money.
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Tough Luck
Posted by on
When this headset arrived from UPS I tried to open the package. It was impossible (not difficult, impossible). What's more there were no instructions or labeling indicating how or where to open. So in attempting to open I accidentally cut the cable.

I called Phillips customer service. They, in essence, said tough luck. Nothing we can (will) do.

Last time I buy anything from Phillips.
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User Replies:
azRider on 06/04/2011:
I'm betting it was one of those stupid hard plastic shells they encase things in. I hate them. the only way companies are going to get it that we the consumer don't like them is to stop buying items packaged that way. so I avoid products made with that packaging, if a competitor makes some thing like it, even if lesser quality, I'll but it due to packaging. I think if everyone did that then companies may get a clue.
Anonymous on 06/04/2011:
I've torn my hands up trying to open packaging like this. I've had to get the scissors out and have cut myself on the sharp edges of the plastic. This packaging is annoying
MRM on 06/04/2011:
That's why they're called blister package.
madconsumer on 06/04/2011:
this is really bad luck. to bad they did not offer to replace the purchase for you.

very helpful.
madconsumer on 06/04/2011:
az, I think they use these packages to prevent theft.
Anonymous on 06/04/2011:
I hate that kind of packaging too. I get that its probably to prevent theft, but its still a pain in the butt.
Ponie on 06/04/2011:
Nicole, not just in the butt--other places too. A couple of years back, there was a TV commercial for a device which (supposedly)opens these packages quite easily. Seems I remember the price being $7.++, plus the usual S&H. Bought 2 of them--one for me and one for my Sis who also complained about these packages. Surprisingly, the 'opener' actually works as advertised.

Here's the kicker: A few weeks ago I was in my friendly Dollar Tree store--there they were for $1 each! Only difference is my purchase was yellow and the ones for $1 were blue.

In defense of this type packaging, it not only helps prevent theft but if you have to ship the items elsewhere, as I did to my Sis, the item doesn't get crushed.

I don't think this was the fault of Phillips.
jktshff1 on 06/04/2011:
Just read an article where the "clamshell" packaging is going to change, due to the price of the petroleum it takes to make them.
Anonymous on 06/04/2011:
Ponies, I'll have too look for that! Don't you hate it when that happens...when you buy something and later see it elsewhere for a fraction of the cost!
Anonymous on 06/04/2011:
Ponie, I'll have to take a trip to the dollar store this weekend and look for that device
Ponie on 06/04/2011:
Nicole and littleshorty, I got it out and on the handle is molded 'OpenX.' I Binged it and found a few places that list it. Amazon has it List Price: $9.97; Sale: $4.99. Yellow, same as mine.

Next time I'm at Dollar Tree, I hope I remember to look at the manufacturer. Maybe I should brush up on my Chinese first? :)

Yeah, I beat myself up like that too, Nicole. About 3 years ago I bought a new TV for my bedroom. I *knew* I got it from the lowest price store in my area, but for about 6 months afterward I kept looking at all the ads to see if I got a good deal. Accepted the decent price after I saw all the other stores were higher.
Anonymous on 06/04/2011:
Ponie, thanks so much for the info. Hopefully the OP will see it. I'm going to get one for sure. husband does that when we buy expensive items. When it comes to electronics and car stuff, he's always checking if the price changed or what the latest and greatest thing to come out is.
trmn8r on 06/04/2011:
OK, I missed the point of the letter, and as a result was b-slapped. I deserve that for my poor reading skills. I saw UPS mentioned and thought it was the outside box.

Soooo, it was the nasty thick plastic doo-hickey. Yeah, they are bad. I use a sturdy utility knife, with something like a block of wood underneath. I understand the difficulty you had, but unfortunately I can't see a company replacing a product damaged in this manner.

Just as we are expected to realize our neighbor may be thief, we are expected to know how to open packages designed to foil his passion.
Ponie on 06/05/2011:
trmn8r, I like your last statement. Can I use it and claim it as my own? :)
trmn8r on 06/05/2011:
Ah, you got me there Ponie. Clever.

Look at the change in my fortunes. First I am in the compost heap on the backside of the cornfield, and now I am being quoted (or robbed).
Ponie on 06/05/2011:
Hey! Another one. Nah. I'll give you credit. I'll tell others a buddy of Ah-nold's said it first. But don't hold me up for royalties. :)
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LED Christmas Lights Save Money?
Posted by on
We've had Santa's Sleigh and 4 Reindeer on our roof during Christmas Season for over 25 Years. And after 2-3 seasons of use the lights are just done in. The restringing is horribly time consuming, but they have been a staple in our neighborhood so we do it. We decided to restring last year with LED's as they were touted to last many thousands of hours and save electricity. Bull----. One reindeer failed one string in 3 weeks. We said, OK we must have gotten a bad set, mounted the roof, pulled the deer down and partially restrung it. By the end of the season all but part of one reindeer were out. The sockets/bulbs rusted, the LED 'caps' laying on the roof or just missing with a rusted cavity left behind. Did anyone at UL Labs that tested these products and labelled them OK really test them for the use they were intended? Did anyone consider using copper wire(or some other non rusting metal) in the construction of the LED? Not only the lost time, more than double the cost, and utter disapointment,( the kid's faces used to glow as much as the reindeer did. We feel we were ripped off. The only way we saved electricity was because they weren't lit at all. We strongly advise anyone that is considering these lights for outdoor purposes to do your homework. No, we didn't contact Phillips. We're not the confrontational type, but I did tell the owner of the local hardware store, and everyone who asks.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/26/2010:
Maybe a silly question, but were the lights approved for outdoor use? Stringing up lights out in the elements when they were intended to be used inside (e.g. on a Christmas tree) may lead to corrosion and short life of the lights.
Starlord on 11/27/2010:
Good question, jabooty. I converted the turn signals, tail and brake lights on our truck to LED bulbs over a year ago, and the only problem I have had is with the resistors needed for the LEDs to work properly. As an experiment, I wired one side of the truck with the LEDs and tested them. The LEDs lit up noticeably faster than the incandescents. I have no way to prove it, but don't doubt what I saw when the LED vehicle lighting first became available. They replaced all the light on an 18-wheeler with LEDs, and the power consumption was less than one single 11567 bulb, plus the brake lights come on over 6 feet before incandescents at highway speed. I am sold on them, but you have to be sure they are rated for outdoor use.
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Flabbergasted at the arrogance or ignorance or both
Posted by on
The Senseo single/double serve "pod" coffee maker was recalled a year ago and I dutifully provided information for a replacement. Over a year later after calls and e-mails, no response from this company. I was convinced they must be going through bankruptcy but no. . .they're fat and happy and I'm still waiting for my replacement. If I had any doubts that mine was a lone issue, after reading this great site, I am now convinced this is systemic for this company. Philips has many other products that sound and look interesting but I'll be darned if I'll ever buy or recommend them to ANYONE -- EVER again. Buyer beware with this company.
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Nightmare Return of defective item
Posted by on
WALL, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a small Phillips stereo at Costco for my son two Christmases ago for approx $120. The CD's would no longer eject and the unit would not play after approx. three months of use. The item was guaranteed for one year and I asked my son to contact Phillips to get repair/return details. He procrastinated for several months, so I finally called Phillips in October. They instructed me to bring the item to their repair center to remove the stuck CD's before returning it. I was informed that I would be reimbursed for fees paid to the repair center if I submitted a copy of the receipt. I did so & sent the item back to Phillips along with the receipt from the repair center. I received the "repaired" item back approx within a one month and discovered that it had not been repaired and still had the same problem.

In addition, they failed to reimburse me for the repair center charges. I was extremely annoyed & called Phillips. The response I received was that the rep who told me that I would be reimbursed for the repair center charges to remove the CD's was not authorized to do so & they would not honor that promise. In addition, since one year had passed, they would not accept the unit back for return. I was shocked & pointed out that their repair center had failed to fix it the first time. The response was that didn't matter.

I couldn't believe that would really be the policy of a major manufacture like Phillips & asked to speak to a manager. The manager, in addition to being rude, confirmed that even though their repair center failed to fix the original problem, they would not accept it back for repair since the one-year warranty had expired. I still can't believe that Phillips would treat customers so poorly & will never purchase another Phillips product again.

I suggest that you don't either
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User Replies:
trumania on 09/11/2007:
I would say you should have just taken it back to Costco, don't they have a 2 year no questions asked return policy? But... your son decided to procrastinate.

With anything it is always very important to send the item out for repair the moment it breaks, not wait months. If I were you I would charge your son for the repair station costs and tell him that he's out of luck and next time he needs to fix it when you tell him.

If he keeps procrastinating he's going to get this same problem for the rest of his life, sadly. Manufacturers are no longer obligated to fix an item once it is out of the warranty period. Anyway, good luck.
frogman on 09/11/2007:
Are you sure Costco has a two year return policy on electronics? If so, I wish I had known.

You are correct about procrastination being a problem on a personal level, but the point here is that I returned it during the warranty period & the company sent it back with the same problem, not to mention failing to live up to a promise to reimburse the repair center expense & then used the one-year warranty as a reason not to fix it!!!

Consumers need to know which companies have a policy of makeing a profit at the expense of the consumer by failing to do the right thing. This is the reason why this site exists. Search Phillips/Magnavox & read the other comments. There is a pattern of poor customer service & failure to support their products.
Tc1073 on 09/11/2007:
I bet they looked at your spelling and decided you would never know if the product was fixed or not.
Anonymous on 09/11/2007:
frogman: You waited several months before doing anything ?
This is the problem.
frogman on 09/12/2007:
Hey Tc...

Spelling is not the issue, this is the internet, we don't stress about spelling must be a real moron to snipe about someone's intelligence (sp) over such petty issues...I take that as a sign of severe insecurity on your part..why don't you unplug & remove whatever appliance you have inserted into your hindquarters and some of that anger may go away allowing you to spend some time giving relevant & helpful advice or comments
Anonymous on 09/12/2007:
Good post frogman!
Anonymous on 09/12/2007:
I agree, good post frogman. I too hate spelling Nazi's. Everybody makes a typo or inadvertently mispells a word.

frogman thank you for taking the time to share your consumer experience with the membership. I voted your contribution 'Very Helpful'!
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