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LED Christmas Lights Save Money?
By -

We've had Santa's Sleigh and 4 Reindeer on our roof during Christmas Season for over 25 Years. And after 2-3 seasons of use, the lights are just done in. The restringing is horribly time consuming, but they have been a staple in our neighborhood so we do it. We decided to restring last year with LED's as they were touted to last many thousands of hours and save electricity. **. One reindeer failed one string in 3 weeks. We said, OK, we must have gotten a bad set, mounted the roof, pulled the deer down and partially restrung it.

By the end of the season, all but part of one reindeer were out. The sockets/bulbs rusted, the LED 'caps' laying on the roof or just missing with a rusted cavity left behind. Did anyone at UL Labs that tested these products and labelled them OK really test them for the use they were intended? Did anyone consider using copper wire (or some other non rusting metal) in the construction of the LED? Not only the lost time, more than double the cost, and utter disappointment. (The kid's faces used to glow as much as the reindeer did.)

We feel we were ripped off. The only way we saved electricity was because they weren't lit at all. We strongly advise anyone that is considering these lights for outdoor purposes to do your homework. No, we didn't contact Philips. We're not the confrontational type, but I did tell the owner of the local hardware store, and everyone who asks.

Flabbergasted at the Arrogance or Ignorance or Both
By -

The Senseo single/double serve "pod" coffee maker was recalled a year ago and I dutifully provided information for a replacement. Over a year later after calls and e-mails, no response from this company. I was convinced they must be going through bankruptcy but no... they're fat and happy and I'm still waiting for my replacement. If I had any doubts that mine was a lone issue, after reading this great site, I am now convinced this is systemic for this company. Philips has many other products that sound and look interesting but I'll be darned if I'll ever buy or recommend them to ANYONE -- EVER again. Buyer beware with this company.

The WORST Customer Sservice EVER
By -

Philips Electronics: Why NOT to purchase? Well hello all of you tech savvy individuals out to purchase the latest innovations from companies such as RCA, Philips, Olevia etc. I just thought I'd make the purchasing research that much easier by providing some information regarding my personal experience with the Philips Magnavox Corporation. I'd purchased a 42”€ Philips Plasma television in late February 2008 and was absolutely ecstatic about it! I brought it home, plugged it in and was ready to watch some High Definition basketball. Little to my surprise, I found blue splotches up in the left corner that would appear and reappear throughout this experience.

Well, at this point, I should'€™ve just returned it and been done with it but I really like it and it was a great deal, so I thought I'd give customer service a call. They assured me it would be no problem to get that fixed under warranty and they gave us the information we needed to set up an appointment to have it picked up. So we called and it was picked up by the local service center. So far, this sounds like an average TV buying experience; it gets better so just hold on.

Well the TV repair shop decided it was in need of a part, that so happened to be on backorder. We were unhappy with this response but these things happen so we waited and waited and waited some more. Finally it was D-day, we called and were assured the part was on its way. They said it might take up to 10 business days to ship so we were patient and we continued to wait.

Finally, after about 13 business days, I decided to call Philips. To my surprise, the part was never shipped and had actually not even come off of backorder yet. At this point, I'€™m beginning to become a bit angry. So, since Philips just has the highest respect on how their customer service is handled they actually assign you a customer care associate and I was told mine would be calling me in 2-3 business days and we'€™d get it all taken care of.

So, again, I waited. It had been 3 days, no call. I decided to call them back again and apparently, I still had not been assigned a customer care associate. They apologized for my inconvenience and then assured me that my case had been escalated and that a customer care associate would be calling me the very next day. Well, this process went on for about 10 days. The best part about this is that everybody I had talked to in the Customer Service department (not to be confused with the Customer Care department) had told me I had to wait for my Customer Care associate to call me back.

Finally, somebody informed me that the customer care department was just too busy to assign me to someone and that I would hear from them just as soon as this was possible. Still, no call yet, I had finally persuaded someone to give me more information without my customer care associate. They told me that my part was still on backorder for 5 more days! Well, I had no customer care associate and no part. I am NOT happy. This is where the story continues to get MUCH better.

Finally, it was the day! The part was off of backorder and it had been shipped! So, the repair shop received the part and indeed assured me I'd have my TV back in a matter of 2 days. I was very happy to hear this considering all the bad news I'd heard before. It was almost like Christmas morning when I went to pick it up! We brought it home, hooked up our new surround sound to it and rented an action flick. We began to watch and then noticed yet again our little blue splotch was STILL ON THE TV! It had not been fixed.

Well, I'€™m unhappy, angry and completely dissatisfied with my experience. I had pledged to NEVER buy another Philips again. I figured that I would call, talk to my customer care representative (that was finally assigned 2 days after my part had shipped) and that they would apologize and reassure me they would just send me a new one and make everything right. This was a very WRONG assumption! Well first of all, my customer care person was actually sick and had lost her voice so she could not help me. I asked if there was someone else who could help me considering the circumstances and finally someone told me my next steps.

I would first, have to contact a different repair shop and then I would have to make a new appointment to get the TV fixed. This new repair shop is 22 miles away from where I live. I had explained to the man on the phone that it would take me a minimum of 40 minutes to drive there and he said, well that'€™s the closest one besides the repair shop I had already used. So I continued to talk to him and let him know the process I'd already been through and I asked why I should have to wait longer for my TV to be fixed when it wasn'€™t my fault that the repair shop they contracted didn'€™t do their job.

All I got was, "well it'€™s the warranty, we have to try to fix it first" and then if it'€™s not fixed after 90 BUSINESS DAYS, yes that'€™s right 90 business days, that then they would possibly offer me a new TV to replace my broken one. So, I have decided to return the TV and to NEVER, EVER let myself or anybody I know purchase a Philips EVER, EVER again!

Total Junk and NO Customer Service
By -

Back in March of this year, I purchased a Philips Home Theater system. In July, it decided that it no longer needed to work. After many calls Philips offshore "Customer NO service", I got a RMA number. I had to ship the unit at MY expense and wait for a replacement. After they had it for a month, I got a call advising me that they no longer make the dvd/vcr combo home theater system and if I sent them my receipt, they would send me my money back or they would prorate it and send me the balance. I decided this was not acceptable and "settled" for a replacement unit that did not have a vcr built in.

The new unit finally arrived in October. Most of the features on the new unit are wonderful. However, after playing a grand total of 3 dvds, it refused to read anymore dvds. So again, I called Customer NO service. This time I was told to take it to a local shop for repairs. After two weeks in the shop, the unit was returned to me with a "new" laser. Much to my surprise, 3 dvds later, it again stopped working. We called Customer No service again and was told to take it back to the shop. We actually unplugged the unit, let it set for 20 minutes and it started working again.

Less than a week later, it was right back to not reading dvds, so I was again on the phone and told to take it back to the shop. Instead, I called the Corp phone number and was put through to ** who is supposed to be the assistant to the CTO. She passed my info on to someone else. The person who called **, claimed to be "the assistant to the President". While she was very pleasant to talk to, she was not very intelligent when it came to dvd players and home theater systems. I explained to her that I would be happy if Philips would just send me a stand alone dvd player to hook up to the theater system as a component.

She spoke with her "experts" who told her that a stand alone player would not work with the system. I then explained to her that they were indeed wrong, because I currently had a stand alone dvd player (made by GE and missing the front door, but still working) to the unit and it worked just fine.

Today, she called me back and advised me that they could not send me a stand alone player because that would be like giving me something for free. Mind you, the dvd player on the current theater system does not work, I was just asking them to replace wasn't working. They have offered me a replacement unit again. This time, it's an even cheaper model than the one I originally purchased. So I am back to the corp office and ** in hopes of getting some kind of satisfaction.

Repair Depot - Customer Service
By -

WASHINGTON -- After having a lengthy conversation with a Philips repair technician in an attempt to fix the DVD player part of the Home Theater System which had a registered warranty (the disk tray wouldn't close), he agreed to open a service request to have the thing repaired. I followed all the instructions to the letter. Spent a good chunk of money to send the thing in (it's not easy finding a box to hold a DVD player with the tray stuck in the open position, and packing it so the tray doesn't break off).

Dutifully wrote my letter accompanying it with our addresses (physical and mailing) along with our phone number and email add (which were also confirmed when the service request was opened) and included the reference number I was assigned. That was October 11. By tracking the shipment, I could see that it was delivered on October 14. I was told 14-15 business days for the repair to be completed. So I waited.

Now, the next part is my fault - I misplaced my reference number. Sent a lengthy email to consumer services after 3 weeks explaining the problem, gave all the detailed information I could possibly give them, asking if they could track down the reference number for me. A week later I got an email response… "We need the reference number in order to update you on the status of your repair" Uhhh… OK.

Tore the house apart and whew! Found it!!! Tried to track the service request via the website with the number they gave me… nothing exists in their records with that number. Sent another email via the website on 11/26. Two days later, the response: "as per our records the unit you sent in… has not yet been received or acknowledged at our depot. Please contact customer service during the hours of…” So I did. Now, in order to find my unit, the Rep needed my Philips ref number AND my postal tracking number. Oh look, there it is. Received 10/17, repaired 11/3 and then who knows.

The CS Rep said possibly it was a mailing address/physical address conflict because they can't deliver to PO Boxes. OK, understandable but WHY DIDN'T ANYONE CALL, EMAIL, WRITE MY MAILING ADDRESS to inquire as to what they should do with my now repaired DVD Player? Well, the customer service reps that can help with that aspect of the problem apparently only work until 5 pm EST and I should call back the next day. (Remember that I provided my physical address in the letter I enclosed with the repair.)

Tried to navigate through the Philips website to see where to address complaints to… not possible. Asked the customer service rep for a physical mailing address to write a letter to and was directed to the website. If the information is on that website, it's hidden to my computer. As of today, 11/29/05, 26 days after the repair was completed, the customer service department can only tell me my unit will be sent back to me "hopefully this week". After this experience, Philips is at the bottom of my list to buy anything from.

Tough Luck
By -

When this headset arrived from UPS, I tried to open the package. It was impossible (not difficult, impossible). What's more, there were no instructions or labeling indicating how or where to open. So in attempting to open, I accidentally cut the cable. I called Philips customer service. They, in essence, said "tough luck. Nothing we can (will) do." Last time I buy anything from Philips.

Don't Waste Your $$ on LED's
By -

I spent the extra money buying LED Christmas lights last year. They worked through the season last year but I got them out yesterday and 2 out of 3 strands of LED's half the lights were out. One strand completely lit the other two strands only half. It is not a burned out light either. I am totally disgusted at the money I spent for one season. My advice, spend the money on the other Christmas lights that light for years and years and skip the LED's.

Philips Won't Honor Warranty
By -

I had a sonicare brush I loved but it stopped working many months well within the warranty. Philips would not replace it or honor the warranty.

Don't Buy Philips Electronic Devices
By -

I bought a Philips DVR player. It was poorly engineered and made. It does not have standard features and after playing no more than 20 DVD's in 6 months, it destroyed a DVD. It is cheap I have to admit, but buying it turned out to be expensive in the long run. Don't buy their equipment, it is not worth it at any price.

Poor Customer Service
By -

My Sonicare toothbrush fills with water in the battery compartment and affects the brushing action. When contacting Customer Service, I was told "Yes, we know there is a problem with your model. NO, we will not do anything about it -- just take the brush head off after every use and clean the unit." (2 times a day???) The instruction manual calls for this cleaning only once a week, and it is not an easy thing to do. I am totally disgusted with this product, and will never buy from Philips again.

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