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Posted by Human5892 on 09/17/2005
PERKASIE, PENNSYLVANIA -- If you enjoy lugging your television around for repairs, by all means purchase this one. I experienced a high-pitched whining sound from the unit within two months of buying it. My repairs, although covered my warranty, were inconvenient and time-consuming -- we did not have the unit for about a month. Now, less than a year after the initial purchase and first repair, the TV no longer turns on. More repairs -- and this time, the labor won't be covered!

Don't make the same mistake I did -- RESEARCH your television BEFORE you buy it! Get the model and serial number and search google or epinions.

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Posted by davie7 on 2005-09-18:
Phillips VCR's are also junk. I would by anything with this name on it.
Posted by Travel-O-trocities on 2007-01-21:
After finding out I just got burned 500 dollars from a travel booking company I thought I would go watch a movie on my Philips 27" 27pt6441/37 model tv. Mash the button on the remote and what do you know DEAD SCREEN. I went to turn it on Mexican/man-uel mode NOTHING!. After fighting with the service dept and getting nowhere I started searching the google by model #. And now I know the rest of the story. 500+300 dollars for the TV in one day Like James Brown sang " I FEEL GOOD" dadadada. To top it all off I missed the Lou Dobbs special "Selling out America"
I can't even trade the piece of junk for a taco. It sucks man really sucks. I wrote a letter to Philips though. I told them I will produce a video of shooting the TV in the back yard and putting it on "You Tube" Oh well what do ya want I bought it from wally world where prices are the lowest ALWAYS.
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Posted by Greatbridgedriver on 02/16/2005
Does anyone know why a Phillips 27" color tv would turn itself on with nobody around and then go up to the loudest volume automatically? When the volume is turned down, it turns itself back up. The tv has to be unplugged to stop the cycle. It is not the remote. I blocked the sensor on the tv and disabled the remotes and it still turns itself on and goes to the highest volume automatically.

UPDATE: Thanks for the advice-especially the comment about HEAT. A portable heater has been moved away from the tv set and it seems to be working fine- for now. Also, dust inside the tv set was vacumed out.

UPDATE: One month has passed and the tv still works right. Cleaning out the inside may have been the answer to alleviate heat. Thanks.
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Posted by chris75056_1 on 2005-02-16:
Sounds like an excellent day for an exorcism.
Posted by sanford31031 on 2005-02-18:
Hmmm, did he not say that IT WAS NOT THE REMOTE?
Posted by Slimjim on 2005-02-18:
In two of the five sentence complaint the poster made clear it was not the remote. Biz’ advice-maybe it’s the remote. Que una id!ota grande!
Posted by Greatbridgedriver on 2005-02-19:
Thank you for your ideas. Living in a rural area, I don't expect it is a neighbor. There is a wifi setup in the house and lots of cordless stuff but you are likely correct that the tv needs repairing.
None of the other tvs come on automatically like this one does.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-02-20:
Sounds like your house is haunted. Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!
Posted by compwiz on 2005-02-21:
Philips (Rebadged Funai's/Symphonics) are junk. I wouldn't be suprised that you have that sort of problem. I have a 13" "Philips" TV who skips around channels by itself.
Posted by Greatbridgedriver on 2007-03-17:
Over a year later, the tv still works fine- glad I didn't throw it out.
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Defect in New Television, Poor Customer Service
Posted by Smithmphx on 08/01/2013
LITCHFIELD PARK, ARIZONA -- Purchase a Phillips 50 inch in March,2013. My television stopped working approximately July 11. I called the Phillips Manufacturing Repair, 1-866-309-0843 and was advised to email receipt in which I did on July 11. After faxing the receipt no one called me, therefore, I had to call them and set up for my television to be repaired, in which they gave me a vendor name and number to call.

I called Denny's Television and set up an appointment. The vendor did not show up nor called and we rescheduled three times before he showed up. The technician stated the television needs a new mother board and he stated I should be concerned as this seems to be a manufacturing defect and I should be concerned of repairs in the future with this television.

My kids and I have had no television since July 11 and my kids are out of school for the summer. This weekend was horrible with no television and being on vacation. I have called the Phillips Manufacturing Repair several times asking when can I find out details about repairing my television. I continue to hear well ma'am it takes time and their are other orders to be completed along with our expedition time of 2-3 days before a technician can read the report and act on it, as well as many other reasons.

I know everyone is busy and there is a timeframe, but I informed him to put himself in my shoes. I purchased a brand new television and it is broken within three months and my kids and I have nothing. I brought a Phillips brand as I thought they were an excellent brand and have longevity. I am a single parent and I try to spend my money on a good solid product, in which, I thought I did.

I apologize but I do not feel there is a sense of any type of urgency or commitment to the product and service I have received. Based on what the technician stated, I would like to have my television replaced.

As stated below on your Phillips website: creating a strong and trusted Philips brand with market access all over the world We have a leading global brand, which is highly trusted across the world.

Please help me in getting a television for my kids and I that we deserve and have paid for. I still have not received any information on the repair.

Ollie Smith
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-08-01:
I don't believe you are entitled to a new tv. You are ~anticipating~ a problem.

Phillips should be given an opportunity to fix your tv under warrany. If your state has a lemon law, that would apply after it is triggered.
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Sonicare Toothbrushes Not What As Advertised. Poor Customer Service Support.
Posted by Rsockwell on 02/24/2013
I owned the Sonicare EssenceToothbrush which was suppose to be one of the upper end lines of it's toothbrush products. It lasted less than a year and a half be fore it would not charge or turn on. I bought the Xtreme brand of Sonicare and it lasted less than two months before it stopped working. It would run for only a few seconds and turn off. When I called the company their attitude was quite non concerning and very unhelpful. The offered to replace the less expensive product but not the product that I paid the higher price for. The manager I spoke to presented a non-concerned attitude and basically told me to take their offer or not.

They would not replace the more expensive product. I will never buy another Socicare product again.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2013-02-24:
i too have found these rechargeable toothbrushes to not last long.
i use a sonic spinbrush, and have for a couple of years now. mine is not the rechargeable type, but one with replaceable batteries. the toothbrush cost around $20 at walmart.


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Bad Customer Service
Posted by Girgashjean on 01/28/2013
OHIO -- I received this as a Christmas gift & the CD player never worked. I called & they said they would send a replacement & I would send the defective one back. It was going to take 10 to 15 business days. I waited & called on the 15th day. I was told they couldn't find any record of it being shipped & they would have to send a request to corporate to find out the problem & they would call me. One more week & no call.

I call them & again I am told it would have to be sent to a supervisor at corporate. I ask to speak to a supervisor & he said he would expedite the request!!! I am baffled they can't find a shipment request that is a month old!! Do they not have any kind of tracking!!

I finally receive a call 6 weeks after my original call saying that they are out of stock on this. Unbelievable I will never buy a product from them. Their customer service is awful!!!!!!
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Posted by localgod on 2013-01-29:
girgashjean, call 1-866-309-0866 if in the US. Ask for warranty repair/replacement, indicate it was a gift, they will "hem and haw" and try to weasel out of a warranty repair if you did not register the product. Ask for replacement. Stick to your guns, ask for an escalation, but do NOT, repeat NOT, threaten lawsuit (they will cease communication and ask you to contact their legal team). Report your experience here to inform consumers of both your results to sway future buying habits. Many thanks - lg
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2013-01-29:
Never, Never, ever, send anything back to any company without sending it certified WITH RETURN RECEIPT requested. That way you know they have received it. Include in the return a letter setting forth all you had been told concerning the return, keeping a copy for yourself. That way you have some proof they received it and the agreement that was made on the telephone.
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Posted by Sharyn101 on 08/30/2012
GROVEPORT, OHIO -- My toothbrush quit working a short time after the warranty ended. I called sonicare and they said that they would honor the warranty because I had purchased other products from them in the past. I was sent the first replacement and the brush worked for a week and then it would not recharge. I called them again and they said that they would send me another one and the same thing happened again. I contacted them again and they said that they couldn't help me, but after telling them that I was afraid to purchase their products again they decided to send me another one and guess what, same thing happened again. I sent the first replacement back to them and now I am going to mail the other two back. These tooth brushes were different than my original one because they had green stripes on them. All I can see is that these tooth brushed must all have very weak batteries in them because you can only charge them once and then they won't charge again. I am really mad because I have a box of four heads that I can't use now.
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Sonic Care Hx 6910 Tooth Brush
Posted by Mlabonte on 08/21/2012
These units cost $180 each and last less than two years. Garbage product. Go to ORAL B!
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Posted by GenuineNerd on 2012-08-24:
You could buy an Arm & Hammer Sonic Spinbrush for under $10, and the replacement heads are around $6 or so for 2. The Sonic Spinbrush vibrates just like the Sonicare...but for much less money.
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Transaxle Whine 2010 Rav4
Posted by Sweiss2712 on 10/03/2011
Purchased a 2010 rav4 v6 5 speed auto transmission, at 8000 miles it developed a transaxle whine at 40 mph. Took it back to the dealer, was told nothing was wrong with it. I was. told I hear it because I have a hearing aid. I called Toyota customer service, was told "take back to the dealer".Was never told of any memos on this problem. Took it back to the dealer and had the Transmission man take it for a ride with me. He heard the whine abd went back to the dealership. Pluged a laptop into the computer and said see nothing wrong with it, a computer will not show a whine if trany is shifting collectly. Called Toyota again, was told the same thing"TAKE IT BACK TO THE DEALER".Was never told yet of any memo to the dealer. Iwas discussed with the rav4 because of this whine which had gotten worse. Finally traded it off. While on vacation this summer I stopped at a Toyota dealer up north and asked if they ever had any problems with awhine in the rav4.Showed me memo # T-SB-0192-10 that showed about a whine in the transmissions of 2006-2010 rav4s, dated July 15 2010.I was angry because I got rid of a good vehicle that should have been fixed, but they lied to me about it. The transmission man should be fired for his lyies. Spoke with the owner of Phillips Toyota, He said he would look into it and call me. Haven't heard from him since. Called Toyota and advised I was lied to by the dealer and why I was not told there was a memo to the dealers to fix the whine. I was told by some idiot there"WE DIDN'T TELL YOU TO GET RID OF IT".Don't go to this dealer with a problem, you to may be lied too!
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When You're Told of a Design Flaw, LISTEN!
Posted by Transmorph on 07/26/2011
I bought this because it's the strongest I can find, and I need that. But it has a design flaw: the orifice where you plug in the coaxial cable tends to fall out. Once it does, it CANNOT be put back in; even if it could, there's no guarantee it's making the necessary contact.

I returned one unit to the store when this part fell out immediately. I threw out two other units that failed later. I notified Philips, even sent them the loose part, and:

-- they did not thank me for my valuable advice.
-- they did not replace the two failed units.
-- they did not keep me informed of what (if any) steps were being taken to correct the design flaw,
-- they did not get back to me at all!

This is unacceptable. I will not buy any more of these units until the design flaw is fixed. I'll miss a lot of TV here in the sticks, but I refuse to pay for satellite or cable. I want a signal booster that won't fail on me-- is that too much to ask?
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-07-26:
I just read reviews on this thing on Amazon. The negative ones are very negative, such as it is a poorly made piece of junk. I think you should look for another one - maybe you can find one that has decent reviews. Good luck.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2011-07-26:
I presently use an RCA amplified antenna on a set I use in the kitchen. Maybe try an RCA antenna next time, if you ended up with a number of bad Philips antennas.
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Tough Luck
Posted by Mclean04 on 06/04/2011
When this headset arrived from UPS I tried to open the package. It was impossible (not difficult, impossible). What's more there were no instructions or labeling indicating how or where to open. So in attempting to open I accidentally cut the cable.

I called Phillips customer service. They, in essence, said tough luck. Nothing we can (will) do.

Last time I buy anything from Phillips.
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Posted by azRider on 2011-06-04:
I'm betting it was one of those stupid hard plastic shells they encase things in. I hate them. the only way companies are going to get it that we the consumer don't like them is to stop buying items packaged that way. so I avoid products made with that packaging, if a competitor makes some thing like it, even if lesser quality, I'll but it due to packaging. I think if everyone did that then companies may get a clue.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-06-04:
I've torn my hands up trying to open packaging like this. I've had to get the scissors out and have cut myself on the sharp edges of the plastic. This packaging is annoying
Posted by MRM on 2011-06-04:
Thats why they're called blister package.
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-06-04:
this is really bad luck. to bad they did not offer to replace the purchase for you.

very helpful.
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-06-04:
az, i think they use these packages to prevent theft.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-06-04:
I hate that kind of packaging too. I get that its probably to prevent theft, but its still a pain in the butt.
Posted by Ponie on 2011-06-04:
Nicole, not just in the butt--other places too. A couple of years back, there was a TV commercial for a device which (supposedly)opens these packages quite easily. Seems I remember the price being $7.++, plus the usual S&H. Bought 2 of them--one for me and one for my Sis who also complained about these packages. Surprisingly, the 'opener' actually works as advertised.

Here's the kicker: A few weeks ago I was in my friendly Dollar Tree store--there they were for $1 each! Only difference is my purchase was yellow and the ones for $1 were blue.

In defense of this type packaging, it not only helps prevent theft but if you have to ship the items elsewhere, as I did to my Sis, the item doesn't get crushed.

I don't think this was the fault of Phillips.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-06-04:
Just read an article where the "clamshell" packaging is going to change, due to the price of the petroleum it takes to make them.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-06-04:
Ponies, I'll have too look for that! Don't you hate it when that happens...when you buy something and later see it elsewhere for a fraction of the cost!
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-06-04:
Ponie, I'll have to take a trip to the dollar store this weekend and look for that device
Posted by Ponie on 2011-06-04:
Nicole and littleshorty, I got it out and on the handle is molded 'OpenX.' I Binged it and found a few places that list it. Amazon has it List Price: $9.97; Sale: $4.99. Yellow, same as mine.

Next time I'm at Dollar Tree, I hope I remember to look at the manufacturer. Maybe I should brush up on my Chinese first? :)

Yeah, I beat myself up like that too, Nicole. About 3 years ago I bought a new TV for my bedroom. I *knew* I got it from the lowest price store in my area, but for about 6 months afterward I kept looking at all the ads to see if I got a good deal. Accepted the decent price after I saw all the other stores were higher.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-06-04:
Ponie, thanks so much for the info. Hopefully the OP will see it. I'm going to get one for sure.

Lol...my husband does that when we buy expensive items. When it comes to electronics and car stuff, he's always checking if the price changed or what the latest and greatest thing to come out is.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-06-04:
OK, I missed the point of the letter, and as a result was b-slapped. I deserve that for my poor reading skills. I saw UPS mentioned and thought it was the outside box.

Soooo, it was the nasty thick plastic doo-hickey. Yeah, they are bad. I use a sturdy utility knife, with something like a block of wood underneath. I understand the difficulty you had, but unfortunately I can't see a company replacing a product damaged in this manner.

Just as we are expected to realize our neighbor may be thief, we are expected to know how to open packages designed to foil his passion.
Posted by Ponie on 2011-06-05:
trmn8r, I like your last statement. Can I use it and claim it as my own? :)
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-06-05:
Ah, you got me there Ponie. Clever.

Look at the change in my fortunes. First I am in the compost heap on the backside of the cornfield, and now I am being quoted (or robbed).
Posted by Ponie on 2011-06-05:
Hey! Another one. Nah. I'll give you credit. I'll tell others a buddy of Ah-nold's said it first. But don't hold me up for royalties. :)
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