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Corrosion on Bulb Contacts
By -

CINCINNATI, OHIO -- I purchased and used 60 bulb strings of Philips LED Christmas lights during the 2007 Christmas season. I've only been able to get half the strings working this year. Sections of some strings will not light and other strings will not light. The contacts on the bulbs are rusted and in some instances break off when you pull the bulbs. The sockets are full of rust. Love the idea of LED lights, but I'm back to my old lights this year.

Extensive Failure During First Season of Use
By -

This is probably early for many, but we (more like I) do so much to the house, that my work actually starts this weekend. Has anyone out there who decorates for Christmas had any problems with these LED light, especially in outdoor applications? I'€'ve started converting to them last season as they are supposed to use lower energy costs, and last up to 5 times longer. I found many bulbs to have failed on indoor sets, and half the sets I used outdoors had entire half string sections go out by the time it was New Years. All were new last season. The ones outside also seem to have rust stains around the bulb sockets indicating corrosion on the contacts.

I didn't even get enough extra bulbs with the sets to cover the ones that burned out, and on the half string failures, replacing every out bulb on the section did nothing but waste my time. I wrote to the company from their website on the boxes and they replied they are just an importer (even though the boxes say manufactured by) and to take them back to the store, which of course it was too late by the time last holiday season wrapped up. I think they were made in China and the Philips name is just for marketing. They have no shunts also so you can't use any mini light testers to either fix it or find the failure spots.

At $12 to $14 a box, these things will never save enough electricity over $2-$4 mini sets by the time they fail and need to be replaced. I just have to wonder if anyone else used these and had problems. It sure goes against the reliability they advertise. They are really being phased into the market now so they will have to be much more reliable as a whole. I'€™m going to just replace the bad sets and see how this year goes. I recommend to anyone buying these to first just get a few strings and see if you have better luck than I did.

Nightmare Return of Defective Item
By -

WALL, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a small Philips stereo at Costco for my son two Christmases ago for approx $120. The CD's would no longer eject and the unit would not play after approx. three months of use. The item was guaranteed for one year and I asked my son to contact Philips to get repair/return details. He procrastinated for several months, so I finally called Philips in October.

They instructed me to bring the item to their repair center to remove the stuck CD's before returning it. I was informed that I would be reimbursed for fees paid to the repair center if I submitted a copy of the receipt. I did so & sent the item back to Philips along with the receipt from the repair center. I received the "repaired" item back approx within a one month and discovered that it had not been repaired and still had the same problem.

In addition, they failed to reimburse me for the repair center charges. I was extremely annoyed & called Philips. The response I received was that the rep who told me that I would be reimbursed for the repair center charges to remove the CD's was not authorized to do so & they would not honor that promise. In addition, since one year had passed, they would not accept the unit back for return. I was shocked & pointed out that their repair center had failed to fix it the first time. The response was that didn't matter.

I couldn't believe that would really be the policy of a major manufacturer like Philips & asked to speak to a manager. The manager, in addition to being rude, confirmed that even though their repair center failed to fix the original problem, they would not accept it back for repair since the one-year warranty had expired. I still can't believe that Philips would treat customers so poorly & will never purchase another Philips product again. I suggest that you don't either.

Save Your $$$
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- My Plasma 42" TV broke down only 2 months after we got it (Christmas gift, over $2000). After months of talking and mediating between their (numerous) repair shops and their company - they were arguing with me about who was going to pay for the repair, although it was under warranty and only a few months old - I finally got someone to come and fix the TV.

They finally came, and said they couldn't repair it (audio), but added that since it wasn't a "constant" bother, to just "live with it"! After arguing with the repair shop and the company, Philips finally agreed to refer me to another shop. They also came in, and said it couldn't be repaired, that it was a likely a manufacturer's problem.

In the weeks, I was trying to get this addressed with Philips, something else broke (the image on day just mysteriously started getting blocked out). Now, the TV doesn't even turn on. I called them to date, at least 9 times. Of those 9 times, they put me on hold and then hung up 4 times. I just now got off the phone with a supervisor (after waiting on the phone for 20 minutes, but I guess I should be grateful they didn't hang up on me this time). I'm told that the TV may have to go to a "review board" for repairs.

I'm not even guaranteed that it'll be fixed and/or replaced, let alone get a refund, because they have "protocols" to follow. When I ask about the protocols, he tells me that he can't tell me that. He does however partly inform me that, if this happens past the warranty period, that there's "no way" they're going to extend it.

Unbelievable! I've never had such problems with a product, horrendous customer service - if you can even call it at that. Philips obviously wants to make it very clear that once they get you to spend your money on their defective products, they want you off their hands! On top of that, it's been my experience that although they won't give you the time of day when you ask for service, they go out of their way to patronize their consumers with secret "rules" they apparently make up, as they go along.

I work in the medical center and was intending to consider their medical equipment - but now that I know they sell such defective products, but mostly because I'm so disgusted with their customer service, I'm not only going to abstain from buying their equipment for the center, but will go out of my way to tell all my other colleagues, patients and every one of my friends and family of this experience. It happens that we all have problems with our purchases time to time, but Philips is a disgrace!

No Replacement Parts Available for Philips Televisions
By -

I purchased a Philips 55" Projection TV ($1,500.00) in December 2004. My television was damaged by a power outage in my community June, 2007. Numerous television repairman have told me that it is impossible to find replacement parts for my television (Model #55PW9383/17F; Signal board #3135 035 20592; Serial # YA1CO421CO4716). I have telephone Philips Service and have written many emails to no avail. I have been totally ignored and told to write a letter. So I have been writing letter after email, after letter. No response from anyone.

Most television servicemen refuse to work on Philips television products. I was advised that the Philips/Magnavox Corporation is having upper management problems and have closed most of their parts distribution centers -- and that Philips Magnavox going out of business. I have been told that Philips televisions are too expensive to repair and to purchase a new TV. $1,500.00 is a lot of money for a retiree.

Magnavox/Philips used to be a "top-notch" company for televisions. What happened Mr. Reinier Jens, President? What ever happened to "customer satisfaction?" If you are not going to respond to my query, I will make it my personal mission to tell everyone I know "never purchase a Philips Magnavox" product. This is my3cents.

By -

PERKASIE, PENNSYLVANIA -- If you enjoy lugging your television around for repairs, by all means purchase this one. I experienced a high-pitched whining sound from the unit within two months of buying it. My repairs, although covered my warranty, were inconvenient and time-consuming -- we did not have the unit for about a month. Now, less than a year after the initial purchase and first repair, the TV no longer turns on. More repairs -- and this time, the labor won't be covered! Don't make the same mistake I did -- RESEARCH your television BEFORE you buy it! Get the model and serial number and search google or epinions. AVOID THIS TELEVISION!!

Philips TV Turns Itself on Loud
By -

Does anyone know why a Philips 27" color tv would turn itself on with nobody around and then go up to the loudest volume automatically? When the volume is turned down, it turns itself back up. The tv has to be unplugged to stop the cycle. It is not the remote. I blocked the sensor on the tv and disabled the remotes and it still turns itself on and goes to the highest volume automatically.

UPDATE: Thanks for the advice - especially the comment about HEAT. A portable heater has been moved away from the tv set and it seems to be working fine - for now. Also, dust inside the tv set was vacuumed out. UPDATE: One month has passed and the tv still works right. Cleaning out the inside may have been the answer to alleviate heat. Thanks.

Service and Product
By -

CHESTER, VIRGINIA -- In 1998, my mother purchased a Philips TV from a reputable dealer in her hometown along with a 2 year extended warranty. I have no idea the initial cost of said warranty, but the TV was $250.00. She had to call the service dept due to a cable outage and we could not get the TV to accept the cable channels solved by phone. The next time the cable went out and tried to restore the tv would not accept.

One week later, technician came and took the TV. Two weeks later, I call to see how much longer. I was told sometime next week. Two weeks later, I call and am told they had not looked at the TV. I then call Philips to get repairman on the ball. Two weeks later, I am told the TV has to be replaced. This all started in Oct. 2003. Now it is after Christmas 2003 and no TV.

I called the repair company and the TV is sitting waiting for someone to get off their butt and decide it is time to deliver. I was promised by Philips to have the contract extended, but what good is that if the contract is no good. Buy an Emerson. They will last you 15 years with no extended warranty.

Philips 27
By -

I have had my TV in the repair shop since February 19, 2001 with a failed picture tube, even though it was less than two years old. The TV that you replaced lasted almost 20 years with only 2 visits to the repair shop, and neither were the picture tube. The irony is that two days after it failed, I received a solicitation from your company asking if I would like to extend my tube warranty! If it fails again (I will not extend the warranty), rather than spend another $150 on labor, I will just buy another brand, hopefully more dependable.

You can be sure, when I decide to buy a new HDTV and a CD burner (very soon), it will NOT be a Philips! I can hardly wait for my annual survey from Consumer Reports to arrive, so I can give your product the review it deserves. To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following: Would have liked a loaner, but too late now. At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident.

One of the WORST Companies Ever
By -

We bought the expensive Sonicare Intellicare toothbrush and the on/off button rotted off a month or so after warranty expired. The Philips web page is a classic Catch 22 - sending the user round and round endlessly - with no answers. Philips does not have email. They prefer us to wait and wait for someone to answer our call. The people are totally unhelpful. Totally. And they are not interested in this serious product failure.

They do not follow through with the meager solutions that they force down our throats. We even spoke with a supervisor and she had the same unfriendly stance regarding our product failure. Unreal. This arrogance has made us vow not buy any Philips products and recommend to all of you to heed our advise. Never again. Buy anything but don't buy Philips.

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