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Philips Electronics North America
1251 Avenue of The America
New York, NY 10020-1104
212-536-0500 (ph)
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Save Your $$$
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- My Plasma 42" TV broke down only 2 months after we got it (Christmas gift, over $2000). After months of talking and mediating between their (numerous) repair shops and their company - they were arguing with me about who was going to pay for the repair, although it was under warranty and only a few months old - I finally got someone to come and fix the TV.

They finally came, and said they couldn't repair it (audio), but added that since it wasn't a "constant" bother, to just "live with it"! After arguing with the repair shop and the company, Philips finally agreed to refer me to another shop. They also came in, and said it couldn't be repaired, that it was a likely a manufacturer's problem.

In the weeks, I was trying to get this addressed with Philips, something else broke (the image on day just mysteriously started getting blocked out). Now, the TV doesn't even turn on. I called them to date, at least 9 times. Of those 9 times, they put me on hold and then hung up 4 times. I just now got off the phone with a supervisor (after waiting on the phone for 20 minutes, but I guess I should be grateful they didn't hang up on me this time). I'm told that the TV may have to go to a "review board" for repairs.

I'm not even guaranteed that it'll be fixed and/or replaced, let alone get a refund, because they have "protocols" to follow. When I ask about the protocols, he tells me that he can't tell me that. He does however partly inform me that, if this happens past the warranty period, that there's "no way" they're going to extend it.

Unbelievable! I've never had such problems with a product, horrendous customer service - if you can even call it at that. Philips obviously wants to make it very clear that once they get you to spend your money on their defective products, they want you off their hands! On top of that, it's been my experience that although they won't give you the time of day when you ask for service, they go out of their way to patronize their consumers with secret "rules" they apparently make up, as they go along.

I work in the medical center and was intending to consider their medical equipment - but now that I know they sell such defective products, but mostly because I'm so disgusted with their customer service, I'm not only going to abstain from buying their equipment for the center, but will go out of my way to tell all my other colleagues, patients and every one of my friends and family of this experience. It happens that we all have problems with our purchases time to time, but Philips is a disgrace!

Tough Luck
By -

When this headset arrived from UPS, I tried to open the package. It was impossible (not difficult, impossible). What's more, there were no instructions or labeling indicating how or where to open. So in attempting to open, I accidentally cut the cable. I called Philips customer service. They, in essence, said "tough luck. Nothing we can (will) do." Last time I buy anything from Philips.

Don't Waste Your $$ on LED's
By -

I spent the extra money buying LED Christmas lights last year. They worked through the season last year but I got them out yesterday and 2 out of 3 strands of LED's half the lights were out. One strand completely lit the other two strands only half. It is not a burned out light either. I am totally disgusted at the money I spent for one season. My advice, spend the money on the other Christmas lights that light for years and years and skip the LED's.

Philips Won't Honor Warranty
By -

I had a sonicare brush I loved but it stopped working many months well within the warranty. Philips would not replace it or honor the warranty.

Don't Buy Philips Electronic Devices
By -

I bought a Philips DVR player. It was poorly engineered and made. It does not have standard features and after playing no more than 20 DVD's in 6 months, it destroyed a DVD. It is cheap I have to admit, but buying it turned out to be expensive in the long run. Don't buy their equipment, it is not worth it at any price.

Poor Customer Service
By -

My Sonicare toothbrush fills with water in the battery compartment and affects the brushing action. When contacting Customer Service, I was told "Yes, we know there is a problem with your model. NO, we will not do anything about it -- just take the brush head off after every use and clean the unit". (2 times a day???) The instruction manual calls for this cleaning only once a week, and it is not an easy thing to do. I am totally disgusted with this product, and will never buy from Philips again.

One of the WORST companies ever
By -

We bought the expensive Sonicare Intellicare toothbrush and the on/off button rotted off - a month or so after warranty expired.

The Philips web page is a classic Catch 22 - sending the user round and round endlessly - with no answers.

Philips does not have email - they prefer us to wait and wait for someone to answer our call. The people are totally unhelpful. Totally. And they are not interested in this serious product failure. They do not follow through with the meager solutions that they force down our throats.

We even spoke with a supervisor and she had the same unfriendly stance regarding our product failure. Unreal.

This arrogance has made us vow not buy any Philips products - and recommend to all of you to heed our advise.

Never again. Buy anything but don't buy Philips.


Disposable Systems ... Useless after warranty expires
By -

PALMDALE, CALIFORNIA -- The equipment comes with a one-year limited warranty and one it expires ... they are useless in case of any defect or failure. Customer service is impolite and they change things once and again. They have a flat-fee for repairs. In the case of a home theater system: $125.00 + shipping and handling + parts. Obviously, when a home theater system price is between $155.00 and $250.00, that fee makes their service worthless. better buying a new one. In other words, they don't provide an acceptable repair service. Period. A great different with Nikon or Sony (to give two examples)

Nazi scare tactics on warranty offer
By -

SPOKANE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- This is in regards to a warranty offer Philips Warranty Service Dept sent to me, seeking $875.00 for an extended warranty. What they said in their offer was the cost of fixing most common problems was between $4,500.00 to $5,700.00. The problem I had with that is that I paid $1,800.00 for the 42" plasma TV and can buy it today for that price. I have sent numerous e-mails to make them aware that their service department is doing this and after 5 e-mails, I have yet to get a response. If anyone can shake the tree on this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

By -

PERKASIE, PENNSYLVANIA -- If you enjoy lugging your television around for repairs, by all means purchase this one. I experienced a high-pitched whining sound from the unit within two months of buying it. My repairs, although covered my warranty, were inconvenient and time-consuming -- we did not have the unit for about a month. Now, less than a year after the initial purchase and first repair, the TV no longer turns on. More repairs -- and this time, the labor won't be covered!

Don't make the same mistake I did -- RESEARCH your television BEFORE you buy it! Get the model and serial number and search google or epinions.


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