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No replacement parts available for Philips televisions
Posted by on
To: Mr. Reiner Jens, President
Philips Corporate Headquarters,
North America

I purchased a Philips 55" Projection TV ($1,500.00)in December 2004. My television was damaged by a power outage in my community June, 2007.

Numerous television repairman have told me that it is impossible to find replacement parts for my television (Model #55PW9383/17F; Signal board #3135 035 20592; Serial # YA1CO421CO4716).

I have telephone Philips Service and have written many emails to no avail. I have been totally ignored and told to write a letter. So I have been writing letter after email after letter. No response from anyone.

Most television servicemen refuse to work on Philips television products. I was advised that the Philips/Magnavox Corporation is having upper management problems and have closed most of their parts distribution centers -- and that Philips Magnavox going out of business.

I have been told that Philips televisions are too expensive to repair and to purchase a new TV. $1,500.00 is a lot of money for a retiree.

Magnavox/Philips used to be a "top-notch" company for televisions. What happened Mr. Reinier Jens, President? What ever happened to "customer satisfaction?"

If you are not going to respond to my query I will make it my personal mission to tell everyone I know "never purchase a Philips Magnavox" product.

This is my3cents.


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DigitalCommando on 08/26/2007:
Your post should serve as a warning to everyone that owns an expensive TV, to go out and buy a good quality surge protector, NOW/TODAY! A repair tech telling you there's no parts available, is their way of not wanting to deal with your problem. I went to and pulled up a list of 498 parts for your exact model. The cost of replacing all the parts damaged by a lightening strike could be near, or equal to a new TV after you factor in their markup and labor. I would suggest that you contact some of the schools in your area and speak to electronics course instructors and ask them if they would consider taking your TV as a class project for hands-on training. You may have to provide the parts which can be obtained online at far less prices than a TV repair person would charge. Good luck, and may the TV gods bring good fortune upon you!
Anonymous on 08/26/2007:
Parts are obtainable but as DC says it would cost more than the set is worth. Get a decent surge/spike protector for your next set. You might also try filing a claim with your homeowners insurance.
Justusryan on 08/26/2007:
People always get cheap with new technology, yet are surprised when it breaks?
amc on 08/27/2007:
DC -- I did have a power strip. I know you are right about the TV tech probably not wanting to deal with the TV.

Thank you all for your comments.

Justusryan -- I didn't think $1500 for a TV is cheap, but I could have purchased a better power strip/surge protector. Perhaps you are wealthier than I.
amc on 08/27/2007:
Digital Commando:
I went to the and found only 2 parts and a remote for my model TV. Where did you find 498 parts????
DigitalCommando on 09/16/2007:
amc, my first visit to this site did reveal a large list of parts. It may have been an error which was corrected. Today's search only revealed 1 part. After modifying your part # to 55PW9383 It showed 5 parts, none of which are going to solve your problem. I spent 30 minutes searching around with the modified part # and was only able to find resistors, transistors, capacitors, etc. for your tv but no main board chassis. Sorry, but it does look like your tv is no longer supported. Have you tried filing a claim with the power company?
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Save your $$$
Posted by on
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- My Plasma 42" TV broke down only 2 months after we got it (Christmas gift, over $2000). After months of talking and mediating between their (numerous)repair shops and their company - they were arguing with me about who was going to pay for the repair, although it was under warranty and only a few months old - I finally got someone to come and fix the TV.

They finally came, and said they couldn't repair it (audio) - but added that since it wasn't a "constant" bother, to just "live with it"!

After arguing with the repair shop and the company - Philips finally agreed to refer me to another shop. They also came in, and said it couldn't be repaired, that it was a likely a manufacturer's problem.

In the weeks I was trying to get this addressed with Philips, something else broke (the image on day just mysteriously started getting blocked out).

Now, the TV doesn't even turn on. I
called them to date, at least 9 times. Of those 9 times, they put me on hold and then hung up 4 times.

I just now got off the phone with a supervisor (after waiting on the phone for 20 minutes - but I guess I should be grateful they didn't hang up on me this time) - I'm told that the TV may have to go to a "review board" for repairs.

I'm not even guaranteed that it'll be fixed and/or replaced, let alone get a refund, because they have "protocols" to follow. When I ask about the protocols, he tells me that he can't tell me that. He does however pertly inform me that, if this happens past the warranty period, that there's "no way" they're going to extend it.

Unbelievable! I've never had such problems with a product, horrendous customer service - if you can even call it at that. Philips obviously wants to make it very clear that once they get you to spend your money on their defective products, they want you off their hands! On top of that, it's been my experience that although they won't give you the time of day when you ask for service, they go out of their way to patronize their consumers with secret "rules" they apparently make up, as they go along.

I work in the medical center and was intending to consider their medical equipment - but now that I know they sell such defective products, but mostly because I'm so disgusted with their customer service, I'm not only going to abstain from buying their equipment for the center, but will go out of my way to tell all my other colleagues, patients and every one of my friends and family of this experience.

It happens that we all have problems with our purchases time to time, but Philips is a disgrace!
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SherryH on 07/18/2006:
Good for you, Dr. The only language big business seems to understand is money. If you cost them more money than they cost you, then you need a standing ovation. I am so sorry something you bought for Christmas was a disappointment. That's terrible!
Anonymous on 07/18/2006:
I agree with Sherry, but add that you should make sure that your sales rep in the medical center knows exactly why he lost the sale. Once I had done that, I would document it all to their CEO and let him know why they are losing big ticket sales.
Tracy M on 07/18/2006:
Excellent letter! Please let us know how it all turns out!
frogman on 09/11/2007:
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Posted by on
PERKASIE, PENNSYLVANIA -- If you enjoy lugging your television around for repairs, by all means purchase this one. I experienced a high-pitched whining sound from the unit within two months of buying it. My repairs, although covered my warranty, were inconvenient and time-consuming -- we did not have the unit for about a month. Now, less than a year after the initial purchase and first repair, the TV no longer turns on. More repairs -- and this time, the labor won't be covered!

Don't make the same mistake I did -- RESEARCH your television BEFORE you buy it! Get the model and serial number and search google or epinions.

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User Replies:
davie7 on 09/18/2005:
Phillips VCR's are also junk. I would by anything with this name on it.
Travel-O-trocities on 01/21/2007:
After finding out I just got burned 500 dollars from a travel booking company I thought I would go watch a movie on my Philips 27" 27pt6441/37 model tv. Mash the button on the remote and what do you know DEAD SCREEN. I went to turn it on Mexican/man-uel mode NOTHING!. After fighting with the service dept and getting nowhere I started searching the google by model #. And now I know the rest of the story. 500+300 dollars for the TV in one day Like James Brown sang " I FEEL GOOD" dadadada. To top it all off I missed the Lou Dobbs special "Selling out America"
I can't even trade the piece of junk for a taco. It sucks man really sucks. I wrote a letter to Philips though. I told them I will produce a video of shooting the TV in the back yard and putting it on "You Tube" Oh well what do ya want I bought it from wally world where prices are the lowest ALWAYS.
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Posted by on
Does anyone know why a Phillips 27" color tv would turn itself on with nobody around and then go up to the loudest volume automatically? When the volume is turned down, it turns itself back up. The tv has to be unplugged to stop the cycle. It is not the remote. I blocked the sensor on the tv and disabled the remotes and it still turns itself on and goes to the highest volume automatically.

UPDATE: Thanks for the advice-especially the comment about HEAT. A portable heater has been moved away from the tv set and it seems to be working fine- for now. Also, dust inside the tv set was vacumed out.

UPDATE: One month has passed and the tv still works right. Cleaning out the inside may have been the answer to alleviate heat. Thanks.
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User Replies:
chris75056_1 on 02/16/2005:
Sounds like an excellent day for an exorcism.
sanford31031 on 02/18/2005:
Hmmm, did he not say that IT WAS NOT THE REMOTE?
Slimjim on 02/18/2005:
In two of the five sentence complaint the poster made clear it was not the remote. Biz’ advice-maybe it’s the remote. Que una id!ota grande!
Greatbridgedriver on 02/19/2005:
Thank you for your ideas. Living in a rural area, I don't expect it is a neighbor. There is a wifi setup in the house and lots of cordless stuff but you are likely correct that the tv needs repairing.
None of the other tvs come on automatically like this one does.
Anonymous on 02/20/2005:
Sounds like your house is haunted. Who you going to call? GHOSTBUSTERS!
compwiz on 02/21/2005:
Philips (Rebadged Funai's/Symphonics) are junk. I wouldn't be surprised that you have that sort of problem. I have a 13" "Philips" TV who skips around channels by itself.
Greatbridgedriver on 03/17/2007:
Over a year later, the tv still works fine- glad I didn't throw it out.
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Don't waste your $$ on LED's
Posted by on
I spent the extra money buying LED Christmas lights last year. They worked through the season last year but I got them out yesterday and 2 out of 3 strands of LED's half the lights were out. One strand completely lit the other two strands only half. It is not a burned out light either. I am totally disgusted at the money I spent for one season. My advice spend the money on the other Christmas lights that light for years and years and skip the LED's.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 12/01/2010:
Interesting idea, but I'd be willing to bet they will all be LED soon. You won't find me buying them until I have to though.

You say it isn't a burned out light, which would seem to indicate there is no concern about the LED technology itself. LED's last for 50,000 hours give or take.
JerryCee on 12/01/2010:
Contact Philips customer service at one of the phone numbers listed here.
Slimjim on 12/01/2010:
They last for 50,000 in controlled environments. Get them wet, and the contacts corrode away within weeks. I wrote a review a few years ago here about the same problem with the same brand. The technology to make reliable OUTDOOR lED lights is much more costly than what these Chinese made strings go for. Like everything else from there, it's far inferior quality and yes, a waste of money compared to regular mini string lights that may be cost 80 cents more in electricity a season each.
momsey on 12/01/2010:
All of the LED lights we bought last year still work! *knocking on wood*

And these were our outdoor lights. I keep seeing these complaints but I have been lucky, I suppose!
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Philips won't honor warranty
Posted by on
I had a sonicare brush I loved but it stopped working many months well within the warranty. Philips would not replace it or honor the warranty.
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karleebarlee on 10/23/2009:
maybe the part on it that broke isn't covered in the warranty? some more details may help.
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Don't Buy Philips Electronic Devices
Posted by on
I bought a Philips DVR player. It was poorly engineered and made.
It does not have standard features and after playing no more than
20 DVD's in 6 months it destroyed a DVD. It is cheap I have to
admit, but buying it turned out to be expensive in the long run.
Don't buy their equipment it is not worth it at any price.
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Anonymous on 09/08/2009:
I buy low end electronics for my classroom use-used maybe three or four times in a year. Schools don't provide us much, so it's up to us. People who buy cheap electronics and computers usually get exactly what they pay for, unfortunately. Phillips used to be a decent brand. :(
Eloise on 09/08/2009:
Sorry that it broke down so quickly. That is really unacceptable. Have you contacted Philips? As for the features you should have checked the box just in case. Especially if you wanted some specific option. I've noticed that there are a great deal of bare bones DVD players on the market now. I can't figure out why they are doing this. Hope the next DVD works great.
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by on
My Sonicare toothbrush fills with water in the battery compartment and affects the brushing action. When contacting Customer Service, I was told "Yes, we know there is a problem with your model. NO, we will not do anything about it -- just take the brush head off after every use and clean the unit". (2 times a day???) The instruction manual calls for this cleaning only once a week, and it is not an easy thing to do. I am totally disgusted with this product, and will never buy from Philips again.
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Erin9 on 08/22/2009:
It takes 1 min to clean the toothbrush with mild soap and water once a week. It takes about 30 seconds to empty out the water that collects into the well of the handle after each use and dry it off. The water building up cannot affect the performance of the toothbrush because there is a lot of lining around the battery and there is no way water can get into the battery. Check the manual on battery removal. You destroy the handle to get to the battery.
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Do not buy Phillips LED Christmas lights
Posted by on
CINCINNATI, OHIO -- I have 9 strings of Phillips LED Christmas lights I purchased at a premium price in 2007. Every single one has 1/2 of the lights working. I've spent 2 hours on the net trying to find out how to repair them. Rust inside each light I've pulled out.

100% failure of 9 strings purchased at nearly $20 last year in Cincinnati area.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/21/2008:
I don't know who made the ones I have, but they are hardcore badass. lol!
They are real big, real cool, and work real good.
Davenport on 12/21/2008:
Could it have something to do with where they were stored?
GenuineNerd on 12/21/2008:
Were these lights that were designed for indoor use that were used outdoors? Were they left outside all winter (or all year?)
Slimjim on 12/22/2008:
I wrote a complaint last year or so here about these things too. They are extremely short lived if used outdoors. I was explained there are different degrees of quality (like anything) with LED lights and these are as cheap as you can get. That's why I won't make a full switch to using them. Two seasons at best is all I've gotten from strings used outside.
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Corrosion on bulb contacts
Posted by on
CINCINNATI, OHIO -- I purchased and used 60 bulb strings of Philips LED Christmas lights during the 2007 Christmas season. I've only been able to get half the strings working this year. Sections of some strings will not light, and other strings will not light. The contacts on the bulbs are rusted and in some instances break off when you pull the bulbs. The sockets are full of rust.

Love the idea of LED lights, but I'm back to my old lights this year.
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 12/12/2008:
Sounds like you stored them in a damp area after last season.
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