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Do Not Buy Dick's No Sweat Warranty
By -

This warranty does not make returning, repairing, or replacing items bought from Dick's Sporting Goods easy. In fact, they try to make it as hard as possible. Not only is their warranty service outsourced to Phoenix Service Group Inc, but I have been shuffled around from company to company trying to figure out how to get bike repaired and to get someone out here to do it. Here's what I've been through so far:

* End of July 2008: Bought Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike from Dick's Sporting Goods
* November 2008: Bike breaks down (right pedal and axle BROKE OFF!)
* November 2008: Call Dick's to see if I can replace bike - told receipt has expired and now I should go through the 1 year warranty I bought
* November 16 2008: File claim with Phoenix Service Group Inc who administers Dick's No Sweat Warranty
* November 18 2008: Received reply from customer service representative to told me a service tech was located in my area and I need to register my bike with Nautilus so the service tech can order the right parts (the company Schwinn goes through to handle repairs and ordering parts)
* November 24 2008: Find out the service tech's company referred to my case is out of business and am now being referred to Bravo Systems (my new service technician)
* December 2 2008: Frustrated with the waiting, call Nautilus and order parts myself
* December 9 2008: Parts arrive, still no call from service technician; Call Phoenix Service Group Inc to find out number to Bravo Systems to call myself and find out that the company is located in Illinois - Will have to ask who was contacted in my area and then call them
* Currently: Still have a broken bike sitting in my living room

So far I've had to deal with FOUR different companies trying to find out how to repair my bike, order parts for it, and try to get someone off their butt and into my home to fix it. Dick's Sporting Goods: fail on return policy and outsourcing their warranty.

Phoenix Service Group Inc: fail on outsourcing their parts ordering company and service repairing company. Fail on my service representative who was out 'sick' for a week and didn't respond to any email (do you not hand over cases to other representative while someone is unavailable?) and still continues to be slow to respond. Fail on making me jump through so many hoops.

Nautilus: fail on requiring me to FAX! them my receipt as proof of purchase just so I can order parts. Bravo Systems: fail on neglecting to send a service tech and making me wait for a MONTH! FAIL No Sweat Warranty. I'm still in the process of settling this fiasco and will update their review as more information comes available. Please DO NOT BUY the No Sweat Warranty from Dick's Sporting Goods.

Phoenix Service Group Incompetent
By -

Purchased an EXTENDED 4 year, DICK's NO SWEAT warranty for a $1000 treadmill I purchased @ Dick's Sporting Goods. 2 yrs after purchase treadmill dies. Followed warranty directions & called Phoenix Group who is in charge of overseeing warranty. NOW 2 months later & NUMEROUS phone calls to Phoenix Group, Horizon Fitness (treadmill co), Dick's (place of purchase) & Bravo Systems (tech services sent by Phoenix) still waiting for treadmill to be fixed.

Phoenix Group does not return phone call, does not follow up on plan of action. Each time I call, manager is not available, get new customer service person. I have to follow up (to all companies mentioned above) to make sure parts are ordered, service technicians are called, etc. After waiting 2 MONTHS for part to FINALLY be delivered, WRONG part DELIVERED. After purchasing extended warranty expected to make one call and have problem fixed within 2 week time frame.

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