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Beware Of This Company: Terrible Communication And Poor Customer Service
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AUSTIN, TEXAS -- August 2008: Apparently, I was involved in an issue of some kind by receiving software from a subcontractor to Pinnacle cart that was not properly licensed. In a big show of force a year after I purchased the software, [snip] at Pinnacle emailed me and many others demanding $595 for the license. I had never heard of Pinnacle before as the software had apparently been re-branded so I didn't feel comfortable handing over any money and said so. The license fee was dropped to $150 a few days later. All of my questions went poorly answered and no issues were dealt with. I paid the $150, though never fully satisfied with the explanation that they kept spouting. October 2008: They offered to upgrade the cart software for all of the users still using the software with a third party developer that they highly recommended. Pinnacle claimed that the cart I was using was several versions behind and would soon become obsolete because of a credit card authentication system that was going to change in the future.

They suggested Claim the Web, another company that has been equally poor at communication as their best developer for making specialty carts. They have made very little effort in upgrading the cart providing no information about what features the upgrade will have but they were really happy to take my credit card number for the upgrade. I asked if there was a forum or a website for the new cart but these questions went unanswered. March 2009: No word from either of these companies about the upgrade since the beginning of the year. I wrote Claim the Web asking about the upgrade and was referred to [snip] at Pinnacle. [snip] at Pinnacle referred me to Claim the Web. Neither of these companies has provided me any information about the upgrade. I'm very disappointed in both of these companies and their treatment of myself and others in my field who needed a specialty cart. I never understood fully why they were coming after me and not after the guy I purchased the cart from. They said they were pursuing him, but he is in business in another state doing something else web related today.

Be very wary of this company as their customer service is probably the worst I have ever experienced and I tend to think they are not honest. I would suggest looking for online shopping carts elsewhere.
Company Response 03/26/2009:
Though our company always strives to provide excellent customer service, we also recognize we can't please everyone.

As President of the company I was personally involved with this unfortunate situation with a former Reseller of our software. The comments from this customer are anonymous and vague, so I can only respond about how we communicated with this group of Customers.

On 9/22/2008 we sent out an email to all 134 customers that formerly worked with Brian Crouch of Skooks Design. All customers needed to purchase a license to use our software. The only thing "anonymous" was accurate on was that we asked for our full license fee if $597 to be paid in that first contact.

In the first email sent, I provided my personal direct line and email address. I took every single call and email and personally handled each. Many of these customers also had my cell phone number. In all, our company spent over 150 hours on this situation.

On 9/26/2008 we sent another email outlining a conference call schedule with three separate times to discuss these issues and answer all questions. Included in each of these calls was Claim the Web, a trusted 3rd party Developer of our platform.

Not only was Claim the Web going to develop on the most recent platform, but also offer support plans to these customers. After getting feedback it was very clear to us that these customers never had any support from their Reseller and this group was moving into the busy time of the year for their industry.

Our response to that was to REDUCE the cost from $597 to $149 and allow these customers to wait until after Christmas to make any changes.

We continued with emails in November, December and January.

I can empathize with the frustration of this customer and others who worked with the former Reseller. In listening to each phone call I received it was apparent to me that we needed to do everything we could to help these people get on a stable platform for a fair price.

The odd thing through all of this the fact that we tried to help after they were fraudulently taken advantage of and yet we take the brunt of this customer's frustration.

Yesterday, the last email was sent to this customer base (6 months after our first communication). Amazingly, only a handful of companies want to receive an upgrade to a stable platform. Unfortunately, it isn't enough customers to cover the cost of the work, yet Claim the web still offered to support customer support and any direct work someone would need.

We are disappointed in the posting, but have all of the records to prove we went above and beyond to fix the situation. We were forced to act on a situation that really had a lose lose outcome. We tried our best to make it work for everyone, but didn't live up to this customers satisfaction.

Mike Auger
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Pinnacle Cart Feedback
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I am with a company that has its website hosted with Pinnacle Cart for the past year. As of this moment that I am writing this review, our website has been off-line for the past 6 days. The employees at Pinnacle (all three) say it is because they had a problem with their server and they don't have a backup server for our website. So far, we're out approximately $12,000.

During the time that our site is down, and we are looking for answers Pinnacle cart has removed their live chat from their website, and won't return phone calls. I am writing this review to try to warn all consumers that the company Pinnacle Cart, run by Desert Dog Marketing, is a horrible company that will take your money and yet won't provide services. They will cause heartache, and frustration while their poor business practices will bleed your wallet dry.

Please be forewarned, and avoid this company. Small businesses work to hard to have this sort of catastrophe.
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User Replies:
storepulls on 09/17/2007:
You are 100% Correct.

Pinnacle Cart is a horrible company that will take your money and yet won't provide services. They will cause heartache, and frustration while their poor business practices will bleed your wallet dry. did a lot more damage to me.
First when I signed up, I wanted to make absolutely 100% sure that Importing 20,000 items into the cart, that they had a way to remove sold out items.

They told me that when you update with a new feed, SOLD OUT items would be removed every time we updated.

We worked very hard for months creating the site hosted on their cart. We spend a great deal of money getting new clients to buy product from our website.

We got 5 large Fortune 500 companies to approve us so that National Sales offices could buy from us.

When they came, we just updated the site.
Almost everything they bought were sold out items.
They tried a few more times only to get more sold out items.
And long story short, we lost all of our fortune 500 account.

It took Pinnacle Cart months to even try to do anything to fix us. When then did, they gave us a new "TEST CART" , that test cart had many more problems. They would not lift a finger to try to help, only demanded that we beta test it, etc, and we did, reported tons of problems, and almost none of them were fixed.

8 months later our Critical Problem was still not fixed!
Then because they did not feel a need to protect their servers, they had a DDOS attack which left us 100% dead offline for 8 days. Then when they finally got us back up,
they sent us a letter demanding that we Take back BBB and Attorney General Complaints we made against them.
They shut us off that very next day until we could show proof that we took back those complaints.
Then a few days later completly shut us off again perminantly! So not only did they go out of their way to damge us, they put us out of business!

This is a horrable company that needs to be stopped!

If you have been screwed by Pinnacle Cart, please email us at

We want to make a class action lawsuit and put these cowards out of business where they belong. We also want our money back! Thanks, John.

Wheels34 on 10/09/2007:
I've been hosted with Pinnacle Cart for the last year and a half and found the software amazing and the company very professional.

I don't know how they "bleed your wallet dry" when you can cancel with them at anytime and the software has a money back guarantee. I've used many different products before switching to Pinnacle and I can tell you from experience their software is amazing and they do care about their customers.

I think these postings are from competitors or something.
Anonymous on 10/09/2007:
Wheels34 is a shill from Pinnacle. They have been responding to these kinds of posts for months now.
Wheels34 on 12/12/2007:
In response to superbowls comment, I am not a "shill" from Pinnacle. I run a company that uses their software, and have nothing but praises for this software product.
Anonymous on 12/12/2007:
Super, seems you judged prematurely here, no?
Wheels34 on 12/12/2007:
And on that note, the company still uses Pinnacle. So life couldn't have been that bad for them.
Anonymous on 12/12/2007:
Not at all Pirate, that's the biz were in and Pinnacle does not have a good reputation in the industry. Pinnacle does have a number of schills trying to do damage control on the Internet. Wheels34 appears to be acting as one, I will stay with my comments for now.
Wheels34 on 12/12/2007:
Yea, I'm a shill. Really superbowl, you need to investigate what your talking about. We have run this product for over 4 years now, it's a great product.
Anonymous on 12/12/2007:
Okay super, but it's climbing in helpful votes
Anonymous on 12/12/2007:
Hey relax. ~~ JMO ~~~
Anonymous on 12/12/2007:
Yeah I gave it mine as Pinnacle has upset a lot of people.

Please, it's ~~~ JMO ~~~ people can make up their own minds about it. In "my" opinion there are a lot better products out there these days.
Wheels34 on 12/12/2007:
Point taken super bowl and you are correct, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But from our standpoint they have been outstanding. We call, we get an answer. If we have an issue, they work with us to fix it. This company has gone above and beyond for us and we appreciate that. It makes you wonder though who is the shill. Maybe the company that posts a bad review and yet continues to use their product???
Anonymous on 12/12/2007:
Could be?
Anonymous on 12/12/2007:
Interesting discussion friends.
sweet tooth on 02/28/2008:
Interesting, but if you cut through the clutter of this it breaks down to this. Storepulls is moaning about how bad a company and product it is, so I would like to know why they still use the software - that is comical love hate relationship. I hate you, you're no good........but don't leave me..... LOL. By the way - I'm no "shill" as superbowl states - my site is and you can call my office and speak to me, I'm Kim an owner and have also been with Pinnacle Cart for years. Pinnacle Cart is a great product, great service, but I've learned in my own business you just can't please everyone.
abobo on 03/08/2008:
It seems Wheels34 has morphed into sweet tooth, why do you need two accounts? After being called a shill by a long time member, you pull a -classic- shill move, sockpuppetry.
Wheels34 on 06/03/2008:
Sorry abobo, I'm not a shill. I'm Mark, Kim (sweet tooth) is my partner and if you like you can read more about us go here This cart is an amazing product and we both 100% recommended it for any company. As I've posted before we have had great success with the product and like Kim, I welcome anyone to give me a call if you'd to speak to me about it.
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Pinnacle Cart
Posted by on
Pinnacle Cart, AKA Desert Dog Marketing, located at offers an online shopping cart.

This company does not care at all about their customers. You will find them to have the worst support ever, they rarely ever fix critical problems you need. Their servers are not protected against DDOS, etc, they have security holes, and what is worse, if they do not like you, they will actually go out of their way to damage your company.

I wish I would have saw complaints before I invested months of time and money, only to find out that they do not care at all about their customers. Look around the internet, you will see many other people making complaints against this
lame company.

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User Replies:
CrystalSword on 09/17/2007:
This is a COMPLIMENT how??
MRM on 09/17/2007:
The poster made a booboo, the title should be a complaint.
Anonymous on 09/18/2007:
Take your business elsewhere ?
Good luck.
storepulls on 09/18/2007:
When Pinnacle Cart went down for 8 days, we reported our site down 15 minutes after it was down. Then the next day, etc,
and we told them they are damaging us. To let us put our website on our own server. They did not even respond!
Letting us be down for another week!

Then before they shut of completly off for not taking back the Attorney General Complaint, we told them it is against the law to keep all of our customers records, invoices, sales, etc, that we need that for IRS purposes.
At the time, none of those export options worked on our cart. Then they give us some file, that was broken,
we reported that before they intentional damaged us more by taking us offline! So we still do not have legal reports!

We filed with the Attorney General, the BBB, and the IC3 today!

These people sat back and watched our company loose most of its customers after dozens if not hundreds of support tickets issued, and would not even let us put our hard work on our own server! We aksed them for that months ago, and they said because of the Dollar Days feed, we needed to be there! then before they kick us out, they do not even have the decency to give us a copy of our site so we can stay in business! Now it is going to take time to get another cart, etc. These crooks must be stopped!
user on 07/15/2011:
Pinnacle Cart is terrible, they are rude and only care about your money. This is not my subjective opinion, it's just how they operate. If you never have any issues, you might be OK, but if you ever have any, they won't care. As with most shady operations they avoid direct questions.
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