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I Will Never Give Pizza Hut Another Cent Of My Money!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LINCOLN, ALABAMA -- To Whom It May Concern: May 16, 2013
The local Pizza Hut in my city has got to be the worst running business I've ever come across in my 43 years. On a good day the pizza will arrive within 1 1/2 hours with no customer service. That rarely happens however. It is usually much worse. I have ordered my last pizza from Pizza Hut. I am sick and tired of the bad food, slow food, rude managers, and incompetent employees! Even worse, I don't think they care if they get my business (or anyone else's) one bit. It would just make their jobs easier.

A few months ago I ordered from my local Pizza Hut, here in Lincoln, Alabama. Nothing special, just an order of cheese sticks and a regular pizza with regular toppings. I was told it would be delivered to my home within 30-45 minutes. This is moderately acceptable. One hour after I ordered my food it still had not arrived so I picked up the phone and called the store. I was placed on hold for about 5 minutes and then talked to a rude employee. I told her it had been an hour and inquired about the status of my order. I was told very rudely that the driver already had it in his car and was on his way. I said thank you and hung up. Another 30 minutes passed and still no food had come. I again picked up the phone and called the store. I was placed on hold again and then talked to an even ruder employee. I was told that they weren't sure where the driver was but he had my food. They told me that he had left with it a long while ago. They said they would call the driver and check on it. Another 30 minutes passed and still no pizza. It had now been 2 hours since I ordered my food so I called again. I was placed on hold yet again and then addressed by an even ruder employee (the same one each time). I asked to speak to the manager. The manager got on the phone and told me that it was on its way and the food would be free since it took so long. I waited another 45 minutes and decided to go ahead and eat something else that I had here in my home because the pizza and cheese sticks were obviously not coming. The food NEVER came! Never! I didn't receive any food nor did I get any call telling me it was not coming. I swore I would never order from Pizza Hut again.

About a year or so went by and I decided to give Pizza Hut another chance. I figured that they have so much turnover with teenagers that it would probably be a whole new staff. Well, I was right, but this staff was just as inept and just as rude as the ones before them. I called and placed an order for cheese sticks and a pizza with normal toppings on Tuesday, May 14, 2013. I was told the order would only take 15-30 minutes to be delivered. Obviously I knew this was incorrect because it takes at least 15 minutes to make and cook the food. I did, however, expect a short wait time since the employee who took my order told me such a short time. I expected it would arrive within at least an hour. An hour went by and no food had come. I called the store, let them know it hadn't come yet, and asked for an update. She told me that he (the driver) had left with it already and was on his way. She said it shouldn't take much longer. Another 45 minutes went by and still no delivery. I called the store again and told the same girl that my food still had not come and that I was getting a bit aggravated. She said, "Oh, we've had a lot of complaints about him. Hold on and I'll call him." She put the phone down (not on hold) and came back in about 3 minutes. She said that he had the food and was on his way. I told her that was exactly what she told me 45 minutes ago. She hung up the phone. I waited another 30 minutes and still had no food. I once again picked up the phone and called the store. I was a bit more stern with my voice this time and she decided to pass me off on to her manager. The manager got on the phone and asked me for my address. I had been asked for my address already 3 times before so I said, "I've already told you my address 3 times now." She got very angry and started yelling into the phone, "I tell you what! You just keep your food when it gets there! You just don't worry about it!" Then she slammed the phone down and hung up on me once again.

The driver called me on his cell phone a couple minutes later (I assume she called him to tell him the food was free.) and said he was lost. It angered me that he was just then asking for directions and that they just send out their drivers with no more information than the address. They aren't told anything whatsoever to help them actually find the address (which is the whole point). I told him directions nicely and we disconnected. Another 20 minutes went by and he still had not arrived so I picked up the phone and called his cell phone (it had appeared on my caller I. D.). He said he was still lost and was almost back at the Pizza Hut store. He had actually given up and gone back to the store. I was irate! As mad as I was I didn't take it out on the driver because it's not his fault. I stayed on the phone with him and guided him turn by turn and mile by mile until he arrived at my house. I got my food 2 hours and 20 minutes after I had ordered it and was told it would only take 15-30 minutes. I tipped him and went inside and attempted to eat my old, cold food.

Everyone makes mistakes, but this Pizza Hut store does nothing but make mistakes! They never get the orders right and they almost always take a couple of hours to arrive. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANY FOOD FROM PIZZA HUT AS LONG AS I LIVE! I would like the girl who took my order and the manager reprimanded and punished. I would also like an apology, but I'm sure I won't get it because that's morally and ethically more than this company and its employees are capable of.
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Rudeness, Horrid Food, Lying
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Rating: 1/51
DES MOINES, IOWA -- Pizza Hut will NEVER be getting my business, my friends business or anyone in my jobs business (Music industry). I have traveled around the world, have ate at NUMEROUS Pizza Huts all over the place, and low and behold, where I happen to be "Stationed" for my job at the moment in the USA is the WORST service, attitudes and food I have ever gotten from ANY Pizza Hut. The store number is "4320".

It was on the night of 17, January 2012 around 20hr ( 8PM ). My other half called the only Pizza Hut in this area that will deliver to my house. We have had a Horrible experience once before from this store, but had a bread stick craving and ended up wanting to place an order of just bread sticks (which we did in the past) and we had no issue at all, even though it was just one order. I probably did this order 3-4 times without ever getting any hassle even though the order was under the $10.00 delivery minimum, and we live close to the store.

The second time we ever ordered from this store, we had a massive issue from this store. It took them 3x delivering and 2 1/2 hours later to get an order of a "P. Zone" (Stromboli) and an order of bread sticks. The original time they came to the door to give us an order, the food was cold and under-cooked. The dough was cold and raw, the ingredients were cold and the bread sticks also under cooked and cold. We waited over an hour to get this kind of slop. We had to call the store where they said that they would re-do the order then send it back out. The second time that the food came to the house, it was still the SAME problem. So, we called the store, once again, and had to wait to get our food.....again. This time, we just had them send a Pizza and the bread sticks. 2 1/2 hours after placing the order, we FINALLY got an "alright" pizza and bread sticks that were nothing to talk about. But, at this point, I was starving (it was also around 22.30 by this time) so I just sucked it up and ate the little bit that I could....mainly ignoring the quality of what I was eating.

On 17, January 2012, I had another bread stick craving, so thought that as a little side-treat, I would order myself some. We had a younger female answer the phone that had the typical teenage/early 20s attitude of today's society. Short, rude, inconsiderate, etc.....typical teen attitude. It got so bad, we just asked to speak to the manager on duty. Well, this really did not do the trick at all. The manager happened to be yet another one of these (maybe) in the early 20s attitude. He was insisting that I either get over the $10.00 minimum charge or else, especially with the tone he used,,,(which I will not and do not accept or take at all)...I do not get my order. After arguing with him for around 10 minutes or so, I had to order 2x orders of bread sticks.

After we finally waited 55-60 minutes for bread sticks, and for someone to drive under 2 miles to get to my place, who had a nasty attitude and was mainly 1 step away from brain-death... (mind you, this is Des Moines, Iowa. This town is DEAD. No traffic, nothing ever gets that busy etc.) I take a bite into the first bread stick to find it cold and raw on the inside but rock hard on the outside. The sauce that I got may have been red dyed, water with mild flavour. Of course, we immediately called back to tell them what was going on regarding the issue. A younger man answered the phone and had a decent attitude. He told us that he would get another order out to us A. S.A. P.

We got our order in around 25 minutes. We had a different driver, who was polite, and had warm bread sticks, that were cooked, and sauce that actually tasted like Pizza Hut sauce.

The problems do not end there.

We tried to call corporate, but they were closed for the evening. I ended up on the Pizza Hut corporate website and wrote them an e-mail explaining what was going on about this issue and that we had had other issues with this store in the past. I, of course, explained the situation in full with as many details as possible. I gave them 2 mobile numbers for them to call along with 2 e-mail addresses for them to contact myself and household through. What did we get back.......Nothing.

I wrote to them again and again (ended up to be 5x-6x over) and never any response, negative or positive. Come today, we finally got hold of someone via phone. This "customer service" representative right away was trying to get personal information asking for name and phone number associated with the complaint. He asked if he could have a moment to look up in their computer systems about the past complaints that had happened. Then, he asked if he could put on hold. The answer immediately was "No". (Getting put on hold with these companies is a great way to make you sit and wait, get brushed off, and to just sit there with dead air until you get cut off. They TRY to get rid of people and issues, but it does not work with us). He asked if we could just sit while he put the phone down but no longer get put on hold. So we waited for him to look up the information and pick up the phone once again. He left me sitting on the phone around 10 minutes of what sounded like "Dead air". We called the reps name in a louder voice to get his attention to see what was going on. That is when he came back to us and told us that he saw the other complaints that we had made regarding the complaint for 17, January. He then proceeded to tell us what "alleged" action was taken on the complaint, and we had to stop him half way through, since we noticed we were getting told one HUGE lie. I was told that an attempt to contact me had been made and a message left on the voice mail when I supposedly did not pick up the phone. We explained to him that we had never gotten any phone call or contact of any kind. If they had called, it would not of only shown up on the mobile that there was a missed call, but also that a voice mail was left. Plus, our voice mail gets checked numerous times a day. They never called. Best part is, a MANAGER supposedly called. The "customer service" guy says that he believed what we were telling him and that he is going to forward my complaint (If it happens, we will be completely shocked) further up the Pizza Hut management food chain.

If we actually get this call or not (I am guessing not), only time will tell. We will NOT give up on this matter. This is not "customer service". This is NOT how you handle an issue in ANY field. This will NOT be left until proper measures get taken. ( I would love to see at least the girl who originally picked up the phone fired....doubt it will happen). More than likely, we will be offered free food (which I do not want. Especially since 99% of the time, I only eat health foods. This was my one little treat to myself that I take once-in-awhile).

If anyone has to come, or lives in this state of Iowa (Unfortunately), STAY AWAY from most Pizza Hut stores. Issues happen in most stores in the mid-west than I have ever heard of anywhere else on the globe. This now seems to be the sickening "norm" for people who happen to be in these type of jobs / positions. More people need to call, and keep calling, about these issues that go on, and do not stop until the complaint is acknowledged and taken care of the best and fullest way it can be. It would be nice if it would teach the companies and the employees that bad service, bad food and nasty attitude employees are NOT acceptable nor will be tolerated in any form or fashion. Good, true and real customer service is a thing of the past and highly needs to come back. Unfortunately, with what is out in the World today, I do not see this happening any time soon.
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User Replies:
Alain on 02/09/2012:
You can file a complaint at to at least make this a matter of record. While it won't help your immediate problem with these folks (your direct action of walking with your wallet is most helpful there), it will add to any previous complaints about Pizza Hut.
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One Hour, Two Phone Calls To Manager To Get Forgotten Soda And I Gave A Great Tip!!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LUSBY, MARYLAND -- On August 3, 2012 a delivery driver from PIZZA HUT in Lusby, Maryland (zip 20657 & receipt ticket #131) delivered my medium pizza, cheese bread and forgot to bring my 2 litter of Mountain Dew soda. He first gave my wife the receipt and she signed it with a $5.00 tip. That is a good tip on a $20.00 order when we only live 1 mile away in an area with very little traffic and only one street light for driver to go through.

After taking receipt and putting it in his pocket he tells us that he forgot our soda and he had to run back. He said " I'll go get your soda and be right back". After waiting 25-30 minutes I called PIZZA HUT and spoke with an employee who said the driver was out on delivery and the manager had called him and he said he forgot the soda again. I told the employee that was unacceptable and I wanted either my $2.75 + tip or my soda and tip back or I could come there with my receipt for a full refund.

The employee said I had to speak to a manager. I then spoke to a person claiming to be a manager named "Lakisha". I'll admit when I spoke with her I was upset but I never yelled or cursed at her. I was telling Lakisha my story when she started yelling over top of me saying "First of all I'm not giving you a full refund and I'm not going to be able to help you with you rambling on when I need some information". After that we were both very silent for a moment, then I held myself together and said fine what info do you need.

After me playing nice, she told me my soda and tip were on their way. I then waited another 22 mins. and called back. I spoke with Lakisha and told her it's been over 20 minutes and I still haven't gotten my soda. She said that's because the driver was out on delivery and had just got back and was leaving now to bring soda. I said that I thought someone else was on there way earlier. She said she wasn't able to because the original driver was the one that had my tip.

I then said "Why couldn't PIZZA HUT give another driver the five bucks so I could get my soda we had been waiting a long time for". She then just repeated herself like a broken record but louder as if I didn't hear and said "I told you the original driver has your tip and he would bring it to you, now is there anything else I can help you with. I told her "no" and got off the phone. If this was a real manager then I'm am very sad that PIZZA HUT couldn't find anyone with respect and manners for their customers not only as an employee but as a manager that is very sad indeed.

My time on receipt says it was taken at 7:51 pm and driver first arrived at 8:10, but as a MANAGER she couldn't even MANAGE to get me my soda until 9:20 pm. When the driver finally made it to us he pulled up to the house going very fast and this time instead of using the drive way he pulled off the road in our grass. Because he came to door looking very angry and was just like here's your soda (no apology) I didn't say anything because I knew it would cause a scene in my quiet neighborhood. Needless to say I am very disgusted with the service I have had and will not be returning to at least this PIZZA HUT in Lusby, md ever again.
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User Replies:
jasonbowen82 on 08/03/2012:
Pizza Hut does people wrong!!!
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Don't Forget About Me
Posted by on
KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA -- While down in Disney World for vacation, my wife and I didn't want to eat too much in the parks to save some money. One night, before going back to the hotel, we decided to get some dinner. While driving along, we saw a Pizza Hut and stopped there. We placed an order to go for a large cheese pizza, breadsticks, and their wedge fries. We were told it'd be about 15 minutes.

We waited around the Pizza Hut, and around 20 minutes later, we got our food. The problem was that the wedge fries were missing. I checked my receipt to make sure I was charged for them, and I was. So I went to the person at the front and asked about the fries. They said that it'll be 3 minutes, that they forgot to put them in because it takes only 3 minutes to make them.

They were honest that they forgot, no harm no foul. About 10 minutes later I still didn't get my wedge fries. When I approached the person at the front again, they were surprised that I didn't get my fries. Sure enough, they said that the fries were just in the back there, ready, it's just that no one brought them out to us.

So what should have been a 15 minute wait for our food, ended up being a 30 minute wait. They didn't apologize when they brought the fries out to us.

This won't deter me from visiting a Pizza Hut. This was probably just an isolated incident at this one location. I don't mind waiting really, but when I'm forgotten about, that's when I get a bit annoyed. When I'm forgotten about twice in the same visit, on a to-go order, I feel obligated to write a complain.

On the plus side, the food was decent. It was colder than I would have liked, but I was really hungry, so it wasn't that big of a turn-off.
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 07/19/2011:
Good review.
madconsumer on 07/19/2011:
great review.

very helpful!
Anonymous on 07/19/2011:
Pizza is one of those foods that I can eat hot or cold. But waiting for food is NOT something that I like at all! Good review!
Starlord on 07/19/2011:
I love cold pizza for breakfast the next day.
Anonymous on 07/19/2011:
I used to think I was the only one who ate cold pizza from the fridge the next day. It does still taste good cold.
olie on 07/19/2011:
Cold pizza is the ideal breakfast!! Quick, easy, not messy, contains all major food groups.
Alain on 07/20/2011:
A good, balanced review, Steve. It's fortunate you checked up on them or you would have been there all night.
Venice09 on 07/20/2011:
I love pizza at all temperatures, but I only want to receive it hot. I didn't even know Pizza Hut had fries. Those have to be hot, too.

Being forgotten twice is pretty bad. Even a saint would lose patience at that point.
Churro on 07/20/2011:
If it were me I'd been walking out of there with my food and my money back but I'm one of them types. I don't believe in rewarding failure.

As always good review Steve!
kinthenorthwest on 07/20/2011:
I think that they should have offered you some sort of compensation.
Good Review.
Venice09 on 07/20/2011:
Steve, don't let the naysayers get you down. I wouldn't have asked for compensation either. I can't be bought that easily. And I don't need freebies.
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Fake Survey Chance To Win $1,000 or IPOD
Posted by on
RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA -- I received a receipt for my order at Pizza Hut. The Gentleman informed me that a lot of people had won just by entering a website on the back of the receipt. Nothing exists!! There is no place to log on to any specific survey that gives you winnings of an IPOD or $1,000. Pizza Hut should have checked this out before telling customers about a fake site.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/19/2010:
How does this site NOT exist? I had no problem getting there:

Anonymous on 03/19/2010:
A lot of fast food places are doing it now, I had a shot at $10,000.00 from Jack in the Crotch. They don't provide a logon number on every receipt, it's a roll of the dice if you get a receipt that you can enter for the $10,000.00. Never heard from Jack so I guess I didn't win.
Starlord on 03/20/2010:
Every receipt I have gotten from Pizza Hut has the website prominently printed on the back of the cash register receipt. something you might try, send an email to http://WWW. and let them know the supplier of their register tapes is not printing the site for the contest. The contest is not fake. What makes you feel it is? Don't be so anxious to ascribe evil to what is actually a simple mistake on someone's part, maybe even your own.
Ytropious on 03/21/2010:
WHY are so many people having a problem with this?? Is it like easy to make a typo when typing it up or something??
noahsgrama on 03/22/2010:
Pizza Hut takes you to a site called All you see are links to a bunch of surveys but I never found the IPOD one or winning 10,000. If you do have the proper link then feel free to let me know.
Anonymous on 03/22/2010:
"IPOD or $1,000."

That is the proper website. You have a chance on winning any of those things... but there isn't a specific survey to take for those specific things.
It even says... on that page... "Remember, by completing our short survey, you'll receive: 10 chances to win $1,000 cash... plus receive a chance to instantly win great prizes."
You just enter the information on the right side from your receipt and viola.
Anonymous on 03/22/2010:
Personally I think those surveys are a waste of time I have done thousands of em and not won squat.
Anonymous on 03/22/2010:

That tells you the prizes for that survey... which include either the $1,000 dollars cash or the ipod.
So, it is the correct website to take the survey and win those things.
It's not fake. It's not fraud. It's simple and easy.
Nosferatu on 07/23/2012:
I do not know about the Pizza Hut site. I do know Empathica is misleading the consumer. As an example if you enter the contest via Golden Corral, Dollartree, Hobbycraft, Commerce Bank or the many other companies who use Empathica for customer Feedback, you will be redirected to the appropriate Empathica link for the chain. Just look bach thought the winners lists at more than one or all the sites. You will see one daily winner for the cash and one daily winner for the iPod. I just entered the sweepstakes this last hour at Commerce bank and Golden Corral both sites have the same winner,Victoria from Penn and Keith from Fontana. I urge you to go back through the winners list for every Chain that uses Empathica and compare. I ask you this, If you are the CEO of one of these chains and you purchased 1000 iPods as a gimick to bolster sales, what would you do if someone in Ontario or the UK won one of your iPods and your company is mostly in the SE US, or vice versa. I would be mad.
Is it fake, You decide.
scottymac on 09/17/2012:
I was notified by email today that I won the $1000 prize for filling out Pizza Hut's on line survey. I own my own business, and I like feedback from my customers, so I always try to fill out easy, on line surveys for the benefit of that company's customer service dept. Good or Bad, I fill them out. To be honest, I didn't even know they had a contest because I never win contests.
I'm just worried they want my SS# and I'm going to talk to someone live, on the phone at Pizza Hut before I send them that.

If it's true, and I really did win $1000 for filling out their survey, I will post it here for all to see. I'm a stucco contractor in so calif. who hosted my friend's fantasy football draft in my warehouse, order pizza on line and filled out the online survey. $1000 is more than I can win in the fantasy league !

If the check comes, I will post it here.

EdK on 09/25/2012:
I too received an email similar to scottymac with a follow-up on 9/24. I too am leery and have called Pizza Hut directly before providing my SS#. Awaiting a callback from them.
Allen harris on 09/27/2012:
I received great service at the dine in 023986 store
joe waldron on 09/29/2012:
very happy,with are order she was very helpful. in pinecity.
Annoymouse on 06/01/2013:
I'd actually like to hear about anyone that has actually "won" and offers proof.

Otherwise I suspect Pizzahut is just selling my contact information to 3rd party spammers.
TGM on 07/24/2013:
This is for real, not a scam. Try this link to get all the help you need to be in with a chance to win:

You can thank me later after you've won :-)
Ed on 10/16/2013:
So, I guess the check didn't come Scottymac?
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Abusive Delivery Driver / Horrendous Customer Service
Posted by on
LEES SUMMIT, MISSOURI -- No words can begin to describe the anguish I recently experienced because of the poor training and unprofessionalism of Pizza Hut employees.

I placed an online delivery order from the Pizza Hut web site using an online coupon. I've ordered from this exact same online coupon before. The only difference was that last night I elected to pay with cash instead of with my usual debit card payment method.

After waiting an entire hour for the pizza and Pepsi to be delivered (it was a combo coupon for a large one topping pizza and two-litter of pop), I was greeted by a very rude delivery driver. He was tall with dark, long stringy and greasy hair. He wore jeans and a stained up sweatshirt (His appearance alone was deplorable--especially his unkept hair, which looked unprofessional and even on the verge of being sleazy--but I would have overlooked it if the next events had not transpired.)

My son is who initially went to the door. He paid the driver in cash and the driver gave him the pizza and pop. My son closed the door and the guy walked away. But in less than 45 seconds, the guy was back on the doorstep ringing my doorbell again.

“I need a coupon for this,” he said when I opened the door. “And how did you order this? Online or by telephone?” I said that I ordered online and that I never before was asked to give a coupon for it. The coupon is online and you click on it in order to receive that special price when you’re placing your order.

“Well, you’re either going to give me a coupon or I’m going to have to charge you 4 more dollars,” the guy said.

Outraged, I told him to wait while I pulled up the coupon on my computer.

The door was still open while I went into the next room to start my computer back up. (I had shut it down after placing my order.) My two-year-old daughter was standing in the doorway. It was very cold outside and I could feel cold air pouring into my house. She is just getting over a cold and the last thing she needs is to take more cold, so I told the man that I was going to have to close the door and would be with him as soon as I could print off the coupon.

Not even 30 seconds passed by and the man was again ringing my doorbell. “I have other orders to deliver and you’re just going to have to produce that coupon now, give me the pizza back, or else pay me the extra money,” he said when I opened the door back up.

In shock by his bluntness and rudeness, I told the man that he was just going to have to leave then. I said that I had the pizza and he had the cash, and he would have to just leave my property if he wasn’t going to wait a few minutes for me to print off a coupon -- which I shouldn’t even have to print off in the first place because I've never had to print it off in the past.

He then said that if I didn’t give him the extra money right then or the pizza back that he was going to report the pizza as being stolen.

I completely lost my patience at that point and told him to wait a “d**n minute” while I went into the other room to print off the information from my computer. I also told him that I was going to report him for this and that his behavior was beyond what is acceptable.

The man judgmentally said that I shouldn’t cuss in front of my kids. He also said this as his eyes shifted around my kitchen, focusing on a television set and other furniture items. He never once made eye contact with me when I was trying to talk to him. He just continued to look around my house at my household belongings, which was also rude and was even making me feel uneasy--as if the man was really here to case my house so he could come back and steal from me.

My computer had just booted up at this point in time. I told him to wait and said he could even wait in his car until I got the coupon printed. I still had to pull up the Pizza Hut web site before I could print off the coupon information. I closed the door again and went back into the computer area. I had just arrived in front of my computer when the man again rang my doorbell.

“I need the money NOW!” he said very sternly when I opened the door again. “I’m giving you one minute to print the coupon off or else I’m reporting this as stolen!” He threatened me. “Either produce the coupon this moment, pay me 4 more dollars, or give the pizza back.”

Now bear in mind here that I had already paid him in cash the exact amount I was told to pay online when I placed my order. So I did not owe him anything else. I had NOT stolen anything and was now only being harassed because he was insisting upon a coupon that was online and that I had never before been asked to print off when I placed an order after clicking on the online coupon. He was further harassing me with his attitude and unwillingness to give me sufficient time to “produce” his coupon. His attitude was absolutely abusive.

By this point I had totally lost my respect for the man. All he was doing was harassing me and was basically making it impossible for me to even get a coupon printed off to give him. I was still standing in the doorway, in shock over his rudeness when he again pressed for the coupon, extra money, or the return of the Pizza. I told him I was not giving him the pizza back until he first gave me my money back. He hesitated for a brief moment and then dug into his pocket and counted out the money my son had just paid him. He even had a tone about the amount, a tone that communicated without extra words he was angry that he was giving me my cash back. “Here’s your money back!” He said as he threw my money at me.

I went back into the house, grabbed the pop and literally threw it onto the porch. The pizza was in the living room by this time. I went to the living room to get the pizza and then handed it to the man. (I did not throw the pizza, just the pop.) I told him to leave my property that moment or I was going to call the police.

So you can visualize how quickly all of the events transpired, approximately five minutes had passed since the man first rang my doorbell to deliver the pizza until the moment when the pizza was returned to him. It takes my computer a few minutes to boot up. My computer had just booted up when he was giving me the “one minute to produce the coupon” ultimatum. And most of those five minutes in time were spent with the man continually ringing my doorbell and keeping me from even being able to print off a coupon. In other words, he didn’t even give me sufficient time to pull up my computer and print off the coupon! What he was really doing was harassing me to pay him more money. He was 100% belligerent and was not at all patient enough to wait for something that he claimed he needed.

After he left, I immediately tried to call the Pizza Hut store where the pizza delivered from. I was instead sent into a call queue for all the Pizza Hut stores in the area and was placed on hold for about 20 minutes. During this time period, I tried to find another Pizza Hut number in the telephone book. None of them dialed into any of the stores. I then looked up the customer service number on the Pizza Hut web site (it says “For Urgent Matters [call] 1-800-948-8488”). I dialed this number on my cell phone and was placed on hold with them for another 10 minutes before I could even talk to a person about what had just happened. (The fact that I could not immediately talk to someone about what had just happened only added to the issue and made me even more offended by Pizza Hut than I was before.)

I finally got to talk to a customer service representative at the “Urgent Matters” phone number. I told her everything that had happened. She took down my name, phone number, and address. She then wanted to send me out a coupon for a free pizza. I told her that that was not going to hack it for me.

This experience was so deplorable that I had no desire to ever order from Pizza Hut again. So then she offered me two free pizzas.

Now bear in mind that I have NO pizza anymore. I had waited an entire hour for the pizza to be delivered initially. I then faced the WORST delivery experience of my life and was treated so rudely that I felt that I had no choice but to give the food back to the delivery driver. I told her that she would have to give me 10 free pizzas before I would even begin to feel compensated, and even then it wouldn’t be good enough. (This is not an issue where an ingredient was missing from my order, my food was too cold, or I had a hair on my food. This is a case where I was totally mistreated by a delivery driver and had my food taken from me because he was not willing to wait for something that I never before was even asked to provide.)

I then said that what I needed was for this issue to be addressed tonight. I needed this man’s manager to be contacted and for me to get a call back to let me know that this issue was taken care of and that nothing like this would ever happen again. I also told her that I felt so uneasy by this guy--who literally threatened me (saying he would report the food as being stolen), looked around my house (which made me feel violated), and was so rude that I don’t even feel safe enough to order from Pizza Hut again. I do not ever want this man on my doorstep again and will definitely call the police if he ever does return to my door in the future!

The customer service representative was not at all understanding of my situation. She even threatened me with, “well, if you want a call back, then I can’t send you any free pizza coupons.” As if what I wanted was free pizza!

What I wanted was for Pizza Hut to reprimand this man for such deplorable behavior and to have some type of assurance that I would never again be treated with such contempt. When I asked to speak with someone that moment, the representative hung up on me!

No customer should EVER be treated so rudely by anyone working at Pizza Hut! And I have to add now that after the customer service representative hung up on me, I will definitely not ever be a repeat customer again!

At first, only the driver could be blamed for such horrible treatment. Now that I have been mistreated by a customer service representative--who by job description is supposed to make customers feel better about Pizza Hut and who is supposed to resolve issues--I now see this entire situation as a corporate matter that goes all the way back to the main headquarters. This company does not effectively train employees to treat customers respectfully, professionally, or with the kind of quality care that keeps loyal customers coming back in the future.

Let me try to summarize this whole situation.

I was mistreated by a delivery worker after waiting an hour for food when I was hungry and have two kids to feed. My food was then taken away from me because the driver literally harassed me to print off a coupon that was on the web site and that I had NEVER before had to print off after clicking on it. He would not give me time to even print it off. He rang my doorbell countless times every 30-45 seconds, threatened me and tried to accuse me of stealing something. He then left me with no choice but to give the food back. Then I was not even able to call someone locally to discuss what had happened. I had to wait on hold for 20 minutes and then another 10 minutes just to talk to someone. Then, instead of the true issues being addressed and the customer service worker making me feel better about the situation, I was hung up on by the customer service representative because I insisted on this matter being addressed the same night.

Because I have a car with a flat tire and cannot leave my house for that reason, I had to call a relative to bring us dinner. We were not able to eat until 2 hours after the Pizza Hut incident, which was 3 hours after I initially placed my online order. I spent most of my evening trying to get this matter addressed by Pizza Hut--all to no avail.

Does Pizza Hut really feel this much contempt for it’s customers?

Pizza Hut will find that this once regular customer is now no longer a customer. Why? Because Pizza Hut hires inept workers who harass loyal customers, do not immediately address valid issues, and actually leave the customer more upset than they were to begin with. (And those free pizza coupons were just an insult! I needed to hear something that would rebuild trust. Not totally destroy it. I needed this issue to be addressed IMMEDIATELY with the local manager.)

I know that most people have never experienced anything like this. I had never had such an experience until last night. But please take my advice. DO NOT EVER PATRONIZE THIS COMPANY. You may regret if if you face a situation comparable to the one I faced last night, a situation that led to anguish, extended hunger, and a still unresolved status.
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User Replies:
autumn35802 on 01/12/2008:
The only mistake that you made was paying in cash. If you had paid for it via credit card you would be able to prove that it had been paid for. He was strong arming you and trying to make a few bucks for himself. I bet you aren't he only person he has pulled this on. I would have slammed the door in his face and refused to answer it again. Let him report the pizza as being stolen! The next time you are out running errands I strongly suggest that you stop by that restaurant and speak to the manager in person.
madconsumer on 01/12/2008:
good grief. pay the frigging 4 dollars or provide your coupon. I do not see what the trouble was. many places now will only allow discounts with a valid coupon in hand. it is to easy to mis lead the store with false information.
Principissa on 01/12/2008:
This guy wanted the extra money for himself. If this was my house, not only would I have slammed the door in his face and ignored him, but I would have called the cops and reported him for trespassing and harassment. You told him you were printing it out and he could have waited.
Gannon_banned on 01/12/2008:
The receipt (which I presume was attached to the pizza) is a contract. If surrendering the coupon was a prerequisite to make the contract valid he should have asked for it prior to handing the goods AND the contract document over, not to mention it should be mentioned on the receipt itself (as usually the amount is tendered and a discount removed because payment occurs BEFORE the receipt is made--this case is an exception to that). For example, if you purchase something from Best Buy, they cannot contact you a day later and say, "Well, we know we sold you this iPod for $100, but now we are going to charge you $50 more... so give us the item back or pay the extra or we're calling the police". Like the others said, he was hoping you would fall for it and give him the extra money.
generic user on 01/12/2008:
I'm sure glad I never had to scratch out a living as a pizza deliveryman.

First there are the people who rob them with a gun.

Then there are people who are angry and self-righteous about $4. Four dollars they actually owe since you didn't present the coupon. I'll bet this guy would have had to pay this out of his own pocket if he didn't have the coupon.

I figure since you are so cheap, you didn't even give the guy a tip on the first place. He probably would have "eaten" the loss if you gave him a decent 4-$5 tip.

It's always bad karma to abuse people you meet. Bad karma can return to you even faster when you abuse people handling your food. Even if you don't believe in Karma, it's a bad idea to order a from pizza from anywhere and abuse the delivery person. They might just even the score by giving you a special free "Bonus Topping" on your pizza.
dude in lude on 01/12/2008:
you should have spent all that time fixing your flat tire so could have gone out to eat or drove your self to the grocery store.
totsmom on 01/12/2008:
Let me update this review with these comments for people who overlooked the initial information:

I have ordered from this same online coupon before. I previously paid with a debit card, and hence PREPAID in the past. The coupon is online at the Pizza Hut web site and to use it you have to click on it during the ordering process. There is nothing to print off at that point because it's an instant coupon that's supposed to be applied to the pizza cost. I was trying to give the man the coupon after he asked for it, but to do so, I had to pull up the Pizza Hut web site, find the coupon I clicked on and then print it off. My computer had been turned off before the pizza even arrived. I turned it back on and was waiting for it to boot up. The man was continuously hassling me during that time period and gave me a "one minute to produce the coupon" ultimatum just after the computer had booted up. IN OTHER WORDS, I COULD NOT GIVE HIM A COUPON BECAUSE HE WOULDN'T GIVE ME A CHANCE TO EVEN PRINT IT.

And to again reiterate for those who just don't get it, this online coupon is one I've used before. I never before had to print anything off in order to use it.

I really believe the whole issue was about the $4 cash. He wanted me to give him the cash. He then tried to get me to give him the pizza back before he even refunded my money! He didn't think I would ask for a refund first. And no, I DO NOT TIP RUDE DRIVERS with $4 extra cash when they are abusive in their behavior and give me the runaround.

The only reason why I didn't slam the door in his face in the first place was because I had paid in cash. Hence I had no way to prove my payment if he did try to accuse me of not paying him. In other words, the guy could have lied and said I didn't pay him anything at all. After he opened the door to possibly accusing me of stealing, I realized that I had to get a copy of the online coupon to him in order to get rid of him. The only problem was that the guy rang my doorbell over and over again and prevented me from even pulling up the web site and printing anything off.

My flat tire--for those who are so judgmental--cannot be repaired. It has to be replaced with new tires. My husband is also the person takes care of those things and he was at work when this happened.

If you just don't get it after this point, then pray you never face such an experience as the one I faced. My whole reason for sharing it is so people can be forewarned about this company and about these types of individuals.

The customer service representative proved to me that Pizza Hut is not the type of company that is even worthy of my future patronage. She could have easily resolved this situation with the promise of an instant call into his manager so I could discuss the matter that night. She was also rude, which told me that Pizza Hut in general is a rude company.

And again, if you just don't get it after this point, then you never will get it and you are therefore not worthy of my further time and explanation.
generic user on 01/12/2008:
"And no, I DO NOT TIP RUDE DRIVERS with $4 extra cash when they are abusive in their behavior and give me the runaround."

I get it, because I can read between the lines.

"My son is who initially went to the door. He paid the driver in cash and the driver gave him the pizza and pop. My son closed the door and the guy walked away. But in less than 45 seconds, the guy was back on the doorstep ringing my doorbell again. "

At this point you didn't tip. You sent your son to pay him and apparently he handed the poor guy too little money and NO TIP!! Not because he was rude to you, but because you apparently think that you are so special that he should be happy to bring you a pizza for little or no pay.

I'm now sure that if you realize it or not, you have had free bonus toppings many times in the past.

You are the one that just doesn't get it. You never will.

Anonymous on 01/12/2008:
Bottom line, you did not tip him and what happened was his way of getting back at you. Even if the guy looked like Charles Manson he still deserved a tip for bringing your order out to you.
Ponie on 01/12/2008:
'...the anguish I recently experienced...' Holy moley! If this was 'anguish,' I wonder how you'd behave in a real crisis? Next time make some baloney sandwiches or PB&J.
jktshff1 on 01/12/2008:
no one "deserves" a tip. It's earned.
That being said, once the driver got rude, all bets are off.
Anonymous on 01/12/2008:
Jkt, I just re-read that part. The OP did not say he was rude until he came back to the door. So when he was paid by the Son the OP had no way of knowing if the guy was rude or not, right? He was sent away with no tip without ever even speaking to the OP if I read this right. So I think he should have gotten a tip. What he looked like has no bearing on his attitude or his deserving a tip.

My guess is he left, realized he got no tip, came back and tried to get $4 as a tip by using the coupon ploy. At that point he was rude but that is after the fact that he got no tip for the delivery. Those guys live off the tips and mileage.

The OP was wrong for not paying a tip upfront, the delivery guy was wrong for playing the game with the coupon trying to get the $4. He thought the OP could not produce the coupon which is why he was pressing so hard for the $4.

I guess the fly on the wall is the only one that will ever really know who was right or wrong.
jktshff1 on 01/12/2008:
My bad...stand corrected.
Mario The Great on 01/12/2008:
Tall, dark hair that's "sleazy?" LMAO. It's nice to know that in a city of 70,700 - the 75 residents (yes, I'm a numbers guy and this is what it comes out to) that would fit this profile deliver pizza. If I only had the worlds smallest violin, I'd play it. I'm sure there was a miscommunication. Take the 2 free pizzas, 2 aspirin, wait 2 hours to eat something and call me in the morning. Not really, don't call me, I don't accept collect calls.
Anonymous on 01/12/2008:
Mario, I enjoy your sense of humor. ;)
totsmom on 01/12/2008:
Did I even say whether or not the guy got a tip? Getting a tip of any size or even no tip at all is not even the point here. The point is how he acted. Or are you implying that a tip encourages decent behavior from a delivery driver? Are you trying to say that delivery drivers are ape-like people who always act with atrocious, uncivilized behavior when they don't get a tip? So hearing that he acted so poorly made you quickly jump to a "she must not have given him a tip" mindset?

Do you see the line of thought you are going down here? And you call me self righteous? Get off your high horse and enter reality here.

The point is that he tried to rip me off. The point is that he is an employee of Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut pays him an hourly salary so he can serve Pizza Hut customers. His job dictated that he was supposed to deliver pizza orders. The point is not about tips. He chose his job, which meant that he chose to take pizza to many different types of people and to get both large and small tips and even no tips at all sometimes. And since he chose to accept a job as a pizza delivery guy, if he is worried about being held up by gunpoint or is ever robbed for real, then it's still his choice to keep working for Pizza Hut instead of looking for a different job. (And FYI, I live in a small suburban town where those types of things rarely ever happen.) He could just as easily work as a busboy at the local diner or a waiter in a family restaurant. Or even in a different type of occupation. It's his choice.

Having said that, every customer expects to be treated with professionalism whenever they are paying for any product or service. I expect to be charged the exact amount I am supposed to pay. I expect the employee to be respectful, professional, and to even dress professionally.

Now I think some people might be offended by my description of how this guy appeared. I'm sorry if you are one of those people or even if you took it personally because you have long stringy hair. But I think many people do expect food workers to be clean and not to have hair hanging down in their eyes. Do you like hair in your food? I don't. And even if he never touches the food, I would like to see clean hair that is pulled back in a pony tail while he's on the clock. That is being respectful to the customers. Not doing that tells the customer that the restaurant is possibly sleazy and even potentially nasty because personal hygiene does matter!

And once again, if you really do not understand that society expects people to behave with professionalism in any type of occupation, then maybe you are actually a revengeful pizza delivery guy yourself, the real self righteous person in this situation. Based on the comments from those with sympathy for the driver, it appears that the exact personality of the harassing driver has been pegged. Anyone who thinks it's OK to be cruel to customers and decide that "no tip" is a good excuse for rudeness toward regular and hard-working customers must actually believe that society owes them something. I feel very sorry for you, if that is in fact what you believe. Don't you realize that if you do a good job and treat all customers with respect and common decency, you may very well end up on the doorstep of a millionaire one day? Maybe that person would have given you the chance of a lifetime after being impressed by your hardworking attitude and your professionalism. Opportunity sometimes knocks very lightly. But instead of being a hardworking employee, these types of people seek revenge on hardworking, middle-class, but loyal customers who just want to feed their kids.

Someone else already said it in these message posts, and now I must affirm it. "No on 'deserves' a tip. It's earned."

But customers do deserve to be treated with respect and not to be harassed or ripped off by companies or their employees. After all, it's the customers who actually enable you to have that weekly paycheck.
Anonymous on 01/12/2008:
I should think we can be civil here.
totsmom on 01/12/2008:
I agree that we should be civil. That's my whole point! The way this guy acted was NOT civil. It is not civil to seek revenge on customers or to be rude to customers under any circumstances.
Anonymous on 01/12/2008:
pirate you should stop thinking
Mario The Great on 01/12/2008:
We are being civil. Like Angola, Sudan, El Salvador, Iraq, etc.
Anonymous on 01/12/2008:
I agree with Mario.
Anonymous on 01/12/2008:
Totsmom, thank you for coming back and posting again. My question is did you ever intend to give him a tip before he ever showed up? If your answer is no, then I believe that is why he came on so hard for the $4, ~~IMO~~.

I agree with Lidman. "Pirate you should stop thinking" (BA)
Anonymous on 01/12/2008:
I should go get food?
Mario The Great on 01/12/2008:
To test the theory of cultural differences, I ordered from Pizza hut and specifically requested a delivery driver who didn't have jeans, wasn't tall, didn't have long or greasy hair, didn't look like he was sleazy and wouldn't check out my house while my 5 year old held the door while I printed a coupon. They hung up on me. I guarantee you that I will not buy anything from Pizza Hut for at least the life of gastrotich!!!
totsmom on 01/12/2008:
I found the receipt tonight. It was underneath the coffee table in my living room. And what do I now have confirmation of? That the guy was definitely trying to rip me off and was definitely harassing me. The receipt did not even mention a coupon or any other amount. It showed the correct amount on it.

Let me tell you what. I believe that tips are not always called for. In this case, the guy really did not deserve a tip at all. That was proven by his harassing attitude. If I had not tipped him and he had been really nice, he would have earned a huge tip on the next delivery (or as soon as I could afford it). (Read your own Karma posting here, generic user. To use your own rationale, "What goes around comes around." Nice and kind driver = big and well deserved tip, even if you have to wait a while for it. And even if I am not the person who pays it out to you! Rude, abusive driver = potentially no job at all and maybe even jail time if you continue to harass people.).

I was a regular customer who was ordering at least once a week. And I normally do give tips, by the way. Pizza Hut also charges a $1.50 delivery fee, so rest assured that he was going to get some extra money. That delivery fee amount, by the way, was almost 15% of the total pizza price. Aren't we supposed to tip 15-20% anyway? Adding $4 would mean a 50% tip! That's unheard of! So whether or not I was going to give him an extra tip doesn't even matter. He certainly didn't deserve $4! Only a buck at the most. And for the record here, I am not rich at this point in my life. What I did give him was all but about $1 of the money I have until next payday--and that includes what's in the bank. (Didn't I mention that I have two kids? We are not wealthy people who live in an expensive house. We are middle class people living paycheck to paycheck--like most of the population.) I'll bet he had more money that night than I have at this moment in time. I especially believe that because I'm fully convinced that he's tried this same stunt with others in the past. So let's not feel sorry here for the "poor pizza guy." He's a jerk. Plain and simple.

I have already forwarded my complaint to Pizza Hut headquarters (certified mail, return receipt), will be forwarding letters to the local newspaper media by tomorrow morning and I also called the police the same night and filed a report. The police technically can't do anything at this point--unless the guy or one of his cronies returns--but at least it is now documented should he return, should I be stolen from, or should there be any other issues from this.

Do you really think a $4 tip is worth his job? I think he was a fool, personally. Since Pizza Hut headquarters will know about the incident by early next week, then I'll bet that he stands a chance of losing his job because of how I was treated. No company worth anything would tolerate this type of behavior from their employees. I'm curios to see if he does in fact end up fired over this. (I don't necessarily want his job over this, but I really don't see how he can keep it when he willfully treats customers like he treated me.)

It's not always smart to seek revenge, fellas. There are company rules and there is a legal system in this country. I'm not trying to seek revenge here, personally. I'm just reporting him for how he treated me. Pizza Hut will decide how they discipline him. And he was warned that I was going to report him, so it should not come as a shock to him when he finds out that I did follow through with it. You just cannot function in society and treat people like that.

And now I know that what he did was fraud. Fraud, which is a crime. (He said I had to produce a coupon or give more money, which was not a factual statement; hence he was trying to commit fraud.) So now we can also label him as a criminal, which also confirms my uneasiness about him looking around my house. All this because he wanted to rip me off for $4 lousy dollars, which I didn't even have in the first place!

I have told every single member of my family about this incident, including the guy's license plate number and his full description. My mom lives close to where he works and that same night--before she brought me dinner--she sat near the parking lot until she saw him, just so she would know what he looks like just in case he ever came back and tried to harass me again. I now realize he's the type who could stalk me or harass me again in the future.

Maybe I should cut this to the chase and go ahead and file a protection order against him? People like him--the ones who commit blatant fraud--are the kind of social misfits who are capable of anything . . .

Those people who belong to the rest of the human population, those with some civilization in them, already recognize how horrendous this whole situation is. They already have him pegged for what he is.

I would add for the decent, hardworking and God-fearing folks reading this that I now recommend never ordering food from any company at all just in case someone like this comes knocking on your door. I really think they should run a background check on pizza delivery employees, but I'm sure they don't because of the high cost. I feel uneasy about this guy, especially now that I have full confirmation that he was lying to me. I do not feel safe in my own home. Does that at all communicate how horribly he treated me? For all I know he is an ex-convict or even a murder. You should not invite strangers to your front door, even strangers representing Pizza Hut. You never know what kind of fruitcake will show up ringing your doorbell.

Maybe one day life will teach people like him the harsh fact that NO ONE OWES ANYONE EXTRA MONEY, EVEN TIPS. No one is owed extra money because their life is hard or sad or because they are poor. No one should be tipped who is rude or does not perform their job duties with professionalism. Money needs to be earned, not taken. Now I do believe in helping people in need, but I believe that such help should not be expected. If a person is moved with compassion or feels a desire to give or help someone in financial need--then and only then should they give another person extra money. NOT BECAUSE SOMEONE SOUGHT REVENGE OR TRIED TO BULLY OR HARASS THEM INTO GIVING MONEY. (And these comments come from someone who is presently struggling financially, so I truly believe what I'm saying here.) This man was rude and he is a liar and maybe even worst. In my opinion, he doesn't deserve any of the tips anyone ever gives him!

Oh, and if the Pizza Hut guy is reading this and he should ever come around me again, then I can assure him that he cannot get away with any illegal plans. There are too many paper trails from me. If my house is robbed or anyone in my family is harmed, then he will get caught. Too many people know about this, and know what he looks like even. Even if he doesn't directly do anything, the sad fact is that he really is a sleazy guy who bullies little kids' mommies.

And unless he's a total moron, it's in his best interest to open up the "help wanted" section of the newspaper, just in case he's about to get canned next week. Maybe if he'd choose to get a life, take responsibility for his problems and his mistakes, and stop harassing Mommies who are tired from working hard all day and just want to feed their babies--maybe, just maybe he'd figure out a way to LEGALLY earn money so he can have all the materials things he craves.
Anonymous on 01/13/2008:
Looking at the situation from the driver's standpoint, I don't think it had anything to do with a tip. If he had return to the store short $4 and no coupon, I would assume the $4 would have to be put in by him (the driver). If I were him, I'd be demanding the $4 or the coupon too.
Mario The Great on 01/13/2008:
The $1.50 delivery fee ISN'T kept by the driver. It's a fee added by Pizza Hut to offset several costs. Here's another thing that bothers me. You mention the $4.00 being 50% of the cost of the pizza. Let's see...That would make the pizza $8.00 and yet, you ordered a Lg. Pizza AND a 2 litter (liter) Pepsi combo for $8? Upon further investigation, there is NO coupon for a LG. 1 topping & 2 litter for $8! There is one for $10.99, BUT if you add the $1.50 and taxes in, you would be paying $13.46. That would make the $4 29.7% of the total bill and not the 50 that you so claim. Cut your losses (none), drink your whine, eat some cheese and live another day.
Vega0000 on 01/16/2008:
His carrying on delayed the printing of the coupon more... There is no law stating that consumers have to tip - so the comments referring to totsmom as "cheap" are totally uncalled for. I am sure 'most' people can relate to a time when they forgot they didn't have any cash on them to tip with, or forgot the change for the toll booth. It happens. Maybe Pizza hut should offer anger management classes to their drivers.
Purplemom05 on 01/18/2009:
I'm sorry that sounds awful, Some pizza huts are better than others. Its not every Pizza Hut but a few bad apple that give a company a bad name. He sounds like a bad apple to me.
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What really happens in a Pizza Hut?
Posted by on
NORTH CAROLINA -- This is an informative letter in response to the Pizza Hut complaints listed on your website. I have worked at three Pizza Huts in NC and here are a few things that consumers in NC area should know. I HAVE NOT eaten Pizza Hut pizza since I quit 5 months ago.

The following is only applicable to RAGE, Inc. Pizza Huts, NOT Pizza Hut Inc. (there is a difference, a big one!)

I have tried for months to figure out someway to get the word out because I can't find any help to resolve these issues. I can't help but think what if my child ate a pizza from Pizza Hut while at someone else's house and became deathly ill or worse; very young children and the elderly are more prone to food borne illness than the average adult (learned this one in Servsafe). That's another funny thing, Rage Pizza Huts are paying for Servsafe certification and then completely disregarding what they paid to teach their general managers.

While at the 1st location, we were infested with rats and our District Manager did not take care of the problem until one of our employees and customers called the health department to tell them that there were rats in the dining room and a dead rat in our water heater. The restaurant had continued to wash dishes and service food on the supposedly "clean dishes". The problem wasn't fixed until we were shut down for two days by the health department. The water heater went out at another time and we were told that we could not close, just wash the dishes in cold water and continue business as usual.

The next place I worked, I trained for my General Manager position. Recurring times I saw 1-2 day old dough go out the door to customers (if your pizza is flat, it's on old back and get a refund or another, your best bet is another pizza establishment, not another pizza from Pizza Hut, other items are probably old too) and old veggies being used on the make table and salad bar (hidden in "new" food). If anyone knows anything about dough it starts to grow yeast after a day or so of sitting and smells like alcohol; it can be potentially dangerous if eaten.

As a new General Manager, while looking for new hires, I was told "do not hire deaf people, they are loud and obnoxious." My District Manager even told me to take a 5 lb box of blackened, molded, slimy mushrooms out of my trash can and put them back into the fridge to be used (You'll be glad to know that I threw them away after he left). "We can't afford to throw away food," were his exact words. He also called me before an inspection and told me not throw away any close to or expired food, just change the expiration date on the container so the health department could not get us.

Subsequently, I had a rough week at my restaurant following a local high school graduation. We had no tables, therefore my waitresses didn't make any tips that week; we were empty, almost every sale was carryout or delivery. At the end of the week I was instructed to delete any supplemental pay that was due to the waitress to ensure that they did not received minimum wage for that week. I refused and quit.

As far as I know, no one has ever taken these matters seriously. The NC Labor board was contacted and I'm assuming blew the entire thing off because I was never contacted after telling my waitresses that I would back them up at every turn and waitresses not receiving their pay is still occurring (I still have relationships with certain Pizza Hut employees that can verify these stories). I can't file a claim with the NC Labor board because it does not regard my pay, and I can't make a claim for someone else that is afraid to lose their job in fear of retaliation. If they would just subpoena Rage Inc.'s records, you can log into their system and pull up every possible thing that happened on a person's time slip or food ticket. On the time slips, it shows what tips were claimed and what they were changed to. It will also tell you who altered the claimed tips. (Basically, GM's, Assistants, and District Managers are logging into the system and claiming that waitresses made more tips than they claimed to avoid paying 6.55 an hour instead of 2.13 an hour. I know wait staff not claiming all or sufficient tips happens occasionally but I know for a fact that my waitresses were being screwed; you can't make tips if no one eats inside your restaurant and order everything to go.)

Rage Pizza Hut will rob your children if they work for them as wait staff; they will be (excuse the term) screwed out of pay due to them, treated with no respect, forced to service inadequate and unsafe food, and discriminated against. They will also work in unsafe and unsanitary environments.

I have tried what I can, I was just wondering if maybe I could get some help from someone out there that could help bring this Nationwide Corporation's abusive practices to a halt. If it happens in 3 restaurants in NC, I'm can almost promise you it happens everywhere else. All general managers attend the same meetings in every district, the story is probably the same, just with different faces.

By the way, I don't need this forwarded to the company, they already know what is occurring, they are encouraging it. And if one of them in my region reads this they will know exactly who I am, I questioned these issues several times within the company.
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User Replies:
bargod on 11/06/2008:
So what excatly is a Rage inc Pizza hut? Is that a franchise or something? Is it connected with Pizza Hut? Sounds like an awful place anyway.
Anonymous on 11/06/2008:
Rage, Inc is a franchise of Pizza Hut, Inc.
DebtorBasher on 11/06/2008:
Thanks for the Info...and thanks for caring enough to spread the word. I'm sure this goes on in a lot of restaurants and one would never know it unless they worked there. That place needs to be shut down and those who are telling people to use old dough and slimy mushrooms should be forced to eat it!
Anonymous on 11/06/2008:
Sounds like Rage has given you rage, DB.
DebtorBasher on 11/06/2008:
Principissa on 11/06/2008:
I agree with DB. I wish that the agencies meant to protect the public from things like this would actually step up to the plate and do something about this. This is honestly one complaint where I actually believe every word the poster said. He/she reported this to the proper agencies and they did nothing. What the heck are they there for if they aren't going to do their jobs. If you wouldn't eat those nasty mushrooms or nasty old dough, why the heck would you make others eat it.
old fart on 11/06/2008:
Dirty as in "unkempt" people or dirty as in "dirty ole man" people...??
All this time I thought you liked me Basher... sniffle, sob.... whimper...
old fart on 11/06/2008:
Basher.. are you afraid to answer?.. what if I said I was an unkempt dirty ole man?
Sam Smith on 11/07/2008:
We have health departments in this country. Keep calling the county health department every time you see something wrong. I called the health department on a restaurant after I saw them pick food up off of the floor and weeks later they were closed down.
jenjenn on 11/07/2008:
If your pizza is flat, please do not assume it is old. Pizza Huts now use frozen dough and if it's not proofed properly or used before its ready, your pizza will be flat as well. As far as the inspections go, you do not know when the inspector is coming in - either state inspection, or from Pizza Hut Incorporated. It sounds like your store has some issues with ordering. If proper ordering is being done, then you wouldn't have to throw away an entire box of anything. Sometimes items come off the truck in less than desirable condition - if that's the case, give it back to the driver next delivery.
travisdavis9 on 12/04/2008:
Good for you my man do the right thing good karma will come back to you, I love mushroom, pizza without it isn't pizza.
I seriously hope these goddamn chains dominos, little cesar, poopo John's all go out of business. Did you know poopo John's charge $2 for delivery on top of their overpriced weird pancake syrup sweet sauce pizza? How the heck we supposed to tip the drivers?

Only local business or mom n pops or small chains like Round table/Mountain Mike's operate all pizza establishments.
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Debt Collection Agency Taking Your Order
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ALL CITIES ALL STATES, MINNESOTA -- Pizza Hut has contracted with a debt collection agency (IQOR) to take your order. When you call in you may reach this agency and its collectors are taking your personal information while having their debt collection software up as well. This debt collection agency collects on everything from student loans, cell phone debt, to medical bills. It would be simple for these people to copy/paste your information from the Pizza Hut database, that they have been given access to, into their collection database.

If you do in fact have an outstanding debt then you have just given them your name, address, phone number, and possibly your credit card information. If you call to order something they will do everything they can to make you think you are actually reaching a Pizza Hut when you have in fact reached this debt collection agency. I say this is dishonest so beware
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User Replies:
Nohandle on 01/23/2013:
Where did you learn this information? I'm most interested.
CUontheFlipSide on 01/23/2013:
Yeah, I'd like to know that too.
trmn8r on 01/23/2013:
Does this mean that after they steal your information, they arrange to have the order placed clandestinely with the location that you called? That's one honey of a conspiracy.
Karnamay on 01/23/2013:
The thought of this is extremely frightening.If true, you would think Pizza Hut would have better business sense.
bargod on 01/23/2013:
Do you get served a pizza or do you just get served?
BigAl on 01/23/2013:
I googled IQOR and it looks as if this company could be the call center for Pizza Hut. This is just one of the things this company is designed to do. It should also be noted that not only could this company track possible debtors it also is designed to analyze each caller for future marketing endeavors. Looks like big brother has arrived and he's delivering your pizza.
leet60 on 01/23/2013:
One of the services this company provides is call center contact agent contracting for various companies. This may include "order taking", and is not an uncommon practice today.

I work for a company, that for several years, actually took your order at the drive through for a major fast food chain. While you may have been in one city giving your order at the order station, the person taking the order was often working from home several states away.

Obsfucation on 01/23/2013:
Debt Collection is highly regulated, and requires more than a small amount of specialized training. It is inconceivable that a company would use trained collectors to take pizza orders.

This company may have different divisions, and one may be an order-taking organization, but I just don't believe that the same employees are doing both tasks, I don't even believe they are in the same facility. They have facilities located in seven countries, I am betting they have very segregated functions.

Finally, how long do you think their contracts with any vendor would last when it was discovered that they crossed lines with personal data?
DebtorBasher on 01/23/2013:
If they are representing themselves as Pizza Hut and not a collection agency, they are violating the FDCPA...misrepresentation.

I'm going to have to go read more on this issue to see what they are actually doing and how they're doing it.
JAKFK on 02/02/2013:
It seems they want my dough more than I want theirs...
surrounding on 02/16/2013:
Thanks for any other great article. Where else may anyone get that kind of info in such a perfect method of writing? I have a presentation subsequent week, and I’m at the search for such info.
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Outstanding Service!
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
FORT WAYNE, INDIANA -- Last Friday, June 29th, a major storm, with winds of 91 mph hit our city in NE Indiana. As expected, nearly 100,000 people and businesses ended up without power. Some won't get it back until this Wednesday.

Since we had no power, my partner and I decided to try KFC as we hadn't been there for a while. They had power, but also an overflowing (with cars) parking lot, so we went next door to Pizza Hut. They were busy as well, but we decided to give it a try anyway.

As we got to the door, we noticed the line of people waiting was to the door which was about 20 feet from the check-in stand. The manager was taking names and told us it would be about 20 minutes for a table. We decided to wait. During that time, the manager kept everyone in line updated on how much longer their wait would be.

Once our name was called, the manager took us to a table and took extra care and time to find an easy route to the table as I have to use a walker, making it difficult to maneuver through a crowded restaurant.

It took our server a bit of time getting to our table, but we didnd't mind as we needed time to review the menu. Once she got there, she took our order and headed off to turn it in. We headed to the salad bar at that point.

As we were eating our salads, I had a chance to observe what was going on in the restaurant. The manager bussed tables, delivered orders and kept things running very smoothly. The staff hustled to get orders taken and delivered, checked on drinks and how the meals were and generally made sure customers were happy.

I have to say that this was a situation where things could have gone downhill very quickly had the manager not kept things under control and the staff hustling to get food out.

I've sent the Chief Operating Officer of the corporation a letter commending the manager and staff of this restaurant. I hope these folks get a well deserved pat on the back!
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User Replies:
onlooker on 07/02/2012:
this is a very nice comment to read. Hope those people that ended up at Pizza Hut all recognized how lucky they were. I do hope you keep going back to that restaurant to eat. Invest their quality.
ok4now on 07/02/2012:
A most excellent post and review. When you are treated right spread the word so others will know about your good experience. Out of all of the chain pizza joints I have never had a problem with Pizza Hut. This indicates good management and employees who care.
Frequent Eater on 07/02/2012:
I never have problems with my local Pizza Hut! It seems the management training and employee training are so much better than most chain restaurants. Good for you for writing the COO about the excellent service, they hear about bad service all of the time, they need to hear when a restaurant does a good job, especially under the circumstances they were under at the time.
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Terrible Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CORYDON, INDIANA -- On 4-12-2012 went into your Pizza Hut in Corydon at 7 pm. We waited for 20 minutes to be seated by the very rude manager that was on duty. She told us to follow her and she took us to the side room.

There was a big group of people in there already and they were waiting for their food and for refills, but didn't get any. The manager left the room quickly and did not come back in for 20 minutes and then I was the one to go to the register and ask if anyone was going to wait on us and the other people that is still waiting for their food. The manager asked very rudely, "What is it you want?" We told her, our drink and bread sticks order. 15 Minutes later she brought our drinks and bread sticks and plopped it on the table and said what do you want now, we told her our pizza order and 45 minutes another server came and plopped it down for us to eat.

We had to get our own take out box, and went to the register to pay and the girl there ask for our receipt. I told her I did not have one she then asked who my server was I told her I did not have one. Another server was walking by and said it was the manager. She did find my receipt and I paid for it and left at 845 pm.

I always liked to go into your restaurant but the way I was treated by the manager I will have to think about it real hard before I go back there if ever. I just wanted you to know what happened so you can try to train your managers a lot better. Thank you for reading my complaint.
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Alain on 04/17/2012:
Let Pizza Hut know about the problem at this location so that they can inform the franchise owner:
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