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Almost killed my girlfriend
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SHEFFIELD VILLAGE, OHIO -- Inattentive staff, rude manager, long delay for appetizers and food. We walked in at 4:40 PM on Saturday afternoon and ordered a Personal Pan Supreme pizza with no mushrooms, a medium pepperoni pizza, Bacon Cheese sticks, and normal Cheese sticks. The waitress told me she didn't think they could put bacon on the cheese sticks. I pointed to the menu that said 'Bacon Cheese sticks'. I also told the waitress they need to use clean utensils since my girlfriend is deathly allergic to mushrooms.

45 minutes later we still hadn't gotten our food, so my aunt went to inquire. 10 minutes later, someone (not our waitress) put a single order of breadsticks on our table. We told her that we ordered bacon cheese sticks and regular cheesesticks

5 minutes after that, we saw her put those breadsticks on someone else's table. After another five minutes, our cheese sticks arrived at the same time as our pizza. I take a bite of my personal pan pizza, and see that there are mushrooms on it. My girlfriend (again, deathly allergic to mushrooms) grabbed my plate and took it to the manager. The manager (without apologizing) said "What do you want me to do? We can't just use clean utensils in the middle of a rush."

My family went out to the car while I waited for the replacement pizza (ordered to go) to arrive. After another half an hour of waiting, the manager brings out the personal pan pizza on a plate. I told him it was to go. He disappeared into the back, and after waiting another 15 minutes, I just left. The only positive thing about this visit was Elizzabeth, who was very apologetic, sweet, and professional. On the way home, we had to stop and get Benadryl because my girlfriend was having an allergic reaction to the mushrooms
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Alain on 02/19/2012:
You may want to contact Pizza Hut about their what their policy is concerning allergens in pizza at Given your girlfriend's reaction to mushrooms, you may also want to consider avoiding any restaurant where cross contamination is likely and possibly unavoidable.
Venice09 on 02/19/2012:
This may be a dumb question, but if the personal pan pizza was for you, how did the mushrooms affect your girlfriend?
madconsumer on 02/19/2012:
I was thinking the same thing Alain. I know people who are deathly allergic to shellfish, so they avoid all restaurants but a tiny hand full.
Starlord on 02/19/2012:
Ctystal is highly allergic to shellfish, so she is very careful when we eat at a Chinese buffet It is very nice when the restaurant labels what the dishes are, otherwise, her selection is scaled down as she can't always tell by looking if there are shrimp or other shellfish in a dish.
Nohandle on 02/19/2012:
I have a friend Mad who also is allergic to shellfish. She will not go to any restaurant serving shellfish of any kind. Two trips to the ER convinced her to stay away from all of them.
spiderman2 on 02/19/2012:
We have a friend who is vegetarian. He is very careful in any Chinese/Thai restaurants because they use a lot of oyster sauce in foods. I don't think Pizza Hut acted appropriately, but I don't think they almost killed your girlfriend since they didn't put mushrooms on her plate and she didn't eat them. If there are allergies that severe, I would avoid most chain restaurant and frequent smaller local places that are much more accommodating.
Terminator's nephew on 02/19/2012:
The customer service was a bit weak, but it seems to me your chief concern would be that Pizza Hut brought your girlfriend to the brink of death.

As I read the statement "I...told the waitress they need to use clean utensils since my girlfriend is deathly allergic to mushrooms" my thought was that if avoiding mushrooms is a matter of life and death, it would probably be best to avoid many restaurants. Imagine all the opportunity for cross contamination - not only utensils but prep and cooking surfaces.
Cwazychicken on 02/19/2012:
What I don't get is if she had an allergic reaction to them just being on your plate (I know some people have severe allergies that if they can smell it or if they kiss someone that has aten them, they can get severe), how come she had to carry the plate up to the employee? To me, if her allergies are that bad, it would've probably been better for you to return it.

Or I'm assuming they used the same utencil they used to cut your pizza so traces of mushroom went onto hers?
Mrs. V on 02/19/2012:
Most likely the same utencils and prep spaces were used to make the pizza without mushrooms as other items that used mushrooms.

Utencils, pans, prep space can me contaminated with the item(s) that someone is allergic to.

What should have happened is the cook wiped and cleaned an area to prep the food that can not have mushrooms. Also use just cleaned pans/utencils for that food.

This would have prevented cross contamination.
Nohandle on 02/19/2012:
Had I not had the friend who experienced severe food allergies I would never had known. Common sense would dictate to stay away from any place that uses that ingredient. I honestly don't know of any restaurant kitchen that preps a special area and uses freshly *sanitized* utensils for each dish. Yes, their kitchen is as clean as can be but a wipe off with a damp sanitized clean cloth won't do it. It is not feasible to expect that in a chain restaurant kitchen. Most personnel honestly don't understand what an allergic reaction can due to a person unless they have witnessed it. It's not a pretty sight.
nikalseyn on 02/19/2012:
I suspect you are being overly dramatic in stating that your girlfriend was "almost killed" and brought nearly to the brink of death, etc. Many people, including myself, are allergic to food items. It is an extremely rare person who will expire due to anaphylactic shock because they eat a bit of a banned food item, or, in your case, sat next to you whilst you ate a mushroom.
Your real complaint should be the inordinate wait for the pizza and the crappy attitude of the Pizza Hut manager.
ChuhBaca on 02/19/2012:
I see a lot of the reviews indicating that they shouldn't expect Pizza Hut to be accommodating their request. I don't agree with this. There is no reason not to expect them to comply with what I see as a reasonable request.

Obviously the management here has no concern for their customers. Had the results been worse, I doubt a court would say "well, she shouldn't be eating at restaurants..."
Venice09 on 02/19/2012:
Anyone who has ever been in a Pizza Hut knows that an immaculate pizza is never going to leave the kitchen area. It's just not going to happen. If an allergy is so severe that it causes a customer to request that the food be prepared under special conditions, then maybe the employees should just let the customer know that the restaurant cannot honor such request, giving the customer the option of going elsewhere. As Zoso25 said, it comes down to personality responsibility.
Cwazychicken on 02/19/2012:
What I'm thinking is frozen pizza is probably the way to go with severe allergies. Even then, I don't think its 100 percent that its not processed in an area with no mushrooms but many frozen pizzas don't have mushroom so that's pry the best bet.
Venice09 on 02/19/2012:
I make my own pizza at home with Boboli crust at least once a week. I know it's not the same as eating out, but it's a lot healthier and allows complete control of the ingredients and preparation. It's the only way to be absolutely sure you don't come in contact with the food you're allergic to.
Cwazychicken on 02/19/2012:
I may start making my own pizzas. My aunt likes to grill her pizzas. She will go to Papa Murphy's, buy some plain cheese pizzas and add her own toppings, then put them on the grill. I may have to try one of those sometime. With a 2 year old running around right now, I have no time to make my own pizza but I hope to try soon!
Venice09 on 02/19/2012:
Boboli pizza comes out great on the grill. It only takes a few minutes to assemble the pizza and about ten minutes to heat it up in the oven or on the grill because the crust is already cooked. I recently made a ham omelet pizza and it was very good. That took longer because I had to make the omelet first, but it was worth it. Boboli crust is expensive but I get them at half price or less at the outlet where I live.
Cwazychicken on 02/20/2012:
nice, I love omelet and I love pizza lol. Good combo!
Venice09 on 02/20/2012:
I didn't even use any sauce. I just topped it with a bag of Mexican blend shredded cheese. My husband and son put hot sauce on theirs, and I dipped mine in BBQ sauce. It was surprisingly good!
Cwazychicken on 02/20/2012:
Yum. I love shredded cheese. Its really good on scrambled eggs. Maybe ill try to make a pizza like that :D. I love bbq sauce too!
FoDaddy19 on 02/21/2012:
If your girlfriend is so allergic to mushrooms, that there's a chance she'll die as a result on ingesting one, why would you even ponder going to an establishment that sees wide usage of the very thing that will definitely kill her?

It's akin to going to a fast food place and trying avoid anything that has a speck of fryer grease on it. It's probably technically possibly, but very unlikely to happen.

I just don't understand the logic here.
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Pizza Is Good, Service, Deliveries, Carry Out, And Everything Else Sucks.
Posted by on
BAYTOWN, TEXAS -- My Pizza Hut visit was terrible! Service here sucks ass. The comunication is crap. If you want your food and you are hungry you better just wait for a good while because they have no managers or employees that give a crap. If I had the money to start my own franchise I would kick the crap out of every Pizza Hut here in the Houston area. There is a Pizza Hut 2 mi from my home and they won't deliver here because they think its another pizza huts responsibility. So after much waisted time on the phone the fammily elects to get carry out at location in Mont Belieu Tx. What an even worse idea! We ordered the food we wanted waited the 1 hr wait time then went to retrieve our food. When we arrived we found that we were not the only ones 13 other people to be exact were waiting just to pick up there food. when we finally got to the counter 30 min later the kid hands my wife half the food we ordered and charges my card. When we didn't get the wings we ordered told him he said (oh I forgot to call and tell you our machine is not working). I'm thinking what machine its wings (Duh). So many people in there were pissed off! So long story short, we get half our order and go home. Then 2 weeks pass and for some reason we decide to go back. But this time we will dine in, even worse idea. Baytown tx Garth Rd. We arrive to be seated as the sighn says. After waiting for 15 min with tables open my wife decides to put two tables together and seat ourselves. The waitress sees this and says helo and still doesn't take our order after another 20 min. At this point I am so pissed off at PIZZA HUT I am DONE. And I get fammily and storm out of the place. Sad to say but they had only one waitress. Hard to believe all this happened when all these people PAY ASS LOADS of Money for over priced service and food. IT WILL TAKE A WHOLE LOT FOR ME TO EVER USE THEM OR GO TO ONE OF THERE ESTABLISHMENTS EVER AGAIN....
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/08/2012:
If this type of service is occurring at multiple locations, then you may want to contact Pizza Hut on a corporate level. Personally, I would just go to another competitor that is willing to service their customer in a more timely manner. But if you have your heart set on the quality of the product that Pizza Hut serves, then it may very well be worth your time emailing or calling corporate. I'd love to hear back from you in the future to see what resolution you might have come to. Good review (minus the language...but I realize they can sometimes upset a person...believe me, I know!)
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Hitting my car and not telling anyone.
Posted by on
MENTOR ON THE LAKE, OHIO -- The man parked in a no parking space next to the handicap space that my Ford Explorer sits in. I live in Lost Nation Condominiums on North Lane in Willoughby, Ohio. One of my neighbors came and told me that he watched the delivery man hit my car. He tried to get the guy to stop and look at the damage he had done but he just raced off.
Upon calling the store and speaking to the manager I was told that they are not responsible for any damages done by their drivers. She was not here and she can, t believe her driver would do such a thing. I was never told that Pizza Hut was sorry that my car got hit. I feel that is a very uncaring attitude for a manager to take. I have not called the police or threatened anyone. I did not swear at anyone. I do feel violated.
This afternoon my disabled daughter and I stopped and bought food at this same store. How would you feel if this were you? We have called the Pizza Hut on two other occasions because their drivers almost hit children in our complex. The speed limit is 5 miles per hour and there are tons of kids living here. The Pizza Hut drivers are employees of Pizza Hut and should at least take some responsibility for those who work under their name.
I am not sueing anyone and I, m not mad. I am disappointed. If I make a mistake at my job I know that I am accountable but my employer is accountable also. My boss goes out of her way to make sure every guest in our establishment is happy about their time with us. No one is happy all of the time but we can all try to make that happen. I feel that no one tried.
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unhappy999 on 12/02/2011:
Why would you go to the same store where the person who hit your car worked? It doesn't make sense to me that you would take your business there. If the drivers are speeding through your neighborhood and almost hitting children, why didn't you report it to the police? It sounds like to me that you need to file a police report then the police will go to the Pizza Hut and be able to locate the driver and he could be charged with leaving the scene of an accident especially since you say there was a witness. Then the driver's insurance will be responsible for fixing your car.
trmn8r on 12/02/2011:
Pizza Hut isn't going to take responsibility for their alleged driver's actions, and that explains why they did not apologize. Your only recourse, I'm afraid, is pursuing a complaint with the police.

I think the one who should be apologizing is the guilty party - the driver.
Anonymous on 12/03/2011:
File a report with the police. They will investigate and match the damage on your vehicle with that of the driver. Also, alert your insurance company. Those folks love investigating this type of incident.
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Very Poor Service in Cortland, NY 13045
Posted by on
CORTLAND, NEW YORK -- During the weekend of January 15th and 16th (2011), my wife really wanted a $10 Large Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut. So, on Saturday night around 7:30pm I called the Cortland, NY Pizza Hut for a Large Pan Pizza. I was told by an associate that they had just run out of Pan Pizzas, but I could order any of the more expensive pizzas but if I wanted to wait it would another 2 hours before another patch of dough was made (bait and switch?). So, given the time, I decided to not order out that night.

On Sunday night, January 16, we gave Pizza Hut another shot. I called around 6pm to order the Large Pan Pizza. The gentleman on the phone told me that they "had just run out of Large Pan Pizzas". I explained to the employee that this is the second night in a row they were out of Pan Pizzas. I asked him how could they be offering a $10 Large Pan Pizzas and not have any in stock. He responded, "that's Pizza Hut for you". I did not place any order at this time. I got off the phone, and immediately redialed to talk to Pizza Hut Management in Cortland, NY.

I explained very calmly to management my position, and the "management", who did not give me her name, did not apologize, she just told me that Pan Pizza had just come out and the associate did know any better to check. Well, I placed an order for a $10 Large Pan Pizza, and picked it up. I was sure this was a Pan Pizza, it was rung up as a Pan Pizza. Having been a customer of Pizza Hut for over 2 decades, let me say, that the pizza I picked up WAS NOT a Large Pan Pizza, it looked more like a medium hand-tossed pizza which was BURNED! I took pictures which I will be placing on Twitter. The young lady LIED to me. Out of this whole experience, I think the lying is the worse you can do to a customer.

We live here in Cortland County and I am very disappointed with my experience at this Pizza Hut, and will be very hard pressed to recommend it to any friends, bring any visitors to eat there or even suggest eating there during Jets camp... On a scale of 1 out of 5? a ZERO!
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OMG Awesome!
Posted by on
A most amazing thing happened at PH today!

It's Saturday and I didn't feel like cooking dinner. I cook dinner all week. My husband got called out to do some installs and won't be home until after 10. I figured I would have dinner ready for him, a stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut! They're on sale for 10 bucks now.

I placed my order online for pick up after deciding to save the 2 dollar delivery fee + tip. I decided that I wanted a chicken alfredo stuffed crust pizza, a special creation. They have a chicken alfredo "super specialty" pizza at most PH locations. You just have to specify that you want white/alfredo sauce in the comments section of your pizza order, on any pizza. So far they've always gotten it right, but I fear every time that they won't read it and accidentally give me red sauce. I would still take it, I'm not one to complain or fret over such trivial matters. I simply enjoy white sauce pizza more than red. I also took advantage of a 5 dollar coupon to get bread sticks and a 2 liter Pepsi product. Meaning I get a 2 liter for a buck, not too bad. My total was 15 bucks.

I go to the store after 40 minutes to pick up my order. I was greeted promptly and watched the girl scan the pick up rack for my order. None of the orders had the right amount of boxes to be mine. I fretted a little, was I too early, did my order not go through? She picks up an order with 2 large pizza boxes, bread stick container, an 2 liter of mountain dew. I start pondering in my head...did I accidentally order a second pizza?

She quickly explains that the guys made my pizza twice by accident, and being such a "special" pizza, they figured they would just give me the mistake. ::blink blink:: Free pizza? For me?!

I worked in pizza once, Chuck E Cheese. In the rare event we had a mistake pizza it would either go in the trash, passed on to the next customer who ordered one (if it was a fast selling normal pizza like plain or pepperoni) or eagerly gobbled up by us hungry workers. I was completely blown away that a mistake pizza had survived long enough to be passed through to me, free of charge. I scanned the counter for a tip jar to toss a couple of bucks in, but alas there was none to be found. I happily thanked the girl and left with my bounty. When I got home I noticed what the mistake was, one pizza had red sauce, one had white. My husband will be THRILLED to have an entire red sauce pizza to himself, he prefers red over white.

I know it's a silly thing to be complimenting, but it's silly things like that that make me, yt, a happy, loyal customer.
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 01/08/2011:
The particular location would be helpful. Good review.
DebtorBasher on 01/08/2011:
Not silly at all...rare yes...silly no! It's the little things like that, that will keep customers coming back!
Anonymous on 01/08/2011:
Well now you have lunch for tomorrow thanks to their mistake. Glad to hear they gave you the pizza instead of making it their employee's dinner.
Skye on 01/08/2011:
It's never a silly thing to compliment a good experience!

Nice review.
Venice09 on 01/09/2011:
Something like that would make me more than silly. I'd be doing the dance of joy out in the street! What a great way to put a smile on a customer's face.
momsey on 01/09/2011:
That is awesome! I've been dying for their stuffed crust pizza.
Alain on 01/09/2011:
Delicious compliment, YT!
Inat on 01/09/2011:
same thing happened to me at PF Changs a couple weeks ago - little things like that definitely make a customer happy and willing to come back
Ytropious on 01/09/2011:
I will be swimming in stuffed crust pizza for days. I would include a location, but we have no idea if this is how corporate would want the store to act. I don't want them to get in trouble over it if corporate would rather them have thrown it away or reused it or something.
Anonymous on 01/09/2011:
Nice comp.
ok4now on 01/16/2011:
You did well, way to go!!! P.H. is not the best but you definitely got your money's worth on this one.
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Unsatisfactory Pizza
Posted by on
ATTALLA, ALABAMA -- Yes, I am a 46 yr. Old lady who is bedridden in a nursing home and I have to go to dialysis 3 days a week in an ambulance. I really like Pizza Hut supreme pan pizza. I have been in the nursing home going on 2 years. I have ordered 6 pizzas from Pizza Hut. Out of the 6, only 1 was good enough to eat. To me that is bad for a company to have only one decent enough to eat out of 6. I would have been better off with a digornio frozen pizza and let me add my own cheese. Example: it was mother's day last year and I wanted a pizza, because I have 3 boys and they were not able to come and see me and I was very upset about that, so I decided to treat myself and ordered delivery. Well, I called the local Pizza Hut and when I was on the phone with the girl, I gave her my debit card number then I said hey let me call you right back, I forgot to call my bank and check my balance, I knew it was close. So I hung up, immediately called my bank and it only took a few seconds, I am a fast dialer lol and I was already overdrawn! That girl at ph ran my debit card through despite me telling her I would call her right back. So I called ph back and said, I said this is so and so and I need to talk to the girl that was taking my order. She said she got sick and went home. I had just talked to her 1 min. Before?

I really believe the 2nd phone call was the one who ran my debit card through. I ordered a pizza. It was delivered and it was crappy. I had to call my dad and get him to make me a cash deposit in my checking acct. The next day before 2 p. M, so I would not overdraw. I tried to complain to ph on their website, but it is impossible. I fill it out in minute detail and when I hit submit, it says, remove any special characters. Well, I don't have any special characters. This is a plan from ph to not have to hand out refunds because of their inferior food products. I brag to people that there is no other pizza to order except Pizza Hut pan supreme. Is it true that they take vegetables off the salad bar and put them in the vegetables so they go on the pizza to save money? Oh, I hope not. Why will the website complaint dept. Work right? I want a refund on my mother's
day disaster. The last pizza I got was the special large hand tossed one topping for 999. My son picked it up 20 minutes away and when I first saw it, it looked like it had been baked early that morning and sit out all day and I was the lucky one to get it. It was after 8 pm when I got it.

I have bought 6 pizzas from 2 Pizza Huts in the last 18 months, and only one was great and the other 5 should have been returned and refunded. But, I am in a nursing home and have no way to do this. I would love to be refunded the 5 pizzas, but I know they won't do that. Even though, I have been a customer for over 25 years. If they would just refund me the mother's day pizza, I would be happy. It is bad not to be able to see your 3 boys on mother's day and then get excited about eating a pizza and then get treated like I did. Pizza hut, what are you going to do for one of your long long time loyal customers for her mother's day disaster?

Teresa sigler
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/08/2009:
Take your personal information (full name and telephone number) out of this post.
Anonymous on 02/08/2009:
Posting your Personal info on the net is a no no.
GenuineNerd on 02/08/2009:
Are there any other alternatives to Pizza Hut in your area, preferably a local mom-and-pop pizza place? Often times, the pizzas from the local places are better than those from the chains.
Anonymous on 02/08/2009:
That is a good suggestion GenuineNerd. A lot of time the mom-and-pop places ARE much better. They may be a tad more expensive or may take a little bit longer but the service you receive and the quality of the food is usually better.
Anonymous on 02/08/2009:
Okay, so you're wanting a refund from the pizza you ordered almost a year ago? Why oh why didn't you pick up the phone and CALL them wayyyyy back then when it happened instead of waiting til now?
Starlord on 02/09/2009:
No, they do not take the toppings off the salad bar to make the pizzas. Always watch them making my pizza, and I woud walk out if they ever took stuff off the salad bar for my pizza. Sounds to me like you have a bad Pizza Hut there, because the ones I have been to, with one exception were clean and the workers well-trained. I think you need to find another pizza joint, or at least another Pizza Hut.
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Be A Doormat... Or Else!
Posted by on
Honestly, for a lot of what's posted on here, if these things had happened to me I'd be pissed too.

However, for issues such as Extra Cheese not being counted as a topping or a manager not yelling at other customers for you...we're really not allowed to do that.

Pizza Hut in general is very strict on these matters, and the employees often have absolutely no wiggle room on their policies.

I often work phones, and let me say; people are very misunderstanding when giving orders over the phone.

They can't see that you're working hard to get this POS computer system (MS DOS, in all honesty) up and working like it was a moment ago. If it doesn't accept your extra cheese as a topping, I'm really very sorry, but I can't re-program the system and it won't let me place your order w/o those other toppings and/or charging you an extra $1.50 for freakin' cheese.

It's ridiculous, yes. But can I change it? No. So please don't yell my ear off over the phone about it, it's really very rude. Especially considering that I rely on this job and am trying very hard to be polite to you.

Some people don't know how to treat others with respect; trust me, I get plenty of belligerent individuals for customers (as do my co-workers). This is why I do my best to treat each customer as an individual. I'm not about to treat table A1 like crap because a kid at D3 kicked me. I, in turn, would like this same respect.

If your daughter brought home bad grades, your bf broke up with you, your husband didn't do the dishes, or woofie just ran away; I'm really very sorry to hear that and I'll try to cheer you up. But please, do not mistreat your server because of something that's going on in your personal life!

My dad's in the hospital right now, but I still come out to every table and answer every phone with that Barbie-brand smile plastered on my face. Why can't I get that back?

It's called "Customer Service", not "Server Abuse".

It takes about 15 minutes to make a pizza that is cooked properly. I would never serve you something I knew to be cooked for less or to be left out as it would probably give you food poisoning.

For those with little ones that don't like to sit still I recommend carry out or asking your server for some crayons and a coloring mat (often we have them but they're low so we don't usually bring them out. If you asked your server, you could probably get them (if, of course, they're in stock)). I am VERY sorry there were no booster seats available, I've never seen a Pizza Hut in MI without them, but I'm sure it probably happens now and then. I watched my little cousins on a daily basis for about two years (which included taking them out to eat) so I know how difficult of a situation that can create.

I very much hope that you'll give perhaps another Pizza Hut store near you a chance!!! ^_^

Thank you for your time!
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 05/26/2008:
words of wisdom.

to many poeple have no clue on manners. let alone common laws and standard practices.
yoke on 05/26/2008:
Why do some families expect the restaurant to have things to entertain their kids and then get upset when they do not. When my kids were younger I always had a bag of little toys to keep them occupied while waiting for the food.
jktshff1 on 05/26/2008:
When our kids were small, we did not go to restaurants until they minded better than our dog.
old fart on 05/26/2008:
Very well written!
Anonymous on 05/26/2008:
Darned good writing. We judge our conduct by our intentions, and we judge the conduct of others by their actions alone. This poster is a valuable employee and would be an asset to any company. What a great attitude!
Starlord on 05/26/2008:
Hear, Hear! I have seldom seen this expressed so well. The customer is there to purchase goods or services, not to make the server feel like dirt. If someone called them to account for a mistake they made, they would feel nuch put upon, but they don't mind making the server for them feel miserable.
Anonymous on 05/26/2008:
I think that's why people insult servers or clerks if a service or product does not meet their expectations. The purchaser 'feels' badly or 'betrayed' by getting what they perceive as a 'bad deal'. In short, their esteem is injured. As a result, the customer endeavors to make the clerk/server feel as badly (by injuring the clerk's/server's esteem) as the consumer felt in the deal.
Octslavia on 05/28/2008:
Well written. You should check out my review kind of the same thing you are saying... People just don't understand.
Anonymous on 05/28/2008:
One of the best reviews in sometime around here, thanks.
kismentia on 09/09/2008:
I cannot agree with you more. I work at Pizza Hut as a shift manager and often times, I'm stuck with newer and less knowledgeable employees. They are trained well, but we all make mistakes, especially while in the learning phases of training. The worst I get is a customer who yells at me for a mistake that I didn't know even occurred--a driver forgot my soda, I was supposed to have different toppings, etc. and I resolve the problems the best way that I can...but when it's a delivery problem and the customer cannot pick up a free pizza, yes, it will take another 30-45 minutes for the proper delivery to arrive. More often than not, I end up offering the pizza for free plus credit for next time, and then I get customers who try to use the credit twice and lie about having used it! I just want everyone to remember that people who work in the field of fast food/restaurants are making YOUR FOOD.
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Customer Service
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LOMPOC, CALIFORNIA -- On April 29.2005 I placed an order over the phone and I was speaking to Brian an employee over the phone. I asked if that had the pizza strips that were $9.99 and Brian said in a rude tone of voice "We never had those" but we do have the dipping strip pizzas. I said I will take one order with all Ranch. Then I asked for a family order of Bread stick. He said you mean double order right. " I said yes a double order." He was very rude over the phone to me. I asked for his name and he paused and said my name. I said yes do you have a name. He finally gave it to me. I went to pick up my order and asked to speak to the manager.

Spoke with manager and explained the issue I had with Brian over the phone. The manager said to me "Oh Brian would never say that he is such a quiet boy" and walked off. I was very unhappy. I got on the computer with Customer service that night and 10 days later I received a coupon for a free pizza of Choice. I was happy that my complaint was read. Then I walked into the Pizza Hut Restaurant on May 12.2005. I had a free pizza coupon from a previous complaint. Coupon stated Free Pizza On Us. I asked for an X-Large Pizza. Gave coupon to employee. Employee took coupon over to manager and came back to me and stated that we ran out of X-Large pizzas for the night. I ordered a large pepperoni and ham. I was told the pizza would be ready in 25 minutes. I ran to the store and came back 30 minutes later to pick up my pizza. My order was NEVER placed. The manager Bea Xiong said to me oh you never came in to place order did you. I told him YES I did and this gentlemen took my order. He started to argue with me. Mr.Xiong finally put my order in the computer 5 minutes later and told me it would be ready in 35 minutes. It was getting late and I was hungry and not very happy. I told him to have it delivered and he told me It would be an 1hr to have it delivered.( I live less than 3 miles from Pizza Hut) He started getting an attitude with me. I left go go home and the pizza was at my house 55 minutes later. I had my dad call and ask if they had X-Larger pizza and they told him yes what kind would you like.

He then explained that my daughter was in there earlier and was informed to her you didn't Mr. Xiong said oh it must have been a miss understanding. Ya right. I was a CUSTOMER that was LIED to. The coupon never stated what size of pizza you get for free. Pizza hut has UPSET me two times in the last 3 week. I will find another place to order pizza for a while. The staff at the location are extremely rude to customers and they don't care how they treat there customers. Corporate needs to go in and take some control.
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generic user on 05/21/2005:
I'm sure that Pizza Hut won't miss your "Business", if that's what you want to call it. They make money from selling pizza to honest customers, not giving them away to perpetually disgruntled scam artists. on 06/03/2005:
I really hope you didn't eat the pizza that was delivered, I'm sure there was lot of 'extra' toppings on it.
MsDownshift on 08/06/2006:
Yes, and this store like so many others will soon be closed due to the poor customer service. The managers don't realize if they have no one to serve they just put themselves out of a job!
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Disrespect to Customer
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TOWSON, MARYLAND -- Manager disrespectful. I truly had a bad experience. The first was a Book It pizza I ordered for my granddaughter. I ordered a sausage pizza and they gave us cheese but took it back. Then instead of giving us a new sausage pizza, they threw some sausage on top of the cheese pizza and gave it back. I didn't say anything and accepted it instead of arguing for a new one which they should have given us. Then while biting my second slice of my stuffed crust sausage pizza I found a piece of hair in my pizza. When I reported it the waitress asked me if I wanted a new pizza or my ticket discounted. This was the first time I ever had this happen so I didn't know what to say. I asked how much was the discount cause I really wasn't feeling another chance of hair. She asked at the counter and I heard the manager say," She's not getting it for free." I wasn't looking for free' We did order the pizza and we did have three and a half slices before I saw the hair. It was clearly under the undisturbed cheese, not on top. He made me feel as if I put it there to get free food which I didn't. I didn't want free just courtesy.
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Manager Allowing a Dog in Her Store
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WEAVERVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Before the store was to open I saw a woman come from the inside out, to walk a dog. This was at 10 am, realizing it wasn't time to open I wondered why. When she went back inside with the dog, a Scottish terrier, I went to ask why a dog was inside. It is a public place, the so called manager began to yell at me like it wasn't my business, WRONG . She was going to call police but I couldn't under stand why since she was the only one who was breaking the rules. In the past I service there business but not now. I think the manager of that store was the real dog!
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FoDaddy19 on 12/22/2013:
You see, it's not a public place, private business = private property. And if you showed up before they were open and demanded and explanation, some people might not appreciate being confronted like that.

I will say that unless the dog was a service dog, it probably shouldn't have been there, if you had a concern about that then you probably should've called the local health inspector instead.
clutzycook on 12/22/2013:
Are you the owner of the store or something? Report it to the public health department.
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