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Abusive Delivery Driver/Horrendous Customer Service
By -

LEES SUMMIT, MISSOURI -- No words can begin to describe the anguish I recently experienced because of the poor training and unprofessionalism of Pizza Hut employees. I placed an online delivery order from the Pizza Hut website using an online coupon. I've ordered from this exact same online coupon before. The only difference was that last night I elected to pay with cash instead of with my usual debit card payment method.

After waiting an entire hour for the pizza and Pepsi to be delivered (it was a combo coupon for a large one topping pizza and two-liter of pop), I was greeted by a very rude delivery driver. He was tall with dark, long stringy and greasy hair. He wore jeans and a stained up sweatshirt. (His appearance alone was deplorable -- especially his unkempt hair, which looked unprofessional and even on the verge of being sleazy -- but I would have overlooked it if the next events had not transpired.)

My son is who initially went to the door. He paid the driver in cash and the driver gave him the pizza and pop. My son closed the door and the guy walked away. But in less than 45 seconds, the guy was back on the doorstep ringing my doorbell again. "I need a coupon for this," he said when I opened the door. "And how did you order this? Online or by telephone?" I said that I ordered online and that I never before was asked to give a coupon for it. The coupon is online and you click on it in order to receive that special price when you're placing your order.

"Well, you're either going to give me a coupon or I'm going to have to charge you 4 more dollars," the guy said. Outraged, I told him to wait while I pulled up the coupon on my computer. The door was still open while I went into the next room to start my computer back up. (I had shut it down after placing my order.) My two-year-old daughter was standing in the doorway. It was very cold outside and I could feel cold air pouring into my house. She is just getting over a cold and the last thing she needs is to take more cold, so I told the man that I was going to have to close the door and would be with him as soon as I could print off the coupon.

Not even 30 seconds passed by and the man was again ringing my doorbell. "œI have other orders to deliver and you're just going to have to produce that coupon now, give me the pizza back, or else pay me the extra money," he said when I opened the door back up. In shock by his bluntness and rudeness, I told the man that he was just going to have to leave then. I said that I had the pizza and he had the cash, and he would have to just leave my property if he wasn't going to wait a few minutes for me to print off a coupon -- which I shouldn't even have to print off in the first place because I've never had to print it off in the past.

He then said that if I didn't give him the extra money right then or the pizza back that he was going to report the pizza as being stolen. I completely lost my patience at that point and told him to wait a "** minute" while I went into the other room to print off the information from my computer. I also told him that I was going to report him for this and that his behavior was beyond what is acceptable.

The man judgmentally said that I shouldn't cuss in front of my kids. He also said this as his eyes shifted around my kitchen, focusing on a television set and other furniture items. He never once made eye contact with me when I was trying to talk to him. He just continued to look around my house at my household belongings, which was also rude and was even making me feel uneasy -- as if the man was really here to case my house so he could come back and steal from me.

My computer had just booted up at this point in time. I told him to wait and said he could even wait in his car until I got the coupon printed. I still had to pull up the Pizza Hut web site before I could print off the coupon information. I closed the door again and went back into the computer area. I had just arrived in front of my computer when the man again rang my doorbell. "I need the money NOW!" he said very sternly when I opened the door again. "I'm giving you one minute to print the coupon off or else I'm reporting this as stolen!" He threatened me. "Either produce the coupon this moment, pay me 4 more dollars, or give the pizza back."

Now bear in mind here that I had already paid him in cash the exact amount I was told to pay online when I placed my order. So I did not owe him anything else. I had NOT stolen anything and was now only being harassed because he was insisting upon a coupon that was online and that I had never before been asked to print off when I placed an order after clicking on the online coupon. He was further harassing me with his attitude and unwillingness to give me sufficient time to "produce" his coupon. His attitude was absolutely abusive.

By this point I had totally lost my respect for the man. All he was doing was harassing me and was basically making it impossible for me to even get a coupon printed off to give him. I was still standing in the doorway, in shock over his rudeness when he again pressed for the coupon, extra money, or the return of the Pizza. I told him I was not giving him the pizza back until he first gave me my money back.

He hesitated for a brief moment and then dug into his pocket and counted out the money my son had just paid him. He even had a tone about the amount, a tone that communicated without extra words he was angry that he was giving me my cash back. "Here's your money back!" He said as he threw my money at me. I went back into the house, grabbed the pop and literally threw it onto the porch. The pizza was in the living room by this time. I went to the living room to get the pizza and then handed it to the man. (I did not throw the pizza, just the pop.) I told him to leave my property that moment or I was going to call the police.

So you can visualize how quickly all of the events transpired, approximately five minutes had passed since the man first rang my doorbell to deliver the pizza until the moment when the pizza was returned to him. It takes my computer a few minutes to boot up. My computer had just booted up when he was giving me the "one minute to produce the coupon" ultimatum. And most of those five minutes in time were spent with the man continually ringing my doorbell and keeping me from even being able to print off a coupon

In other words, he didn't even give me sufficient time to pull up my computer and print off the coupon! What he was really doing was harassing me to pay him more money. He was 100% belligerent and was not at all patient enough to wait for something that he claimed he needed. After he left, I immediately tried to call the Pizza Hut store where the pizza delivered from. I was instead sent into a call queue for all the Pizza Hut stores in the area and was placed on hold for about 20 minutes.

During this time period, I tried to find another Pizza Hut number in the telephone book. None of them dialed into any of the stores. I then looked up the customer service number on the Pizza Hut website (it says "For Urgent Matters [call] 1-800-948-8488"). I dialed this number on my cell phone and was placed on hold with them for another 10 minutes before I could even talk to a person about what had just happened. (The fact that I could not immediately talk to someone about what had just happened only added to the issue and made me even more offended by Pizza Hut than I was before.)

I finally got to talk to a customer service representative at the "Urgent Matters" phone number. I told her everything that had happened. She took down my name, phone number, and address. She then wanted to send me out a coupon for a free pizza. I told her that that was not going to hack it for me. This experience was so deplorable that I had no desire to ever order from Pizza Hut again. So then she offered me two free pizzas.

Now bear in mind that I have NO pizza anymore. I had waited an entire hour for the pizza to be delivered initially. I then faced the WORST delivery experience of my life and was treated so rudely that I felt that I had no choice but to give the food back to the delivery driver. I told her that she would have to give me 10 free pizzas before I would even begin to feel compensated, and even then it wouldn't be good enough.

(This is not an issue where an ingredient was missing from my order, my food was too cold, or I had a hair on my food. This is a case where I was totally mistreated by a delivery driver and had my food taken from me because he was not willing to wait for something that I never before was even asked to provide.) I then said that what I needed was for this issue to be addressed tonight. I needed this man's manager to be contacted and for me to get a call back to let me know that this issue was taken care of and that nothing like this would ever happen again.

I also told her that I felt so uneasy by this guy -- who literally threatened me (saying he would report the food as being stolen), looked around my house (which made me feel violated), and was so rude that I don't even feel safe enough to order from Pizza Hut again. I do not ever want this man on my doorstep again and will definitely call the police if he ever does return to my door in the future! The customer service representative was not at all understanding of my situation. She even threatened me with, "Well, if you want a call back, then I can't send you any free pizza coupons." As if what I wanted was free pizza!

What I wanted was for Pizza Hut to reprimand this man for such deplorable behavior and to have some type of assurance that I would never again be treated with such contempt. When I asked to speak with someone that moment, the representative hung up on me! No customer should EVER be treated so rudely by anyone working at Pizza Hut! And I have to add now that after the customer service representative hung up on me, I will definitely not ever be a repeat customer again!

At first, only the driver could be blamed for such horrible treatment. Now that I have been mistreated by a customer service representative -- who by job description is supposed to make customers feel better about Pizza Hut and who is supposed to resolve issues -- I now see this entire situation as a corporate matter that goes all the way back to the main headquarters. This company does not effectively train employees to treat customers respectfully, professionally, or with the kind of quality care that keeps loyal customers coming back in the future.

Let me try to summarize this whole situation. I was mistreated by a delivery worker after waiting an hour for food when I was hungry and have two kids to feed. My food was then taken away from me because the driver literally harassed me to print off a coupon that was on the web site and that I had NEVER before had to print off after clicking on it. He would not give me time to even print it off. He rang my doorbell countless times every 30-45 seconds, threatened me and tried to accuse me of stealing something. He then left me with no choice but to give the food back.

Then I was not even able to call someone locally to discuss what had happened. I had to wait on hold for 20 minutes and then another 10 minutes just to talk to someone. Then, instead of the true issues being addressed and the customer service worker making me feel better about the situation, I was hung up on by the customer service representative because I insisted on this matter being addressed the same night.

Because I have a car with a flat tire and cannot leave my house for that reason, I had to call a relative to bring us dinner. We were not able to eat until 2 hours after the Pizza Hut incident, which was 3 hours after I initially placed my online order. I spent most of my evening trying to get this matter addressed by Pizza Hut -- all to no avail. Does Pizza Hut really feel this much contempt for it's customers?

Pizza Hut will find that this once regular customer is now no longer a customer. Why? Because Pizza Hut hires inept workers who harass loyal customers, do not immediately address valid issues, and actually leave the customer more upset than they were to begin with. (And those free pizza coupons were just an insult! I needed to hear something that would rebuild trust. Not totally destroy it. I needed this issue to be addressed IMMEDIATELY with the local manager.)

I know that most people have never experienced anything like this. I had never had such an experience until last night. But please take my advice. DO NOT EVER PATRONIZE THIS COMPANY. You may regret if if you face a situation comparable to the one I faced last night, a situation that led to anguish, extended hunger, and a still unresolved status.

Delivery Times and Telephone Issues
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Rating: 1/51

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- The telephone line to Pizza Hut is a constant busy signal. It's been like that for the last two days now. You can't call to place an order and when you are able to get a delivery, it's such a long wait time for a delivery. When you finally get your order delivered, your food will be cold or either they don't get it right. This issue needs to be fixed asap - it's just plain ridiculous and very very unprofessional. You guys need to get more better on your customer service skills.

No Delivery Service
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Rating: 1/51

MITCHELLVILLE, MARYLAND -- I used to order pizza's from Pizza Hut. They have been delivering since we've been here at this address for the past 3 yrs. Now, they tell us that they are not supposed to deliver in our neighborhood. They are only 1.14 miles from where we live. I would like to know why now they aren't supposed to deliver? I have decided not to buy any more pizza's from Pizza Hut.

Bad Service, Food Tasted Horrible
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Rating: 1/51

ODESSA, TEXAS -- This Pizza Hut has horrible service. It took about twenty minutes for us to even get a waitress. Then they didn't even refill our drinks, never checked if we needed anything. The cheese sticks were cold and the stuffed crust was thin instead of thick. I really hope this gets resolved because this isn't the first time and it's just art the west county in Odessa that gives horrible service.

Unbelievably Awful Pizza
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

OTTAWA, ON, CANADA -- On Wednesday I ordered a "meat-lovers" medium pizza with two additional pizzas at $5 each. Delivery took 1 hour even though the closest Pizza Hut is a 5 minute drive from my house. The pizzas were COLD when they arrived and each one had very little filling, almost no cheese, meat or sauce. When I complained to the store they offered me a 20% discount on my next order, a real insult since I will certainly not be doing Pizza Hut delivery again.

Horrible Service
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Rating: 1/51

YORK, PENNSYLVANIA -- I was waiting for a hour and a half for my order when I called to find out what was going on. They said that they was knocking on my door and they did not. I ask if they tried to call me on my cell and the manager said he didn't feel like it. If they are not going to call people why bother in asking for the phone number.

Special Deals
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Rating: 2/51

ENID, OKLAHOMA -- The advertisement for the Ten/Any says that any size pizza, any toppings will cost ten dollars. I ordered a pizza for my son's birthday, a large beef with extra cheese. I had it delivered and the total was $15 + change. This has happened more than once. I should know better. Yes I did ask for the Ten/Any. I just wish my son would eat other brands. Thanks for listening.

Good Experience
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

RIDGELAND, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Ordered pizza online for pickup. When I arrived everything was ready and on time. I paid by Debit Card. When I left I accidentally left my card behind. I was notified by the manager immediately. I am so thankful they saw to it that I received my card back. It's a good feeling to know there are honest people working at our Pizza Hut. What could have turned into a nightmare didn't. THANK YOU PIZZA HUT!!!

Not Honoring Special Deals and Rude and Disrespectful Treatment
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Rating: 1/51

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- Two weeks in a row, this store has refused to honor the advertised $6.55 price on their pizza. They are into me for $10.00 at this time. Their manager has agreed for two weeks to honor an in store credit but has failed to do so. The store's staff likes to be disrespectful by calling their customers "sweetie" and "honey". At the very least upper management should address this store's management team and its employees. I am working with the corporate office at this time. I will report the outcome later with this website.

Poor service
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Rating: 1/51

BROOKVILLE, OHIO -- I have been ordering the Pizza Hut in Brookville off and on since it has opened. The delivery drivers have for many things on many different occasions, including, pop, the pizza rollers. Then there was time that the driver could not find my home and it took 45 minutes. I have to talk the managers and they said that they would take of it. I AM NOT HAPPY.

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