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False Info And Very Poor Customer Service
By -

GAS CITY, INDIANA -- Last night, Monday 12-15-08 I had called to place an order for pickup. I had a coupon for Pizza Hut's pasta with wings "deal". The guy on the phone had NOT informed me of the fact that there is a choice between ordering a large and extra-large pasta. He had told me, to give them my coupon, and they would lower the cost.

When I arrived, the girl at the window gave me the total and then I handed her my coupon as I was instructed to do! She then said, "This coupon is only for an extra large order and you've ordered a large." I then explained that I had NOT ordered a large over the phone because I wasn't even aware that there were two different sizes. The coupon had NOT displayed anything about different sizes!

She asked me what I wanted to do, and I said, "I want to be able to use my coupon for the discount that I was promised." She then said, "Well then you'll have to wait for a while because we'll have to put in another pasta." I explained that this was ridiculous because I wasn't even informed about the size difference. She then said, "You can pay the extra 8.89 and get the regular." This is crazy I thought!

The whole reason for using the coupon was so I wouldn't have to pay the extra $9.00. The coupon would have been useless and I felt very deceived. They would not allow me to pay the coupon price of 15.99 for my meal, and I basically was caught in their web. But I decided to say, "Forget the whole order," and I drove away.

Good customer service would have responded by apologizing for the miscommunication and accepting my coupon for this time, followed by a more clear explanation of what is to be expected next time. That way, they get the 16.00 rather than nothing, and a happy customer who would have come back time and time again. My wife and I discussed this, and we are never going to eat Pizza Hut pizza again. Not like these people care though. It's called customer service, NOT customer pain.

Pizza Hut Is Disgusting!!!
By -

CAMDEN, SOUTH CAROLINA -- On 10/21/08 I went to Pizza Hut in Camden, SC. I was extremely hungry and was very happy to be able to eat. When I got inside they had Country music blasting and the Air conditioner on so it was absolutely freezing. Then we sat down and waited for someone to take our order. The woman came and took our order and my father said something about the music and the air. She said that she would be able to turn down the music but there was nothing she could do about the air.

So she took our order and walked away to turn off the music. We sat there for about 10 minutes and she finally walked back over and gave us our drinks. My father's and my sodas had cups with ice all the way up to the top with some soda, and my mother's water was flavored lemon which was not what she wanted. We waited another 10 minutes for our food to arrive and it was the wrong things. We had ordered Garlic cheesy bread sticks and Cinnamon sticks for an appetizer and she just gave us garlic sticks. We told the waitress and she kindly said sorry for this mistake and took the food back while sticking her nail into the bread.

Soon after we got our food and ate. After that my parents got their pizza and she said my pasta would be coming out soon. 5 minutes later she brought me my food and the cheese was burnt to the sides of the bowl. I went to mix up my cheese and start to eat. I think that it only had about 20 pieces of pasta but I was hungry so I still ate it. May I just add that it was not very appetizing at all! Not to mention the place was a mess!! They had food on the floor the seats were still dirty and The Salad bar was disgusting looking! I want to say that if it was up to me I would not be going to this Pizza Hut ever again!!!

Horrible Customer Service From Entire Team and Manager
By -

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- I ordered online for my fiance and I one afternoon last week so that when he got home that night he would have his favorite pizza waiting! I thought it was brilliant. I wouldn't have to wait an hour and a half for pizza to arrive. Instead, I would order it early in the day and not have to deal with it. It was supposed to arrive at 9:15 pm. I called at 9:45 and asked where my pizza was. The guy on the phone was asking around and finally came back to tell me that they had "canceled" my order because they tried to call and I didn't pick up.

Well, I received no phone calls from Pizza Hut that whole day. So I have talked to several people by this point to which they just kept saying, "We'll send you the pizza in 35 mins!" Well, that's great. At 1030 I will get my pizza and I haven't received an apology or even an offer to fix the problem they had just created! No offer of a discount, nothing! I called corporate and got their store in trouble as well as made their district manager aware of their behavior.

I am disgusted! Pizza Hut corporate is sending me a coupon for 2 free pizzas! I am still watching my bank account to make sure I don't get charged because those guys are idiots! I am a big fan of customer service because I work at the container store and we are taught that customers come before anything! So yes, I know it's just pizza but customer service is a big deal. I called again today to redeem my free pizza's and was in aggressive argument with their manager who clearly got in trouble. She decided to tell me about why it was my fault and not theirs (and I didn't even bring it up she did). I called corporate again and will be talking to the district manager within three days.

Pizza Hut in Topeka needs an awakening
By -

TOPEKA, KANSAS -- Went to pick up our order at 3406 S Topeka Blvd a few nights ago. Call center said it would be 50 minutes till our order would be ready. Great, well we get up to the drive through window, and it is not ready yet, and it would be another 8-10 minutes. So the girl looks around, and asks us if we could park, in an open stall close by, and they would get our order out to us. Well we waited another 15 minutes, then decided to drive back up there and see what was going on.

We see the girl eventually see us at the window again, and you could see her go, "oh", like she knew something bad happened. She turns around to get our bread sticks and wings, and says sorry, then closes the window, before we could add a word. We pull over and check everything, and of course it is warm at best. Would have taken it back, but due to a hungry pregnant wife, we kept the food and moved on. Called Pizza Hut about it, and we should have a credit of our order for next time.

If you have a Pizza Hut drive through in your town, I would not recommend using it for a Pizza Hut unless it is a well designed drive through with adequate parking stalls, where they can see you. Where we should have been able to park, the employees took those places, because there was no customers left at that time, so they could never see us easily from the inside.

If I should ever have to go back to that restaurant, I will be going inside to pick up the order. Not to trustworthy of that store anymore. Someone there needs an awakening on customer service. That store should just close that drive through window, if they can't have their own employees park somewhere else, for the paying customers. We all deserve the best here.

Poor Service - Difficult Sales Associate
By -

CALIFORNIA -- It would appear that the size of Pizza Hut pizzas is shrinking. I got what was supposed to be a large pizza today and it looked barely like a medium. I actually remarked that it looked like a medium in the store (I always open the box now because my order has been wrong so many times) and was assured that it was a large. I brought it home and was asked by my family members why I got a medium instead of a large.

For a bit of background, this is a local carry out/delivery store where I have spent thousands of dollars over the past 10+ years of patronage. In the past when my order has been wrong, either the wrong crust, wrong toppings, no toppings when we've paid for toppings, missing products, or even a completely disgusting product that looked like it had been dropped on the floor and put back in the box before being handed off as food, I have generally bit my tongue and said nothing.

Today I decided to return the product and question its accuracy. I was met not only with a difficult sales person, but also a customer in the store who got in my face for deciding to return the product and ask for the charges to be reversed on my credit card. The sales person said she could not reverse the charges but that her supervisor could. When I asked to speak with the supervisor she said that she wasn't available until tomorrow. Then the customer got in my face and said that I had to take the money instead of getting a return on my credit card; that I didn't have an option. This lady wouldn't let up. I didn't want cash, I wanted the charge reversed.

I've since called my credit card company and found out that if a store has a credit card machine, they can in fact easily reverse any charge. But no, I was bullied by that rude customer and the difficult sales associate which resulted in me just taking cash and leaving the store. I am horrified over the treatment I received. I will never again patronize another Pizza Hut. EVER. Even if it's the last restaurant on the planet. I will be relating this story to all of my friends.

Bad Service/Filthy Store
By -

WAUKEGAN, ILLINOIS -- I went to the local Pizza Hut Restaurant near my job for lunch with my staff. We went there specifically for the lunch time buffet that they advertise. Supposed to start at 11 am. We got there at 11:15 am and nothing was ready, the buffet bar was still dirty from the night before, the tables were sticky and the sneeze guard on the salad bar was dirty as well. This was all very disgusting to say the least.

Finally some pizza started to come out, after several other tables came in and were waiting like we were. Two pizzas were brought out, and gone within minutes. The restaurant was pretty full at this point. One more pizza came out and gone again, and so on. After complaints started coming in, they sent out two more pizzas and they were raw in the middle and cold. Unbelievable!

The ice tea machine was full of rotten tea. The waitress said she forgot to clean it and would I like to wait while she cleaned it out? I said, "No just bring me water". She brought me a warm glass from the dishwasher and full of warm water. Oh yes, we all were charged full price for a buffet that wasn't even there.

The waitress brought our bill and I gave her my credit card, she brought me back my card and the receipt for me to sign, along with a red crayon! I asked her, "Why the crayon?" She replied "I don't have a pen." I refused to sign with a crayon, so I had to dig through my purse for a pen. I left it for her along with a tip that I should not have even left. This happened again, we thought we would give them another try at another date. Same waitress, same service and poor quality of food. Stay clear of the Pizza Hut on Lewis Avenue in Waukegan, Illinois.

Cannot Get It Right at Pizza Hut
By -

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I had a gift card for $20 for Pizza Hut in (9124 Highway 80 W #350) Fort Worth, TX. I ordered the pizza and it arrived 45 minutes late (1 hour 25 minutes to arrive). I had paid for the pizza by phone using my gift card but the delivery guy had no record of it. After a LONG wait on the phone Pizza Hut finally told me to take my now cold pizza. I wrote a lengthy complaint and got a big $5 coupon. I wrote another complaint and the regional guy (**) called me and apologized and said that he would credit my account $25. I felt better!

A week later I tried to use my credit and ** didn't actually credit my account (I guess he forgot) and since I didn't save his number or his email the store wouldn't give me his #. So I called several more times and wrote 3 more emails and finally got customer service from ** who was very helpful and gave me my credit - yeah! Ordered a pizza and should have had $8 credit left - when I tried to use the remaining $8 I was told the Highway 80 store had dismissed the remaining credit. I was told this by customer rep ** who did not want to give me his emp. ID but finally did.

I went to the store to ask the manager and he said there was nothing he could do but did give me **'s # this time - yes! Finally I will get some results. I went home and tried to call ** - the manager gave me the wrong #!! I finally give up! This store is filled with complete incompetence! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS STORE or you will be sorry - trust me! Oh and there is no way to email Pizza Hut directly!

The $10.00 Any Size, Any Toppings
By -

DENISON, TEXAS -- I have been watching the claim of any size and any toppings and they look so good that I thought I would get one and it is true only thing is when the pizzas were at regular price I would get a fair amount of toppings, but when I stopped by and picked up my order and got it home it was nothing like the ad of a great pizza. There was hardly any toppings on it so the next time I go I plan on telling them if I don't get a fair amount of topping then I will not accept the pizza and want my money back.

Pizza Hut Crust
By -

RENTON, WASHINGTON -- My wife and I decided to order from Pizza Hut tonight simply because we wanted a change from Dominos. We had ordered Pan crust (deep dish) within the past year and recalled it being VERY "doughy", greasy and NOTHING like the way they used to make it. I ordered hand tossed tonight instead and the results were the same except not as greasy. What happened to the crust of years ago? I used to go to the "all you can eat buffet" about 5-10 years ago (once every few months) and the deep dish was the best. Night and day compared to what they have now. It was not only a crispier, crunchier crust but a very tasteful one. It was more golden brown on the bottom as well.

I can't speak for the thin crust but the hand tossed and pan style is simply awful now unless you like bland, doughy bread. I would like to find out why Pizza Hut changed their recipe. They could not possibly think the change was for the better. They get a D - unless the Pizza Hut in Renton, WA is using a different crust recipe than all other Pizza Huts across the country. Bring back the old crust and I'll write a good review.

Not Right Again
By -

GREENVILLE, OHIO -- On 3/12/10, I called in a order for 1 large pizza-deluxe, extra cheese on tossed crust, and 1 sausage pizza with extra cheese on thin crust. I picked up order, should have checked it but didn't, when I got home I had a sausage pizza with mushrooms and on tossed crust, I hate mushrooms and I had to pick them off. I called the store and was told I could bring it back, about 20 miles and they would remake it, the lady said it was hard to hear the orders on the phone, I wonder how many other people got the wrong order. I thought sure she would give me a refund or a free one, she was very short. I will not go again, should have learned my lesson from before.

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