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Horrible Service
Posted by Jrivera2078 on 10/09/2013
I was waiting for a hour and a half for my order when I called to find out what was going on they said that they was knocking on my door and they did not. I ask if they tried to call me on my cell and the manager said he didn't feel like it .If they are not going to call people why bother in asking for the phone number
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Special Deals
Posted by Judi.durham on 10/07/2013
The advertisement for the Ten/Any says that any size pizza, any toppings will cost ten dollars. I ordered a pizza for my sons birthday, a large beef with extra cheese. I had it delivered and the total was $15 + change. This has happened more than once, I should know better. Yes I did ask for the Ten/Any. I just wish my son would eat other brands. Thanks for listening.
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Posted by clutzycook on 2013-10-09:
If you read the fine print, I bet that the cheese cost you extra. Plus that number doesn't include tax or delivery fees.
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Customer Service
Posted by on 09/19/2013
ST ANN, MISSOURI -- First off what pizza place can not break a hundred dollar bill and if for whatever reason they can't why would you be rude about it. Most customers would already be upset that you couldn't break their hundred dollar bill but you have people stupid enough to be rude and upset the customer even more. What kind of people do you have working for you?

I order from Pizza Hut at least once or twice a month and will no longer go to this location if any at all because of the way I was treated by that cashier who gets paid to take care of your customers. I have been a manager in food service for almost 10 years and know that taking care of a customer is the most important thing, without the customers business you wouldn't have a job at all.
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Posted by Nohandle on 2013-09-19:
Many places cannot break a $100.00 bill for the simple reason they attempt to keep as little cash as possible at any one time, Also, some will even have a sign no bills over $20.00. A huge retail store might but they also will run out of smaller bills, in order to make change for customers, after a period of time if all they've gotten was large bills. Out of curiousity how much was your order total?
Posted by Bee on 2013-09-19:
Unless your order was well over $50-60, I can see why they would not make change for a $100. What time of day were you placing your order? This could also enter into their inability to make change. Most places keep the tills to a minimum to discourage theft. They are easy targets.

How was the cashier rude? Sometimes, customers perceive rudeness simply because the answer they receive is not what they want to hear.
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Good Experience
Posted by Mcraw3 on 08/22/2013
RIDGELAND, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Ordered pizza on line for pick-up. When I arrived everything was ready and on time. I paid by Debit Card. When I left I accidentally left my card behind. I was notified by the manager immediately. I am so thankful they saw to it that I received my card back. It's a good feeling to know there are honest people working at our Pizza Hut. What could have turned into a nightmare didn't . THANK YOU PIZZA HUT!!!!!!!
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Not Honoring Special Deals and Rude and Disrespectful Treatment
Posted by Lodi1951 on 08/15/2013
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- Two weeks In a row this store has refused to honor the advertised $ 6.55 price on their pizza. They are in to me for $ 10.00 at this time. Their manager has agreed for two weeks to honor an in store credit but has failed to do so. The stores staff likes to be disrespectful by calling their customers sweetie and honey. At the very least upper management should address this stores management team and its employees. I am working with the corporate office at this time. I will report the outcome later with this website.

Jack Grover
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Posted by Bee on 2013-08-17:
Prices and participation may vary.
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Posted by Fredbsparks on 08/13/2013
WINFIELD, WEST VIRGINIA -- I was calling in an order and was asked to hold. The phone was laid down and I could hear in background discussion with a disgruntled customer. After the person hung up there was language (the f-word) and description of the customer just being talked to. I am glad my wife didn't call. I would have been even more irate. No one picked up the phone so I hung up without placing my order in a couple of minutes. I won't call this Pizza Hut again if this is the type of service I will get and the type of language I will hear.
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Poor service
Posted by Matthew.west3927 on 08/01/2013
I have been ordering the Pizza Hut in Brookville off and on since it has opened. The delivery drivers have for many things on many different occasions, including, pop, the pizza rollers. Then there was time that the driver could not find the my home and it took 45 minutes. I have to talk the managers and they said that they would take of it. I AM NOT HAPPY
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NO Customer Service
Posted by Dorisbertsch1 on 07/29/2013
MINOT, NORTH DAKOTA -- About three weeks ago on a Sunday I walked into Pizza Hut on Broadway to order carry out where there was a guy working on a pizza. I knew he was busy at the time so I waited, and waited, and waited. When he did finally come, (with all his extremely gross big holes in his ears from his round earrings) he looked to my right and talked to me as if I was over there. I said, "I'm over here". There was no "how can I help you" or anything. I asked if he had a menu and he pointed behind me and told me to go there to read it. I didn't.

He finally went to get it for me, I read it over, he went back to working and EVENTUALLY came back and asked me what I want. I told him I changed my mind about ordering and walked out to order pizza at Papa John's. NO eye contact, NO smile, and NO interest in the customer from that man. I also find it unprofessional for those people to wear that type of "jewelry" (if that's what you want to call it) taking food orders. IF I go back, I will once again walk out if that man is working and that will be my last time there. Thanks for hearing me out.
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The Restaurant and Food Was Terrible
Posted by Elbet38 on 07/25/2013
JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE -- My wife and I went to the Pizza Hut #005960. First time we had been in a while, we were shocked at the condition it was in.Tables were broke down, had sign not to set there, Building was not clean at all. We had the buffet bar, it was not clean and the salad ingredients were not fresh or at a cool temp. The pizza was old and not edible. I can't understand why the health inspector lets them get by with this.

My wife and I are retired and on a budget and paying $17.50 for a meal and leaving it on the table, because it is not fit to eat is not good for us. I know that no one really cares if we eat there or not, so we will eat some other place from now on.
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Posted by Llpate28 on 07/21/2013
Awful food. Awful experience. And the person that served us kept mentioning that she has cancer . So does my mom and my sister but they don't tell everybody they work with for tips. Place was dirty no silverware and refused to put on cartoons even though two of the TVs were. Blank. Thanks but no thanks
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