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Horrible Move With Planes/United
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Please save yourself the trouble and avoid dealing with Planes/United when moving! We finished a move in December 2005 that we are still arguing about with Planes/United that was brutal. The company was grossly understaffed on both ends of the move for packing, loading and unloading. The driver got lost coming into Chicago from Cincinnati and lost going to Knoxville from Cincinnati (went to Nashville, 200 miles away, instead!). We had crew members literally walk off the job at both ends of the move. The majority of the workers were rude and took little care with our home (tracking large quantities of mud on the carpets for example). But they did get paid - contrary to what sales people told us would happen, they billed our credit card $9k 3 days in advance of doing anything! In fairness to date they have paid $85 for a hotel stay. Thanks a lot. We had three 13 hour days with this company and loads of stress for what they billed as a "corporate move". If your thinking of using Planes/United for your move; think twice.
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dsmith68 on 02/13/2006:
I got burned with a moving company many years ago. After subsequent research, I realised that there are very few good moving companies out there. I even saw one of the 20/20 specials on them. Since that 1 time, we now move ourselves. We hire a couple of local guys.. 2 people at 30-40/hr for 2 hours to load the truck we rent. For under 200, we have a fully loaded truck. My wife inside directing and me in the truck making sure it is organized and tied correctly. We then drive the truck and hire another couple of people to unload. We have found this to be the best way to move.
Poor Trucker on 01/06/2008:
The trucking industry was deregulated 1980, which was a strong message from the government and the American people "Reduce your rates at any cost !!" Today, the trucking industry uses illegal aliens who had secured a commercial license with fake social security cards and fake birth certificates (identity theft). You had done business with an untested moving company that had only been in business for less than a decade. You hired them because their rates were cheaper than United Van Lines, Allied, and all the rest who had been around at least 2 decades. You want cheaper rates, then be prepared to get what you pay for, which is unreliable work, and inexperienced newbie drivers with less than 5 years driving experience. If you can't afford the established moving companies' rates, or feel they're too $$$, then you should've gotten a Penske or Ryder rental truck, and done it yourself. (U-haul is controversial, stay away from them) I Googled "Planes/United" and nothing came up but another customer who got burned like you at I'm a former owner-operator who eventually went broke because people like you want the cheapest cost; the govt had given you NAFTA, in response to your demands for "cheapest rates, at any cost." Learn to speak Spanish, so you can communicate to the Mexican truckers who will soon dominate the roads of America. U want the cheapest rates? Well now you've got the Mexicans to give it to you. Consider increasing your life insurance coverage, in case you become part of the semi truck fatality accident statistics. This is the price U & the American people must pay for "cheapest rates, at any cost."
Anonymous on 01/06/2008:
jskzulu, thanks for the information on this company, I will not be using them.
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