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Charged Me Twice/Month
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Rating: 3/51

NASHUA, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I'm working out at PF during one year already. I did YMCA before and I like YMCA so much!! One of the reason - there are pool. But YMCA is far away from my house and I had to find place closer to my house. PF is right across the street so I can even walk there at the summer time.

  1. First thing what I did not like at PF is they have a contract. So if you subscribe you have to be a member for 12 month and then in 12 month you can leave any month with no additional charges. But if you subscribe you have to pay for 12 month.

  2. Second thing is when I changed my payment method (I did it twice) both times the system (or the employee) did not save my payment information for some reason. When I came in next time I had to provide my payment info again (They need account info so if you have card on you it does not work. They need account and routing number!!!) - it happened to me twice, it does not look like an accident.

  3. Happened to me this month. I check my bank account often and track all my charges. As I can see usually PF charges on 15-19th every month. This month they charged me on 1st and on 17th - here we go. That's how they make money. I know a lot off people have a tons of transaction and not able to check bank account. And looks like this is an accident. I'm going complain about it.

But just think how many people have the same "accident" transaction and even have no idea about it and not going to get this money back!!! It very good sample guys to check you bank account, manage your budget and save money! On one hand it's just 20 bucks and it does not make the day. But here is 20 bucks tomorrow is five dollars and so on and so on - when you count you can see it could be nice dinner at very nice place for couple. This is my experience. Thank you for your time!

Planet Bogus
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Rating: 2/51

AWHATUKEE, ARIZONA -- I normally love this gym, but my experience today has seriously changed my opinion. This morning I go the gym (early to 6:00 am) and the front desk girl (Tiffany) clocks my card in and I head out to work out. About 30 minutes later the guest I invited arrives, so I go to the front door to scan him in, and right in front of everyone (3 other people coming in and my guest) the front desk girl (Tiffany) shouts "do you know you have a balance?" Which of course I logged right into my Planet Fitness account to show there is no balance, and my next payment is due on 2/17. She then says the online system doesn't update balances.

I said BS, because there is a section right on the account for past due balances. She says it is never accurate. So I go through my bank account and show her all of the transactions (because I know those are accurate) they have automatically taken out of my account since I've been there. (Now keep in mind I am now 20 minutes into my 45 minute workout arguing with Tiffany, who is giving me SOOOO much attitude I can't even believe it.) So then she has the nerve to say, "Oh you can just go work out and deal with the billing thing later."

Really, because now I have 10 minutes before I have to leave to get ready for work, and I can't think of anything other than billing since she put me on blast like that. Then she says, "well the only person who can do anything about this is my manager and she isn't in until 9." So I said, "why are you talking about billing then if you can't do anything?" She says she will have her manager call me at 9 when they get there.

**9:48** no call. So I call them. Another girls says, "Oh yeah, I heard her talk to my manager about that this morning but my manager had to go and won't be back until noonish." Really? Noon-ish? So clearly customer satisfaction is a joke, along with billing. Why have an online account if it is NEVER accurate. I am going to corporate with this if they do not call back before 1 and I am canceling my membership. Not worth the pain! #PLANETBOGUS

I'm Winning!!!!
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Rating: 5/51

CLINTON, MISSISSIPPI -- Planet Fitness has changed the life of my spouse and I. I have always wanted to join a gym, but it was always awkward and gloomy and I always had to sign some type of agreement, so I would usually cancel my membership after only a week or 2 of not going. I always watch "The Biggest Loser" whenever it airs and always wondered about the gym that was so pretty and purple (which is my favorite color by the way). I signed up for Planet Fitness online and went to pick up our cards and free T-shirts that same day. After work the following day, we were in there, working out and loving it. The environment was so spunky and bright.

There were people in there working out hard and long. These were real people who had real-life goals, trying to do what they had to do in order to live longer and healthier. These people didn't look like they were trying to look good for the next person, only for themselves. My spouse and I tried different equipment and wasn't embarrassed about not knowing how each piece worked. This has become our daily after work routine and so far I'm down 12 lbs and he's down 10. We don't participate in the pizza nights, but it does look like fun for others and I think it's a really good ideal to have for the members in order to treat themselves once a month after working so hard all month-long.

I do however always grab a handful of their purple Tootsie Rolls that I put in my glass dish on my desk at work for my coworkers to take full advantage of, not to mention it's really nice decor since I am known for having everything purple! I have a long way to go as far as weight loss is considered, but you better believe it's all going to be lost with my membership at Planet Fitness!

A Bunch of Crooks
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Rating: 1/51

DENTON, COLORADO -- I recently moved to Colorado from Denton, Texas. Before I moved away in July I went into the Denton location to cancel my membership, and ended up putting it on freeze for 3 months. I was told by some guy with red hair that if I wanted to cancel my membership until after the 3 months, that I would not have to pay cancellation fees. I just received a call from the gym saying that they received my cancellation letter and when I explained to them what the team member said they told me that was incorrect and that they could not do anything about the fees, and that I would. I am BEYOND pissed off and furious.

I am currently 8 months pregnant and do not have time to go round and round with this, all because of some employee's mistake. The manager was rude and told me there's nothing I can do sign. I sign the contract WITHOUT the proper knowledge.

Rude and Unreasonable Staff
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- At the Planet Fitness at 1960 and I-45 in Houston today. I was going through my normal workout which includes one last set of dips as a "cool down" before I shower and leave. I went over to the "360" area to use the dip bars and there were three women on the far side of the area using the medicine balls.

I started to move the dip bar to the proper height and one of the three (who it turned out was a "trainer") ran over and said that the dip bar was off-limits because she was training. I asked her how I was interrupting her training when none of her "class (2 people)" was anywhere near the dip bar.

She stated that the whole 360 area was off-limits and reserved because she was present. I have been there when there have been group classes of 8 to 12 people all using the stations on the 360 equipment and would not dream of trying to "break in" to the group for a specific exercise, but when there were only 3 people in the whole area and it was not clear that one was a trainer, or that they were "having a class" her response was totally rude and out of line. I told her that she was being totally unreasonable and left. Planet Fitness is cheap, but the trainers are very far from professional. I guess you get what you pay for.

Buyer Beware! Hidden Fees and No Refunds!
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Rating: 1/51

DERBY, CONNECTICUT -- BUYER BEWARE! This company is there to suck your money! It costs 58 dollars to cancel membership and automatically renews for 39.99 plus your next monthly fee of 22 dollars so they get you coming and going. No refunds so I will report them to BBB. Customer service at this Derby CT center is hideous and the person who answers the phone has a nasty mouth. New Haven was at least nice and professional when I called to complain. The customer is always wrong here. Don't bother. Find another gym that bills professionally - it should even be legal! AND NEVER GIVE THEM YOUR DEBIT CARD!

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Rating: 1/51

CANTON, MICHIGAN -- The Canton Planet Fitness did not tell us about the annual fee when we got the membership, and we only found out about it when our credit card was charged. I called to tell them they had not informed us of it and they were not very friendly and refused to remove it. It's too bad because we really liked them at first. This totally turned us off. They are dishonest and I do not recommend them. I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.

Crappy Service
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Rating: 1/51

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I signed up for the month-to-month and my credit card got stolen so I had to get new cards. I forgot to update my payment and never received any notice of the credit card not being able to be processed. Now I have to pay $100 before they will cancel my service. The manager says he can't waive any of the late fees because it was my fault that my credit cards got stolen.

Direct Billing
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Rating: 1/51

DAYTON, OHIO -- Planet Fitness will have you believe they are a no stress no hassle affordable club to exercise without the pressures often associated with other clubs. Of course that's until you see your bank statement! A friend and I both joined the club on Lyons Road in Dayton approximately a year ago. Unfamiliar with their billing practices neither of us had our checkbooks with us at time of sign-up. I returned to the club the following day and provided the young man behind the counter with a voided check. Several days later when my friend and I returned to the club together I was approached once again with the request for a voided check for billing.

I made every attempt to explain to their HIGHLY trained staff that I had previously provided said item and witnessed the check being attached to my membership form. The "clerk" continued to batter me (wonderfully enough now in front of other club member) stating I had not provided a voided check. In the interest of preserving my dignity I presented them with yet another voided check. (Funny how I use my checking account perhaps 6 times a year and suddenly used it twice in 4 days... )

Nevertheless, time goes by and yes I did utilize the club. But to my absolute amazement I recently discovered that Planet Fitness has been charging me for the monthly membership and the annual fee for my friend's account as well. I think it is reasonably safe to assume at this point that Planet Fitness accounted for both the first and second voided check. Interestingly enough they, again in their years of industry leading experience, decided to attach it to what would seem ANY membership documentation.

Easy fix you say? Try absolutely not! Trust that what their member services facing management team is lacking in proper management and documentation skills they do not make up for in the customer service arena. So I turn to their corporate offices to help resolve this matter.

To my amazement I was told to forward an email to their INFO address and the local owner or district management team "MIGHT" contact me soon. SOON????? What does that mean? If this is the same group of local professionals that hung up on me telling me there is no way they could have charged me for another members fees, then I am not any better off than I would be in the absences of the email.

For the record, I tried to no avail to show my bank statements as proof of the debits to my account and again was told, "no way this is on our end. It must be on your bank side!" The local auditing expert for Planet Fitness was missing one major puzzle piece, the REFERENCE NUMBER (GENIUS) is your companies!!! So I made every attempt to explain it to this manager that my "bank" records the reference number from the "seller's" P.O.S. system and captures the information for proof of sales transaction. Further, the "bank" cannot generate this for the debits.

The net net of this is, I too run a business and my network spans far and long. I have every intention to utilize all resources and social media forums to provide Planet Fitness with the publicity it so deserves. All of this of course, before my scheduled appointment with first my attorney then the Ohio Attorney General's office. I would wager that there are other members that have also had billing or payment concerns left unattended to by this company.

I would be more than happy to discuss this matter with the local owner and or district management member. Please be completely prepared to resolve my issues up on conclusion of the meeting. A.) I expect 100% of the costs of the "other member" refunded back to me starting February 2014 to current including the mid-year annual fee. B.) Remove and return to me the voided check form the other member. C.) Remove and return to me the voided check from any documentation in my membership file (as I no longer trust your billing practices). D.) Lastly, cancel my membership to your club without any penalties.

I will relieve Planet Fitness of all responsibilities thereafter. Member 512 Lyons Rd., Dayton, Ohio branch.

Required to give Checking Acct Info for a Gym Membership????
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Rating: 1/51

LOCKPORT, NEW YORK -- My advice on Planet Fitness - Do Not Join! Any place that requires checking account info: A - does not trust me and my credit cards, B - must be looking to somehow scam me out of my money. After reading several reviews and seeing how other customers were treated, I am so grateful I got out of my membership inside of 30 days. I offered to pay my membership in full in cash and was turned down.

If they do not want to accept Cash as payment in full, something is definitely wrong. If they ever got hacked and someone had access to everyone's Checking info - that would be devastating. If they can get into Target and Home Depot, they can get into anyone's. Do Not give out this checking account info to retailers or even family members. Just Don't DO IT.

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