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Planet Fitness
26 Fox Run Rd
Newington, NH 03801
603-750-0001 (ph)
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Direct Billing
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Rating: 1/51

DAYTON, OHIO -- Planet Fitness will have you believe they are a no stress no hassle affordable club to exercise without the pressures often associated with other clubs. Of course that's until you see your bank statement! A friend and I both joined the club on Lyons Road in Dayton approximately a year ago. Unfamiliar with their billing practices neither of us had our checkbooks with us at time of sign-up. I returned to the club the following day and provided the young man behind the counter with a voided check. Several days later when my friend and I returned to the club together I was approached once again with the request for a voided check for billing.

I made every attempt to explain to their HIGHLY trained staff that I had previously provided said item and witnessed the check being attached to my membership form. The "clerk" continued to batter me (wonderfully enough now in front of other club member) stating I had not provided a voided check. In the interest of preserving my dignity I presented them with yet another voided check. (Funny how I use my checking account perhaps 6 times a year and suddenly used it twice in 4 days... )

Nevertheless, time goes by and yes I did utilize the club. But to my absolute amazement I recently discovered that Planet Fitness has been charging me for the monthly membership and the annual fee for my friend's account as well. I think it is reasonably safe to assume at this point that Planet Fitness accounted for both the first and second voided check. Interestingly enough they, again in their years of industry leading experience, decided to attach it to what would seem ANY membership documentation.

Easy fix you say? Try absolutely not! Trust that what their member services facing management team is lacking in proper management and documentation skills they do not make up for in the customer service arena. So I turn to their corporate offices to help resolve this matter.

To my amazement I was told to forward an email to their INFO address and the local owner or district management team "MIGHT" contact me soon. SOON????? What does that mean? If this is the same group of local professionals that hung up on me telling me there is no way they could have charged me for another members fees, then I am not any better off than I would be in the absences of the email.

For the record, I tried to no avail to show my bank statements as proof of the debits to my account and again was told, "no way this is on our end. It must be on your bank side!" The local auditing expert for Planet Fitness was missing one major puzzle piece, the REFERENCE NUMBER (GENIUS) is your companies!!! So I made every attempt to explain it to this manager that my "bank" records the reference number from the "seller's" P.O.S. system and captures the information for proof of sales transaction. Further, the "bank" cannot generate this for the debits.

The net net of this is, I too run a business and my network spans far and long. I have every intention to utilize all resources and social media forums to provide Planet Fitness with the publicity it so deserves. All of this of course, before my scheduled appointment with first my attorney then the Ohio Attorney General's office. I would wager that there are other members that have also had billing or payment concerns left unattended to by this company.

I would be more than happy to discuss this matter with the local owner and or district management member. Please be completely prepared to resolve my issues up on conclusion of the meeting. A.) I expect 100% of the costs of the "other member" refunded back to me starting February 2014 to current including the mid-year annual fee. B.) Remove and return to me the voided check form the other member. C.) Remove and return to me the voided check from any documentation in my membership file (as I no longer trust your billing practices). D.) Lastly, cancel my membership to your club without any penalties.

I will relieve Planet Fitness of all responsibilities thereafter. Member 512 Lyons Rd., Dayton, Ohio branch.

Planet Fitness Will Sic Cops on You
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Rating: 1/51

CANTON, MICHIGAN -- PLANET FITNESS CANTON WILL: SIC COPS ON MEMBERS€. Planet Fitness of Canton sent the cops after me because of a credit card snafu, where Planet Fitness screwed up and said I owed $20.00, and from what everybody knows, the monthly bill is only $10.00.

In the morning of June 18, 2013, I came into the facility, provided my identity code, and like always, stowed my gym bag in the locker room and went back to work out after having driven a couple miles to do so. One of your clerks said I had to leave the facility because I owed $20.00, even though the Membership Dues are $10.00. I told her I felt it was probably just a "€œcredit card snafu"€, that if she would call Corporate, I am sure we could work it out. She requested I leave and I said "no, let'€™s just work it out."

Instead of working it out, some minutes later she approached me again and said I would have to leave. I again reiterated that it is probably nothing more than a credit card matter and that I have been paying regularly since day one. She asked me to leave and I said no because I just wanted to finish my work out. I again told her to get a hold of corporate so we could work it out.

I don'€™t know if she called Corporate, but SHE CALLED THE CANTON POLICE DEPARTMENT ON ME. Although the police officer acknowledged that it was just a civil matter, at the Officer'€™s request, I did grab my gym back to exit. Upon leaving, I gave the clerk a different phone number to contact me so that it could be worked out. I went home, showered and changed instead of doing so at the facility, and then dropped back at Planet Fitness on my way to work. It was at that time that I advised Clerk that I had been paying regularly and showed her my last two credit card statements for April and May in which payments were made at about the 18th of the month.

Upon arriving at work, I checked with my credit card company and was advised because it had been subjected to breach of security, it was only good for an additional year and was still being utilized by Planet Fitness. Apparently when the year expired, the last credit card payment was rejected because of this "snafu"€. The clerk had told me that the amount due was $20.00, even though it is a monthly fee of $10.00. I immediately reinstated my membership through another credit card, and therefore, resolved what I thought was from the very beginning a "€œcredit card snafu."

Subsequent to arriving at work, I received a call in which Planet Fitness Canton voided my credit card payment. A woman from Planet Fitness claimed that they had to call the police, which I believe to be totally untrue, extremely overreacting by the company, inappropriate, and rather laughable that you would "sic cops on members"€ because of a minor credit card dispute. It was embarrassing because friends and neighbors were in attendance at the time all of this occurred.

Instead of working this matter out with a long term member, Planet Fitness chose to disregard good customer relations and "sic the cops on a member!"

Beware Giving Checking Acct Info
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Rating: 1/51

HICKSVILLE, NEW YORK -- Our family signed up with PF when they were having a 99.00 special. Signed FOUR memberships. Today we went in to renew the membership. WE DID NOT ASK FOR A SPECIAL OR DISCOUNT. We wanted to sign up for the 10.00 per month deal, which is 10.00 for 12 months plus 29.99 annual fee for a total of 149.00 per person. So we wanted to PAY IN FULL for the 4 members. PF REFUSED. They will not allow us to prepay. THEY DEMAND OUR CHECKING ACCOUNT INFORMATION. Why? Why are they refusing to accept 600.00 up front? We even checked with the Corporate office to ask if this was correct and they stated it is company policy.

Well, based on everyone else's comments, I guess it is because they plan on playing games at the end of the membership. What business would turn down being paid up front??? Right away SCREAMS SCAM. Everyone should beware of giving a company with these kind of sketchy policies such powerful information such as your checking account number. Good luck. They just lost a family of four.

Required to give Checking Acct Info for a Gym Membership????
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Rating: 1/51

LOCKPORT, NEW YORK -- My advice on Planet Fitness - Do Not Join! Any place that requires checking account info: A - does not trust me and my credit cards, B - must be looking to somehow scam me out of my money. After reading several reviews and seeing how other customers were treated, I am so grateful I got out of my membership inside of 30 days. I offered to pay my membership in full in cash and was turned down.

If they do not want to accept Cash as payment in full, something is definitely wrong. If they ever got hacked and someone had access to everyones Checking info - that would be devastating. If they can get into Target and Home Depot, they can get into anyone's. Do Not give out this checking account info to retailers or even family members. Just Don't DO IT.

Trying to Cancel Membership
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Rating: 1/51

AMESBURY, MASSACHUSETTS -- I belonged to Planet Fitness for around 10 years and I paid with a credit card every month. They automatically took it out each month. In August I got a notice to update my credit card so I stopped in to do this. At that time I was told that they no longer take credit cards and I would have to give them access to my checking account. I said "I didn't want to do that." So the girl told me that at the end of August my membership would expire. So I said ok. Now I get a bill for $50.00?? I went and talked to the same girl. She said I didn't cancel my membership.. "I was never told I had to. Why would I need to? You told me I was no longer a member. I said I wanted to cancel it."

She told me I can't till I pay the $50.00. Which I don't owe. WTF. They will keep adding on each month for something I can't use and they won't let me cancel. Has anyone else had this problem? What a rip-off. It's a shame because I really enjoyed going. It doesn't seem right. They changed the terms of the contract on the agreed payment plan, I guess they will have to see me in court. See if they can explain to the judge how they can do that!

Worst Gym Out There
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Rating: 1/51

Poor management. Judgment free... yeah right, they judge more than any other gym you will ever set foot in. You might feel more comfortable there because there are other people who are just starting out and aren't super models, but this place will find something to judge you for. Whether it's a ball cap, a water bottle that is too big, so it must be to "intimidate" the other members, or the tank top you're wearing because you get warm working out (male or female), lifting something that makes you look strong... uh oh don't do that they'll set off the alarm every 5 minutes and annoy everyone in the entire facility. Believe me or not.

My advice from hearing other people's stories and reading reviews as well as personal experience, find another gym. Last but not least, the financial hassle, they WILL cheat you out of your money and make you jump through hoops if you ever want to cancel your membership. Don't bother trying to pay for everything up front to avoid this, they won't let you. You could pass away and they would still be trying to take your money. They are rude and don't care about their members at all, it's a front to get your money.

Your only hope after you have requested that they cancel your account numerous times is to call your bank and ask them to block any further activity from Planet Fitness on your account. You can write this off as just a really angry customer, or take a closer look and realize just how many people are saying the same thing about this facility. The numbers don't lie.

Serving Pizza on Mondays and Front Desk Staff Young and Silly. Not Acceptable
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Rating: 3/51

JACKSON, TENNESSEE -- Planet Fitness would be a great place if they would promote healthy. But I guess the advertisement speaks for itself NO JUDGEMENT NO HASSLE. A lot of people come to Planet Fitness to try remain healthy and try to lose weight. Serving pizza is not healthy. Why not serve yogurt or a protein bar? The young staff members are very immature, cause you might have someone who is self-conscious about their weight and those young people are goofing around and laughing out loud. Not professional, but I guess they do not promote that either. Need better concern staff and for management to promote healthy, not pizza.

Rude Employee
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Rating: 1/51

BARTLETT, TENNESSEE -- I'm seriously thinking about canceling my membership at the Bartlett, Tennessee location. I work two jobs and go to school full time. I've been able to balance everything out and also fit exercising into my busy schedule. Today 9/16/2014 there was a short, bald headed, African American male working at the desk round 5:30 pm that had on swim shoes. He's in there almost everyday I'm there and I go four days out of the week. He approached me very unprofessional with regards to my membership. He yelled at me and interrogated me in regards to if I was a member.

He made it seem as if I just walked in without membership. I've been with PF for two years now. Between the times 4-6 pm it's very busy in there, there needs to be one line for people who want to sign up and join and another for the members who are checking in. There's too many employees standing around doing nothing for that desk to crowded with people waiting to workout.

When I get there I plan to be out by a certain time and not waiting in a line for 10 minutes. I live in the Bartlett area and the reason for me leaving the French Riviera Spa was for convenience. Seriously thinking about going back at least there you didn't have to wait in a line, you scanned your membership card yourself.

Planet Fitness, Melbourne, Fl rude, deceiving advertising
By -

MELBOURNE, FLORIDA -- I have heard many horror stories about how people are treated at Planet Fitness locations, but I never thought it would happen to me. Well, it did. I became a member of Planet Fitness located at 840 North Apollo Boulevard, Melbourne, FL in May 2009. Since March 2010 I have brought up some maintenance issues to the gym staff. The light bulbs throughout the gym kept going out one by one over the last couple on months, until only about 50% of the lights were still functioning in May 2010. During the same period, the AC was broken and lots of members were unhappy about the situation.

The gym felt like a semi dark green house, not an environment conductive to working out. I complained almost weekly to the front desk and the answer I would receive was that there was a maintenance guy who was supposed to take care of the burned out light bulbs and the AC, but nobody knew when he was going to be around. There were some other problems as well, such as the soap in the restrooms running out, and a case of what I believe is false advertising.

In the contract and on the website they claim that the black card members can buy drinks from the cooler at half price. However, when I went to the gym the sticker on the cooler said that only a few of those drinks, mainly Gatorade and water were qualifying for the half off discount. Since that was not stated in the contract or on their website I see this as false advertising. After several weeks, the issues were still not corrected so I complained directly on their website, and from what I know copies of the complaints made on their website are sent to the owner and to the Planet Fitness Main Office.

Days later, on June 11, 2010 when I went to the gym, the manager ** rudely informed me that I was no longer welcome in the gym and I had to leave the premises, due to my complaints about the gym. I was beyond shocked to see that instead of apologizing for the inconvenience and fixing the broken lights, AC and so on, they just cancelled my membership. Unbelievable and deeply shocking, I have never been treated like this although I have worked out at many gyms, such as Las Vegas Athletic Club, LA Fitness, World Gym, 24 Hour Fitness, Bally's, Gold's Gym and others.

I have heard before that Planet Fitness stuff is generally rude and abusive, they don't try to fix the issues at the gym and they abusively just cancel the memberships of those daring to complain. From my experience, this negative perception of Planet Fitness is real. It is shameful that Planet Fitness is allowed to do this to people. I am still in shock and disbelief that an American business is which is so customer unfriendly is allowed to function. It feels like Twilight Zone.

Nightmare With Membership Cancellation
By -

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- Unless you are absolutely, positively, undoubtedly,100% certain that Planet Fitness is the gym you would like to join, do not sign up for a membership with them. To their credit, the gym is very comfortable and casual... the staff seemed reasonably friendly and it wasn't very congested, even during peak hours for most gyms. My problem is trying to cancel my membership with them. Again, I like their gym, but since I'm now a group exercise instructor for one of their competitors, my money would best be spent elsewhere, especially during these harsh economic times.

I had signed up over the internet under a 1 year contract, and after the year I would be switched to a month-to-month status. My agreement also states that if I wish to end my contract prematurely, a $58 buy-out fee would be required. It states these terms clearly in the e-mail I was sent when I created my membership.

I stopped in the gym and inquired about canceling. I was simply handed a business card for ABC Financial with an 800 number to call. Fair enough. I called them and asked to cancel. I was told I would only be able to cancel if I had a medical reason, or if I was moving at least 25 miles away from any Planet Fitness location. Despite my objections and informing the operator of the terms I had agreed to, he told me there was nothing he could do and that I had to speak to club management.

I've been to the club at least 5 times, and have been told each time that the manager was unavailable, and that she was the one that could help me. The desk attendant had even suggested I just cancel the credit card I have my dues being withdrawn from. Sorry--not going to happen. Out of curiosity, I called a different club and asked about the cancellation process.

"Oh, just come into the club and ask for a cancellation form." "Perfect," I think to myself. I drive to the club and ask for the form. It's given to me, and it's simply a form that is mailed to ABCFinancial, requiring a medical reason or move of residence. Talk about grinding teeth... I'm going to continue calling the club for the manager to finally settle this, and will begin disputing the charges through the credit card company. I just don't know what the problem is... this is definitely not right!

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