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What does NEXT DAY AIR mean????
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CINCINNATI -- I ordered some shoes from Planet Shoes (PS) on a Thursday and request a NEXT DAY AIR shipment. Mind you, I work with UPS on a daily basis and have ordered NEXT DAY AIR shipments from many companies, many times and never have I heard the excuses given by PS.

I needed the shoes for a weeding on a Saturday. Needles to say, on Saturday I called Planet Shoes to ask why I had not received the shipment. The customer service agent was very nice but did not have the authority to help me.

I got a call back on a Monday and the agent said that the manager could not help me.

PS blamed the whole thing on UPS. They said that to UPS NEXT DAY AIR means that the shipment does not leave until the day after the order is placed, not that I would receive my order the next day. So this shipped on Friday (the day I was supposed to receive the order) but since PS doesn't have a Saturday delivery contract with UPS, I would not get the order until the following Monday.

Place the order on Thursday requesting a NEXT DAY AIR and PAYING extra for NEXT DAY AIR and I receive it on a Monday. They did not owe up to their mistake at any point.

Also, their webpage had not information regarding possible delays of shipments (i.e. if you place an order for NEXT DAY please be aware, this will not ship until the next business day). Many webpages have this type of information regarding time of order, etc.

I will never buy from Planet Shoes again and as much as I like the shoes, I will return them, but I lost the shipping expenses and had to buy an extra pair of shoes because of them.
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Anonymous on 07/14/2008:
Go to your local mall,they have lots of shoes
sarahnkrystal on 07/14/2008:
Next day air means that you will receive them a day after they have been processed instead of the normal week or so after.
Anonymous on 07/14/2008:
were they supposed to process your order and ship same day?I don't know of a company that does that.
heaven17 on 07/14/2008:
Depending on what time the order was placed, they may have a cut off point for Next Day Air. So, if the order was placed Thursday after a certain point, it wouldn't have been processed until Friday leading to your Monday delivery.
I also need to ask...if these shoes were so do-or-die, why did you order them so close to the day you needed them, especially on the edge of the weekend? That's just courting disaster.
Angelstorm80 on 07/14/2008:
SoCal Steve: I did got to two malls in my area and could not find shoes I liked. and if I did find something I did, they didn't have the size I needed.

And yes. Anytime I have ordered a NEXT DAY air shipment, the order does ship the same day I placed the order. I work for a company that does this all the time.

Heaven17: As far as the cut off time, I agree and I am well aware of this. However, other webpages will let you know that if your order is not placed by a certain time it will not be able to ship the same day, but will do so the next day. Id they do not have Saturday deliver it also says that when you are picking your shipping method. This page had nothing and their service agent said that this issue has been brought up with their marking department several times. And to answer your question... I orderd the shoes earlier, with standard shipping from another website, but I got them to small (that was my fault and I returned those) but could not make an exchage as it did not have my size. That is why I ordered these from Planet Shoes at the last minute.
tabaddict on 07/14/2008:
Use Zappos next time. They are wonderful.
TGT101 on 07/14/2008:
Next time you need some shoes to go weeding you should just get some flip-flops...cheaper. Just watch out for the needles.
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