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The Car I Met, But Never Got To Know.
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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I found a Certified Pre-Owned 2007 Honda Accord advertised on the Internet at PLaza Auto Mall in Brooklyn, N. Y. for $14,980 loaded with numerous features. I called, schedule an appointment, test drove it and was pleased. I sat down with the salesman, and asked what it would take to hold the car, of which the salesman said a check for $200.00. I noticed that I was asked several times about financing the car, of which I said that I was financed through MCU and would pay with a check. The next morning I dropped off a check for $200.00 dollars, the paperwork was made out, and I was given a copy of the contract with a new total minus the $200.00. I was introduced to a Sales manager who again asked me about financing. I made numerous phone calls with Geico and MCU to make sure everything was set up on my end and on Saturday (08/14/10) morning I finalized everything with MCU and was issued a check for the amount of the car. I called Plaza Auto Mall, spoke to the salesman, who said that I could come in to get my car. While I waited in the dealership the salesman comes back to me with a Sales Manager name Paul, who informs me that my car was sold to someone else and the Sales Manager proceeds to offer me one of two 2008 Honda Accords without the features of the 2007 model. My question to him was “how do you sell a car which should have had a SOLD sign or something in it”, of which his answer was "It happens sometimes". I realized that they probably had no intention on selling me the car because they never deposited my check. I was also told that there was another 2007 Honda Accord available with the same features except it had leather seats. I test drove it and I gave a thumbs up to the salesman, only for Paul the Sales Manager to come outside on the street and tell me that this car was not available for the same price, but, that is the impression that I was given inside the dealership.

I now have to go back to Geico and MCU and cancel everything that was set up and put in place. I was also told by the salesman that this has happen to him several times. I could be wrong, but because of the number of times I was asked about financing, I think that they found someone that may be didn't see the Internet price and /or decided to finance through them and thus allowing them to make more money.
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grandma005 on 08/16/2010:
If it is a really good deal then you take their financing first then you refinance with your credit union. I have done this many times.
MDSasquatch on 08/16/2010:
BINGO on both counts
dan gordon on 08/16/2010:
Did you actually get a contract or merely a receipt for the deposit? If you have paperwork I believe you have a binding contract and they need to find you a car for that amount. It would make an interesting case for Judge Judy.
CaptainSpaulding on 08/17/2010:
You, my friend, were the victim of a "bait and switch" scam.

If I were you, I would file a compliant against the dealership with the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs.
clutzycook on 08/17/2010:
Oooh, you're right CS. It's like House finding an actual case of Lupus. We finally have a real B&S scam here!
CaptainSpaulding on 08/18/2010:
clutzycook: Don't be a wiseguy. Instead of giving constructive advice, all you do is post snide comments.
PepperElf on 08/18/2010:
You mean House will have to get a real book on Lupus? (if I remember his copy was hollowed out to hide his pills)

but seriously... you may also want to contact the FTC
because it's one thing to "think about the car" and come back to find it sold...
but in your case you signed the contract and they sold it to someone else anyway

you won't be able to get the car unfortunately, cos the new buyer does have legal rights as well
but you may be able to have the company investigated for such practices.

oh... also consider one of those "on your side" local news casts. they often love running stories like this.
clutzycook on 08/18/2010:
Captain, I was being serious. We get a lot of people on here claiming bait and switch and 99% of them are wrong. Chill out.
CaptainSpaulding on 08/19/2010:
clutzycook: How do you know that 99% of the complaints posted on My3cents alleging bait and switch tactic being used are wrong?

Are you a psychic who has the ability to read the minds of the people who post complaints here?

You are the one who needs to "chill out"!
clutzycook on 08/19/2010:
PepperElf, I like your idea of calling the local media. It won't get the OP his car, but it might give the dealership food for thought.
Goldfinger on 08/19/2010:
Thank you all for your replies, I did fill a report with the Better Business Bureau and I'm going to write to Honda America, since then I have heard back from the Salesman at the dealership(who was very nice)stating that he has another car with the same features but a little more miles on it. I'm debating whether to call him back or not and I'm looking in to other dealerships as well.
PepperElf on 08/19/2010:
keep in mind that the BBB can't do anything against them except pull accreditation. they have no legal authority

however an official government agency (I.e. your local city office and the FTC *CAN* bring the law down on them if they're doing a true B&S.
PepperElf on 08/19/2010:
as for the new offer... are they giving you a MAJOR discount on it?

They already screwed you over once and broke the law by selling the car to someone else AFTER you signed their contract.

I'd personally suggest telling them to piss off.


and of course STILL go to the local media to let them know what kind of company this is. >:-)
CaptainSpaulding on 08/20/2010:
Goldfinger: Filing a complaint with the BBB is a complete waste of time, and Honda America will not entertain your complaint because you were buying a used car. As I told you in my previous comment, the only agency which you are going to get results with is the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs. If you don't want to file a complaint with them, then Plaza Auto Mall will continue pulling bait and switch scams on customers until someone stops them.

If I were you, I'd start looking for a car at another dealership. Are you anywhere near Bay Ridge Honda? My brother recently bought a used Honda Civic there and told me that he was treated fairly.
Goldfinger on 08/20/2010:
Thank You Again, your info has been well received and I have also filed a complaint with the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs.
PepperElf on 08/20/2010:

and good luck with finding a car.
and hopefully from a more honest seller
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Plaza Auto Mall scam
Posted by on
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- February 10, 2009 I bought a new car from Plaza Auto mall, 2721 Nostrand ave, Brooklyn, NY 11210 tel.718-263-8400
Karl- financial guy said: "Congratulation, you bought a new car for $ 16394
I signed a few papers and when I came home I found that on the first paper the price was $ 16 394
and on the next paper the price was $ 22170 after 10 % APR I had to pay $ 29935 !
The next morning I came back and Karl-financial guy said:"You signed it. Now you cannot change anything.
It's a document."
I've been walking back and forth to the office one month. I've been waiting for hours and hours in the
office for one person or another. Karl always hid from me in a different building. The manager Mikel-tall
bald guy with a look "iamsosickofyou" told me that he couldn't help me because he was a sales manager but not a
financial manager. Almost every day I talked to him asking to review the paper and correct the mistakes they've
made. And every time he said: " Please find someone who will explain you - this is not a mistake, this is10% APR
you have to pay to a bank."
Now take a calculator and check it out.
$ 15744 the initial price for a car
+ $1318,56 NY sales tax 8,375 %
-$650 rebate
+ $150 inspection
+$190 new plate
+$12,50 fee for the old tires
+$170 Gap insurance
-$500 trade in / my old car/
-$200 my check
+$2500 extended warranty / I never asked about it and never been told a word about this kind of service /
+$1400 - Road assistance / This amount was added without my permission /
Total $20135
But not $22177
Together with 10% APR I have to pay $29935 They added HALF OF THE PRICE
It took me 1 month to cancel this "Road assistance" / as soon as I didn't need it I had AAA for $48 a year /
Joanna - the secretary said:" Don't expect you will get all the money, may be only some part of it. May be in a few weeks."
But I've never got the refund and I am still paying 10% APR
It took me 2 months to cancel extended warranty but I've paid 10% APR .
They added $650 - rebate TWICE ! Then they added down payment $1330. It is PLUS to the total amount.
Once I cried in front of two managers:"Please take this paper and check it." Nobody moved. They didn't care !
That proves that they shared the money: Troy-sales person, Karl-financial Guy, Mike-manager and the boss of this nice "family"
/I tried to make an appointment with him but the secretary always says he is away or busy. After I left a few messages with
my name he never called me back./
Besides there was one more interesting detail that gives me the right to call this business "criminal gang". I bought a small
Toyota Yaris -2 doors. Instead the document says that I bought 4 doors Toyota Yaris which is more expensive. You are smart enough to understand what is going on in this dealership. They buy a small car for $10000 / my guess, nobody knows the real price/
Then they sell it for the price of a big expensive car. A buyer has to pay to a bank till the rest of his life. And car dealership
shares this extra money. They don't even have to pay income tax because these are hidden charges nobody knows about
and nobody can find it. Of course the extended warranty is total fake so is "Road membership". Total amount that has been stolen from my pocket is $5942,75 And I am paying 10% APR to a bank.

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User Replies:
skelly39 on 04/02/2010:
Sounds like he left out pertinent info and you didn't read your paperwork before signing it. He gave you the cost of the car, but you had to know that if you financed it, you would have to pay interest to the bank.
As far as the rest of it, it's unfortunate that they treated you like that, but that's why it is important that you read what you are signing.
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