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Title Problems
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Rating: 1/51

TEMPE, ARIZONA -- I purchased a 2012 Ford Explorer on the internet. The car appeared to have no problems until I got home. It wouldn't start again and I was told the dealer would have someone come repair it today. Two days later they determined it needed a new battery and replaced it. I took the paperwork to the DMV to register the car and found there was no record of title on file. I tried to contact the dealer many times and no one would return my calls. I have had this car for 9 months and I still don't have a title. Not sure what is going to happen.

Do NOT Buy a Car From This So Called Dealership!!!
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Rating: 1/51

TEMPE, ARIZONA -- I actually have multiple complaints:

1 - I purchased a vehicle and the sales representative advised I would have my car by April 19th, 2013... After rushing me for the payment and receiving the payment, the sales representative went on a vacation before completing the transition and having my car shipped. I did not get my vehicle till April 22nd, 2013 after they told increased the shipping cost by $200 (after receiving my total payment and telling me I had no further expenses).

2 - Before I received the car, the sales representative told me there were no major scratches or issues, other than normal wear and tear. When I received the vehicle, it had Transformer symbols carved into the paint on the hood. The transporter even pointed them out on the transport form which the dealership signed. When I told the sales representative about it, he essentially said I was lying, that they were not there and that even though the major scratches were not disclosed in the advertisement and description, it was my issue to deal with.

3 - When I asked to speak with the manager, who I had to deal with while the sales representative was on vacation, the sales representative said he was busy and did not want to deal with me. I demanded to speak with the manager, and the sales representative told me to have fun on hold, then placed me on hold for over 20 minutes till I hung up.

I Was Ripped Off
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PHOENIX, ARKANSAS -- I bought a vehicle from Plaza Motors Arizona last month. I found the vehicle on their website and contacted the owner. He told me the vehicle was in great shape and it had no problems whatsoever. What a piece of **. I took delivery from a shipper they arranged and immediately knew the car had problems. The car had parts missing and the tires and rims were in horrible condition.

I brought the vehicle to my mechanic and it would not even pass inspection. I had to put 3k into it to get it inspected and to get the vehicle in decent condition. I called the owners and they essentially blew me off. I have no other recourse except for this review. If you are looking to buy a vehicle from these people "DO NOT". Thank you for reading.

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