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Modification Or Fraud
Posted by WKS on 06/22/2010
PNC Mortgage is not trying to modify mortgages, they simply put you thru their applications process and then lose or can't find the information. They repeatedly request duplicate information and claim to not have it.
When in fact most of my information was faxed as requested with confirmations.

I would think a investigation into their modification record would reveal many homeowners in my position who like me have given up after repeatedly filling requested papers and then being told that my papers were not received in a timely fashion. When in fact I responded in most cases immediately by fax and backed it up with a mailed copy.

This organization bought my mortgage from National and my past relationship with my primary mortgage company does exist anymore. PNC mortgage has confused and complicated policies designed to do just what happened to me - cause mortgage holders to get frustrated and give up on trying to navigate their playground.

If only our taxes could have been used to play with them maybe modifying mortgages to families would not be a game in which they deliberately do this. I hope by posting this other consumers will be careful before starting a relationship with this organization.

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Posted by khb01 on 2010-08-15:
It used to be that you ASSUME some level of competency from the banking industry. My experience with this bank proves the opposite (at least in this case). Very similar to other stories about PNC mortgage, their ineptitude, lack of proper record keeping and non-existent process management has led to a nightmare mortgage situation for me.
To cut a long story short, do not assume anything when trying to get your mortgage loan modified or back on track. Even if they tell you they have everything they need to proceed to the next step in the process, assume that they don't. Stay on top of them, and call weekly to check on progress.
Many of their customer service staff have a tenuous relationship with the Enlish language, so be sure to double-check that correctly understand what they are telling you and they understand what you are telling them.

I did manage to get a well-spoken rep from their customer service dept on one occasion, and this person suggested to me that I hang up if it was clear that the rep answering my call did not have a good command of English. With an average of a 38 minute 'on-hold' time over my last 9 calls to them (yes- I've timed each one), it's very discouraging.
Posted by Brenda on 2011-05-20:
They are still at it, too. PNC has forced us into forclosure, even though we have been communicating and trying to work with them through our hardship since BEFORE our first missed payment. Now we will have to duke it out in court. I'm going for Forclosure fraud. Anyone else in a similar spot?
Posted by Liz on 2012-05-17:
I filed a motion to invalidate sale of my house. My experience is similar to Brenda's. They told me they couldn't negotiate with me if I'm still paying...
Posted by mtp8469 on 2012-06-26:
Hi Brenda, If you get this message can you tell us what happen when you fault then in Court on Mortgage fraud? My friend’s situation is very similar to yours.
Posted by DB on 2013-05-04:
KHB01 and Brenda I have been thru the same thing as both of you and I am going to sue them for mortgage also and I live In Illinois and the Ilinios Supreme Court has made an incredible ruling designed to stop foreclosure fraud by banks. You can look it up on the internet and read it for yourself. If a bank can't produce the original Promissary Note, there pretty much dead in the water on foreclosure against you and some of the judges and lying lawyer's of the courts are all a part of the fraud game so I urge you to do your homework and learn your rights and do not leave your house no matter what they say or send you....
Posted by anita on 2013-09-12:
Harp is bait and switch. We have a perfect pay history across the board. If I can find a lender with no cost to close and no other charges, I will switch today. PNC is worthless, fax 5 times,they did not get it? Faxed from our branch,they don't have it? I worked in retail customer service....if I work like PNC I would have been fired. I was with Ohio National then purchased by National City purchased by PNC......bad deal, I am done.
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Deactivate ATM card
Posted by Beyondfrustrated on 09/24/2010
Several months ago, we went to use our PNC check card and it was declined. So we call the 1-800 number but it's after 10 pm so no one is there to help us. We wait until the next day and call as soon as their call center opens. We are told they have no clue as to why are cards are DEACTIVATED. There is money in the account, they haven't been reported lost or stolen, and the account is still open. Their advice is to go into a branch because apparently, the branch put the hold on the card. But it was Sunday, so no branch was open. After speaking with multiple people who tell me there is nothing they can do, we finally get someone who re-activates our card over the phone. No reason can be given for why they were deactivated in the first place. No one wants to take responsibility for it.

Tonight, the same thing. My husband just finished 7 days straight of work. Tomorrow, he starts 13 solid days of work. This was our only time to get out and have some couple time. Hire babysitter, hop in car, go get gas....card deactivated. Once again, it is after "business hours" and no one is available to help us until tomorrow. We are beyond furious and will be closing our account ASAP. While they have our home phone, cell phones, and email addresses, we were not notified of the deactivation. The first time it happened, we never even got a snail mail letter of explanation.

UPDATE: Called this morning at 7:20am and was told by automated system that it would be a 4-5 minute wait. At about the 4 minute mark, I hear a click and a message saying to leave a voicemail. I hang up and call back and got someone right away. She told me that she couldn't do anything since that department didn't open until 8am and that I should call back. I did. I spent 5 minutes explaining the situation, 35 minutes on hold, 2 minutes talking again to the rep and then another 10 minutes on hold. She told me her supervisor couldn't reactivate the cards via the phone. I replied that wasn't true because that's what they did last time. She agreed that some supervisors "don't do that" but she had multiple supervisors in several states that she could try. I got the cards activated again.

When I asked why they were deactivated, she told me that it could be a merchant reported fraudulent charges, but when she checked, she said no. Then she told me it was because we were overdrawn, which we were the prior week but it was covered with a direct deposit 2 days prior. I asked her what triggered a deactivation versus just declining the card and she said it was the amount of days overdrawn. I asked her to quantify that and she checks the account again and says, "Oh, that's not it". Then she tells me that overdrawing 10 times in a 30 day period would deactivate the card. I told her there was NO WAY we overdrew our account 10 times. This was a one time emergency that we had to deliberately overdraw the account and I was aware of it and covered it. So, then the reasoning was the amount we overdrew the account. Then she says, "Oh, that doesn't look like it was it either. Well, they are activated now". Gee, thanks. I understand declining the card but deactivating it? Even though the account was brought in good standing 2 days prior, we still had no access to our money. As for notifying us, we were told they "try to make an effort to contact the customer". We have no messages or missed calls.
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Posted by CaptainSpaulding on 2010-09-24:
I once had PNC Bank for a car loan. Dealing with them was one of the worst experiences in my life! A common occurrence with them was "The Mystery of the Lost Car Loan Payment". I would mail my payments to them two weeks before the due date, but more times than not, the payment wouldn't be credited to my account because they claimed that they never received it. After the same thing continued to happen after I started to mail my payments to them via USPS Certified Mail w/Return Receipt, I knew that they were full of hooey! I promptly paid off my car loan and haven't done business with them since!

My advice to you is to open an account at another bank and tell PNC Bank to shove their ATM card where the sun doesn't shine!
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PNC Bank has 12 pages of fees. Worst bank I have ever dealt with
Posted by Kramertj on 12/28/2007
This bank will fee you to death. Give you slow/poor customer service. The behavior of the representatives is one of if the Bank Policy says I can steal from you I will.

PNC's management should be ashamed of they way they steal and treat their customers. I signed up for PNC banks $101 offer. They immediately started stealing from my account. It was a nightmare I was charged fees for having an account. We never received the $101 from PNC. PNC Customer service is slow and rude. I asked to close the newly opened account and they charged me another $50.

This bank is the worst I have ever dealt with. I'm asking for the return of the $50 they stole for closing the account after I saw what a terrible bank they are. PNC is rude. Replies from PNC Bank are insulting . PNC is a very unprofessional bank. Basically, PNC FAILS TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for its overly complex rules intended upon defrauding responders to their deceptive offers.

Have had long standing accounts with Chase and Citibank for years and they are much better banks compared to PNC. Among the bad banks PNC ranks among the absolute worst. If you value your money I wouldn't do business with PNC.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-28:
12 pages of fees?

Every bank that I know of charges a fee for closing a newly opened account. Good luck getting your $50 back.
Posted by gfa1981 on 2008-02-22:
These other guys must work for PNC because 12 pages sounds about right. PNC recently bought out the bank that I was doing business with and have been a disaster ever since. I've been charged a fortune in fees, more than my last bank charged in a year, and I've NEVER heard of another bank charging a fee for closing an account, but PNC does.
Posted by Ouecreole on 2008-02-27:
i agree this is the worst bank! Not just what happened to you, but their banking practices as a whole! i am actually, tracking my account daily, and i am filing an offical complaint with the OCC.. please feel free to join me! i have contacted a Legal Firm, for assistance!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-27:
Nobody listen to these guys then, what males you think anybody will listen now?

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.
-Thomas Jefferson

Of all the contrivances devised for cheating the laboring classes of mankind, none has been more effective than that which deludes him with paper money.
-Daniel Webster

The colonies would have gladly born the little tax on tea, and other matters, had it not been that England took away from the colonies their money.
-Benjamin Franklin

This is a favorable moment to shut and bar the door against paper money. The mischief of the various experiments which have been made are now fresh in the public mind and have excited the disgust of all the respectable parts of America. -Oliver Ellsworth, a delegate from Connecticut, who later became this nation's third Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Already they have raised up a money aristocracy that has set the government at defiance.
-Thomas Jefferson, at the Constitutional Convention (1787)

Posted by robowash on 2008-11-13:
PNC wanted to charge me, as a non-customer, $5 to cash a check drawn on their bank!
Posted by WOWreally! on 2009-07-29:
check this out. i made two purchases one of which would over draw my account.(unbeknownst to me) but both got charged an overage fee. when i asked why they said that both had gone in the same time as a single transaction. so then i said if thats the case there should only be ONE OVERAGE FEE. its at this point i was hung up on. so i cancelled my direct deposit. now im on my way to walmart to buy a 50 inch tv. im going to let it over draw my account and when it goes into collections add it to my chapter seven. that way ill get my moneys woth out of these theiving pricks.
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Does Not Modify Mortgages - Predatory Lending
Posted by Eno on 07/30/2010
MIAMI, OHIO -- I agree with the previous complaint about PNC! Every time you call to check on the modification process they either lose your paper work or worse they tell you that you did not fax everything!

In June I sent all required documents, I followed up the next day with a phone call, they said they received all necessary documents. The next week I received a letter they were missing several docs. So I called and faxed them the same day.

A week later I received a letter stating my request was denied for insufficient required documents. When I called PNC they said they received the docs in time but they were unable to process them before the time limit had elapsed so I woild have to start all over again! More than 6 times since may of '09 and three times with a local community service.

The same things happened to the community service, they lost papers, would not return calls, they would say they had all required documents one day and the next week they said they were missing docs.

This is predatory lending tactics by defintion. If you have the same issues or similar I suggets you file a complaint with the occ at http://www.Helpwithmybank. Gov/. Call them and then file an online complaint wih them as well.
When the ceo of PNC makes over 20 million with bonuses I say that is an abuse of power and glutony!
If they tell me the investor won't modify one more time...Or tell me the investors name because of the privacy act, yet the investor has all of my private information? Something stinks here, smells like predatory lending!

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Posted by saj80 on 2010-07-30:
First, while it may be inept, it is not predatory. Second, the entire mortgage modification system is a mess, largely due to two issues: the number of mortgages now held by investment firms, and the number of requests for modifications. I don't know your specific situation, but the last report I read said less than 8% of all modification requests were getting approved and completed.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-30:
This is far from preditary lending. It is basically one big mess. The fact that people are getting breaks on their mortgages is still incomprehensible. The only reason this came about was because some of the banks had to bailed out. All the means for these loan adjustments are being made up on the fly.

I don't know your case but I do know people who took out loans against their house for vacations, tv's, cars, etc. And then ran into trouble when the house stopped appreciating. Now these people are getting breaks for their reckless behavior. Those of us who stayed responsible get nothing, except property tax increase. One part of me is not to disappointed that it is a difficult process.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-30:
I have to agree with you chevy. Some people may have legitimate reasons for needing loan modifications, but I think most of it is the result of greed, entitlement and bad decisions. I don't think those people should be rewarded. I'm just glad it hasn't gotten to the point of forgiving credit card debt. That will really hurt.
Posted by eno on 2010-08-17:
When you have a legitimate "Medical Hardship" (with documented proof) and you qualify under the guidelines on the PNC website, they still deny it. PNC had a private company do an appraisal on my home and it not only listed my home 2oo sq. ft. larger it was compared to homes with three car garages (i have two) and larger homes. My home was apraiased over the amount so my modification won't process through investor guidelines, how convenient when there are three foreclosures and two short sales within three blocks of my home.
I have emptied my 401K to keep my home. At least the companies I owe medical debt to works with me on payments. Not everyone is looking to get a free ride and I understand there are many people who are trying just to do that. When you have documented proof of a hardship it still doesn't matter to the banks.
Just like I saw someone paying groceries with food stamps and then drive off in a Mercedes? that's what i call a free ride and a scam.
Posted by JRSG on 2014-01-22:
PNC is a predatory loan institution. Read all the complaints on the Internet. We are having to file a lawsuit against PNC for the second time in 9 months. We are not looking for a free ride! We have always paid our debts! Thanks to the Republicans the economy crashed and I lost my job and have not been able to find employment since (8 years). Please do not say everyone is looking for a free ride, especially since you do not know the situation. PNC lied to us. Then they tried to get hundreds of dollars out of us for no reason. We had to sue because of a breach of contract by PNC. This started May 2013 and on Jan. 22, 2014 we are filing suit again. They are sending us 4 letters per week threatening us, claiming they are not getting our payments. We have proof they are cashing our checks! They refuse to speak with us. It took over 4 weeks before our attorney could get anyone at PNC to speak with him. PNC is harassing us for money they claim they did not get but we have proof they got our money
Posted by David Kreate on 2014-03-08:
PNC is a den of thief's.
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Overdraft Fees
Posted by Hadji on 08/16/2007
I want to know what any bank PHYSICALLY does to merit charging a 30 dollar overdraft fee. It is an excessive fee. I was charged $90 dollars extra for 2 99 cent double cheeseburgers and a pack of camel filters.(3 separate transactions) It happens to poor people like me often. This is definitely not a courtesy to me as I've been told by PNC. With today's technology it seems your card should be denied if you are going to overdraft.

To save you time in your responses, I admit I'm financially irresponsible sometimes and paid for it dearly.
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-08-16:
The banks charge more for overdrafts and such because everyone wants free checking. Remember when you used to pay $5 a month for a checking account and 10 or 15 cents per check? Well someone offered "free" checking and everyone else had to follow suit. The banks made the accounts free but then they charge you dearly for overdrafts. As far as banks letting you overdraft as a courtesy - you have to look at both sides - to you it was too high a fee to pay for two burgers and a pack of smokes - but what if it was 2AM, two days before payday and your kid is sick and you have to run to the 24 hour Walgreens for medication - at times like that you are thankful that the bank will let you overdraft your account and you will gladly pay the $30 at a time like that. As Stew would say a service like that would be "very helpful".
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-16:
"I admit I'm financially irresponsible sometimes and paid for it dearly." So, where's the beef?
Hugh is right on regarding 'free checking'.

Posted by bill on 2007-08-16:
Its not that the bank physically does anything for the $30.00. I think its more like a penalty charge. Perhaps they believe that if the $30.00 fee pisses you off you will be less likely to be overdrawn in the future for fear of the penalty charge.
Posted by GothicSmurf on 2007-08-16:
Think of an overdraft fee as a VERY high percentage loan. Just because a checking account says it's free- it's not always, you have to read the fine print. Being "free" does not give you the right to over spend what you have because you can.
Posted by poppapia on 2007-08-17:
If you're eating double cheeseburgers and smoking Camels, overdraft fees are the least of your problems.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-17:
According to a recent study by the Center for Responsible Lending the nations 15 largest banks collected $17.5 billion dollars last year from us for over-draft fees.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-17:
The $30.00 fee is just there way of saying “we have your money chump and we will take what we want when ever we want to" everything else you have heard is BS!

But wait! Did you know the government is now trying to add more taxes on the cigarettes you buy under the guise of what you as a smoker do to other people? Guess what the same people that believe the banks are right in what they do will also be the ones that voter for this bill thinking they are getting over on the evil smokers.

Just like the deception of the banks after it’s all said and done the politicians will let there grand plan unfold.
This bill will allow some kids to be kids till they are 25.
It will allow all illegal children coming into this country illegally to get free medical benefits and much more. The original “tax on cigarettes” will of course not be enough to cover this cost and then just like the banks taking your money without you permission you me and all the people that fell for this bill, if it passes will be taxed even more.

Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-08-17:
gothic & lidman got it.
addition to lidmans post:
Where do you think the tax money is going to come from when all the evil smokers quit and voila! no more smoking tax money?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-17:
There is a bill “gaining moment” that would require banks to tell people at the ATM and possibly at the checkout counter when their accounts run dry, It would also prohibit banks from charging overdraft fees unless customers have agree to pay them and it would prohibit the bank from clearing the highest check first.

Banks have also held and delayed deposits so that an overdraft incurs and they receive the fees.
Posted by Nohandle on 2007-08-17:
Hadji, at least you acknowledged you were "financially irresponsible sometimes" which is more than most will say. I too, think the $30.00 overdraft fees are ridiculous and the clearing of the larger checks even more so. Free checking now simply means maintaining a certain balance in ones' account.

Banks are not your friend..face it. What really troubles me is banks in general don't seem to want the so called "good customers"..those who watch their account, pay their bills on time and march to the beat. Banks, like the credit card companies, seen to prefer those who are behind in their payments or writing those hot checks. No fees received from the good customers.

If banks didn't find this financially beneficial, believe me there wouldn't be any overdraft fees. They would simply cut the customer off. It apparently is to their advantage to continue.
Posted by pjhwin on 2007-12-10:
Banks use creative accounting methods to put accounts into the negative on paper. When you get overdrafts against your account and ask the bank about them, the bank goes over your account and usually comes up with the reason behind the overdrafts is that there are holds against your account from charge transactions that didn't clear yet. Sound familiar (holds against your account that haven't cleared yet) How in the world can that be true? Holds are just arbitrary figures that are out there in cyber space, if they don't get turned into transactions they get dropped off. But, during that magical 3 to 4 days that there are holds against your account the bank figures them in against your balance.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the last time I made a charge purchase with my debt card I checked my account balance and my available balance was lowered to reflect the transaction. How can the bank have a hold on an already adjusted account balance???
Posted by tbarnum on 2008-01-28:
Banks and Credit Unions both charge ridiculous fees for overdrafts. I was pretty sick of that crap. I was online a couple weeks ago and through a bunch (and I mean a BUNCH!) of searching I found a bank out of Kentucky that won't charge overdraft fees. There is a 19.95/month flat fee and that's it. No overdraft fees. I was skeptical at first but I called them and it is exactly what it says, a no overdraft fee account. Here's the website I found, you can actually apply through the website.

Posted by old fart on 2008-01-28:
Folks... I almost hate to live up to what My name implies but the simple formula for avoiding overdrafts is "do not spend more money than what is in your account"

If you have access to a computer and your CU or bank provides on-line access to your account, you can balance your checkbook hourly if you wish. In this day and age there is literally no reason why anyone should be overdrawn.
Posted by Castun on 2008-08-13:
old-fart, the problem is that even with online banking, where 99% of debit card purchases show up immediately, that 1% that may take a couple days to show up can be where these problems come from.

I've been told by my local bank manager that if you use your card at any merchant, it won't take into account any other pending transactions when approving that purchase. However, he said that their system does know you just overdrafted your account and will charge you that fee the next business day or two, regardless of if you deposit cash back into your account before being hit with the fee.
Posted by old fart on 2008-08-13:
Castun... it's easy if you treat the uncleared debit transactions just as if it is a check you just wrote..

If you choose you can balance your checkbook hourly...
Posted by old fart on 2008-08-13:
I just realized I repeated my previous statement but it just reinforces my belief..don't spend it if you don't got it..
Posted by Meatball7 on 2008-08-13:
Again, not that simple old-fart...
I work for a bank, and I am currently leaving my position with them and closing my accounts. You don't have to spend more money than you have to get an overdraft. I've been pounded with od fees just for using my debit card. What it means to get fees from pending transactions is that any holds a merchant might post to your account may cost you. For example, if I have 25 bucks in my account and I use a prepay pump with my debit card and pump 15 dollars... the merchants pump my post a hold of 50 dollars, which then clears to the original 15 3-4 days later. There your fee!! I lived it. The system sucks.
Posted by old fart on 2008-08-13:

all the more reason to use a credit union...
Posted by Meatball7 on 2008-08-13:
Fact is, good service in general has gone down the drains. Banks used to have to employ more tellers to cash paychecks and run "proof work". Gas stations and grocery stores used to employ more help to provide customer service money-takers and baggers to help their clients. With debit cards, direct deposit, and pay-at-the-pump we should be saving them lots of money. So, whats the reward other than bigger punishments for consumer carelessness and bad automation?

One of the reasons I'm leaving my job is that I don't believe in these type of practices. The clients aren't trying to cheat out some money.... they're just buying into the "we're making it easy" slogan the banks try to trick you into thinking.

Who knows, maybe I'll land a credit union job :)
Posted by trouble.jessy on 2008-10-16:
It's really easy for people to say "don't make more than you spend". For those of us living paycheck to paycheck, and using every dime to hold us over until our next check.... $30 ($34 at my bank) an overdaft can be devistating. My overdrafts are not intentional or because I'm going out buying big screen tvs, it's usually becasue I'm trying to by groceries or put gas in my car. The banks need to have a heart, especially given the horrible state of our economy. Plus, I just deposited $1000 in my account, but because of a $5 overdraft there is a hold on my account... which for some magical reason they can't lift for 48 hours. So I have no cash. Citibank is the worst.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-16:
I think the phrase is, "Don't spend more than you make." But, I don't think anyone would mind making more than they spend, lol. That being said, banks offer so many free services now (compared to the past) that they have to make their money somewhere and I guess overdraft fees are it. They count on people overdrafting--and people have not let them down.
Posted by mosquitoguy on 2010-02-26:
I would like to withdraw 5 million dollars. I'd be glad to pay the $30 overdraft fee.

There. Banks aren't supposed to let you withdraw money you DON'T have. It's a CHECKING account, NOT a credit account. Simple enough for the folks who think banks are doing the right thing?

Posted by Riah on 2010-10-01:
Overdraft fees are not going away. They never will. Pending items from a check card purchase reduce your available balance as they are a promise to pay a merchant. That is not going to change either. Consider your debit card an electronic check writer that automatically writes down the money promised in your ledger and reduces what you have. It's not that hard.
Posted by DerekDudage on 2011-05-20:
Actually, you have to instate "overdraft protection" on your account so that if you don't have the cash in your account, you'll be denied. BUT, protection from an overdraft fee is an extra charge!
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Business Service
Posted by Personalshift on 10/04/2013
SANFORD, FLORIDA -- I brought a homeless day worker to PNC to cash a check drawn on my business account. The Sanford Florida branch manager had the personal discretion to waive the $10 fee and help the guy out, but wanted to be a selfish petty prick and refused. I complained that all their smiley talk about customer service is hypocritical phony lip service. SO guess what? For daring to complain about a policy you might disagree with - they canceled our accounts! Two business checking accounts and a Merchant Service account. How? In the typical way you would expect a machine-like uncaring big bank to act: a form letter in the mail, unsigned because no one had the courage to call or face us. No dispute. No conversation. No redress. Just rude, disrespectful, arrogant and typical of Big Bank.

This is the same type of smiley customer service attitude PNC uses when they foreclose and drag grandma out of her house and throw her onto the curb. AVOID PNC and move your money to a local, truly caring credit union. When more of us, the People, do this then the heartless, backstabbing bully big banks will change.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-10-05:
Asking to waive a fee (which I would fully expect them not to do - why should they for this person?) is ok, but expecting them to I don't understand. If you berated them for not caving to your demands, with conversation you didn't show here, I might understand them shutting down your accounts - a business can do business with whom it wishes, and if there is cause for concern about certain kinds of behavior happening in the future, they would have a right to act on those concerns. Without a tape of the conversation, it is hard to judge.
Posted by yoke on 2013-10-06:
When you realized they were going to charge the man a fee, why did you at that point just withdraw the money out of the account and give it to him.
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Phony Pending Withdrawals
Posted by Maxsavickas on 08/01/2013
CLEVELAND, OHIO -- On a Monday evening I tried to make a purchase for $114 but only had $90.60 in my checking account. My bank card was declined. When I went home and checked my balance it showed a pending withdrawal for $90.60 even though the transaction was not completed and I left the store without any merchandise. I immediately called the store and was told it would probably come off the next day.

On Tuesday the pending withdrawal was still there and I called the store and they told me it was the bank's responsibility. I called the bank and the man laughed and said it was the stores fault "they're holding up your money". I called the store corporate office and they also told me it was the bank keeping the pending status on the money.

On Wednesday it was still pending and I called the bank and the store corp. office and again each blamed the other adamantly.

On Thursday I called the bank and explained how each was blaming the other and was told "well its both. The store could take the $90.60 from your account and you could pay the rest in cash". I told him "are you kidding? It's over! It was Monday. I'm not still in the store. The transaction was never completed. I have no merchandise. There isn't even a transaction number because there was no transaction". Then I asked if I had access to use this money while the pending status was in place and while he hesitated I said this is a yes or no question. He said no. I asked if I would have been charged a non sufficient fund charge if I had tried to use the card and he said "well yes, you don't have overdraft protection".

I stated "so PNC can keep this pending status on my money and then not allow me to use it and charge me NSF fees when you know that this transaction is dead"? The PNC representative stated "do you want me to take the pending status off today?" I asked if he can take it off today, could it have been taken off on Tuesday and again he hesitated until I demanded a yes or no answer. He stated yes it could have been if I had spoken to someone in his department. I stated that this was the same number I had been calling and he told me he was in a special department with authority to take the pending status off and that my call rolled over to his department because the regular department that doesn't have his authority must be really busy. He then said he would take it off and that it would be off on Friday!

This is ridiculous. Can this possibly be legal? It's certainly not ethical.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-08-02:
The first thing to note is that you were attempting to overdraw your own account.

The bank is in a tough position. You are trying to make a withdrawal from your account. The bank doesn't know the particulars of the point of sale, as was made evident in your interaction with the CSR. The bank would like to satisfy your (ACH) request to complete this transaction. By "bank" I mean the institution, not individual CSRs.

Yes, it appears that if you had gotten someone in the right department, they would realize this pending debit could be cancelled.

If anything, the first CSR could be critiqued for not realizing PNC could in fact remove this pending item, but I don't think there is any intentional act to keep a transaction pending when it shouldn't be.
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Predatory Lending Practices
Posted by Fordpope2003 on 07/17/2013
GULF SHORES -- PNC Bank of Gulf Shores seems to be dealing in predatory lending practices. I recently contacted my local branch of PNC and verbally requested an auto loan. I declined the approved loan. When PNC headquarters sent documentation regarding the loan [as mandated by the FDIC] they had run two loan applications, one for an auto loan and one for a secured loan. PNC also ran two separate credit reports thru Experian [this lowered my credit score 20 points].When I contacted the loan officer she said the two loan applications were only internal and two credit reports were not run. The officer had personally checked my credit report again and said Experian did not show two reports requested from PNC. I ran my credit report to find two credit reports had been run by PNC the day of the credit applications. One for auto and one secured loan.The officer suggested I write a letter of dispute to the credit agency protesting the "mistake". When asked why I should protest a hit on my credit by PNC that did not exist [as PNC claims] she had no answer. Corporate was contacted that came to the same conclusion.

Why should a client of PNC have to contest a "mistake" on their report when it was not a mistake-PNC ran my credit twice without approval/ knowledge-providing documentation to Experian would only constitute fraud on my part. Bankers please stop this unethical behavior of lying and deception. I would like to personally thank PNC for lowering my credit score-wonder if my PNC credit card rate will increase due to lower credit score?

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Posted by CU on 2013-07-18:
Where is the predatory lending part of this story?

It sounds like the bank may have run a 'soft' credit inquiry to see what kind of loan you qualify for. These inquiries do not impact your score at all.

If it was indeed a hard inquiry, it shouldn't impact your score that much unless there are other factors. In any case, this impact drops right off when no loan is subsequently booked.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-07-18:
You keep calling it a "mistake." Where is the mistake then PNC purposely runs two separate credit checks for two separate loans? They have you thinking it was a mistake!
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Money Taken by PNC From My Account
Posted by Brinsonmitchel on 07/13/2013
TARBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- Sandina, a recovery specialist with PNC went into my new account and withdrew all of my paycheck to cover a past overdrawn account that I had with PNC. I received a letter from her the same day that the money was withdrawn stating that payment was due and to pay the past due amount or set up payment options by sending in a check or money order or contacting her for other options. Before I could even send off a payment or make payment arrangements, she had already taken the money from my account. Everyone from the PNC 1800 number and even the reps at my local branch weren't helpful at all. The members of the escalation group and Sandina, the recovery specialist said that they can take your money to cover another account. They didn't give my the chance to make the payment or arrangements, they just went in and took everything I had in my account. I am without a doubt closing my account with them and never will I deal with them again!!!!
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2013-07-13:
If your bank account was with PNC and the credit card/loan that was past due was also with PNC...then it's not surprising they helped themselves to the past due payment. As wrong as I feel it is for any bank to do this, many of them are. I regretfully worked for Chase bank, collecting on past due mortgages. We were told that 'yes' they are allowed to go into a customer's Chase bank account and transfer a payment to their house/car loans...and they DID! When I questioned them about it, they said they can do that because it is their money. I quit my job with them because of the way they do business and I didn't want to have any part in it.
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Virtual Wallet a Virtual Disaster
Posted by Trmn8r on 04/30/2013
I have been a PNC customer for about 3 years. I sought them out because my regional bank ticked me off a bit.

As first, I was very happy with PNC. First, they gave me a great (teaser) rate on opening an account. Next, there are actually 3 linked accounts, the interest bearing one and two others, that you can move money between. Overdrafts cause money to automatically be transferred from the growth account to the checking, with no fee whatsoever. Sounds great, and it has been at times, but that is when the system works. The price for all this functionality is it is strictly online - no paper statements.

The online portal is the problem. PNC uses a behemoth program called "Virtual Wallet" to allow users to schedule payments, and blah blah blah. All kinds of fancy screens and calendars. Fail - all I want is to see my transactions like in a checking account statement.

To the problem - on a good day it takes VW forever to load. On a bad day, which is yesterday and today, it doesn't load at all. The screen that says it is loading freezes. I called customer service yesterday and today, and they acted as a "go between" to the technical support that knows what they are doing and me. Both yesterday and today I was told "a problem ticket has been opened and someone will call you back." Today I was told it may take 3 days, and after that they would "have it fixed". The customer service representative admitted that the tech support guy told her the problem is "on our end".

That's it PNC. All I wanted was to see my transactions. No fancy graphics. I'm and my money are gone, alone with that teaser rate that you reduced to 0.01% several months ago. It's too bad - I really liked your setup. But I have to be able to negotiate my accounts without delay or a mental fitness exercise. I've seen other complaints and defended you, but that was yesterday.
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Posted by Jennifer D on 2013-06-26:
I have been having the same issues with VW and am questioning why I should even bother banking with a dinosaur that can't even step up with technology. I have the fastest internet speed out today with U-Verse and the idea that VW acts like it's going through dial-up is unforgivable. I will not be a PNC customer for that much longer!
Posted by Katie on 2013-09-13:
I've had a PNC Account for 10 years and have been happy with the online access, etc. I opened a VW in March and have been getting charged $10/month ever since it was opened, even though I never wanted the Performance part. I also cannot navigate the online access and can't seem to ever see all of the transactions. Super disappointed and will be closing it.
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