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Posted by Foxychick on 03/14/2008
I am FED UP with PNC Bank.

I had an account with PNC in 2006. I made an error and overdrew my account. Because it was overdrawn for too long, they closed my account and sent my closed (overdrawn) account to a 'recovery specialist' who works directly for PNC Bank in Pittsburgh.

In late 11/06 I received a letter from PNC Bank stating the amount of money that I was overdrawn that I needed to repay. Early 12/06 I called my 'recovery specialist' and made and agreement with her to pay a certain amount of money to PNC Bank via cashiers check... and I had a specific mail stop (internal mailing between PNC Banks) to send my payment when I got the cashiers check at the local PNC Branch.

I received a letter about a month or so later (01/07 or 02/07) stating that I had paid the balance as agreed and Chexsystems would be notified. Chexsystems is a reporting agency for financial institutions (similar to a credit report from Experian).

I believed their silly little letter and thought that the issue would be resolved as agreed since I fulfilled my financial obligation and paid them back as agreed.

A few months later I attempted to open a new checking account with a different bank. I was declined! The reason... because I still owed money to PNC Bank (THE MONEY I ALREADY PAID)! Well I called and my 'recovery specialist' guaranteed me over the phone that I had paid it off and that everything would be reported back to Chexsystems.

A few months later, which would now bring me to 10/07, I tried to change my savings account with a different bank, into a checking account. Once again, I was declined because of Chexsystems stated that I still owed money from 11/06 to PNC Bank.

By this point I was aggravated to say the least, but still remained patient, more patient then I now realize I should have been. I was giving them the benefit of the doubt thinking that sometimes things happen and confident that they would resolve this overlooked error. I requested them to mail me another letter stating that I paid the balance as agreed and that I did not owe any more money... and once again that Chexsystems would be notified.

I waited 2 weeks for the letter to come to my home and didn't receive a letter. I called again and spoke to someone else who said that my letter was mailed on 10/27/07. I waited a little while more until 11/17/07 and called back and advised that I needed them to send me another letter because I never received the letter which was supposedly mailed on 10/27/07.

The letter was the same as the first, it said that everything was paid off as agreed and Chexsystems would be notified.

January 28, 2008 I wanted to open another checking and savings account with a local credit union (now I have 2 checking accounts and 2 savings accounts with 2 separate financial institutions)... I bet you all know what I am going to say.... I WAS DECLINED AGAIN BECAUSE CHEXSYSTEMS SAID THAT I STILL OWED PNC BANK MONEY!!!! I was able to present a letter stating that I paid them in 12/06 and the woman opening my account said that it only takes 30 days for Chexsystems to be updated when the bank informs them of a change. WELL I called the 'recovery specialist' on 01/28/08 and advised that everything was still showing as NOT BEING RESOLVED ON CHEXSYSTEMS!!! Her response "Oh I see the problem, the drop down box is still showing open. I will correct the problem and notify Chexsystems. It will show up in 30 days that your account is clear with PNC Bank."

My patience was GONE by this point in time. LONG GONE! It took me 5 phone calls just between 10/07 and 01/08 to TRY TO GET IT RESOLVED.
I finally went to the local credit union and asked them my rights to order a Chexsystems report. The wonderful account rep at the branch gave me a piece of paper with Chexsystems information. In the beginning of March I ordered my own report. NEEDLESS TO SAY PNC BANK WAS STILL SHOWING UP WITH ME OWING THEM MONEY!!!! I called my local credit union and asked her if she could run the report YESTERDAY and she ran the report... it is still there surprise surprise!
Now if you count the days between 01/28/08 and 03/12/08 it is over 30 days.

I filed a dispute with Chexsystems; however, I don't feel that the dispute alone was enough. I made sure to contact the 'recovery specialist' supervisor yesterday and let her know of the situation. I said to her "please tell me WHY it has taken OVER 6 phone calls including TODAY just since OCTOBER 2007 to get this issue resolved. This has been ongoing since 12/06 what is the explanation that you can offer to me as to WHY it has taken so long?" Her response to me "Maybe you were talking to the wrong person". I said " I was speaking to my recovery specialist that was assigned to my case.... WAS THAT THE WRONG PERSON?" She insulted my intelligence and I feel that this a MAJOR case of a misrepresentation!!! They represented to me that Chexsystems would be notified... and they never were.

For all the time and effort I put into trying to get something resolved which was taken care of in 12/06... THEY SHOULD BE PAYING ME!


Anyone know who I can go to to file a formal complaint for all the stress, aggravation, time, and most of all embarrassment PNC BANK has unjustly caused????

There is no LOGICAL reason why this issue shouldn't have been resolved in 12/06 when they received their money.

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Business Service
Posted by Personalshift on 10/04/2013
SANFORD, FLORIDA -- I brought a homeless day worker to PNC to cash a check drawn on my business account. The Sanford Florida branch manager had the personal discretion to waive the $10 fee and help the guy out, but wanted to be a selfish petty prick and refused. I complained that all their smiley talk about customer service is hypocritical phony lip service. SO guess what? For daring to complain about a policy you might disagree with - they canceled our accounts! Two business checking accounts and a Merchant Service account. How? In the typical way you would expect a machine-like uncaring big bank to act: a form letter in the mail, unsigned because no one had the courage to call or face us. No dispute. No conversation. No redress. Just rude, disrespectful, arrogant and typical of Big Bank.

This is the same type of smiley customer service attitude PNC uses when they foreclose and drag grandma out of her house and throw her onto the curb. AVOID PNC and move your money to a local, truly caring credit union. When more of us, the People, do this then the heartless, backstabbing bully big banks will change.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-10-05:
Asking to waive a fee (which I would fully expect them not to do - why should they for this person?) is ok, but expecting them to I don't understand. If you berated them for not caving to your demands, with conversation you didn't show here, I might understand them shutting down your accounts - a business can do business with whom it wishes, and if there is cause for concern about certain kinds of behavior happening in the future, they would have a right to act on those concerns. Without a tape of the conversation, it is hard to judge.
Posted by yoke on 2013-10-06:
When you realized they were going to charge the man a fee, why did you at that point just withdraw the money out of the account and give it to him.
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Phony Pending Withdrawals
Posted by Maxsavickas on 08/01/2013
CLEVELAND, OHIO -- On a Monday evening I tried to make a purchase for $114 but only had $90.60 in my checking account. My bank card was declined. When I went home and checked my balance it showed a pending withdrawal for $90.60 even though the transaction was not completed and I left the store without any merchandise. I immediately called the store and was told it would probably come off the next day.

On Tuesday the pending withdrawal was still there and I called the store and they told me it was the bank's responsibility. I called the bank and the man laughed and said it was the stores fault "they're holding up your money". I called the store corporate office and they also told me it was the bank keeping the pending status on the money.

On Wednesday it was still pending and I called the bank and the store corp. office and again each blamed the other adamantly.

On Thursday I called the bank and explained how each was blaming the other and was told "well its both. The store could take the $90.60 from your account and you could pay the rest in cash". I told him "are you kidding? It's over! It was Monday. I'm not still in the store. The transaction was never completed. I have no merchandise. There isn't even a transaction number because there was no transaction". Then I asked if I had access to use this money while the pending status was in place and while he hesitated I said this is a yes or no question. He said no. I asked if I would have been charged a non sufficient fund charge if I had tried to use the card and he said "well yes, you don't have overdraft protection".

I stated "so PNC can keep this pending status on my money and then not allow me to use it and charge me NSF fees when you know that this transaction is dead"? The PNC representative stated "do you want me to take the pending status off today?" I asked if he can take it off today, could it have been taken off on Tuesday and again he hesitated until I demanded a yes or no answer. He stated yes it could have been if I had spoken to someone in his department. I stated that this was the same number I had been calling and he told me he was in a special department with authority to take the pending status off and that my call rolled over to his department because the regular department that doesn't have his authority must be really busy. He then said he would take it off and that it would be off on Friday!

This is ridiculous. Can this possibly be legal? It's certainly not ethical.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-08-02:
The first thing to note is that you were attempting to overdraw your own account.

The bank is in a tough position. You are trying to make a withdrawal from your account. The bank doesn't know the particulars of the point of sale, as was made evident in your interaction with the CSR. The bank would like to satisfy your (ACH) request to complete this transaction. By "bank" I mean the institution, not individual CSRs.

Yes, it appears that if you had gotten someone in the right department, they would realize this pending debit could be cancelled.

If anything, the first CSR could be critiqued for not realizing PNC could in fact remove this pending item, but I don't think there is any intentional act to keep a transaction pending when it shouldn't be.
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Predatory Lending Practices
Posted by Fordpope2003 on 07/17/2013
GULF SHORES -- PNC Bank of Gulf Shores seems to be dealing in predatory lending practices. I recently contacted my local branch of PNC and verbally requested an auto loan. I declined the approved loan. When PNC headquarters sent documentation regarding the loan [as mandated by the FDIC] they had run two loan applications, one for an auto loan and one for a secured loan. PNC also ran two separate credit reports thru Experian [this lowered my credit score 20 points].When I contacted the loan officer she said the two loan applications were only internal and two credit reports were not run. The officer had personally checked my credit report again and said Experian did not show two reports requested from PNC. I ran my credit report to find two credit reports had been run by PNC the day of the credit applications. One for auto and one secured loan.The officer suggested I write a letter of dispute to the credit agency protesting the "mistake". When asked why I should protest a hit on my credit by PNC that did not exist [as PNC claims] she had no answer. Corporate was contacted that came to the same conclusion.

Why should a client of PNC have to contest a "mistake" on their report when it was not a mistake-PNC ran my credit twice without approval/ knowledge-providing documentation to Experian would only constitute fraud on my part. Bankers please stop this unethical behavior of lying and deception. I would like to personally thank PNC for lowering my credit score-wonder if my PNC credit card rate will increase due to lower credit score?

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Posted by CU on 2013-07-18:
Where is the predatory lending part of this story?

It sounds like the bank may have run a 'soft' credit inquiry to see what kind of loan you qualify for. These inquiries do not impact your score at all.

If it was indeed a hard inquiry, it shouldn't impact your score that much unless there are other factors. In any case, this impact drops right off when no loan is subsequently booked.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-07-18:
You keep calling it a "mistake." Where is the mistake then PNC purposely runs two separate credit checks for two separate loans? They have you thinking it was a mistake!
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Money Taken by PNC From My Account
Posted by Brinsonmitchel on 07/13/2013
TARBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- Sandina, a recovery specialist with PNC went into my new account and withdrew all of my paycheck to cover a past overdrawn account that I had with PNC. I received a letter from her the same day that the money was withdrawn stating that payment was due and to pay the past due amount or set up payment options by sending in a check or money order or contacting her for other options. Before I could even send off a payment or make payment arrangements, she had already taken the money from my account. Everyone from the PNC 1800 number and even the reps at my local branch weren't helpful at all. The members of the escalation group and Sandina, the recovery specialist said that they can take your money to cover another account. They didn't give my the chance to make the payment or arrangements, they just went in and took everything I had in my account. I am without a doubt closing my account with them and never will I deal with them again!!!!
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2013-07-13:
If your bank account was with PNC and the credit card/loan that was past due was also with PNC...then it's not surprising they helped themselves to the past due payment. As wrong as I feel it is for any bank to do this, many of them are. I regretfully worked for Chase bank, collecting on past due mortgages. We were told that 'yes' they are allowed to go into a customer's Chase bank account and transfer a payment to their house/car loans...and they DID! When I questioned them about it, they said they can do that because it is their money. I quit my job with them because of the way they do business and I didn't want to have any part in it.
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Virtual Wallet a Virtual Disaster
Posted by Trmn8r on 04/30/2013
I have been a PNC customer for about 3 years. I sought them out because my regional bank ticked me off a bit.

As first, I was very happy with PNC. First, they gave me a great (teaser) rate on opening an account. Next, there are actually 3 linked accounts, the interest bearing one and two others, that you can move money between. Overdrafts cause money to automatically be transferred from the growth account to the checking, with no fee whatsoever. Sounds great, and it has been at times, but that is when the system works. The price for all this functionality is it is strictly online - no paper statements.

The online portal is the problem. PNC uses a behemoth program called "Virtual Wallet" to allow users to schedule payments, and blah blah blah. All kinds of fancy screens and calendars. Fail - all I want is to see my transactions like in a checking account statement.

To the problem - on a good day it takes VW forever to load. On a bad day, which is yesterday and today, it doesn't load at all. The screen that says it is loading freezes. I called customer service yesterday and today, and they acted as a "go between" to the technical support that knows what they are doing and me. Both yesterday and today I was told "a problem ticket has been opened and someone will call you back." Today I was told it may take 3 days, and after that they would "have it fixed". The customer service representative admitted that the tech support guy told her the problem is "on our end".

That's it PNC. All I wanted was to see my transactions. No fancy graphics. I'm and my money are gone, alone with that teaser rate that you reduced to 0.01% several months ago. It's too bad - I really liked your setup. But I have to be able to negotiate my accounts without delay or a mental fitness exercise. I've seen other complaints and defended you, but that was yesterday.
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Posted by Jennifer D on 2013-06-26:
I have been having the same issues with VW and am questioning why I should even bother banking with a dinosaur that can't even step up with technology. I have the fastest internet speed out today with U-Verse and the idea that VW acts like it's going through dial-up is unforgivable. I will not be a PNC customer for that much longer!
Posted by Katie on 2013-09-13:
I've had a PNC Account for 10 years and have been happy with the online access, etc. I opened a VW in March and have been getting charged $10/month ever since it was opened, even though I never wanted the Performance part. I also cannot navigate the online access and can't seem to ever see all of the transactions. Super disappointed and will be closing it.
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Virtual Wallet is a Virtual Nightmare
Posted by Jglowe on 04/15/2013
LAUREL, MARYLAND -- My wife was persuaded to sign up for PNC's new Virtual Wallet within the last 4 weeks. Since then we have had nothing but customer service nightmares. The icing on the cake and straw that BTCB is that Virtual Wallet unlinked all my QuickBook banking connections. What's worse I have been ON HOLD for OVER 40 MINUTES waiting for a technical services person to help me with the problem. The Virtual Wallet is Virtually without merit. PNC = Please No Customers, Please No Charges
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Posted by Alain on 2013-04-16:
I saw these things advertised and had concerns about their security and that perhaps PNC was overstating the devices functions. Thanks for your review. I'm glad I didn't get one.
Posted by Err.. on 2013-05-16:
What device, Alain? Virtual wallet is type of bank account offered by PNC, not an actual wallet.... So obviously a bogus comment.
Posted by Ferg on 2013-06-09:
Online banking through PC worked fine previously, since signing up for a Virtual Wallet account, I can't see transactions online. Accounts and balances show, but hit that button to see transactions and you get stuck in neverland until it times out. Tried different PCs in different locations to see if maybe it was my PC, but apparently not. Tried to get Tech help and never got through. Guess I will have to pay bills by check in the mail? I don't even know where my checks are... never used them before! Nightmare... going to close out that virtual wallet this week and hope that my online banking experience goes back to working mode.
Posted by Kevin on 2013-06-12:
Don't sign up for the $150 new account bonus. They'll do everything they can to prevent you from getting it. I've had the account for 4 1/2 months and although there's nothing really wrong with it, I'm leaving because they broke a promise to me. I don't trust them and customer service is a joke (I'm talking to you, Mr. Dillard). Avoid.
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PNC Stole From Me Too
Posted by Lisalew50 on 02/07/2013
Similar to many others here, PNC has incorrectly deducted numerous overdraft and continuous day charges from my account.

I contacted customer service, who refunded me less than 2% of what was incorrectly taken as a "courtesy", and got nowhere.

I then contacted every exec I could find and worked with one, who took more than a week to get back to me and refunded about 0.5% More; again calling it a courtesy.

Even after supply documentation (the bank statements they created) showing that these fees were incorrectly charged to me, they still refused to admit their error and make the correction. The latest excuse I got is that they have some internal system where the overdraft fees were correctly charged to me. Conveniently enough consumers don't have access to this.

Right now, I'm waiting on response from PNC, after explaining again the fees are incorrect and asking for access to this "secret" account statement that I don't have that tells them they correctly charged me.

Again, like many others here I did not choose to bank with PNC, instead they bought out my bank. It doesn't surprise me at all that PNC was fined for taking overdraft fees that they should not have.

I will be contacting the many law sites out there that are asking you to contact them with info on PNC stealing money from you. If any are legitimate I will be following through with that course of action as well.

My hope is that someone will see this and choose to not do business with PNC, thereby saving themselves the headaches, time and money that PNC has cost me.

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Posted by CUontheFlipSide on 2013-02-08:
The industry is extremely tightly regulated and scrutinized. If they assessed an overdraft, you can bet they can back it up. There is no secret accounting, it's a matter of a check you issued or a debit coming in and being posted before your deposit.
Due to the fact that legally the funds are supposed to be in the account BEFORE you spend them, they are within the law posting debits before credits. You will find posting order far more freindly at a credit union.

By the way, they were not fined for taking fees they were not entitled to. They were fined for not adequately notifying customers of their procedures. That's the reason that when you open an account now, you sign a statement affirming that you received a fee schedule.
Posted by ok4now on 2013-02-08:
Here's an easy solution to your problem, join a credit union. Their rates are better and you won't get whacked with all of these fees.
Posted by leet60 on 2013-02-08:
ok4now is right on target with the suggestion to join a credit union. Banks are fee heavy and with the increased regulation and resulting profit loss they are becoming quite creative in making up for their loss.

In retrospect, you should not spend money you are not 100% certain has been credited to your account. I realize many live paycheck to paycheck, however, until the bank credits the deposit the funds are not available. You cannot spend in anticipation of the credit, hoping the charges will not post before the deposit.

Although many do not, I still keep a checkbook register. I not only record EVERY transaction as soon as it is made, I round up to the next dollar. This give a small cushion that builds over time.
Posted by lisalew50 on 2013-02-08:
thank you for the suggestion of a credit union, i am looking into that now. but from reading many posts on PNC, even after you close your account with them, they will authorize withdrawals that come in then charge you an overdraft fee, how nice of them! And yes, i have already stopped auto deposit to this account and i have no auto drafts set up and I do not have any pending charges. so my hope is that this would not happen to me.

also regarding the comment from CUontheflipside, they WERE fined for illegally taking overdraft fees, you can read the class action lawsuit here

or google PNC overdraft class action to get many results

I apologize that my post left out some information that some are commenting on.

the money was IN my account, and yet i was still charged an overdraft fee.

from the info below ( a copy of the bank statment provided by PNC, with my personal info removed) you can see that my balance was 400+ on the days they deducted the money from my account for being overdrawn

01/08/2013 4 OVERDRAFT ITEM FEE $36.00 $402.72

01/08/2013 3 OVERDRAFT ITEM FEE $36.00 $438.72

01/08/2013 2 OVERDRAFT ITEM FEE $36.00 $474.72

Posted by kaayzee on 2013-09-13:
I had the exact same experience.... overdraft fees on a positive balance.....they REFUSE to refund....
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PNC bank tried to rip me off my own money.
Posted by BLACKCIRCLEBOYS on 08/17/2012
EAST WINDSOR, NEW JERSEY -- This whole issue started feb.17th. i didn't receive items in the mail. i called pnc bank about it, and they said they'd take care of it. they gave me the money back, and I had to sign papers when I received them.

April came, and still no papers. i called pnc bank, and they said they'd send them. in the meantime - I wrote a letter to them explaining in full detail everything they needed to know so they could get their money.

finally in may I receive I received the affadavit. i signed them and mailed them with another letter explaining everything that happened.

to this day, pnc bank wants me to pay them the money. i did everything I was supposed to do. they're supposed to investigate this issue, and they're not doing it. i refuse to pay for anything I never received. i don't want a lawyer, or anything like that. i just want people to know that pnc bank isn't trustworthy. i did banking with them for 12 years with no problems. this is the first problem I had, and this is how I'm treated.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-08-17:
I'm sorry, but I don't know what this complaint is about, other than problems communicating with PNC Bank.

What was to be investigated, why were you to give them money when you were trying to get money back, etc?

You say you intend to inform people that PNC is untrustworthy, but you haven't demonstrated that they did anything wrong. As a PNC customer, I have to say I like them a lot compared with other banks I have had. I am interested in knowing what happened, if you could supply details.
Posted by leet60 on 2012-08-18:
It sounds as if the poster purchased an item, charged it with a PNC bank card and never received the item in the mail. The charge was disputed and PNC bank credit the money to the account during the period required to complete the affidavit and investigate the charge. Either the affidavit was not recieved by the poster in a timely manner, or not returned to the bank in the period required. The bank is now trying to recover the money that was credit on the disputed charge.
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Fraud Practices
Posted by WKS on 07/13/2012
SOMERSET, NEW JERSEY -- PNC bank has been negating its responsibity since borrowing our tax money to prevent them from bankruptcy. I have been in the modification process for over a year and I am still being processed according to their loan modification dept. Whenever I call it's still the same. They have no intentions of modifying any applications and I can't wait for my time in court to speak before a judge like Wells Fargo. I'm sure these bank's practices will surface and I hope the penalty is large enogh to force them to close.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-07-13:
PNC is one of the better banks.

Many people are having trouble attempting to refinance their home loans, across several banking institutions. This is the first complaint I remember seeing about a PNC one.

Perhaps if you could state the details of what is happening in your case. Is your loan current, in foreclosure, default, bankruptcy? Has all the required information been submitted? Was there additional information requested, and when was it submitted?

Is the program a government-mandated one, and if so does the program require a timeline by which the bank must reply?

On what basis do you allege "fraud" has occurred?
Posted by BigAl on 2012-07-13:
PNC never was close to bankruptcy and did not borrow Gov. money to avoid bankruptcy. I am sorry you are having financial troubles and I hope things get better for you.
Posted by jonthethird on 2012-07-13:
Banks are hesitant to move forward with any loan modifications due to the lack of clear and firm regulations. Every day, changes come down from Washington or the State House, demanding different practices.
Also, understand it is not the Banks money in most cases. Mortgages were purchased by investors who are counting on the interest income for their futures. Many pension funds are involved. As the Banks are usually just administrators, they have to obtain permission from the mortgage holder in order to make changes. The bank bailouts (most which has been repaid) did not go to those who invested in mortgages.
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