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TLA 4011C - Don't waste your time OR money
Posted by on
EAST ALTON, ILLINOIS -- Please read ALL the reviews below, and save yourself the problems it sounds like we've ALL had. I purchased my TLA-4011C in 2008 from the Local Wal-Mart, three days before the Superbowl (Feb 3, 2008)for my "ManCave". Worked fine for just under a year....it "Died" on Feb 1, 2009. Yes, 1 day short of a year! I IMMEDIATELY tried to call Polaroid service, no one answered the phone, so I sent an email from their "support" website...and of course did not get a response.

My problem is similar to most...Turn the TV on, the red light turns blue, you get picture and sound, then BLINK, no picture, no sound, but the blue light stays on. Unplug, replug in and that fixes it for two more minutes. Did a little research, and found out these units have a capacitor issue (barely sufficient is how it was explained to me), and replacing the Capacitors would fix it. So, I replaced the capacitors that appeared to be the problem (Swollen tops). Voila, TV works...until March. TV begins acting up again. I find a new power supply on-line, order it, install it ($160)...problem repeats itself. I'm just about done with this thing.

No More Polaroids for This Household!!! At least I have a nice reliable SHARP 15" LCD to watch down here...One of the most useful things I learned in my business degrees was that a satisfied customer will tell another person...but a DISSATISFIED customer will tell TEN. Well, I'm up to about 50 at this point...
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Consumer Ripoff
Posted by on
CONWAY, ARKANSAS -- I want to let all consumers know that any Polaroid TV is not worth the money you pay for it. We bought a big screen HDTV in mid 2007, and four months later it went on the blink. After several weeks, and many phone calls, we finally got a repairman out. He changed the part on the TV that need to be replaced, and told us that usually Polaroids lasted about 8 months before they went out, he was surprised that ours only lasted 4 months. He said they just recycle the parts and reuse them for the next person. Also, he had to make a return trip the next day, because he didn't do the job right the first time. Then the DVD player went kaput, we just used our old TV for the DVD player, THEN the TV went out AGAIN. After several e-mails back and forth to the company, they told me it would cost $100 to replace the DVD player. In the final e-mail this is what they had to say: " Again I apologize for the issue however your unit was repaired over a year ago and you are currently 5 months beyond the warranty period. Service will not be provided to you for free. We have out of warranty options available for your situation. You will need to call the support center at 866-289-5168 to have your TV fully diagnosed. They will then go over what options we have available for you."

I also bought a Polaroid digital camera, which only lasted about 8 months before going kaput. Believe me, I will NEVER buy Polaroid products again, and I hope that whoever is planning on buying a new TV reads this and takes heed, you can save yourself around $800.
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Polaroid TV's Are Garbage
Posted by on
MCHENRY, ILLINOIS -- Polaroid is in bankruptcy because they make incredibly bad products sell them to unsuspecting consumers and run off with your money. If an $800 television set lasts a year then you were lucky most will go out sooner! Read reviews on this brand and you will find nothing but pissed off consumers. You cannot even send an Email from the website all you can contact are idiots over the phone who are no help at all!

If you like to throw money away then but one but if you work hard for every penny like I do then please buy anything but Polaroid!!
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User Replies:

Slimjim on 2009-02-19:
From all the complaints here, I'd have to liken Polaroid TVs to my early Maytag Neptune washer. I've never really had an issue with it and anyone who can say the same about these TVs is probably riding some serious luck like me.
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We Should All Call The BBB - I Did
Posted by on
ROCHESTER, MINNESOTA -- I have had this problem for a while but just thought to look into it now. That's when I noticed this was a huge problem I called the company once more. After I told them of this being a problem with most of these products and they still wanted to scam me into spending another $300.00. So we hung up went online to the BBB and filed a complaint. There is strength in numbers and I would appreciate all the support I can get with this!!! Hopefully there will be something done about this. I just pulled this off of their web site and think it is false advertisement:

Fun, easy-to-use, and family-friendly, Polaroid products help you create memories you can share instantly, no matter where you are. Globally recognized as a trusted brand for over 70 years, Polaroid is best known for pioneering instant photography. Today, Polaroid has reinvented instant photography with its innovative line of Polaroid pogo digital products.

In addition, Polaroid is a trusted brand for LCD TVs, digital cameras, digital photo frames, and more, strengthening its global position as a leading consumer electronics company.
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User Replies:

Davenport on 2009-01-12:
What exactly was the issue?
Ytropious on 2009-01-12:
Yea wtf, are you saying Polaroid ISN'T a widely known pioneer in camera technology? I think you need to explain your supposed problem better.
Anonymous on 2009-01-12:
Hope you feel better after filing the BBB complaint. It will be the only satisfaction you will get. If we all stood on our front porches and screamed, it would have the same effect as your complaint will.
Justusryan on 2009-01-12:
Ghost- Exactly. It's frusterating when people refer to the BBB as if it was an actual government agency as opposed to being a business that scams people into believing it IS a government agency.

OP- You should find the details of the CEO and mail them rather than deal with and call-center "customer service" number.
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Polaroid Does Not Stand By Their Product
Posted by on
FLORIDA -- My husband and I bought a Polaroid 19" LCD TV at Walmart; it was a 2nd TV in the house and we didn't use it that often. Approximately 9 months after purchase the TV made a horrible whining sound and the picture went "crazy"; Polaroid exchanged the TV for another and we were optimistic that the 2nd TV would work; it didn't do anything; no signal; the company sent us another remote suggesting this was the problem; it wasn't; the TV still does not work; now they want us to send the TV back again and they will send us another; that will be THREE TELEVISIONS IN LESS THAN A YEAR. I requested a refund and they have refused to do this.

It is shocking that the company of the stature of Polaroid would not stand by their product and provide a customer refund. I will never ever ever ever by another Polaroid product.
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Is There A Lawyer In The House?
Posted by on
BILOXI, MISSISSIPPI -- I actually have a 37" Polaroid flat screen HDTV. I have lost my receipt but it sounds like it would not matter anyway, because I would not want to put out the cost that most of you have already done. To start with, when my husband got the t. v. home and turned it on the picture looked great and then we turned volume up, "OMG", he thought the cat was being stepped on, We have never heard such poor sound quality. We decided we would just live with it, but after a year we wish it still sounded that bad, it went from poor sound to a high pitched squall, similar to shoving a nail in one ear and pulling it out the other. You cannot turn the TV off because the channels will not come back for an hour or so, We thought it was just our luck but it seems like it is everybody that owns one. We will live with this TV until we can afford to buy another TV.

Can you guess what brand it will NOT be? Out of all the complaints we read surely there is a lawyer or someone who is related to Ralph Nader to start a class action suit. Polaroid should not be able to get away with screwing the consumers.
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lnewport on 2009-01-03:
Why did you keep the television if it was causing problems from day one? I'm sure you could have returned it to where ever you purchased it. I think screaming "lawsuit" for this is way over the top. With any product there is bound to be a few items which have problems and if so that why you have the power to return the item. You decided to keep it, Polaroid didn't force you to.

Also most electronics have at least a one year manufactures warranty. Did you even try to contact Polaroid about it before it was up? My guess is you didn't.

Sorry, lack of action on your part does not constitute a poor product.

My friend purchased two Polaroid flat screens in 2007 at Wal-mart and they have worked great since.

Your loss if you decided to live with the problem.
Justusryan on 2009-01-04:
So you were too lazy to return a defective product? FYI, buy cheap, you get cheap. Polaroid televisions are POS. Why does everyone scream lawsuit when the warranty they had is over and now they want to whine about it?
turrkylurky on 2009-01-15:
I think you need to read everyone's comments not just mine.
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Posted by on
OK. Sooo... I work for Polaroid customer service and just to give you all a piece of information.. We stand behind every single one of our products for one whole year. it was at your discretion whether or not to purchase the extended warranty. THEREFORE you screwed yourself because the lifetime on LCD TVs is not very long. At Polaroid we sell millions of TVs and only have a 5% failure rate.

And you will only see the bad stuff on here, people never write about how good we are. so BTW, next time you spend that much money on ANY kind of electronic device, make sure you buy the extended warranty with it, its a investment that you want to protect.

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User Replies:

RabidWolf on 2008-10-05:
just wondering...5% failure rate
you find that acceptable?
Anonymous on 2008-10-06:
I agree, Wolfie. I would hate to shell out a grand and then be nothing but a bad end statistic. That would suck.
tnchuck100 on 2008-10-06:
If you will do your research you may find it's not so much a warranty issue that Polaroid is so poor at as it is your failure to provide service in a timely manner.

It's a good thing Polaroid doesn't make parachutes. 5% failure rate may be upsetting to some people.
Anonymous on 2008-10-06:
I do thank you, though, OP. I plan on buying an LCD in the spring. It won't be a Poloroid. Chuck, you crack me up.
Anonymous on 2008-10-06:
It seems to me that most of the complaints concern attempts to get service repairs during the warranty period.

LCD & plasma screens have an average life span of approximately 60,000 hours. I wouldn't call that a short time. Only CRT screens exceed that.

The 5% failure rate is almost an industry standard.
lobo65 on 2008-10-06:
Sorry, but most people won't need to buy a warranty if they avoid your brand of TV. FYI LCD's last much longer than a year if you get a good, reliable brand. Polaroids don't qualify for that category.
Anonymous on 2008-10-06:
Anthony, it is abysmal that someone in customer service would refer to its patrons as 'idiots'. Perhaps you should find a new line of work? If the failure rate for Polaroid products mandates the purchase of an 'optional' warranty to protect the purchase, why not be honest and simply add the price of the warranty to the retail cost of the set? Doing so would take Polaroid out of the running due to cost. So, thanks, I won't be buying Polaroid any time soon. Good luck with your career.
Anonymous on 2008-10-06:
I bought my LCD TV (ProView) almost 3 years ago. I've never had one problem with it. I know absolutely nothing about brand performance and bought it based purely on what I could afford at the time and that I'd read that LCD's are better than Plasma or DLP, etc.
Anonymous on 2008-10-06:
okay, yall should see one of my previous comments but I will restate it. We are required to sell extended warranties (at office depot) and recently I went a "training" session. I flat out asked the guy why they weren't a scam and just a way to make money. His answer: it is a way to make money but it is not a scam because consumers have demanded better technology (so the money is spent on research and development) causing the manufacturing of the product to be cheaper. eg.. the casings on laptops are basic plastic but hey, you got touchscreen. With that said, I have seen a customer use a warranty and not have to buy a whole new product (this was after a year and the manufacturer wouldn't fix it). There are multiple extended warranties: before saying yes or no, do your research, ask questions and find out how much you could save (in the longrun) by getting or not getting the warranty.
Anonymous on 2008-10-07:
Hurricane, no personal offense to you,:) but I should think that charging $1000 for a TV when it probably only costs a third of that to manufacture in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, or any place else they can pay the workers $1 an hour and get away with it would be profit enough to pay for research and technology. Like those who offer rebates they never send, they are counting on the customer never being able to use the extended warranty, and that's like having money thrown at them. I used to think the EW were a good idea until I cam here. I won't buy another one.
Anonymous on 2008-10-08:
none taken, I refuse to buy the warranty on most things but from what I am told (Which could very well be a lie), there is only a 10% markup on all electronics whereas supplies have anywhere from 30-100% markup. One of the reasons I am going back to school is to get out of retail and not be required to sell this "crap". (And now, because I am outspoken on the subject, the tech manager hates me and the store manager is wary of me.) sighhhhhhhhhhhh.
Anonymous on 2008-10-09:
Good for you, buddy. Good luck in school!
Oldiron on 2008-12-30:
I hope you do not think that 71 minutes and counting on hold is acceptable. Not sure how you stand behind every TV since you will not stand behind mine which has a build date of MArch 2008 and that is not even the sell date!
NC on 2013-02-11:
My 19 inch with DVD only lasted 11 months. Screen went totally white and did nothing. Called and was on hold for 1 hour and 45 minutes and was told to return it. I did that at a cost of $27 and finally got a replacement. Plugged it in and had a beautiful white screen so I called again and waited for 30 minutes and was told it was not under warranty any more and I asked to speak to a supervisor. I explained and told her I thought I should not have to pay to return it again and how long I had to wait to speak with someone the first time. She basically called me a "liar" that I could not have been on hold that long and I was lucky because they were going to let me return it again but I would have to pay for the shipping again and they would repair it and sent it back. So far I haven't done that and not sure I will. The TV cost $120 and I will have almost $60 in shipping fees and who knows if it will work the second time or how long it will last. I think it will be best to purchase a better quality TV that will last. But one thing for sure I have learned - NEVER buy a Polaroid TV - Very poor quality and VERY poor customer service.
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Lesson learned
Posted by on
I purchased a 37" HD Flat Screen TV from the local Walmart. I had the local cable company hook up HD cable. Everything was fine until about 14 months later. The sound when I turned the TV on was horrible so I would turn the TV down low and turn on my surround sound. Then about 3-4 months later when I turned the TV on it had lines from top to bottom. I took it to a repair shop only to be told that they could not fix it because Polaroid would not release the repair parts for this product. I called Polaroid and found that to repair it I had to spend another $510.00 to send it to them.

Since then I purchased another brand of TV. My son now uses the Polaroid to play Xbox on and has to warm TV up for 30 minutes prior to playing. I will never go for the bargain I will stick to the known.
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User Replies:

Anonymous on 2008-09-04:
Some of these bargain brands have had a number of failures reported, and replacement parts seem to be non-existent.
Anonymous on 2008-09-04:
Polaroid has not had a very stellar record on M3C's. You're not alone with your complaints. Glad you were able to find a use for the TV.
Anonymous on 2008-09-04:
Polaroid doesn't make TVs. It's done under a license agreement with other manufacturers. In fact if you go to their web pages they don't even offer TV sets unless you do a search.
TGT101 on 2008-09-04:
"My son now uses the Polaroid to play Xbox on and has to warm TV up for 30 minutes prior to playing." That's one way of making kids play less video games.
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32 Inch Polaroid Television - Bad News!
Posted by on
CHICO, CALIFORNIA -- I bought this TV new. It will not turn on and off properly, often you have to unplug it to turn it off. I phoned Polaroid, no help. Finally I had TV repair out since it would not turn on. Many report this same problem; I see a class action suit in Polaroid's future! $219.00 to fix it. Now I get a blank screen, no picture. This TV is not made well, do not buy a Polaroid model FLM3232.

I am getting a new TV, this one cost $900 and its over $200 to fix it so it's not worth the hassle waiting for repair and paying the high bills for same. I'll never by Polaroid again!
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Anonymous on 2008-08-16:
Consider buying a new "universal remote," it may be as simple as that - or consider buying "The Clapper."
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High Def TV
Posted by on
NEW PORT RICHEY, FLORIDA -- Purchased this 37" HDTV in December 2006, It's connected to DirecTV satellite with a HDTV box.

About 3 months ago started having problems with it screeching when it was turned on.When I called Polaroid, I was told I could get a replacement for $300 since the TV was out of warranty, but I would have to send my TV to California (paying shipping, of course). Well, this TV is only 18 months old. Since then, when the set is set for high def reception on the satellite box, the set goes haywire, (the picture goes out and all you get is vertical lines and loud noises). I had DirecTV out on July 26th to check the satellite box, it's okay, the problem is in the set.

I called Polaroid again, now they want $350 for a replacement and still have to send the set to California at my expense, or I can order the part (they know what it needs, they gave me the part number). The part cost $478 plus $65 deposit.
Then I have to get someone to install the part (more money). I would get the $65 back when I returned the defective part. And they couldn't/wouldn't give me the name of anyone in this area that works on their TV's.

So now I'm watching this TV without the high def that I bought the set for and still have problems with the screeching!

It sounds to me like they must have had this problem come up before. Anybody out there having this problem? Is there any help? Am I destined to resorting to buying a DIFFERENT BRAND to enjoy TV again?
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User Replies:

Anonymous on 2008-08-14:
Polaroid should have stuck to making cameras. A friend of mine has a Polaroid and the same thing happened to him - happily his was still under warranty so they fixed it for free.
Anonymous on 2008-08-14:
The Polaroid that made cameras went out of business years ago. This outfit pretty much just bought the name, which always had a great reputation, and has used it since them to market inferior junk electronics.
tnchuck100 on 2008-08-14:
Ken is dead on. Brand names mean very little in this day and age. Any quality brand such as RCA and Maytag sold their names to overseas companies. There is no "quality" brand anymore. You buy the junk. Hope it lasts. Odds are it will. But if it doesn't you run a better than even chance of poor manufacturer warranty support. Parts shortages. Incompetent service contractors. And most of all, MUCH grief.
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