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Roaming Dangerous Dogs
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LAKE WALES, FLORIDA -- I live in Polk County FL. in a subdivision. There are neighbors who have 2 large Rotoweiler dogs(100lbs.)They roam freely, tear up your garbage that you sit out to be picked up. They do their business in everyone's yard. They growl and chase after you when you try to walk on the public roads in front of our own homes. The Sheirff's office has been called many times, the Animal Control has come out many times and still nothing is being done. The owners have a fence that goes from both sides of their house to the end of their property but they haven't got underskirting on their mobile home so the dogs roam freely. If we wanted dog manure in our yards we'd have our own dogs.
What does it take to get the Polk County Sheirffs or Animal Control to do their jobs? What can we do about this?
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