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Poor Installation

TERRELL, TEXAS -- I recently purchased an Above Ground Perfect Bottom Kayak Pool. There are several issues with the quality of the product and the installation of this pool. First of all I would like to give you some background information on what we have been going through trying to get these issues resolved.

The pool was installed on June 21, 2001. Your installation team completed the pool after dark. The inspection was performed immediately after the completion. It was approximately 10:00pm. We are in a rural location with no available outdoor lighting at that time the installation team were standing on the deck in what now appears to be key places to hide the problems that were not noticed until the following morning in daylight.

We have contacted your office several times beginning the first week of July 2001, and were told that the inspector would call us back. He did not call us back; we had to track him down. Finally when we reached him, he made several appointments with us and did not show up. Four different times we waited all day for him. He did not show up nor did he contact us to explain the delay. When he did show up he filled out a service form and told us that they would schedule the repairs within two days. No one contacted us to schedule repairs.

After calling your office several more times, someone had the audacity to fax me a service request form, as if the many times we called had been totally ignored. I returned the form July 30th 2001 and no action has been taken to rectify the situation. After contacting your inspector several more times, we were told that this would be taken care of by the end of the week.

On Wednesday the 15th of August I called your inspector Michael. He informed me that the sand that was left out of the installation process would be delivered that day. Instead of delivering the sand an installation person called my house and left a message saying that I would need to find the sand, wait around for delivery and pay for it. This is totally unacceptable. I have already paid for this product to be installed correctly, waited for you to correct the problem and have been very patient with all of the mismanagement and delays. My patients has come to an end.

At this point we are a very unsatisfied customer. We have been very patient with your employee **; is rude and disrespectful attitude. All of our efforts to get your company to respond to our complaints have gone unanswered. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and every other consumer organization that I can find to file a complaint against your company. I am demanding that you pick up your product immediately.

Additionally I demand that you return all of the money that you have been paid for this product including the cost incurred for set-up and installation within ten days. This will be done within a timely manner or I will request that my attorney take appropriate action to recover my loss. I personally own a corporation and we believe customer satisfaction to be our top priority. If I treated my customers as you do, I would not have any customers and would no longer be in business. I believe that you should consider this in future dealing with your customers. Find attached a list of our complaints concerning your product and installation problems.

Issue #1 - The deck that was sold to us had been presented as a no slip surface. This is not the case. When wet it is extremely slippery and several people fallen and been hurt. Two such incidents have caused injuries that required medical attention and may result in a claim against my homeowners insurance. I feel that the salesperson grossly misrepresented the quality of this item during the sale. This being one of the main reasons for purchasing your product left me very unsatisfied.

Issue #2 - The deck was not properly installed. The deck is not joined properly at the corner and when stepped upon collapses at the corner leaving a gap large on the surface, which is extremely dangerous. Issue #3 - We purchased the Perfect Bottom Pool. The sales person explained to us that this would be a perfectly flat surface. Unlike other above ground pools with lumpy bottoms it would be perfectly smooth with 3 inches of sand under the heavy-duty liner.

Unfortunately the sand had been left out of the installation leaving the bottom of the pool very lumpy. You can feel the support bars at the bottom and there are big holes and rocks that were not removed or smoothed out during installation. This has been getting worse every day since the installation. At this point we are unable to use the pool due to the danger of tripping over the lumps and falling over the bars in the bottom of the pool. Far from perfect!

Issue #4 - The fencing was installed very poorly. It appears that it was installed before the pool was filled. It bows out on both sides and is very loose. If you apply any pressure at all to the fencing it feels as if it will fall off. Issue #5 - The pool entrance/exit ladder was installed very poorly. It is loose and slides around when in use. This is extremely dangerous and totally unacceptable.

Issue #6 - The pool is not level. When filling the pool one corner is about 2 inches lower than the rest of the pool. This should have been leveled at the time of installation. To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following: I want my money back. At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.

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