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Popeye's Chicken
5555 Glenridge Connector NE, Suite 300
Atlanta, GA 30342
404.459.4450 (ph)
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Unfamiliar With Menu; Incompetent Staff
By -

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- On 3/8/09, I visited the Popeye's Chicken on Lake Street to purchase the Tackle Box meal advertised for $4.99. The person at the register had no idea what kind of meal I was talking about & tried to sell me a Shrimp Basket Meal for $7.99. When I explained that the meal shown on TV included cajun fries & chicken with the shrimp, I was told that they served a shrimp only basket without any side dishes or biscuits for $3.99.

After two or three tries to make the person behind the register understand what I wanted, he then told me that they have the Tackle Box Meal & it only came with 8 shrimp & nothing else for that price. When I asked how is that possible I was told by the person that they change the menu daily & sometimes it has the extras. I spent almost $7.99 buying additional chicken & side dishes to complete the shrimp basket my husband wanted.

I find it shows a lack of caring in a business for the staff to be unaware of any specials the company is running on national TV & try to hard sell the customer onto something different than what they wanted. I also found it disturbing that there was no manager available to assist with the cashier; whose first language is NOT English; nor did any other member of the staff come forward to ensure that the customer's wishes were taken care of since it is our money that is being spent in their establishment.

To some this may not seem like a big deal but this amounts to false advertisement with a touch of extortion because I spent more money than I had anticipated & still not completely satisfied with the entire experience. It will be the longest of times before I give any more of my money to Popeye's chicken. My new chicken restaurant is Kentucky Fried Chicken. Their chicken may not be as tasty as Popeye's but at least the staff knows the product, advertised TV menu deals, speaks English & there is a supervisor in a tacky necktie just a step away to ensure that the customer leaves the establishment happy & satisfied with their purchases.

No Service, Doors Were Closed and Locked at 9:45 pm
By -

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- My wife & I wanted a later fair and decided to go to Popeye's, unfortunately they had closed and locked their doors at 9:45 pm while they should be opened till 10:00 pm since that's what their "Hours of Operations" states on the door!!

Upon approaching the door you could clearly see their employees and manager eating at a table near a window. As my wife & I engaged the front door we realized that it was closed and locked, closed I understand but locked??? Now it would've made more sense if the manager had gotten up and said we locked the door for a security purpose. Obviously that wasn't the issue, since one of the employees started to go behind the counter and pretend to get back to work. The manager continued to eat his dinner and shrugged his shoulder at us. To say the least I now assume that they were closed.

My point is this, I'm not upset that they were closed, I'm upset at the negligence without communication. This could have been easily avoided had the manager not been so ignorant!! Do you know that just across the street 100 feet away there is a KFC? Secondly with this economic challenges we are all facing in this current day I don't think that you could afford to lose any guests under any circumstances. Completely unacceptable!!

Are you aware of "How many businesses close their doors for good each and everyday??" You don't have a second chance!! I will be going across the street a 100 feet away and take my business there since my wife & I almost had to inconvenience you while you should have still been opened!!

BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE!! What are you saving Labor?? How many other guests have you lost?? Not just last night but each and every night?? Has this been happening since you've opened?? You could pay for the labor if the doors were opened and you had sales!! Don't you think?? Why don't you check your sales report for the last several months and see if there was anything rung up in the critical "Last 15 minutes of Business" - this last 15 could make your night!! Remember this is Las Vegas and this is a 24 hour city!!! Manage your business and if your hours of operations are too long then change your hours!!

Another Reason Why I Never Eat the Chicken When Dining Out

DENVER, COLORADO -- Being the self proclaimed Emeril of my kitchen AND M3C, I must say that the three chicken joint chains out here are just awful. KFC, has gotten worse as the years go by just as their shopmate Taco Bell has. Church's Chicken is good when it's fresh out of the grease but if it has been sitting watch out! If I wanted my chicken swimming in grease, I'd have my MOM cook it (forgive me Mother) and don't reheat it in the microwave or you will be tossing out your meal.

As for my last and final visit to Popeye's (at least for the chicken) the service was prompt and friendly but the two 'spicy' pieces were overcooked to me to the point of being hard and flavorless with just a hint of Cayenne. That's unacceptable for my discriminating palette.

At the time I was too tired to thaw out some bird and fry it up so I scarfed it down with the side of Mac and Cheese. I realize that this is just a chicken joint but how hard is it to make M&C that is so runny that you could practically drink it? I think most of us here are well aware of the horrors and humiliation that runny food can cause? It is so frustrating for me to get a decent chicken meal anymore. If it's not bloody raw on the inside, it's cooked until when you bite into the outer crust the inside of your mouth gets shredded! "Alex can I have a 'D' for disappointing?"

What Ever Happened to Customer Service?
By -

SPRINGDALE, ARKANSAS -- A couple of months ago I went to pick up an order for some people I work with. The order had already been called in because it was large and pick up was at noon. When I went to get the order I found a single line wrapped back and forth around the inside and people backed up to the door. I walked up to the side of the one register that was being used (there were two) and in between orders told her I was there to pick up a call in order. She looked at me and said I would have to get in line. I was shocked. I told her I had a call in but she said I could not cut in line.

I turned and looked back at the line again and by this time it was nearly out the door. I got in line and it was 25 minutes later before I got back to the register to pick up the order that was called in. I was furious. After I paid I asked to see the manager. They acted as if it inconvenienced them. He finally came out. I began to politely tell him what had just happened and he said there was nothing he could do. He could not let me cut in line. I asked about the other register and he said it did not work. I asked why someone did not tell them when they called the order in they would still have to wait in line to get it?

He did not offer an apology or anything and then went on his way. I was shocked at the response of someone who is supposed to be a "manager." I went back to work with the food and requested they never order from there again because I will never go back. Just yesterday I decided to give them another chance. I was just getting food for me and was going through the drive through and it was 2:30 pm. After the lunch crowd right how bad could that be? There were two cars out front and one in front of me in the drive through.

Well after the one car in front of me finally got their order made and moved on, it was my turn. I pulled up and the girl on the speaker asked me to wait. OK. I waited, and waited and finally the very short, dry, person on the other end took my order and told me to pull around. I again waited while the car in front tries to get their order. They finally get food and pull away.

I pulled up to the window with the exact change in hand. I again waited, and waited. I was ready to pay someone, had my money in hand. I can see my drink sitting inside the window and two girls standing inside. (Doing nothing.) I waited forever and no one ever even acknowledged I was even there. Unbelievable! Again? I was so angry after five minutes and that window never opened so finally drove away. I went somewhere else and got fast friendly service.

This Popeye's in Springdale Arkansas on Hwy. 412 will never see me again. The only thing I have seen that has been consistent is BAD SERVICE! Or none at all in my last experience. BEWARE, and tell all of your friends. No one deserves to be treated like that! I don't care if they have free chicken, I won't give them the time of day.

Unsatisfied Customer and Unprofessional Manager
By -

DALLAS, STORE #7391, TEXAS -- This is pursuant a visit at store # 7391 in Dallas, Texas. Today started off good. I was hungry and decided to buy some chicken from Popeye's. I was made aware (prior to going) of your Tuesday special by a friend and when I arrived at the drive through by one of your employees.

There were four cars before me; the line was moving slowly. But, I again I'm having a great morning. I placed my order with **. I ordered two Tuesday specials and a small drink (half tea & half sprite). I approached the window to retrieve my food only to be told, “We have run out of chicken (with the exception of white meat). We have enough to fill one of your orders; is there anything else I can get you?” I must add, ** was very calm and accommodating. I asked him if they could substitute shrimp (I do not eat white meat). I was told he would check with his manager.

Please keep in mind, there is no chicken prepared and there is a long line behind me. The manager approaches the window. Before I could begin to speak, she was interrupting me. I asked her to allow me to express my concerns without interruption. But she continued to talk over me and she seemed uninterested in making me a satisfied customer. Oh, I was told I could wait 5 minutes; by her. I asked for what? She proceeded to tell me that every Tuesday is like this.

My thoughts are (seeing I could not express them with her maybe you will hear me), if this happens every Tuesday, as a manager she should come up with a solution, for instance, more workers and more chicken on Tuesday's, (my order was taken at 11:18) something or someone is falling short. It is the manager's responsibility to make sure that the operation is running smoothly. In seeing that this “happens every Tuesday,” per ** she should have come up with an explanation. I hope not listening and not satisfy her customers are not part of her solution.

I waited to get my one order and drink and while doing so, I began to write down the complaint number located on the window, and your manager, ** came back to the window, and grabbed her badge and began to taunt me by saying, “My name is **, my name is **. Did you get that?" I never acknowledge her after that. Unsatisfied Customer.

Poor Managers
By -

Hi, I am writing a complain about one of the managers in our Ville Platte store in Louisiana.

I have read a review that stated that the managers are rude to the customers that went to purchase a 10 piece chicken and the customer was called a liar by one of the managers.Well my experience is that some managers are rude to the customers but they are also rude to their hard working employees. I went into the Popeyes in my area and there is a manager thereby the name of [name removed] she is very unprofessional. I went into the store at approximately 8:10 pm to purchase a 5 piece dark and at that time the store seem to be packed down with customers. I would say that they had an hour rush that night. I don't know if that manager was upset because it was taking some time to get out customers orders but she started to yell at the employees in front of all of the customers and I think that was very unprofessional. Maybe she thought that made her look good because she was a manager and she had the upper hand or maybe she just wanted to push her weight around. That was not my first experience with that same manager showing that unprofessional character. She speaks to her clerks and cooks as though they are her slaves. She disrespects them in front of customers. I think that as a professional there is a time and a place for everything and to yell and scream at the employees is just as bad as poor customer service. I also feel if you have to yell, scream, and disrespect your employees in front of the customers then that employees work performance is poor and they should not be employed there. A professional Manager would not yell and scream at her employees in front of their customers. I own a business myself and if I have to discuss something with one of my employees that involves their work performance, I have an office and that is where I conduct that type of business. If I have to yell and scream at my employees in front of customers, I feel like that is unprofessional and will instead of attracting customers it will keep them away from my business. I have a great group of employees and they appear to love me to death. I think it is because of the way that they are treated. I believe in treating my employees as well as my customers the way that I would want someone to treat me. I think that is my business is growing tremendously. Every manager is to practice good customer service as well as good employee service. If you treat your employees with respect and dignity then 9 times out of 10 you will get treated that same way and you will also find that yourself receiving quality work from your employees. I am not trying to be negative towards all of the Managers in our Ville Platte, LA Popeyes . We do have a few Managers there that deserves a Hi5 for the way that they treat their customers and their employees. I could name of few of the ones that has always practiced professionalism in my eyes. [names removed] Those are quiet a few that practice conducting themselves in a very professional manner. I think I have to contact the BBB about [name removed] and the way she speaks to the employees in front of the customers. If she does this to her employees, I would hate to see what she would do to the customers.


Threats made by employee of Popeyes while on the clock
By -

MORENO VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- I visited the popeyes today at 3pm on sunnymead in moreno valley ca.. I had a very disturbing experience. I had ordered my food to whom I thought at the time was competent to take my order. I told her my order, then she walked away. The next employee asked if I had been helped. I told the second employee that the other lady had walked away. The 1st girl came back to me and put the order in the machine and told me what the dollar amount was going to be. I then proceeded to hand her my ATM/visa card. She then state "credit or ATM?" I told her it didn't matter. She then said "I asked you credit or ATM !" I told her ATM and I asked "why she has an attitude" she then proceed to tell me in threatening voices that she was off at 4pm and that we can settle it then. I explained to her that I was a grown adult with 2 children with me and I find it immature to act as she was..

I took the card and told her that I no longer wanted the food. She followed me out of the building with her hands up and stating "come on I am right here" I told her she was acting like an ass and I was going to cal the cops. She continued to threaten me and stating "I will get you and your dirty-ass kids" my 6 year old was devastated and the baby was crying. I called the moreno valley police department in which they came out and wrote a report. I find it disturbing that society today is allowing these un-educated lil girls work in a customer service environment.. I do plan to do further investigating of my own, yet I will take any advice given.. Thank you

Paying for Condiments! Really?
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Rating: 1/51

TYLER, TEXAS -- Went through the drive thru at Popeye's for lunch today. Ordered the 3 piece combo. They only give you one small dipping sauce so when she handed me my order I asked for an extra one. That will be $.27. Really? Don't think I'll go back to a restaurant that makes you pay for extra condiments. I don't care how good your food is. Ridiculous!

Signature Sauce
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Rating: 3/51

RICHMOND HILL, NEW YORK -- Service was great! I waited for just a few minutes for my chicken and I later asked for the signature sauce which I was told I now have to pay for. Do you really have to pay $1.25 for the sauce? There are no signs that says the sauce had to be bought and that too at $1.25 each... What do you guys think?

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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS AIR PORT, TEXAS -- I went up to order my food, and the cashier was rude, and rolled her eyes when I told her what drink I wanted. She had acted like she didn't wanna work there. PS the food is way too spicy and hot.

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