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Worst customer service, EVER !!!
Posted by on
MASON, OHIO -- Walked into Popeye's location and stood at counter for 10 minutes with no response. My wife tried to get workers' attention by saying "excuse me" , with no response from employees standing four feet away. I asked the question if they were still taking orders, or if you had to go through the drive-through. The "shift manager" barked that they were busy and if we did not like it she would ask us to leave. Her co-worker tried to cover for her and explain what she meant. All I know is what she said, and we asked for a number to call to report her performance. We did the number accompanied with several smart remarks. I hope the owner gets this feedback and takes appropriate actions. This is by far the worst customer service I have experienced. This coming from a "shift manager"? Don't worry about asking customers to leave, I will not be back nor the people standing in line behind me.
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MissLeopard83 on 08/01/2011:
There seems to be a lack of good customer service these days. If you can't report over the phone, use the feedback form on the Popeye's website.

Hogwarts Student Zachary on 08/01/2011:
What did they mean by they were busy? They were not helping anyone so how were they busy?
Tell It Llike It Is on 08/24/2011:
Popeye's human resouces 755 Restaurant have no respect or regards for any one, my pay check was short by hours after working so hard and not the first time they short pay employees, because I nicely asked to check why I was short pay, I was screamed at by the human resourses manager that if I asked one more question about my short pay check that I worked so hard for I would be fired and for asking nicely why was I short paid, I was suspended one week without pay for asking why my check was short. This is the worst company I have ever work for in my life and advice any one to think twice before you apply for a job at Popeye's Restaurant, their General managers treat the shift managers and crew members like a piece of crap...IF YOU VALUE YOUR DIGNITY AND RESPECT, NEVER APPLY FOR A JOB AT POPEYE'S RESTAURANT.
Jeanette Guidry on 01/06/2012:
Popeyes in St. Martinville ,La. When you go to the drive thur make your and you go to pick it up,they make your park and wait about 25 minutes,brings your order and half of it missing and they have collected for it,get home and not what you ordered.sick and tired of waiting each time you go there,sorry but my time in valuable and gas is to high to have to go back and get the rest of your order,no more Popeyes for me.sad and they want you to buy in your community but they work like crap,there just for a check and couldn't care less about the customer .
Sam Hueng on 06/13/2013:
I had the worst experience at the Bixby Oklahoma store. I had to wait 46 minutes for my food. I ordered only 2 peices of chicken and when I walked in the store the chicken was sitting on the rack. When I walked in the staff was playing grab ass. It was ludacris I could not believe it. I asked where was my order and the staff just looked. I watched 8 people get their order before mine. I observed the shift leader out in front smoking cigarettes and never once apologized for the meal taking 45 minutes. Popeyes really need to evalute the employees better or have secret shopper for their stores. The service was the worst I've ever had.
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Check Your Attitude Before You Clock In Please
Posted by on
GALVESTON, TEXAS -- Mother's Day I thought we'd stop at Popeye's @ 3027 Broadway St in Galveston, TX 77550 so we went through the drive through and the young lady said "welcome to Popeye's may I take you order"? so we ordered 2, 8 piece meals and the young lady said it would be a few minutes, so I said I'd like to get a strawberry soda while I wait as I was driving off she said something about the chicken would be ready, which I really didn't care it was hot and I wanted a strawberry soda still. So when we drove up to the window she took my money gave me my change and receipt on the receipt I notice she didn't charge me for my soda so I knocked on the window and looked in the window as they looked at me they then turned back around and act as if they didn't hear or see me, so when she came back to the window with my chicken I told her that I had asked for a strawberry soda and she said we will have to charge you for it") did she think I was asking them to give me a soda? when was the last time they gave away anything for free? so I told her that I had ever intention of paying for the soda.

I gave her 2 dollars and she didn't want to take them at first but, I insist that I pay for my drink. the same young lady had taken my son's order a few days earlier in the week she had this look on her face like she was ready to give attitude her whole shift. When you try and call the 1800 number for these places they half the time work.
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Ytropious on 05/08/2011:
So you're UPSET she was giving you a free soda? My local TB has given me free soda on 2 occasions now, without me ordering one (they offer one to me). Don't be insulted by it OP, just be happy they're giving you something free. My last trip to TB gave me free nachos!
Anonymous on 05/08/2011:
I'm not seeing where the employee gave you an attitude.
trmn8r on 05/08/2011:
This sounds like a miscommunication to me. Once her oversight was pointed out, it sounds like she became embarrassed and didn't want to charge you. But you insisted on paying, and it all ended quietly ultimately.

I'm not feeling the attitude in what you wrote, or in what your son experienced.
Venice09 on 05/08/2011:
What exactly are you complaining about? Is it because there was a misunderstanding over the soda? Or because on a previous visit she LOOKED like she might give attitude? Did something else happen that is not in your review?

Anonymous on 05/08/2011:
Getting free stuff seems like great service to me lol.

I always get free drinks at my local kfc cause I frequent that store often.
Cwazychicken on 05/09/2011:
Sounds to me like they didn't give the OP the soda at all or charge them for it. Or at least that's how it sounds like when they stated "I asked for a strawberry soda". Fast food does this a lot, tends to forget something and when you ask for it again, they get irritated, especially in drive through because they want people to hurry up lol.
jktshff1 on 05/09/2011:
Seems as if the op ordered through the speaker "after the fact". Once an order is taken, the csr is going to go on to something else. Just some miscommunication like was said before. No big deal.
Anonymous on 05/09/2011:
Ditto, trmn8r.

Wally...you get free soda at KFC b/c you are there so often? What have I told you about eating all that greasy food??!
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Pleasant Experience
Posted by on
PELHAM AL -- I would like to compliment the Popeye's Chicken location in Pelham, AL, for a most pleasant experience today. I called in a carry-out order, not a standard order, with extras of this and that, and a chicken piece substitution. The young lady, Charlotte, who handled my order by phone, was very polite and cheerful. I saw her when I picked up my order, and she was just as pleasant. Even with all the extras & substitutions, she filled my order perfectly. I have not had an experience at other Birmingham, AL, locations of Popeye's. I felt this store and personnel should be commended. Thank you.
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User Replies:
Skye on 01/28/2011:
It's nice you took the time to write a review that complements a service you received. Glad it went so well.

Good review.
Anonymous on 01/29/2011:
Maika'I Ho'oma'ama'a hou
old fart on 01/29/2011:
DIRM.... is that hawiian for "yummy"...?
Anonymous on 01/29/2011:
I second that, Skye.
Anonymous on 01/29/2011:
Loose mainland translation..."Good Review". I assumed by the 808 following the OP's name, that it was their area code, which would be Hawaii.
old fart on 01/29/2011:
Thank you DIRM.... now I have to learn how to spell Hawaii
Anonymous on 01/29/2011:
Just trying to do my part in spreading a little love to all visitors to the M3C site:)
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Need more Popeye's chicken locations in Minnesota
Posted by on

The service is poor and the employees/managers really need more training. I live in Coon Rapids, MN. The only Popeye's in Minnesota is located in Minneapolis, which is about a 30 minute drive for me. I've been to this location several times and each time the service is terrible. Well I visited this location for the last time two weeks ago, and the way they talk to their customers is not right. They feel that since they are the only Popeye's here in Minnesota, that they have the right to charge you too much for chicken. I'm form Chicago and I've been living in Minnesota for 7 years. All the food in Chicago tastes better, anyway, will you please, pretty please add more locations in the state of Minnesota, like in Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Center, Coon Rapids and St. Louis Park. Thank you for caring.
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Anonymous on 03/30/2010:
While your at it Add some more locations in phoenix never been to this place.
Anonymous on 03/30/2010:
Really Wally? There's 2 locations in Phoenix.

3426 W Greenway Rd
Phoenix, AZ


6540 W Thomas Rd
Phoenix, AZ
Anonymous on 03/30/2010:
Yeah I know But I don't really frequent that area of phoenix much. But all this Buzz about Poppey’s makes me want to go and try it.
Anonymous on 03/30/2010:
Lots of locations in the East Valley, wally
Anonymous on 03/30/2010:
I eat at church's and KFC often I need another place that makes a delish greasy bird lol
Anonymous on 03/30/2010:
Popeye's is delish. Just their biscusts alone... *nomnomnomnom*
Anonymous on 03/30/2010:
I like the red beans and rice
Ytropious on 03/30/2010:
But what exactly are they doing that you consider to be of poor service? It might be something out of their control.
GenuineNerd on 03/30/2010:
In my area (Cleveland, OH), most of the Popeyes locations tend to be closer to "the hood". I do like Popeyes better than KFC.
PAULA on 12/04/2012:
I to feel the same way they should have more Popeye's Chicken locations in North MN, Brooklyn Center, and across the Minneapolis/ Metro area I love there biscuits.
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Worst Employee Service
Posted by on
I'm an old employee that worked at Popeyes at the 9100 jane and ruhterford road near vaughnmills. I have to tell you, I'm never working for another Popeyes again. The whole store is a disaster! I wish you read this review properly because trust me, quit your job they are treating you bad. I've worked there for over 2 years, I just got laid off recently, thank god!!!!! But yeah, the management was so all over the place. The manage himself doesn't know how to respect their employees, he would take the workers shift and work for himself so he makes the money. Throw dirty pieces of brown paper towel at my face one time just for coming two minutes late for my shift. The restaurant was so dirty whenever I worked over there, the oil in the machines were so disgusting, the cleanies and tidyness was hilarious. Also, they had workers at Popeyes who did not know anything and put them at cashier or service and blame recent employees like myself saying why don't you teach them. Another thing which I should have done was sue the company for food poisoning which caused me to stay home for over 5days having diarrhea problems. The doctors said it was cause of raw chicken that you ate caused you to have salmonella. So thank god that my sickness went away but yeah I should have sued this company for bad food. To be honest I enjoyed all my time working hard, and respecting others, but the manager and supervisors always treated me like I'm at fault for everything or mistake made or if someone complaints they would joke and blame me.

Another issue which I need to talk about is, after I got laid off from work, I ask them can you get the letter of employee so I can claim ei for my regular expenses I need for college because I'm currently unemployed. They tell me the supervisor, we will get it for you just wait. OK I waited nearly one month for this guy to get the letter from head office and yet I still didn't get it. So after I came again to the store, asked this time from the manager the problem I've been having with the supervisor in regards the letter but hes like are you crazy, it takes a long time for the letter to come? Omg how can a piece of letter that says employment history take so long?? So I said OK, and the manager gets pissed off, and hes like we will call you whenever they give it to us. And yet its end of February, I still haven't received it. I'm really mad and angry because I've been treated really bad even though I was their best employee for two years. Thank you and every! Think twice before applying to Popeyes lmao.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/26/2010:
Chalk it up to a learning experience and you can count on them to fight your unemployment benefits.
Did we have a tardiness problem? Late is late.
Attitude problem?
Anonymous on 02/26/2010:
OP, the fast food chicken eating American public thanks for not reporting all of these 'cleanliness' and 'food poisoning' problems until AFTER you are "laid off".

jktshff1 on 02/26/2010:
+10 MM it was OK as long as they kept them on the job.
Skye on 02/26/2010:
Interesting you tolerated all this, until you were fired.
Anonymous on 02/26/2010:
"I wish you read this review properly because trust me, quit your job they are treating you bad."

So, are you telling people to quit their jobs, in general, because of your bad experience? Or just those working for Popeye? Or just saying "quit your jobs if they're treating you bad." That is pretty much a give me. Though, it helps to also look for a job while working the crap one so you can go from a bad experience of a job to a better experience of another job instead of having that gap in between.

Sounds like your manager had anger issues. He could have handled situations better.
localgod on 02/26/2010:
Not helpful and like, unreadable.
PepperElf on 02/26/2010:
if the place was dirty when you worked there, I would have suggested contacting the health board.

manager might be a jerk but there's not much he can do if the board of health gets ahold of him

Starlord on 02/26/2010:
You probably told the doctor you had food posioning from the chicken and he said something like testing. I had Popeye's chicken once, and couldn't eat enpough to get food posioning, it was so damn spicy. You know the difference between the Mafia and Popeye's? The Mafia makes you an offer you can't refuse. Popeye's makes you an offer you can't even understand.
Anonymous on 02/26/2010:
I love Church's chicken spicy Chicken.
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Last time I ever eat at Popeye's
Posted by on
Today for lunch I went to Popeyes in Whitby.
I used to be a frequent visitor to popeyes; until today. I loved the food so much, I got a job there last year just for the discount on food. But I quit 2 months later after the worst health inspection I have ever witnessed (later explained).

The owner Nafees, of all the chains in durham region, took my order. He handled my money, then proceeded to cough into his hand several times; obviously suffering from a cold if not the swine. Then he handled the bun for my sandwitch with his bare hands, and loaded up my fries into the box; collecting some xtra's that spilled over with his bare hands, ALL WITHOUT WASHING HIS HANDS. Even though he passed by the sink several times. No gloves, no nothing. I asked him to remake my order after washing his hands; and got treated like I was doing something wrong.

I find it funny that he is the owner of several stores and has listed on the side wall above he sink hygene rules about how to keep the workplace clean; but I guess they don't apply unless you ask them to wash themselves.

I also found a 'health' inspection, when I used to work there, hilarious. As it was done by another member of a Popeyes organization. There were violations such as roaches, mice, expired chicked; and yet the inspector was focused about sending me home to change my footwear; while he left the restaurant open, and gave the owner 2 weeks notice before the real health inspector was coming around. Mice, roaches, and all!

You might like to know that if you are the same race as the owner; you get a discount!!!

I thought I was safe going to a new store, but I could not have been more wrong. Take what you want from this; I have nothing to gain or loose by posting this. But if you get sick after eating at popeyes; don't act surprised.
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Anonymous on 12/02/2009:
Um, ew. That's disgusting.
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Unfamiliar With Menu; Incompetent Staff
Posted by on
MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- On 3/8/09, I visited the Popeye's Chicken on Lake Street to purchase the Tackle Box meal advertised for $4.99.

The person at the register had no idea what kind of meal I was talking about & tried to sell me a Shrimp Basket Meal for $7.99. When I explained that the meal shown on TV included cajun fries & chicken with the shrimp, I was told that they served a shrimp only basket without any side dishes or biscuits for $3.99.

After two or three tries to make the person behind the register understand what I wanted, he then told me that they have the Tackle Box Meal & it only came with 8 shrimp & nothing else for that price. When I asked how is that possible I was told by the person that they change the menu daily & sometimes it has the extras.

I spent almost $7.99 buying additional chicken & side dishes to complete the shrimp basket my husband wanted.

I find it shows a lack of caring in a business for the staff to be unaware of any specials the company is running on national TV & try to hard sell the customer onto something different than what they wanted. I also found it disturbing that there was no manager available to assist with the cashier; whose first language is NOT English; nor did any other member of the staff come forward to ensure that the customer's wishes were taken care of since it is our money that is being spent in their establishment.

To some this may not seem like a big deal but this amounts to false advertisement with a touch of extortion because I spent more money than I had anticipated & still not completely satisfied with the entire experience.


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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/08/2009:
The ads say 'at participating restaurants'. If they don't have it then they aren't participating. There's a Popeyes near me that offers the 2-pc chicken dinner for $3.50 Mon-Weds. Another Popeyes 2 miles in the other direction doesn't offer the special price. The franchisee can do whatever they want.
Anonymous on 03/08/2009:
Tackle Box is an interesting name they came up with for a menu item. I can't think of anything in a tackle box that I'd find appetizing.
Starlord on 03/09/2009:
C2O, you are not a fish, LOL. As I remember seeing the ad with the guy fixing the tacke box, there is no mention of chicken, It is shrimp, Cajun Fries anda drink. I don't eat at Popeye's as I like my tastebuds where they are and not burned off.
*Brenda* on 03/09/2009:
It's advertised as 8 butterfly shrimp, cajun fries, and a buttermilk biscuit for 4.99.
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No Service, Doors Were Closed And Locked At 9:45pm
Posted by on
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- My wife & I wanted a later fair and decided to go to Popeye's, unfortunately they had closed and locked their doors at 9:45pm while they should be opened till 10:00pm since that's what their "Hours of Operations" states on the door!!

Upon approaching the door you could clearly see their employee's and manager eating at a table near a window. As My wife & I engaged the front door we realized that it was closed and locked, closed I understand but locked??? Now it would've made more sense if the manager and gotten up and said we locked the door for a security purpose. Obviously that wasn't the issue, since one of the employees started to go behind the counter and pretend to get back to work. The manager continued to eat his dinner and shrugged his shoulder at us. To say the least I now assume that they were closed.

My point is this, I'm not upset that they were closed, I'm upset at the negligence without communication. This could have been easily avoided had the manager not been so ignorant!! Do you know that just across the street 100 feet away there is a KFC? Secondly with this economic challenges we are all facing in this current day I don't think that you could afford to lose any guests under any circumstances. Completely unacceptable!!

Are you aware of "How many businesses close their doors for good each and everyday"?? You don't have a second chance!! I will be going across the street a 100 feet away and take my business there since My wife & I almost had to inconvenience you while you should have still been opened!!

BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE!! What are you saving Labor?? How many other guests have you lost?? Not just last night but each and every night?? Has this been happening since you've opened?? You could pay for the labor if the doors were opened and you had sales!! Don't you think?? Why don't you check your sales report for the last several months and see if there was anything rung up in the critical "Last 15 minutes of Business" this last 15 could make your night!! Remember this is Las Vegas and this is a 24 hour city!!! Manage your business and if your hours of operations are too long then change your hours!!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/26/2009:
It was possible they were having a meeting,the manager should have acknowledged you..KFC? are you serious? *GAG*

Anonymous on 01/26/2009:
Anonymous on 01/26/2009:
Las Vegas is my kind of town. Cheap booze, hot chicks, great shows and Popeye's Chicken! What else can you ask for except maybe a "loose" penny slot machine......
Anonymous on 01/26/2009:
LMAO, Zz !
Anonymous on 01/26/2009:
"great shows" I assume you mean the strip clubs...

Anonymous on 01/26/2009:
D-Crash, I must correct your pronunciation. According to Pac Man Jones, they are called 'scrip' clubs. Get it right, man!
Anonymous on 01/26/2009:
LOL! crap I forgot
Anonymous on 01/26/2009:
zz, maybe Popeye's in Vegas will start serving Chicken Scrips.
Anonymous on 01/26/2009:
I'm in the mood for seafood. Maybe I'll go get some Scrimps.
revan on 01/26/2009:
popeyes will not last much longer. the food sucks. churches chicken is much better.
Anonymous on 01/26/2009:
I knew fish travel in schools, but didn't realize that chickens traveled in churches.
Anonymous on 01/26/2009:
Actually, there are fish that travel in churches. They're called Holy Mackerel!
Anonymous on 01/26/2009:
*rim shot* He'll be here all week, folks.
Anonymous on 01/26/2009:
ty, tyvm
Anonymous on 01/26/2009:
LOL, Sheriff ! (I'm your biggest fan)
Anonymous on 01/26/2009:
awwwwww, MM
Anonymous on 01/26/2009:
Hey Sheriff, if you don't stop stealing our best gags, we plan to sue!

Signed, Galagher and CarrotTop!!!!!
Anonymous on 01/26/2009:
If that's their best gags, they NEED to sue somebody, and soon!
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Another Reason Why I Never Eat The Chicken When Dining Out
Posted on
DENVER, COLORADO -- Being the self proclaimed Emeril, of my kitchen AND M3C, I must say that the three chicken joint chains out here are just awful. KFC, has gotten worse as the years go by just as their shopmate Taco Bell has.

Church's Chicken is good when it's fresh out of the grease but if it has been sitting watch out! If I wanted my chicken swimming in grease, I'd have my MOM cook it (forgive me Mother) and don't reheat it in the microwave or you will be tossing out your meal.

As for my last and final visit to Popeye's (at least for the chicken) the service was prompt and friendly but the two 'spicy' pieces were overcooked to me to the point of being hard and flavorless with just a hint of Cayenne. That's unacceptable for my discriminating palette.

At the time I was too tired to thaw out some bird and fry it up so I scarfed it down with the side of Mac and Cheese. I realize that this is just a chicken joint but how hard is it to make M&C that is so runny that you could practically drink it? I think most of us here are well aware of the horrors and humiliation that runny food can cause?

It is so frustrating for me to get a decent chicken meal anymore. If it's not bloody raw on the inside, it's cooked until when you bite into the outer crust the inside of your mouth gets shredded!

"Alex can I have a 'D' for disappointing?"
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/21/2009:
I voted your post helpful ZZ. chicken joints aren’t as good as they used to be.
Anonymous on 01/21/2009:
I'm not a fan of Popeyes. The one near me is always empty of customers.

ZZ, do you have Bojangles ? That's good FF chicken.
Anonymous on 01/21/2009:
I have never had the satisfaction of eating at a popeyes chicken. the menu looks good with all the Creole type menu items.
Slimjim on 01/21/2009:
Gimmie a C for corrupt Alex! This is sitting red at -1!??? I've seen far less helpful content be clickity-clacked past green by the fishman sympathizers. I'm giving it the slim seal of approval and removing this tarnished badge. Gobble into high gear and torpedoes away!
jktshff1 on 01/21/2009:
Got a question ZZ, just what food is Denver noted for?
Not trying to be funny, but consider:
Dallas...Brisket (yea I know, but barbecue is a dead pig, not a cow)
New Orleans...Cajun, Creole, depending upon whom you ask
New York......Got to be the street vendor hot dogs.
See what I mean?
Anonymous on 01/21/2009:
Dang ZZ as always you write an awesome fast food review. Its a crying shame you never got a chance to eat at Barry's (Switzer) chicken house in Norman before they closed down. That was some awesome pan fried chicken. (VH)
Anonymous on 01/21/2009:
Yeah, jkt, I follow your logic...

Tulsa - Road kill
Starlord on 01/21/2009:
I have never liked Popeye's. I always wondered what fried chicken had to do with a squinty-eyed sailer, but then I found out it was named after Popeye Doyle of French Connection fame. Now I wonder what fried chicken has to do with a cop, unless it is that most cops tend to live on fast food. When I went to a family function in Richmond, IN, whoever was in charge of food brought Pioneer chicken, and had it in both regular and spicy. The regular was fantstic, and I can't speak to the spicy, I can't handle too much spice. Pioneer, at least in Richmond, had KFC and Church's beat all hollow. If you could see me, you would see me shaking my head at your 'discriminating palate.' Gordon Ramsay would say your palate was like a cow's behind. Sorry, but fast food and discriminating taste do not belong in the same universe.
Anonymous on 01/21/2009:
The only thing I ever found worth eating at a Popeye's Chicken were the biscuts. (VH)
Anonymous on 01/21/2009:
Denver - Omelets.
Anonymous on 01/21/2009:
I like spicy chicken. but the kind at churches they over do it. at mine they pepper that bird full of cayenne pepper.
Anonymous on 01/21/2009:
My fellow M3C citizens, I thank you for the comments and votes!
JKT, good question. The Denver Omelette is nothing to brag about. At least the on's that I have eaten.
Hmmmmm, I'm drawing a blank.
Do "Rocky Mountain Oysters" count? *wink-wink*
DebtorBasher on 01/21/2009:
ZZ, if you like good chicken, you should try "Basher's Bountiful Breast and Terrific Thighs"...if not, I have a great reciepe for them...or you can just come over for some. Sorry, Basher doesn't serve armpits!
jktshff1 on 01/21/2009:
Yea, the oysters count, but down here we call 'em nuts
nut & gut....a dinner consisting of rooster fry's and chittlins (spell check spells if chitterlings), and whatever wild game you have to go with it!
I want to know about the omelet. Tell me more.
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Rude, Inefficient And Careless Attitude
Posted by on
In Canada, Popeye's is patronized by many Muslims because of the Halal aspect. But that seems to have become a source of arrogance and monopolistic attitude in their attitude and service. They seem to think that all customers who walk in there are doing so because they have no choice and are all brainless fools.

On at least 3 occasions I have been given the wrong order or supplied with products not as shown in their offer. Eg. More wings and drumsticks v/s thighs and breasts and they trying to pas it off slyly and if caught, respond by saying that they have run out of it and so on.

But what really shocked me was when I went there last, the store at Terryfox and Matheson in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, and was met by a long wait with no one at the cash to take orders. Finally one guy, Rahim, turns up and when asked about sandwiches, he jokes and says they have fish, shrimp, chicken and goat sandwiches!! When I object and comment about this stupid remark of his, he laughs and insults me in front of other customers. I am 54 and this boy about 19-20. When I asked to see the manager, a chap called Hamza walks up and when I explain to him, all he can say he is sorry. No word of admonishment to the employee or anything else. When I ask about the head office no. He stonewalls me and finally I do not get it. After many inquiries over the phone and the internet, I finally locate a customer service number in USA. I have called there at least 4 times so far, they listen and promise to get back. In more than 2 months, there is no action and finally I am going public.

I have also noticed a very cavalier attitude of their kitchen staff with hygiene and general cleanliness of their stores.

I have decided that from now on, not only will I never ever visit this lousy Popeye's chicken stores, but will do my utmost to prevent others from going there too.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 06/26/2008:
sounds as if you have issues with muslims.

easy and fast and permanent fix is to not go back to that place. easy enough.......
Anonymous on 06/26/2008:
You seem to be going into this place with a "chip on your shoulder." MG, if the place is that bad then why do you keep going there, chap?
Crown Jules on 06/26/2008:
I don't suppose you ever stopped to consider that may be they really were out of thighs and breasts and weren't just trying to rip you off? Your attitude about that and calling them "sly" says a whole lot more about you than it does about them.

As for the comment about goat sandwiches or whatever, give the kid a break and lighten up, he was just trying to make a joke. The manager apologized to you but to admonish the clerk in the main part of the store in front of customers and co-workers would be unprofessional and inappropriate.
old fart on 06/26/2008:
You haven't lived until you've had fricasseed goat..
Anonymous on 06/26/2008:
Popeye's high cholesterol will put you in the danger range.
Anonymous on 06/27/2008:
"Dirty", "lying", and "arrogance" were inaccurate stereotypes applied to my people too. The OP attributes deficits in the quality of service to Islam. Sorry, not buying that one today. It's a fair bet that equally poor customer service also prevails among the purveyors of pork tenderloin.
sparkler on 07/05/2008:
Maybe all he said to you was sorry, but that doesn't mean he didn't talk to the employee later. When someone does something wrong where I work, the manager takes them into the back to talk to them about it.. sounds like you just wanted to see this kid embarrassed. Besides, don't they have a menu you can read, why do you have to ask about what they serve?
beanbagbritches on 07/07/2008:
Why have you been to this location 3 times in which you admit you had bad service?? Unbelievable...
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