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Need Contact Number
Posted by on
I need to get a copy of my son's birth records for an upcoming appointment at the end of next month.

Their web page only comes up as an error and the phone number I have for their records department is wrong.

Does anyone know the correct contact information (phone number)/website so that I can obtain these copies?

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madconsumer on 12/12/2009:
when I had to secure my birth certiciate, I had to go to a national website. on that site I had to choose the state and then county of birth. when I called that hospital, I was told they no longer make copies. has something to with identifying yourself. I had to send my current drivers license and a statement with my current address.
PepperElf on 12/12/2009:
I had to get a copy of mine ... I contacted the county web page...

since you're in Virginia ... hold on...


try there
Anonymous on 12/12/2009:
Princi, just in case you DO need to contact the hospital for some reason:

620 John Paul Jones Circle, Portsmouth, VA 23708
(757) 953-5000 / DSN 377-5000

Principissa on 12/12/2009:
Thank you MM! The number I have for them is calling some guys house. I think he's po'd because he was really snippy with me when I asked if this was medical records.

I don't need his birth certificate, I've had that for years, what I need for his appointment is all of his medical records pertaining to his birth (apgar scores, l and d notes, and basically everything from the time I found out I was pregnant to the time he was born and discharged from the hospital).
MRM on 12/12/2009:
Principissa, meet me at Best Buy in Virginia Beach to retrieve your x-rated pictures. Welcome back to Virginia!
Principissa on 12/12/2009:
LOL MRM! If you have the one of me in the santa outfit with the riding crop I'll need it. I'm sending out our ChristmaYule Card next week.
MRM on 12/12/2009:
Here are listed numbers:

Principissa on 12/12/2009:
That's the same one I tried on my computer and it keeps giving me a redirect loop notice. Is the website down or something?
MRM on 12/12/2009:
There might something on your computer that's blocking the website. The website is fine to me.
MRM on 12/12/2009:
I copied these from the link:

Patient Admin. (Admissions, Bldg. 215)

Patient Admin. (Health Benefits Office)

Patient Admin. (Inpatient Records)

Patient Admin. (Outpatient Records)

Patient Relations

PepperElf on 12/12/2009:
did you try my link?

the government usually has a copy of the birth certificate
even though the hospital doesn't

Principissa on 12/12/2009:
I don't need the birth certificate though, I need the actual hospital records from when he was born.

MRM thank you, that is the number I need. I have it written down as 8414. Woopsie.
PepperElf on 12/12/2009:
o sorry my bad
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