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Rat Feces
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WATERBURY, CONNECTICUT -- I am currently 8 months pregnant. When I wake up hungry, I usually pour a bowl of cereal. Last night I opened a brand new box of Honey Bunches of Oats and poured a bowl of cereal. In my cereal was a dropping of rat feces. I immediately threw up and have not been able to eat anything all day. I know this was no fault of the grocery store because the box and bag was not damaged and the feces was in the sealed bag. I'm completely disgusted!!!

Hardened Large "Sugar" Pieces In Cereal
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SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- Post Frosted Shredded Wheat - Hardened Sugar Pieces I had recently found, (after chewing, putting it in my mouth) a large piece of rock hard sugar in a box of: POST FROSTED SHREDDED WHEAT it caused a tooth of mine that I was in the process of having work done on to crack. At first I thought I had bit into a rock, after spitting it out, and examining it, I could see that it was a large, hardened piece of sugar, (or so it at least appeared to be), the damage it did to my tooth caused me to go to the dentist and eventually have my tooth removed.

I contacted the company. They sent a courier to pick it up and have it analyzed. A few weeks later after hearing nothing back, I called them. They admitted that yes, it was a large piece of sugar, and that the proper steps were going to be taken to insure it wouldn't happen again. In the meantime, I sent the bill and dentist x-rays and assessments for my tooth to the company.

I waited, and heard nothing. I finally called after them 2 months, whereas they said "If I would have had the beforehand work on my tooth completed before the incident had happened, then the damage caused by the sugar piece may not have occurred" and even though they admitted responsibility, not only to me on the telephone, but also in writing, refused to pay the dental bill that I had submitted, and instead offered to pay a minimal small fraction of it. I have since then tried to find some way where I could make this known, to make them see how terribly wrong, and irresponsible it was of them. I hope that someone can possibly help.

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