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Salami Gone Bad!!! Beware
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ILLINOIS -- Salami Gone Bad!!! Beware

My family and I picked up sandwiches from Potbelly Sandwiches at Danada Square. I used to love the food quality there. It was my favorite but it no longer is. I am very upset.

We purchased the following:

1. One roast beef for my husband;
2. One meatball for my 3 year old; and
3. Two Italians for my mother and me.

At the time of the purchase, we were fine with paying their increased fees. I have no problem paying for quality.

Also, as a side note, my mother was recently out of surgery and back at home recovering from an serious surgery. There was an eight-inch abdominal, through muscle and everything, incision that was in the early stages of healing. In fact, the same day we bought dinner was the same day that she had her staples removed.

On with my story…. We brought the sandwiches to my mother’s house and ate them. My mother and I commented that the sandwiches weren’t the same and they might have switched the type of meat, because it wasn’t very good. In retrospect, that conversation must have been wishful thinking.

Within 60 or so minutes from eating my mother and I were extremely sick from our sandwiches. My husband and daughter were fine thankfully.

However, can you imaging having a large abdominal wound and having to dry heave all night from a sandwich!!!!! Not only was my mother sick she was also in extreme pain due to the need to use a wounded muscle in attempts to rid her body of rotten food.

End of the story… My mother has recovered and is doing well and I am explosively angry because all we got was a VOICE MAIL MESSAGE INQUIRING IF WE WERE FEELING BETTER!!!!!

Think again before you eat there, when obviously their customers don’t matter.

Maybe while they are so busying increasing their prices, they should take a moment to check the dates on their stock……

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User Replies:
Starlord on 08/02/2007:
I am sorry, but I just can't buy this. I am most sympathetic, because when they removed my gall bladder. I was cut from the xyphoid process to the right belt line. I know what you mean. If the salami, as you claim was bad enough to make you sick within an hour of eating you would have noticed a lot more than it not being very good. The off smell and taste would have made it impossible to eat. Our daughter will not eat at Taco Bell, because she claimed she got sick once, within a half an hour after eating at one. I asked her how the food tasted and smelled, and she said fine, but it was the only thing she ate that day, so it had to be. No mater how I try or what material I have shown her, she will not accept that the Taco Bell food had nothing to do with her being ill. the bacteria that cause food poisoning has an incubation of about 72 hours. If you get sick, every body blames the last thing they ate before the symptoms show. the thing to do is a mental review of what you have eaten in the last three days. If you do this, you have a good chance of narrowing down the culprit. I sincerely hope you are better. I like the name Potbelly for a restaurant, and hope you give them another chance.
Anonymous on 08/02/2007:
Sorry to hear you got sick.That has to be the fastest food poisoning I've ever heard of.
Anonymous on 08/02/2007:
My first reaction to your complaint was why didn't the both of you go immediately to a hospital to be checked for food poisoning? Especially your mother who was just beginning to recover from abdominal surgery. But instead of doing that you let her suffer in pain all night. Did it not occur to you or your husband that the incision could burst open?

This may sound mean but what response did you really expect from the sandwich place? Did you offer them proof that the sickness was caused by their sandwich? Or did you just call them and raise hell? Also you ate the sandwiches anyway even though they tasted different.

The sandwiches may indeed have been spoiled but you neglected a responsibility not only to your mother but yourself as well to seek treatment if the suffering was as bad as you stated.

BTW: One can 'react' to food poisoning in as little as a hour.
Anonymous on 08/02/2007:
I'm with Starlord on this. Sounds like you and your mother may have caught a bug.

jktshff1 on 08/03/2007:
good post PB
Shopper Secret on 02/15/2010:
You got poisoned !!! some people need to read up on food poisoning ... several kinds and several times till syptoms...
Next time go to the county hospitol and wait several hours while you have violent volmitting and diarea.. they would love to have you..if you could get there before soiling your pants... some people don't have a clue... Glad the kids made it and your Mom is doing better...Eat Out and Roll the Dice is my saying
retailemployee105 on 07/16/2010:
well I used to work at a potbelly's sandwich shop and I can tell you that they are triflin. I quit because of the methods they used to preserve food and the things they do. so I can see why you would have food poisoning because they probably left the meat in the little fridgerators on the front line, which is very unhealthy. but if anything I would have contacted that potbellys and asked to speak with their district manager.
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