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Spot Delivery Scam
By -

CHANDLER, ARIZONA -- DO NOT buy/lease from Nissan Power in Chandler. They are crooks and scam artists. I recently leased a 2011 Nissan Rogue. The salesman ran my credit, showed me the payment options, we agreed and I signed the lease and drove off with the car. All indications were that the car was mine. He never once stated anything about a spot delivery, which means there was a chance the lease could be denied later, or I could drive off with the car and they work the details out later. Never once mentioned that to me.

They called me a week later and said I was rejected because of my credit history. My credit has been near flawless over the past few years. It was 4 years ago that I had a lot of issues. I've worked really hard to improve this. Over a week later I was told my contract and lease agreement meant nothing and I had to bring the car back. I was never told this and had all legal documentation and lease agreement to show.

They said I wasn't approved to lease, BUT was approved for a loan to buy the car?!? The "best" they could offer is $414 a month for 60 months. They could get it down to around $380 a month for 66 months. I came into the dealership thinking between $350-370 tops a month for 60 months to buy. I know my credit isn't that bad. I don't know what APR they were offering, but every article I read about this "spot delivery scam" is coming true to a T.

They called me back a week after we got the car, told me I wasn't approved, told me I had to return the car or pay more money for more months. 3 weeks later, I am still negotiating. It's ridiculous. I haven't had peace of mind in 3 weeks because of Nissan. I told them that I couldn't do those terms and said I would bring the car back on Saturday (it being a Thursday).

They called me back, first time in a week mind you, and said they just got word from their "higher ups" and that this situation has to be resolved today. Funny, how they let me drive it for three weeks, but when I say I'm bringing it back and didn't want to compromise to their new deal, they want it back immediately.

I honestly think they thought I was going to buckle and accept their terms. When I didn't, all of a sudden this is an urgent matter that must be resolved immediately. This is how shady and terrible it makes Nissan and their customer service look. They tried to scam me out of more money, I held my ground and they wanted to retreat, causing my wife and I 3 weeks of misery.

I filed complaints with Nissan corporate and was told they have no authority over the actual dealerships. Great help their customer service was. I also filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau and the Arizona Attorney General, whom told me despite the legal contract, if the financing wasn't approved I have to give the car back. I still am in shock at this scam. I don't get it, they definitely won't be able to sell this car as new any more as it has close to 900 miles on it now.

I felt absolutely hassled and scammed. It has now been three weeks to the day since we got our car. Every day has been a nightmare. I've tried calling the dealership for the last week and a half. It just rings. No one picks up. I've had only two return phone calls. This is the worst experience my wife and I have ever had.

I want everyone to be aware of this spot delivery scam. Make sure you are 100% sure the car is yours and approved before you drive off. And, DO NOT buy or lease from Nissan Power in Chandler. They are crooks and scam artists. Terrible customer service and no regard for people. All they care about is making more money at ANY expense.

Nissan Gives the RunAround
By -

TEMPE, ARIZONA -- My experience in purchasing my new 2009 Nissan Altima has been dreadful!!! Upon purchase of my new Nissan, the finance manager sold me a preferred warranty/maintenance package that would cover all services in the first 3 years/36000 miles of purchase. The list included all oil changes, tire rotations, filters, transmission flush etc. "Everything." I paid $830 for this service. What I found out later was I was sold a package that only included 8 oil changes and 4 tire rotations. Do the Math.

I went back to where I purchased the vehicle where I was informed that the finance manager had been fired for selling these fraudulent warranty/maintenance packages and was assured I would receive a refund minus the oil changes I had already utilized. This never happened.

After almost 2 months of the runaround over the phone, I was assigned a liaison who was supposed to be working to help satisfy my needs. What a joke that was. She gave me the runaround (5 phone calls) and then stated that my refund would be pro-rated and that I would only be refunded 1/4 what I paid. This money was supposed to go to my finance company, but they have no record. That's my complaint concerning Nissan theft.

In addition, my car is just over a year old and parts of my seat need to be replaced, my console needed to be locked down, and my battery needed to be replaced. I was informed that batteries are only designed to last about a year in AZ. WOW! I have never heard of such a cheap car battery. They informed me that it would be pro-rated and would "only" cost me $55.

Well, it was about the same as a Sears battery, so I bought it. They forgot to tell me about the $15 disposal fee. Then I'm informed that Nissan is the only place you can go to change transmission fluid because of this "special" fluid that only Nissan carries. I would be risking my warranty if I went anywhere else.

So, my question to you is why would I ever purchase another Nissan? You do not stand by your product, and each department seems to have their own little scam going on. Why don't you have a complaint dept? Does that help Nissan when they talk about consumers positive satisfaction? Look on the Internet. People are very unhappy with Nissan. Do you think this will effect new purchases?

I Was Completely Mislead
By -

CHANDLER, ARIZONA -- My salesman was named **. [He] started out as nice as can be, however, needless to say, it turned out to be a nightmare. This is a long & drawn out typical story of the "hell" one must go through while leasing/purchasing an automobile. Simply put, I was totally "duped" by Eric & all managers involved just to make a sale. I was promised they would take care of my last 2 lease payments, pick-up any excess mileage & also the wear & tear fees on my Toyota 4 Runner I turned in. Well, three months later, I receive a bill from Wells Fargo Finance for nearly $900.00.

After contacting Wells Fargo to see what this charge was for I was told it was for, guess what, pretty much all that was suppose have been taken care of by Power Nissan. After numerous attempts to contact a General Manager by the name of ** (who seemed to be in a meeting from dust 'til dawn), he finally contacts me about two days later claiming he never was told a very unhappy customer was trying to reach him.

Well, he and the rest of his band of Gypsies told me I was stuck with these charges & it was now between me & Wells Fargo! I am trying to avoid another poor hard-working "sap" like myself to please, avoid this dealership, please!!

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