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Unprofessional, Rude, & Money Hungry
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- Let me start off by saying I absolutely HATE this company. I've had so many run ins with this company it's ridiculous. I never feel satistified when I come here becase they are ALWAYS trying to get money out of me for issues that aren't even accurate with my car. It started last year when my headlights went out, they kept telling me they didn't know what was wrong with my car because they TRIED another light bulb and it didn't work for my car and that I needed to pay $80 to run a diagnosis test.

Not even a week later I went to the SAME franchinse on the other side of town and you know what they told me that was wrong with it? They said I just needed new headlights. So why at the precision on Market they couldn't tell me that in the first place? They LIED just to get me to put out more money. Not even to mention the fact they charged me $60 just to install two $10 headlights.

My second incident was when I had my "check engine" light on. One guy told me that they didn't know what was wrong with it so I had to get not one, but TWO different diagnosis test's done with it because it could've have been an "electrical" problem or a "mechanical" problem. One test was $50 and the other was $80. I went about 3 weeks ago to get an oil change and a guy told me the only test I would need to get was the $80 one. So again... Why tell me I needed BOTH tests if I only needed the ONE? Again to get money out of me.

OK and my LAST incident was on Saturday the 23rd. I went to get the diagnosis test done for my car and decided that they were overcharging me with an unreasonable amount so I told them no thanks that I would get my car fixed elsewhere. When I get back in my car I find a DIET PEPSI 2 LITTER BOTTLE AND A BURGER KING SANDWICH BOX IN MY FRONT SEAT! I was beyond livid! I am paying you guys to FIX my car NOT eat in it. I spoke to one of the workers and his response was "well it didn't come from here" FIRST OF ALL I DO NOT DRINK DIET PEPSI SO HOW WOULD A DIET PEPSI GET INTO MY FRONT SEAT?! They are ALL liars! and I absolutely HATE this company!

I spoke with the manager (I believe his name was Clay) about the incident and his response was "it was in there when I got into your vehicle, but I will talk to them about it" and that was before I saw him walk back into the office and continue whatever it was he was doing. I swear if I don't get some type of answers of SOMETHING resolved with this precision I will make it my business to go however far I need to go with exposing this company. I am VERY unsatisfied and will go as far as I need to go. I will contact headquarters I will contact the state to have them investigated or do whatever it is I need to do.
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User Replies:
MRM on 06/25/2012:
Tire and Lube would not be the place to run diagnostic tests. I would take it to a regular mechanic.

PS. 5 days left till Comminuty Forum is back online! I'm so excited!!!
Bill on 06/25/2012:
Why would you keep going back to a place that you know tries to rip you off?
latesha_kneece on 06/29/2012:
in response to "Bill" I go there because they are still... AT TIMES... the cheapest place to get your car fixed/oil changed...... however... when they do a bunch of add ons.. I REALZE what they're ATTEMPTING to do.. and I go elsewhere
latesha_kneece on 06/29/2012:
And thank you "mrm"! I will keep that in mind now for future reference.
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Dishonesty and Incompetence
Posted by on
GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- Putting four new tires on my car turned out to be more than I bargained for. Shortly into the work at Precision Tune (W Market St.) one of the mechanics came in looking nervous and talked to the manager, who then informed me that one of the tire pressure sensors was broken and would need to be changed. I was told it'd be $250 unless I bought the part myself, which I did. Since I got an alignment as well they waived the fee for replacing the sensor, which seemed like a good deal.

When it was taking awhile, I asked for a status update. I was told they were finishing the alignment check and that it was slightly off, so they would recommend an alignment. I told the guy "I know; I already told you I wanted it done. You've taken this long and you haven't even started yet?" Turns out they were doing it and he was confused. Made me nervous. The only reason I know it was done is having looked into the shop and saw the computer screen of the guy with the alignment junk hooked to my wheels.

They claimed they took care of everything, but when I got in my car when this was done the tire warning light was on. I got out and asked them, which they informed me sometimes when tires are changed you have to drive a little bit for it to go off. This didn't make a lot of sense, but I left anyway to try.

It didn't go off, and then I got to thinking they must have broken the sensor to begin with since my light was not on before going to the shop. I wasn't sure initially if the car's computer was wired such that no signal=warning; I thought maybe it was no signal=nothing and only a warning signal=warning. However, after checking the pressures, consulting the owner's manual, and talking to the Toyota dealership, I called PT back and said it did not go away and is not a light that has to be reset. They then admitted that they were not very familiar with these sensors, and that Toyota would probably have to fix it (no refund though). Also, since I had bought my own part they could not insure it if it was defective. Furthermore, I realized, since they didn't charge me for putting the new sensor in it wasn't on the invoice, so there was no paper proof that this ever happened.

I considered my options and decided to go to Toyota to have them fix it, then deal with whatever needed to happen with PT afterward. Upon explaining the whole story to Toyota, they told me PT had to have broken my sensor because the 2008 Camry is programmed that either a warning signal or no signal will trigger the light. Therefore if my sensor really had been broken before going to PT the light would have been on (it wasn't). Even though my self-purchased part is not insurable by PT, I should never have had to buy a part that they broke while removing my tire.

Toyota simply had to enter the sensor's codes into the car's computer to get the light to go off, something PT admitted they didn't know how to do. However, if you don't have the equipment to properly handle these sensors you shouldn't be doing it. If I had been told originally that it was broken and that I'd best go to the dealership I would've appreciated the honesty. Instead they pretended to know how to do it for extra cash and spun it like they were giving me a deal when it didn't work.

Lessons learned:
• Use common sense: if they claim something is broken that lack of warnings shows wasn't broken before they touched things, protest.
• Be careful about buying your own parts
• If they tell you a part is broken, ask to see it and have them show you where it came from. Any honest mechanic should have no problem explaining it to you.
• Familiarize yourself with your car's manual and explanations of warning lights early--I could've had more to say back when I first got in my car and saw the light on if I knew the "drive it for a while and it will go off" was false. The manual said specifically that the light will go off immediately once the issue is over, and that it staying on indicates a malfunction or tire issue.
• Whenever possible, always bring a car-knowledgeable person with you .
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300 turns into 600
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA -- I took my 2005 VW Passat here because of a grinding noise from my front brakes. The ABS light also was coming on and off. I was pretty sure my rotors and brakes needed to be replaced so I was prepared for a $250-300 bill. However, I received a call from Precision saying my brakes/rotors were fine but my front struts were worn and that was causing the problem. They told me the bill would be around $600, double what I was expecting but I went with their suggestion and let them proceed with the repair.

I picked up my car that day and not even a mile down the road I noticed the same grinding noise. I immediately called back and spoke with the store manager. I asked him if replacing the struts should not have fixed this problem. He says yes & no. He gives me this bull about it probably being something wrong with the ABS but they couldn't tell me for sure if the ABS wasn't on. He told me to bring it back once the light came back on so they could check the codes.

I took it to the local VW dealership yesterday. They found the problem to be a Speed Sensor that was knocked out of place. They also said both my rotors & brakes needed to be replaced as I also suspected. They fixed the speed sensor that took care of the grinding noise but I now also still need new brakes/rotors that I can't afford now that you guys took me for a $600 repair that probably could have waited. I demand a call back and resolution from your district manager. I will be sending this complaint to your corporate office and will suggest no one ever takes their car to this place.
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User Replies:
Alain on 07/21/2012:
You also might be interested in contacting North Carolina's consumer protection agency via
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Ripped Off by Precision Tune in Spring Lake Park, MN
Posted by on
SPRING LAKE PARK, MINNESOTA -- We brought our Lexus into Precision Tune in Spring Lake Park the week of June 20. It needed rear brakes and there was a light on the dashboard indicating some other kind of problem. Precision Tune replaced the brakes for $500 and told us we needed a new O2 sensor, for which we were charged $500. The total bill was a bit over $1000. My son, a trained car mechanic saw the bill breakdown and was appalled. He told us that we had been grossly overcharged. To prove his point, he called our local Lexus dealer and spoke with their automotive repair department. They told him that we were being charged 2 times the normal price for parts. Then we had to take the car back to Precision Tune because the same indicator light had turned on again. We were told that this was a “different” problem and would require another $500 repair. We took the car into the Lexus dealer. We were then informed that the O2 sensor was not the problem the car was experiencing initially and replacing it would NEVER have turned off the indicator light. They said it can be “reset” and will stay off for a few days, but will then return which is exactly what happened. Clearly, we were ripped off. Then I spoke to another mechanic across the street from Precision Tune, and he told me that mechanics at Precision Tune are paid by the work they “find” on cars that come in for oil changes. He then proved to me how it would be IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to change oil on someone’s car at the price Precision Tune charges without losing money on it. So he said that in order for Precision Tune to stay in business and recoup the money they lose on oil changes, they have to manufacture “problems” for the cars that come in.
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User Replies:
Alain on 11/17/2011:
Contact the Minnesota AG's consumer office via or by calling (651) 296-3353 or (800) 657-3787 about this.
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Racism Determines Care Care In Greensboro Nc
Posted by on
GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- Last month I took my car to the same PT shop on West Market street that I'd used before but discovered that they'd had ANOTHER manager change and this guy made me feel queezy. He had a cold, perfunctory manner, an unprofessional, southern drawl and a profit-first customer-last attitude of STRONGLY,recommending services that made him the most money whether they were needed or not.

Then the latest trainee who worked on my car seemed not to like my Hispanic & Asian stickers & window graphics even though I'm white! I could tell this by his frequent cold stares at me while I sat in the waiting room. In addition to the regular oil change I agreed to additional services which totaled $115.00 But after I drove my car away the passenger compartment began to smell like OIL burning which made me feel dizzy when I got out of the vehicle. It turned-out that he had spilled or poured oil ALL-OVER my engine compartment. When I called the manager the next day to complain, he became irritable sounding and immediately went on the 'defensive' claiming that it "not something WE DID".

This just proves that he's used-to getting complaints from customers and has his attack plan on the ready. Rather than return to this nasty shop on West Market street I went to the PT on Battleground ave. where they were polite and corrected the mess the other shop had made.

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User Replies:
Slimjim on 01/02/2008:
Again, there really isn't any evidence here to equate less than good service with racism. They may just suck, and the second one seems to have a thief. At least he didn't discriminate. Sounds like the franchise and regional management has customer care training short comings. Stay away from the whole brand and find yourself a local mechanic who works his modest living out of a modest shop. Those guys, (if honest), usually will do oil changes for prices that rival lube chains and you may have a keeper mechanic contact now for bigger jobs too.
spiderman2 on 01/02/2008:
Are there black helicopters hovering over your house because you sound really paranoid.
Principissa on 01/02/2008:
This wasn't racist at all. There is nothing in your post describing any act of racism. This was just really bad service. I agree with slim that they guy was looking at you like that because he was probably a thief. I wouldn't go back to that place, it's obvious they have bad service and cannot be trusted.
Anonymous on 01/02/2008:
Slimjim earned a 'best answer' for that one. Good job slim.
Slimjim on 01/02/2008:
Well thanks stew. I guess on my screen, it is you who had the best answer.
Starlord on 01/02/2008:
You talk about racism, then make a comment like "unprofessional southern accent." Since when is a southern accent unprofessional? I have found that,generally speaking, guys with southern accents know more about cars than you will ever learn. I am sorry that you live in a world that expects mechanics to sound like English professors. I don't care what they sound like when they talk, I want to see what they know about cars.
What part of the country do you sound like you came from? You complain about a southern drawl not sounding professional in North Carolina???? Watch out that they don't get the idea your're a northerner, then they'll really toast you. When I drove down through the South in 1965, I found out that southern hospitality is alive and well.
Dogless on 01/10/2008:
Belatedly, I must rescind my complaint about a textbook having been "stolen" from my vehicle at the Greensboro Battleground ave. PTAC branch. The "missing" textbook was recently FOUND while I was thoroughly cleaning-out the middle seat area of the vehicle! I WILL return to the PTAC shop at N. Battleground Ave. in Greensboro. (But NOT the Racist shop on W.Market st. whom I also just noticed caused extensive scarring to the facing on my aluminum wheels while performing a totally unnecessary 'tire rotation')
Dogless on 01/10/2008:
Actually, I couldn't care less about somebody's "Southern Accent", The previous(most recent)Manager at this location had a regional accent too and was an extreemly nice guy and great manager at this troubled location.

It's just that the current manager's whole attitude and bearing as well as the 'culture' now prevailing at this shop seemed to 'fit' that "Ole boy" stereotype only too well.

Also just the other day I noticed that my aluminum wheels have been severely marred by the air wrench having been 'applied' like a polisher to the face of the wheels(2)! Surely this kid must truly HATE MEXICANS or at least *Mexican Radio stations(*the sticker on my dashboard)

He should be 'thankfull' for at least I removed the sitting Buddha that was also on the dashboard (lest it OFFEND the poor skinhead's "religious" views.)
Dogless on 01/10/2008:
In general things have changed in the South since 1965!

1)Most "Yankees" now live here rather than merely 'driving-through'.
2)Due partly to the "Christian hospitality" of many church groups, there are now a HUGE number of multi-national immigrants and refugees(excluding Hispanics)LIVING in NC!

Every Saturday morning in a small NC town named Thomasville at a large outdoor flea market one can see the isles and stalls jammed with people from EVERY corner of the earth many in ethnic dress, buying and selling. Sometimes it resembles a sidewalk scene in NYC or LA.

3)"Southern hospitality" toward outsiders is generally BRIEF and shallow. Southern white culture is very cliquey and it takes many months or even YEARS for outsiders to be 'assimilated' into most groups or organisations dominated by native Southerners, though some cities & towns are more 'hospitable' to 'newcomers' than others.

4) Then there's the local definition of "Yankee" vs. "Damn- Yankee". The former is one like YOU who only comes to visit and soon leaves.......The latter term is reserved for those who come -and STAY !!!

Ya'll come back and see us now, Heah? (Really, WE DON'T MEAN IT!)
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