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SOUTH DAYTONA, FLORIDA -- I bought a walk in tub from Premier Bathtubs. I needed a wider tub. The salesman measured my tub and told me his was 2 inches wider inside and the same outside. When it got here, I took my other tub out and it turned out that the tub Premier had sold me was the same inside and two inches less outside. The salesman sat at my table and knowingly lied to me. He knew I was paralyzed with no income and sat right there and lied to me. I don't remember the thief's name or I'd put it here. I called Premier and they sent one of their clowns out. He said my other tub had never been taken out, though he could figure that out, I have no idea. Each and every person I've dealt with at Premier has been a fraud and thief. I'd recommend that people stay as far away from Premier as they possibly can. I talked to a former salesman from Premier and he told me that the reason no prices are on their web site is that the salesman comes t your house and is authorized to determine on the spot how much he can con you out of. The boat anchor ( tub ) remains in my garage because I'd have to remodel my bathroom to get nothing. The people at Premier are scum. Like I said, keep as far away from them as possible. Go online and find a reputable dealer.
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Helpful on 07/11/2010:
I had a little bit of a difficulty understanding the position of your original bathtub now. Has it been removed or hasn't it? Other than that, though, it seemed to be a good review.

I sure do wish you all my best. Hopefully you'll manage to get the Premier installed the way you want it and, even through this negative experience, you'll enjoy it.
Starlord on 07/11/2010:
I am also disabled and I have a question for the OP. What difference does two inches in width make? I am perfectly happy with my tub's width. My problem is that whether I am getting in or out, I have to have my weight on my bad leg at some point. I fear my knee going out on me during the process, as it often tries to hyperextend. I cannot understand the complaint about two inches, it is a non sequitor. We were in a housemate situation for about six months, and our housemate had a walk-in tub, and I loved it. It was not a Premier tub, but it was much wider than a standard tub on the inside, but not much larger than a regular tub outside. I can only think of one reason you might not be happy with a standard sized tub, but I won't embarrass the OP by going there. Good luck. Oh, and BTW, with anything with a normal cost over about $100 or $200, they never put the price in advertising material, since they need a salesperson to explain the benefits over the bare cost. I know, I sold encyclopedias.
McCullough on 06/04/2012:
Purchased a Premier bath walkin. The bath was not installed good. Side panels have no support,they have separated from wall and floor. The aerators stop working within a week of use. I have called the company to get someone to help, nothing done. I am very dissatified and would not recommend this company to anyone. The guys that came to install were very kind but after they left and I began to examine their work, I was upset with how they left my home. The moulding had to be removed to bring the tub inside, and when they replaced it they broke the molding and the job was not neatly done.
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