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Broken/Discolored Necklace
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Rating: 3/51

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- I bought a necklace a year or so ago, it has broken with normal wear, I went to a party and asked if she would be able to send it back for a replacement for me. She told me "No." I would have to buy a new one. This made no sense. I was told by the lady I bought it from that there is a lifetime warranty on ALL jewelry. I'm fixing to call the company in the morning to get it replaced one way or another.

Quality of Jewelry
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Rating: 5/51

I have bought Premier jewelry for years and I have to say I love it. If something breaks they fix it. The pieces are beautiful and the designs are terrific. My salesperson is a total professional. She showed me how to put chalk into the boxes and this keeps the moisture out. I find the Hostess Program extremely generous. Thanks.

Premier Designs Jewelry Is An Excellent Company
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Rating: 5/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I have to say, the remarks and "reviews" here are not of the company I am very familiar with. There are many jewelry companies out there with the name Premier Designs. Unfortunately, the people reviewing "Premier Designs" here seem to have completely mistaken the company out of Irving Texas for one of these. The Jewelry is always exactly as shown/sold either at a home show or out of the catalog. It is high quality and has a 100% replacement warranty. It has the highest level of gold and silver plating in the industry.

The confusion for many of these reviews is probably the jewelry the hostess/jewelry associate gives away as door prizes or gifts. These ARE NOT Premier Designs Jewelry and most often cheap giveaways for games and such. No self-respecting Premier Designs Jewelry Lady would ever misrepresent the jewelry line, and in the 11 years I have purchased their jewelry I have NEVER been disappointed.

Other instances of "reviews" here are most likely disgruntled women who could not make a go of the business either through not trying or not learning how. Plus many are probably competitors. Before making a decision on this company, research thoroughly. You will find the opposite is true for most of the negative reviews here.

Premier Jewelry Pieces: Smelly Rusty Metal Odor - Some Never Worn
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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS / IRVING, TEXAS -- I've purchased many pieces of Premier Design jewelry 3-6 yrs ago. Some pieces were never worn. However, all pieces have a smelly rusty metal odor to them (as if you were rolling coins). I spoke with customer service regarding the odor on the pieces (not just the clasp area) and was advised to wipe down with sudsy water. After 1 hour of doing as recommended, no change.

Having to revert to customer service again, I was advised to send each piece back, with $5 per piece, for their review. 21 pieces x $5 = $105! Every excuse question under the sun was asked regarding storage, wearing of the piece, etc. Bottom line - I purchased "costume" jewelry from Target years ago and still looks like the day I purchased it.

In addition, a bangle bracelet tarnished - I returned it with my $5 for a replacement. It has tarnished again, and Premier Designs want another $5 to replace. I asked customer service why would I waste another $5, again, for the same to happen. Responses: "at least you're not paying the full amount, perhaps the humidity...." I interrupted her saying "are you going to put on your website if you live in certain states, PD should not be purchased?" Really???

The above has been advised from Customer Service Supervisors. One of the biggest reasons I purchased from Premier was because it's a Christian organization. The quality of the jewelry does not live up to its name no less it's price. I don't know about you, but I don't have disposable money which is what the outcome is going to be. Just wanted to share my thoughts on Premier Designs.

Poor Salesmanship
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Rating: 1/51

TEXAS -- I went to a party hosted by Premier Designs associate salesperson Nicki ** in Huntsville AL. The party was hosted by a friend of mine. I ordered a pair of earrings & was charged a shipping fee so I expected the jewelry to be shipped to me. But no Nicki charged everyone a shipping fee & had the jewelry mailed to herself. Didn't even deliver the jewelry to the person hosting the party. My friend had to drive all the way to Nicki's house to pick up the jewelry. I will never go to another PARTY HOSTED BY PREMIER DESIGNS & their jewelry is way overpriced. Poor business!!!

Stinky Jewelry - Literally
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Rating: 1/51

IRVING, TEXAS -- I attended a party not because I needed jewelry but to help out a young gal. I should have simply given her the money. I ordered the "leather" necklace and "leather" wraparound bracelet. Cute designs. But they stink. Can't get rid of the smell. I called the company who said they get their jewelry from several places including New York. I told them the smell is like when I was going to buy a picture frame from Kohl's that was made in Thailand. Same smell. The lady who answered the phone kept telling me to go to my rep, which I said I wouldn't do.

I told her I wanted my answers from the company. I repeated my question several times: "How do I get rid of the smell?" Her answer was to hang them on a door for a while. She said they were made of "treated" leather. I asked what they were "treated" with? She had no answer. I told her I understood she couldn't answer my question, so I gave her my name and phone number so someone could get back with me. Think I'll ever get an answer? My bet is absolutely not.

Company Response 02/09/2016:

The wrap bracelet to which you are referring to is authentic leather. It's treated to protect the leather. I'm sorry you had a negative experience, the thing to do with that situation would have been to contact the jeweler and she would have taken care of it for you asap. We can't help unless we know there is a problem.
That is my top selling piece, I sell literally hundreds of them and I never have heard that complaint. To put down Premier's Jewelry as a whole is inaccurate.
We are here to serve, if you are in need of service any jeweler would drop what they are doing to help you out!

What A Scam
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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS, TX -- This company takes advantage of women and they should not be allowed to do what they do. The startup fee is crazy expensive and doesn't even include samples- those are extra. The pieces are GARBAGE. They are NOT MADE IN THE US. I emailed Premier and asked them specifically and they would not answer my questions but skirted the issue. The pieces fall apart constantly and for a $50 necklace I would expect WAY more. Save your money and go to a jewelry store and buy something that will last.

They make jewelers pay for MANY things like credit card fees, fees for each show you hold and then encourage you to keep buying more samples and more products and before you know it, you have made NOTHING. I was a designer in Premier after a year and had 10 people under me. I sold over 30,000 my first (and only) year. It is an absolute scam. Stay away from it.

After one year with 10 people under me, I barely made anything. They also fail to mention the $490 self employment tax that you will have to pay the feds. You pay for all return shipping (which is a lot because the pieces are JUNK). And they rope you in with numerous brainwashing phone calls and "rallies" and trust me, they are good at brainwashing you into believing you are selling a good product and "enriching" women's lives. You are basically overcharging people for an item, scamming others into joining the company and it's all about pressure, pressure, pressure.

I couldn't sleep at night thinking about the tactics this company pushes on weak women. And that is it, they prey on weak, low confidence, low self esteemed women who they can rope into doing this "wonderful business." It is all garbage. I could not sell another $5 necklace for $50 if I had to save my life. I felt awful charging people these prices. I am sure that Premier will find these posts and delete them, but I will keep posting them so people know the truth- it is freedom of speech after all. It is not 50% profit that you make - bottom line. And they don't allow you to sell online at all either.

They push you to ostracize yourself from friends and family with their "book a thons" and pushing you to ask, ask, ask for people to have parties and buy jewelry. They teach you that no doesn't mean no. It means not now. Really? I don't think so. The people at the very top are getting very rich from this so yes it is a pyramid scheme, even though they will tell you it is not and give you a handout showing you why it isn't. BS - it is a pyramid scheme. If I was a designer and that's the top 3% of the company and I made a measly 9,000 this year - then tell me how it's not a pyramid scheme?? BS - it is a pyramid scheme.

Luckily, I am a well educated person (a teacher) and I was strong enough to see through the tactics and the fake-ness of it all and I got out. I wasn't going to pay my $350 renewal fee. No thank you Premier, you can take your business elsewhere, to prey on a weaker, less educated woman who needs some confidence. I've got all the confidence I need in life and I know that I DON'T WANT TO BE A PART OF A CULT LIKE THIS!

Premier Designs Jewelry - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
By -

I have purchased a lot of Premier Designs Jewelry over the past several years, through attending parties, being a Hostess for parties, and from eBay sellers. Unfortunately, I would have to say that I have been disappointed with the overall quality of the jewelry. I love the high-fashion designs and the opportunity to view the latest trends in fashion jewelry, and the sales reps are generally motivated, reputable, and knowledgeable about the jewelry line. They seem to genuinely believe in the product and the company.

I don't believe that there is any scam involved with this company as far as the sales reps are concerned, and the company itself has been in business - and from what I have read, debt-free -since 1985. That said, the actually quality of the jewelry varies tremendously between each piece in the product lines. I have had several pieces of jewelry break (links, clasps, lines of beads) before I even had the chance to wear it, and some of it tarnished easily with normal wear - by this, I mean normal wear for high-end fashion jewelry, not worn every day or even every week.

I have been greatly disappointed, because I LOVE the jewelry and just wish it would hold up better! Even with the company golden guarantee, it is often not convenient to return it to the company for a replacement, and if you buy a discontinued piece on eBay, the golden guarantee does not apply because the sellers are not - or are no longer - representing Premier Designs.

Considering that each representative who sells Premier Designs makes a 50% profit on each piece of jewelry, it's easy to see the necessity to have it manufactured fairly cheaply, and the cost of metals has increased greatly over the past few years. Premier Designs was intended to provide busy single women and especially single moms with an opportunity to supplement the family income and have fun at the same time, while setting ones own hours by booking home parties.

I would expect this jewelry to hold up at least as well as the average department store fashion jewelry I buy at Target or Macy's... but in most cases, it does not. It seems that the older pieces I have purchased (from the old line prior to 2003) were of higher quality and have lasted longer.

Perhaps they use different companies for manufacture of the jewelry, and there is tremendous variation as far as quality control? Or the materials themselves are cheaper.... I am not sure, but at any rate, with the recession we are currently in and people not having a lot of disposable income, I would think that QUALITY would be the most important thing to Premier Designs - the company name and reputation is at stake!

It is disappointing to receive a beautiful piece of jewelry and have it break or disintegrate after wearing it only once or twice. The last two pieces of jewelry I have purchased, one a bead necklace and the other a bead bracelet, broke almost immediately after purchase - with careful handling! The line of beads snapped and all of the beads went flying off the nylon string.

If you are thinking of purchasing Premier Designs Jewelry, especially the newer lines, be aware that it might not be of the quality that you would expect, and be prepared for having to have it replaced, or eat the loss. Be careful about buying on the internet on eBay, because generally there is no guarantee on of these pieces - often a representative is selling her own collection after getting out of the business, or reselling items she bought in bulk. I LOVE THE JEWELRY!! Just wish it all held up better.... with normal wear and handling.

Jewelry Party
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Rating: 1/51

Went to a Premier Design jewelry party to help a friend have a good gathering. I ordered some jewelry pieces to be polite to my friend. Worst product ever! Pure JUNK! Worse than lia Sophia. Overpriced garbage is all that jewelry is. It fits the costume jewelry alright. Costume if you are going to party at the local landfill.

Very Disappointed
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Rating: 2/51

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I have been a jewelry lady for a year and a half now. At first I thought I did a lot or research as to if I was making a good investment or not. I have seen many ladies be SUPER successful in this business and thought with my sales skills that I could be one of them.

Things started out great. My first few shows went well and then it just started to all go downhill. My customers began to complain that the product was overpriced and was not holding up as well as promised. I sent back many pieces (out of my own pocket of course.) Then I had trouble booking shows. I spoke to my Premier "mom" about it and she said that I need to get out and meet more people. I did as she recommended and tried to step out of my comfort zone to expand my business. On top of that I had to buy more jewelry each time the new seasons line rolled out.

I became sick last year and had to stop selling for a bit. While I was not selling I tried my best to meet new people and let them about my business. After much thought I renewed my contract with Premier, thinking I must have done something wrong and was determined to make it work. Shortly after I had more product issues than ever and no show bookings b/c guest were saying there is no way they would pay that much for jewelry.

I again spoke with my Premier "mom" who told me the people I were meeting were "flaky" and that I needed to meet people with "expendable income" What? I don't have that so how can I expect others to have it? I really do enjoy doing the show when I can get them, they are fun but I feel this has been a blow to my ego. I work in sales my other job and I am super good at it so I don't understand why this is not working.

I have done training after training and now I am just disappointed. I once was proud to be a jewelry lady and want to be again. I just can't seen to meet the "right kind of people." If any other jewelry ladies read this I would love your thoughts on what I might could do to improve my business. I don't want to give up but might have to if it does not start making me money. Thanks!

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