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Premier Designs Jewelry - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
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I have purchased a lot of Premier Designs Jewelry over the past several years, through attending parties, being a Hostess for parties, and from eBay sellers.

Unfortunately, I would have to say that I have been disappointed with the overall quality of the jewelry. I love the high-fashion designs and the opportunity to view the latest trends in fashion jewelry, and the sales reps are generally motivated, reputable, and knowledgeable about the jewelry line. They seem to genuinely believe in the product and the company.

I don't believe that there is any scam involved with this company as far as the sales reps are concerned, and the company itself has been in business - and from what I have read, debt-free -since 1985.

That said, the actually quality of the jewelry varies tremendously between each piece in the product lines. I have had several pieces of jewelry break (links, clasps, lines of beads) before I even had the chance to wear it, and some of it tarnished easily with normal wear - by this, I mean normal wear for high-end fashion jewelry, not worn every day or even every week.

I have been greatly disappointed, because I LOVE the jewelry and just wish it would hold up better! Even with the company golden guarantee, it is often not convenient to return it to the company for a replacement, and if you buy a discontinued piece on eBay, the golden guarantee does not apply because the sellers are not - or are no longer - representing Premier Designs.

Considering that each representative who sells Premier Designs makes a 50% profit on each piece of jewelry, it's easy to see the necessity to have it manufactured fairly cheaply, and the cost of metals has increased greatly over the past few years. Premier Designs was intended to provide busy single women and especially single moms with an opportunity to supplement the family income and have fun at the same time, while setting ones own hours by booking home parties.

I would expect this jewelry to hold up at least as well as the average department store fashion jewelry I buy at Target or Macy's...but in most cases, it does not. It seems that the older pieces I have purchased (from the old line prior to 2003)were of higher quality and have lasted longer.

Perhaps they use different companies for manufacture of the jewelry, and there is tremendous variation as far as quality control? Or the materials themselves are cheaper....I am not sure, but at any rate, with the recession we are currently in and people not having a lot of disposable income, I would think that QUALITY would be the most important thing to Premier Designs - the company name and reputation is at stake! It is disappointing to receive a beautiful piece of jewelry and have it break or disintegrate after wearing it only once or twice. The last two pieces of jewelry I have purchased, one a bead necklace and the other a bead bracelet, broke almost immediately after purchase - with careful handling! The line of beads snapped and all of the beads went flying off the nylon string.

If you are thinking of purchasing Premier Designs Jewelry, especially the newer lines, be aware that it might not be of the quality that you would expect, and be prepared for having to have it replaced, or eat the loss. Be careful about buying on the internet on eBay, because generally there is no guarantee on of these pieces - often a representative is selling her own collection after getting out of the business, or reselling items she bought in bulk.

I LOVE THE JEWELRY!! Just wish it all held up better....with normal wear and handling.
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Meg88 on 01/03/2010:
I am so glad to hear that you love Premiers consultants and our beautiful pieces of Jewelry. Premier does a great job of showing us how to love on our customers!

I think Premier Designs jewelry is as good if not better than any other High Fashion Jewelry company out there. 51% of our Jeweler is made at Premier and the other 49% is made at Jewelry manufacturers within the US. There is actually an XRay machine at the home office to make sure that the pieces are good enough to put our name behind it! Each piece is coated in 30 to 50 mils of precious metal and the industry standard is only 3 to 5 mils.

Yes, as a consultant I do make 50% because Premier and its founders are wonderful and care about people and giving back. In no way, shape or form does this affect the quality of the jewelry. They can give us 50% vs. 30% (our competitors commission) because they aren't keeping as much for themselves and are very business savvy in the way they handle and have set up their business model. Yes, we are a debt free company and I don't know of any company that can say that! In our current catalog we have a bracelet that sells for $62, our competitor sells the SAME EXACT BRACELET for $120! We have a few pieces in our current line that our bought from the same manufacturers and it is always the same is significantly more expensive from our competitors. Our Golden Guarantee does cover any manufacturing defects and it is fairly simple to get a new piece of jeweler if need be. Premier does guarantee even retired pieces as long as its a manufacturing defect and not normal wear and tear, you must have a jeweler who is willing to deal with this. If the retired piece is no longer available you will be given a credit for a new piece. I would probably say that I have upwards of 800 customers and I have about a 2% replacement rate.

I would have to ask you if you know the 6 S's of taking care of your High Fashion Jewelry? If someone hasn't explained this to you then please read on. You should try to never do the following things with your jewelry on and it should last you so long you won't want to wear it anymore because its just not in fashion anymore:

1. Swim
2. Sweat (no working out with Jewelry on)
3. Shower
4. Spray (this is a big one! Jewelry should be the icing on the cake and the last step in getting ready to face the world. Hairspray and Perfume have alcohol in it and will build up and ruin you jewelry and can turn it all kinds of funky colors)
5. Sleep
6. Sanitize (hand sanitizer also contains alcohol)

I really hope you don't stop enjoying Premier's jewelry and get with your Jeweler to take care of those pieces. Premier really is a wonderful company and along with treating their employees with great care they do also go to great lengths to ensure quality in every piece.
PepperElf on 01/03/2010:
I'm torn on this one... can't decide if it's a real response to a compliment or an elaborate shill.. =)
Anonymous on 01/03/2010: too....
Autie on 05/11/2011:
I made the mistake of purchasing Premier Jewelery and even having a party once. Complete worthless junk. Tarnished right away and no, I wasn't swimming, showering, sweating sleeping or sanitizing. Another necklace broke through no fault of my own. It simply fell apart after the third time I wore it. To get a replacement I would have had to have paid $5.00 to return it. It's not even worth $5.00.
Rosconi on 09/18/2011:
AMEN AND AMEN! My wife and I just had these exact thoughts in a conversation. She stopped selling it realizing the company was great, the jewelry not so much. All of here personal stuff is breaking quickly and much of what she sold came back.
krt on 01/11/2012:
I purchased several items within weeks of each other because several friends had parties. I noticed that one bracelet lost a charm (1st time wearing it), a ring lost a bead (1st time wearing it and standing in line with no movement at the time) and I've also noticed that the necklaces seemed very light feeling. I had not noticed this when I tried on items at the parties and wonder if it is indeed the same as what I looked at or does the Hostess have a "better" piece to show. in the end, I feel I paid an awful lot of money when I could've bought similar things at Claire's and paid half the price.
In Texas on 02/10/2012:
Thanks for these comments. I've been inundated with invitations to these parties lately. Don't like the pressure to buy this type of stuff anyway. "Oh, come have fun! No pressure!" Then when you get there it never lets up. The only thing worse is spending a bunch of money on pure junk.
SANDRA on 02/21/2012:
karina on 03/06/2012:
I bought a necklace last year, I wore it couple of times even let a friend wear it and is till in perfect codition. I love it, I like the quality so much that I just bought another necklace from them. I had bought some earings from a department store, wore them ones and one of the earing broke off.
Jennifer on 03/23/2012:
Premier Jewelry is hit and miss, 1% hit and 99% miss. I went to a party for the first time, always declined in the past, and ordered 3 pieces. one came broken, and the other two where just REALLY low quality. I received the same necklace broken 3 times before I told them to just send me something else entirely. The new necklace came and was not broken so I kept it, but wasn't happy with it at all. Everything just looks super cheap. Shop at Macy's, they just have WAY better fashion jewelry and it's so much less expensive.
Ex-Jeweler on 04/10/2012:
I'm actually leaving Premier in just a couple days...I do think it's a great company, but I have to agree with all these comments. The quality of the jewelry leaves much to be desired, especially for the price! I can also confirm that the jeweler's pieces are no different from the ones you get. I have had several that didn't hold up. One other thing that bothers me is the no exchange policy. I actually just found this out a year into being a jeweler. You can only exchange any current item for something different within 3 days of purcase. Considering I had many customers purchase Christmas gifts thinking they could swap them if the recipient didn't like it, that's a big downer. I've wound up eating the cost of buying the piece they wanted to swap for and keeping the piece they didn't like. I've had soooo many pieces come back tarnish, broken, or just not of good quality. Loved the family feel of the business, but I don't want to represent the jewelry.
LGR on 04/14/2012:
Ex-Jeweler on 2012-04-10... the 3 day exchange is completely false. Not sure where you got that. Every customer, including the jeweler, has 60 days after the date she receives the piece in which to exchange or replace a piece of jewelry with no charge. After 60 days, its only $5 plus tax. You may be thinking of the verbiage on the customer receipt that gives a buyer the right to cancel the whole purchase, which is an entirely different thing.
Pam -Happy Customer on 04/21/2012:
I have attended about 6 parties and have probably 60 pieces of Premier Designs jewelry. I had an issue with a piece of jewelry and my jeweler took it and sent it into the company and they replaced it. I have nothing but great things to say about the quality of the jewelry and the customer service. I also love Cookie Lee jewelry and have lots of pieces from them. They have great quality and their customer service is great too. I am a very satisfied customer of Premier Designs jewelry and wear something of their line every day. If the people above have an issue, I recommend they contact their jeweler and have them return it to the company with an explanation and if they are not satisfied with the jewelry let the company know and have the jeweler send it back and tell them they want a refund. They should take care of you since customer service is their vision.
Shelley on 04/27/2012:
I have two friends who sell Premier jewelry so I have quite a few pieces. Sadly, the quality leaves much to be desired. I received a pair of Urbanite earrings this week and some of the links on the mesh chain were actually sticking out. I pushed them back into place without thinking, but really should have brought it to the consultant's attention. I also have the Gateway bracelet, which is beautiful, however it literally fell apart in 3 days of having it! I did nothing even remotely close to swimming, sweating, etc (whatever the consultant mentioned above). I received the bracelet, tried it on, and went to wear it 3 days later when the stretchy bands broke and the pieces fell all over the floor. And no, I do not have gorilla hands that I had to over stretch the bracelet. I slid my hand through the opening normally and it broke. I'm sadly considering not buying any other pieces because of this quality issue.
Destiny on 04/30/2012:
I ADORE PREMIER design jewelry, attended a million and one parties, own half the line, and truly only once maybe maybe twice had something break! I love the principles of the company the guarantee and the fact that the average Hostess earned about $200.00 IN FREE Jewelry! It is great! :)

Meghan on 05/01/2012:
This jewelry is junk. Could buy it for half the price at charming charlies, but then your "friend" couldn't make their 50% off of you!
JudyComments on 05/08/2012:
I have to agree with this overall posting and some of the response comments. A friend of mine sells this and I have several pieces. Some of it is OK, but I've had a couple different pieces break. The fine multi-strand necklaces seem to twist terribly and don't hold up. I had one break, replaced it with the same and it broke again so exchanged for something different, then also had a different multi-strand necklace break so exchanged it also. Another piece I returned because it just looked cheap. On the other hand, I have a couple pieces that I really like and receive many compliments on. You really have to see the item in person before ordering it. The company itself seems to be good (my friend really likes it), and I've had no trouble with exchanges (but my friend handles all of that for all of her customers, so having a good Hostess makes a difference). However, their quality is hit and miss and for the money I don't think it's a great value overall.
Laurie on 05/26/2012:
I attended a party a few weeks ago and ordered two items. I just received my order and already have problems...I ordered the popular "Runway Necklace" but received something called the "Lifestyle" necklace, it's almost bubblegum machine quality. I also ordered the Girl Power bracelet. What I received looks totally different from the one in the catalog and Hostess display. The chains on the bracelet are diffeeent and it looks cheap. I contacted the Jeweler yesterday and am still waiting for a response. Will post again with resolution.
CKL on 06/22/2012:
Jewelry looks pretty, but "every" piece I have purchased and worn just once or twice did tarnish. The silver wore off and a copper color began to show through on each piece (mostly bracelets). Didn't want to go through returns process
Elsie on 06/28/2012:
I will not be purchasing anymore of this jewelry. It is cheap quality at an expensive price. I am very disappointed.
Deanna Copp on 07/20/2012:
I too am disappointed with the quality of the Jewelry. Two of my neckalaces (both) before I got to wear them. Came apart. The consultant said to just put them back together and they would be alright. But again they came apart (unlinked) one again before I got to wear it and the other while I was wearing it. Never again will I host a party!! Not to much when I had my party I was told if I hit all the goals that month I got double the $100.00. When I closed my party she said oops sorry made a mistake that ended 2 days ago.
Denise on 07/25/2012:
I started buying Premier over a year and a half ago, held 4 shows before deciding to sell it. I took my time making my decision to sell the jewelry. I have had only one issue as a customer, a pair of glass stone earings didn't have a balanced amount of specks (slightly anal) but I called the Premier Jewelry lady and even though I had never met her,(I ordered them from a co-worker who was passing the book around the dept) the Jewelry lady replaced my earrings promptly and with such amazing service. I practically bought and earned half the line before becoming a dealer myself. I have purchased from Macy's, Khols, Lia Sophia, Lady Remington, JC Penny, Mervyns back in the day, Dillards, Claires, Charming Charlies, the vendors who come by my ofc building, the point is I KNOW costume, designer jewelry and Premier has been Tops from the beginning. The service and the jewelry are wonderful. Now if you have extremely strong body chemistry, or your expecting it to perform like real gold for $55.00 neither I believe make you a good fit for Premier Jewelry. Stick to Sterling silver and real gold. I'm sorry if you had a bad experience but I love it!
Jaime on 07/26/2012:
I LOVE costume jewelry and have spent a lot of money on many different kinds and from many different places. I have had problems with pieces breaking, tarnishing, gems falling out all of the above from almost every place I have bought jewelry. Usually you can't return these items or get your money back. At least with Premier they can exchange or replace anything that is broken or tarnished. You talk about how much premier items cost. They have NOTHING over $100!!!! I have spent way more with other companies and at other stores and not been able to do anything about it at least with premier I can replace it or exchange it without a receipt even! I LOVE PREMIER jewelry and actually quit buying from department stores or any other at home companies because of this fact!
shopgirl on 08/09/2012:
I absolutely LOVE Premier Designs jewelry. Have been a jeweler for almost 5 years. The jewelry you get is the exact same jewelry we get. Very few pieces have ever 'broken,' and the few that lost stones were replaced by corporate promptly. Love the company and the jewelry.
Jo Ann on 08/15/2012:
I love my Premier pieces. It doesn't matter if it's the ones I got free or actually paid money. I do as the lady said, I keep them where the quality is maintained which in the humid ocean area means keeping them covered not left on the night stand. This woud be the same for any of my other jewelry and my jewelry box would prove that to be true as well. As for the $5 guarantee package they offer, can't do that at any department store! They, after 30 days, say SORRY. And they don't make my ears itch either, nor fingers turn green. It's not made to hand down to your granddaughters a couple of decades later, but to wear with the girls on an night out with your new outfit. And your are right, the company when I have (yes have) called are nice just as the jewelers have been. So have a party and invite me. Us girls have got to get together and enrich each other lives. Just sayin'.
#1sammystorm on 09/09/2012:
I love Premier Designs Jewelry. It is high fashion with a great price. The guarantee is great and if anything happens to my jewelry, I return it along with $5.00. I always have nice looking jewelry. Jewelry you purchase from stores do not have a guarantee.
Remember, this is high fashion jewerly, not gold or silver.
Those of you commenting the jewelry is junk need to understand you are not buying gold or silver or you would be paying much higher prices and getting very few pieces of jewelry.
HereToServeYou on 11/19/2012:
I am so very sad that so many of you have had difficulties with your Premier Designs purchases. I have been with the company for 18 years. You are correct in saying that it is a big disappointment to receive a piece that was carefully selected and then something is wrong with it. I can tell you that our return rate company-wide is around 2%. I only wish that all of you who have had problems with your pieces would allow your jewelry lady to help you. When you make a purchase at a department store, you are almost always guaranteed to be buying something made overseas. Our jewelry is made in the USA. I have personally seen the people who make our jewelry and I can tell you that all of us at Premier Designs are committed to giving you a quality product and we strive toward 100% customer satisfaction. We will never have 100% of our pieces go out and never break because things do break. Coffee makers break, zippers on clothing break, televisions break. These are all human made products. The Golden Guarantee is there for you. Premier Designs stands behind its product and our jewelry ladies want to make sure you are happy. I will do whatever it takes to help make a customer happy. But some people will never be satisfied. We just try to treat every customer with respect and do the best we can to honor God by telling the truth, and serving people as best we can. If you still have your broken, discolored jewelry, please try to let your jewelry lady serve you, and if not, you may contact our home office directly. Our toll-free number is 1-800-486-SERV. A real, live person will answer your call and they really do care.
whatsthetruth on 11/22/2012:
I've read all of the above comments and whether these 'events' are true or not is questionable. Based on what I have read and the fact that our country is in the financial toilet, I have a hard time figuring out if this jewelry is quality or not. Are the negative comments coming from a 'competitor' or someone whose been 'jaded' or are these legit complaints? As for me, I am going to buy this jewelry and try it out for myself. I've bought plenty of jewelry from other 'stores' and had to suck it up when the piece broke or fell apart - in other words - no guarantees. I bought a beautiful watch from a very popular store - whose name was mentioned up above, and it went to 'crap' (sorry for that word) in no time flat. I didn't even know it until I went in my jewlery box looking for a different piece of jewelry and saw it. Tarnish happens!! We all want to get our money's worth, but not by trashing someone else's reputation. I hope that after I buy a piece of this jewelry I will still feel this way. Good luck to all of you, the only 'real' guarantee is if you buy solid gold or sterling silver.
disappointed on 02/12/2013:
I purchased several pieces at an at home show and I must say I was extremely upset. Two of the 5 were already broken in the package/box. This alone exhibits the integrity of the company and its employees. The following day upon receiving the broken necklace and braclet I called and requested a refund. I was told I would not be able to return the product nor receive a partial credit. Thank goodness the purchase was a credit card and not a check. I am calling Visa right now to cancel the transaction.
Next time someone invites me to an in home product show I will be out of town...
Audrey on 03/03/2013:
I have been buying Premier jewelry for several years and have never had a problem. I have had several shows and love their Hostess program. I am contemplating selling it. As for the lady trying to get her money back. You are allowed to exchange it for the same thing or get something different.
Kate in PA on 03/07/2013:
Haven't any of you heard that Premier Jewelry has a Golden Guarantee...if your jewelry is defective within the first 60 days it will be replaced without cost. If anything happens after that you can have it replaced for $5 to cover shipping.

Also, I have had their stretch bracelets for over two years which wear like iron. I wear them every day! I love that you can mix and match their jewelry. I haven't had any problems with the finish of the jewelry either.
Brenda on 04/25/2013:
I am surprised by the comments, have bought pieces threw out many years and have never had a problem and have pieces that are several years old. I love high fashion and yes buy at Charmin Charlie and have made some of my own jewelry. I do not believe some of the comments about the quality being junk or on the same level of the discount retail outlets. It is good that the people who do not like the pieces do not buy because they will not be happy. BUT I have many friends that even though they might say it is expensive it is good quality and the company has always been available for contact and has answered my questions. Good luck everyone.
Claudia Belanger on 05/23/2013:
I bought a gold tone bracelet just eight months ago. I wear the bracelet occasionally as I am a retired housewife and wear it only when I go out. The bracelet has lost the gold and is unwearable. I've had department store costume jewelry that has lasted much, much longer than this. I will never be tempted to buy from this company again.
Ann F on 06/01/2013:
Will not buy another piece of their jewelry. I purchased 2 bracelets and unfortunately they don't fit. I also purchased a ring that is starting to turn and no I don't wear the jewelry when I wash my hands or shower. I have called the consultant 5 times in 3 week and she won't return my phone call. Lesson learned.....
I've already talked 4 people out of ordering.....wish someone had done the same for me.......
Virginia S on 06/04/2013:
As a Premier Jeweler Consultant and Customer I have read all of these comments and I do understand the frustrations. However no one mentioned that with several of our pieces you can wear up to 15 different ways. Or if you buy 2 simple necklaces and 2 enhancer I can guarantee that you can make at least 15 different necklaces. Has anyone stoppe to appreciate the versatility of Premier pieces and for a low affordable price you are getting more for your dollar. I am not bias as I will admit I do not love all the pieces but those that I love I have learned to wear with the upmost versatility.
Good luck I hope each one of you gives Premier another shot.
Donna on 06/08/2013:
I have about 75 pieces that I have either bought or received as a Hostess. I wear my jewelry all the time. I have only had two items that needed to be sent back. Due to broken pieces bought from stores I have purchased repair pliers. Try getting a store to replace a piece of jewelry for $5.00 plus is a good company and the jewelry is on par or better than store purchased items...I find costume jewelry at Macy's, Penny's, Kohl's to be quite chintzy in comparison.
Laura on 06/10/2013:
First off, this has to be the longest running comment thread I have ever seen! wow! I have been researching Premier Designs Jewelry ever since I attended a show back in January. There are so many choices in the catalog that I love, it was hard to pick. I have one, exactly one piece of Premier Jewelry
Kangalf on 06/12/2013:
I have looked around in many stores to find pieces which were as versatile as some PD ones I was interested in..I couldn't..That's what makes PD so unique! I have bought things from them on/off for 12 years. PD has a huge catalog, and yes, even I agree that some things are a bit pricey. but if you have a good consultant, she will keep you up to date on any specials. I have a lot of respect for my jeweler
Doug on 06/13/2013:
I have been looking for all of the Pro's and Con's of this company for about 2 hours now. My wife has hosted a few parties, earned her free pieces, bought a few more, and now is being asked to sell. She wants me to go into business with her on the side and combo this company together. I always do my research on whatever I choose to do. There has been many ups and downs from this thread. People bashing the company for poor products and people cheering the company for great service. A few comments that stuck out was the service on broken items. A good point that was made was "go to a store after buying item longer than 60days and try to replace it" Most companies will laugh and this company with let you pay $5 tax to replace a broken piece. From what I have read, the piece could be 1yr to 8yrs old and Premier will replace it for $5. Not too bad there. *This does not include tarnished items* My wife has many pieces of jewelry that I am always having to fix, untangle, etc . . you name it. Jewelry will break no matter what, we are talking about thin metals here. Some people are just not satisfied if it breaks early or if they wore it twice and already have to send it back. At least sending it back means your getting a new one instead of being stuck with what you have. Right? Tarnishes happen to sterling silver and from what I understand "now" is that Premier is releasing products with the Rhodium Plating to help slow the tarnish down. You could always place a piece of chalk in your Jewelry box to dry the moisture from the air. right? In the end, there are pros and cons to every company out there and products will come and go. This Jewelry is not for everyone, but there are a lot of people out there who really love it. That's my 2 cents for the night.
Lauren on 06/20/2013:
I have about 15 pieces from Premier and I wear about 5 of them at least once a week. I also have a toddler that loves the jewelry. Even with her playing with the items, I've only had one thing break and it was easily fixed with plyers. I do have a one ring that is starting to change color in some places, but I'm sure that's from using sanitizer. I've been very satisfies with Premier.
Rissa on 06/21/2013:
I have a question for Premier Ladies: I started in mid April and had my training show in mid May but I've realized that I have absolutely no time for Premier right now. I'm going through a lot in my life right now and I don't know who to contact. I have a Premier "Mom" but I'm afraid to tell her that I will have to quit. I don't want her to be upset or disappointed with me. Any advice?
Cre8tivly on 06/28/2013:
To Rissa. Don't quit. I've been with Premier going on 5 years and do it part time. You have no quotas. So setting a goal of maybe once a week or 3 times a month to try to do a show could keep you going and earn your investment. You never know who you may encourage by having the home shows and sharing the Premier business. Just my 2¢. But if you must, I'd talk to your Premier MOM and let her know. She may offer some help and other suggestions for you :-)
WantToSellPD on 07/02/2013:
I just went to my first PD party a couple weeks ago and fell in love with everything about it! The Jewelry, the sales rep, the focus on customer service... I knew almost immediately that I wanted to become a Jeweler but my fiancee thinks its a bad decision with the economy being what it is. For the Jewelers out there who see this-how am I supposed to defend my argument that I will be able to book parties on a consistent basis AND that I will get the return on my investment (sign up fee and sample kit) back quickly????
Also, someone just told me that there is an annual renewal fee... my rep did not mention this. IS THIS TRUE?
Nikki on 07/09/2013:
Well, I have 3 pairs of earrings that I would have loved to return but my "jeweler" gave me the brush off for far more than 60 days. It took over 30 days to get some of my purchases in the first place. At this point, I've given up. I have a ridiculous amount of money spent on 3 pairs of earrings that I cannot wear. One beautiful pair that I saw in the catalog turned out to be a very cheap looking, plastic pair that could have been purchased at Walmart a few times over. Another pair were so heavy that I couldn't keep them on for more than a few minutes and the third pair turned my ears black. They've since been sitting in their boxes untouched. I don't consider it a successful experience to have 3 of my 5 items purchased be such poor quality.
Charfiore on 07/19/2013:
So many of these stories, seem unusual to me. I have had one piece break, out of 30' and the pearls did not come rolling off. They are tied individually. My replacement piece was delivered next day. The poor treatment should be reported and contracts terminated. No one wants their business reputation ruined like this.
LM on 07/19/2013:
To the ladies that mentioned they are getting the brush off and can't return their jewelry: Please contact Premier directly! They will take care of you, they have great customer service. Don't give up on the company just because the Consultant isn't doing her job!
Scheeled on 08/01/2013:
Wanttosellpd my sister just started selling in June she has had 6 shows and she has already made back her investment I am also going to start up for myself as I love the jewelry as well.
Melanie Viktorin on 08/18/2013:
I went to a party in December of 2012 and was recruited to be a jewelry as of February 2013. initial misgivings due past experience with companies similar proved that it's impossible to sell. So I am stuck with pieces from the starter kit. I would like to sell the rest of my stock pieces that I am not interested in personally using. any ideas on how to unload the stuff so I can just get out of this mess?
marian on 08/29/2013:
contact our sponsoring jeweler or premier. they will buy back your jewelry within 1 yr.
JMB on 09/18/2013:
wanttosellpd there is an annual renewal fee of $350 that covers monthly reports, filing sales tax, personal shipping fees, personal insurance on those shipments, pre-packaging customer/Hostess orders, and access to the website.
Sarah on 09/24/2013:
After looking through the catalog and at the samples, I thought that the prices were way too high for costume jewelry--I can get that stuff for $1 at yard sales, or $15 at department stores--so I ordered a sterling ring for $42. When I got it, it was so thin that pinching it between two fingers bent it. I know that sterling is soft, but I have a ton of sterling rings that have held up much, much better for a lower price. Then I realized that my only options were to get another one of the same item (why would I want another cheaply made item if I hated the first one?) or to switch it out for one of the costume pieces that looked so cheap in the first place. People have said that department stores won't take jewelry back, but that just isn't true. It's called a receipt, and my Premier one doesn't do me much good. If they really stood behind their products, they would offer a money back guarantee instead of an exchange. 30 days would be fine--most people know within a couple weeks that this stuff isn't great quality. Charging me $5 to return a product that broke after minimal use actually seems outrageous to me--can you IMAGINE what would happen if Wal-Mart tried to do that?
Deba on 10/15/2013:
I have had two pieces of Premier since appx. 2001. I love both the ring and bracelet. I had not had either six months when a stone came out of the ring and a pewter stone fell out of my gold bracelet. Kept both all these years thinking I would one day have them replaced or repaired, as the company guarantees their product for a lifetime. Well, in the garbage the shall go thanks to all I have read from each of you. We all know what "they" say about payback.
Jayne on 10/19/2013:
I've read all the comments and I can determine two things about everything everyone has written 1. if you have a piece of Premier Designs Jewelry that you are not satisfied with call Premier designs direct if your consultant is avoiding you AND absolutely call if the piece you received dies not look BETTER than the catalog image! Lets face it... In any business there are always misguided individuals Premier can set that straight ... But you need to call them and give them the chance. F you goal really is customer satisfaction and not company sabotage (I think some comments here could be this type). Call the company direct !!! No run around ... They will make it right.. Guaranteed not by me... By the BBB! Look it up... They have been accredited since 1990... With an A rating. The highest!!! No other direct sales jewelry can claim such a long term highest rating. Check for yourselves!
Sarah on 04/01/2014:
There is no "scam" per se involved with Premier Designs, but it certainly is not nearly as simple and cut and dry as they make it sound with the pitch they give when they sign you up.
The jewelry, for the price, is not nearly of the quality that they claim. I used to sell Premier, and cancelled my contract with them before a year was even up. I could not in all good conscience sell this costume jewelry (they call it "high fashion" jewelry - but it's costume - call a spade a spade) to friends and their friends and feel good about it. I had SO many returns and requests for refunds, but of course, Premier does not offer refunds, only exchanges. They promote this great "Golden Guarantee", but what good is that when the stuff you sell breaks and tarnishes on a regular basis and customers are always having to hassle with tracking down their jeweler, or another jeweler if the one they used has quit or moved?? A lot of it is cute, but worth about 1/2 of what it retails for. I had a piece called "Mainstream" that appeared in the catalog to be metal beads - it was actually plastic coated in metal paint. For nearly $60. For plastic. I got a decent tax write off for my losses, and I will again this year, but direct sales is for a very particular type of person - a very pushy person who doesn't mind hounding friends and family to host a home show. If you don't enjoy hounding people, do not get involved in this business. It does not "sell itself" as they claim - it may the first time, but there will be few, if any, repeat customers.
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What A Scam
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DALLAS, TX -- This company takes advantage of women and they should not be allowed to do what they do. The startup fee is crazy expensive and doesn't even include samples- those are extra. The pieces are GARBAGE- they are NOT MADE IN THE US. I emailed Premier and asked them specifically and they would not answer my questions but skirted the issue The pieces fall apart constantly and for a $50 necklace I would expect WAY more- save your money and go to a jewelry store and buy something that will last. They make jewelers pay for MANY things like credit card fees, fees for each show you hold and then encourage you to keep buying more samples and more products and before you know it, you have made NOTHING. I was a designer in Premier after a year and had 10 people under me. I sold over 30,000 my first (and only) year. It is an absolute scam. Stay away from it. After one year with 10 people under me, I barely made anything. They also fail to mention the $490 self employment tax that you will have to pay the feds. You pay for all return shipping (which is a lot because the pieces are JUNK), and they rope you in with numerous brainwashing phone calls and "rallies" and trust me, they are good at brainwashing you into believing you are selling a good product and "enriching" womens lives. You are basically overcharging people for an item, scamming others into joining the company and its all about pressure, pressure, pressure. I couldn't sleep at night thinking about the tactics this company pushes on weak women. And that is it, they prey on weak, low confidence, low self esteemed women who they can rope into doing this "wonderful business" . It is all garbage.- I could not sell another $5 necklace for $50 if I had to save my life- I felt awful charging people these prices. I am sure that Premier will find these posts and delete them, but I will keep posting them so people know the truth- it is freedom of speech after all. It is not 50% profit that you make - bottom line. And they don't allow you to sell online at all either. They push you to ostracize yourself from friends and family with their "book a thons" and pushing you to ask, ask, ask for people to have parties and buy jewelry- they teach you that no doesn't mean no- it means not now. Really? I don't think so. The people at the very top are getting very rich from this so yes it is a pyramid scheme, even though they will tell you it is not and give you a handout showing you why it isn't. BS- it is a pyramid scheme. If I was a designer and that's the top 3% of the company and I made a measly 9,000 this year- then tell me how its not a pyramid scheme?? BS- it is a pyramid scheme.? luckily, I am a well educated person (a teacher) and I was strong enough to see through the tactics and the fake-ness of it all and I got out. I wasn't going to pay my $350 renewal fee - no thank you Premier, you can take your business elsewhere, to prey on a weaker, less educated woman who needs some confidence. I've got all the confidence I need in life and I know that I DON'T WANT TO BE A PART OF A CULT LIKE THIS!
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User Replies:
Shaking My Head on 12/24/2013:
This company is awful.

My now ex-wife was a "Designer." Don't get this twisted, however. Being a "Designer" is like being the person who gets a "Player" card from a casino. It means you're the biggest sucker they could find. And, like the "player," the "Designer" is so obtuse as to miss the tragic irony there.

The founders, who are nothing more than gladhanding charlatans, package schmaltz and trickery as acting with Christian principles.

I've never seen such a devious and underhanded bunch of people in my life. And, I'm a minister who counsels ex-convicts!

I've met with, and been physically sickened by being in the presence, the highest levels of Premier "Royalty." Distributors, who call themselves "jewelers," are urged to recruit, ask, recruit, book, recruit and buy more and more samples. The pressure is constant. This company preys on those who are weak, vulnerable, scared and broke - and then drives them deeper into despair and debt.

I've seen Scripture used as the basis on which PD's distributors can quit helping and/or encouraging underperforming sellers in their "downline."

On a personal note, I was unable to go anywhere on my own without being quizzed upon my return to make sure that I hadn't missed an opportunity for my "Jeweler" wife.

I made a mistake and left my business address book on my desk one afternoon. Every female name in my address book was added to a mailing list. These women, some of whom were victims of crime, were then called and encouraged to book jewelry shows. I nearly lost my counseling credentials for failing to protect the names of my clients.

When my "Jewelry Lady" did her "Designer"-level taxes for the first year she had this ridiculous moniker, it was figured that 70-hour workweeks, the tireless crusading to free wage-earners from their employer-captors and the freedom-filled messages sent to shelled, despairing rape victims - netted a loss of $3.17 per hour for each hour worked.

So, whenever there is an opportunity to expose these folks for the nonsense that they're peddling, you can be sure of one of one thing.... to quote Randy Draper, I'll be, "Happy To Do It!" And, I'll even insert the smiley like he does on his book cover

Lauren on 09/26/2014:
The jewelry IS MADE IN THE US. it is made in TEXAS. I have been to the factory and seen the employees welding the posts onto the earrings, painting the enameled bangles, adhering the stones, etc....ALL BY HAND. The reason why stuff doesn't hold up isn't because it's cheaply made, it's because it is HAND-MADE. That is why they offer the GOLDEN GUARANTEE, so account for human error. If you do want you are supposed to take care of your high fashion jewelry, then it WILL hold up. It is not a pyramid scheme and if you really were a jeweler and designer for them, then you should know that. Furthermore, if you only made $9,000 in a year with 10 jewelers under you, then you were doing something drastically wrong. I made (PROFITED) over $900 in my first 2 WEEKS as a jeweler. In my first 3 months as a jeweler I met all three quick start options which resulted in $400 worth of jewelry for my table. I also received another $100 in free jewelry for my table from the "More you serve" promotion which was during my first 3 months as a jeweler. I also received the Amethyst Crown Jewel during my first 3 months as a jeweler which resulted in another $200 in free jewelry. So to sum all that up, in my first 3 months as a jeweler: I made over $1,300 and received $700 in FREE jewelry for my business. What did I do with my earnings? I paid off my debt from attempting the TRUE PYRAMID MARY KAY, paid off my Premier investment (and I bought samples!), and any supplies that I bought for my business. I STILL had $300 left over!! My upline, who is a designer and has over 100 jewelers in her 10-10-10 makes a RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF MONEY. She and her husband now live completely debt-free...they just bought an enormous new house and paid in FULL in CASH! Her average commission check is $10,000....PER MONTH (Plus whatever she makes from doing her own shows, which she has to if she wants that check!!) Her highest commission check for ONE MONTH has been $18,000. So, something that you were doing wasn't working, clearly. Just sayin'.
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Jewelry Quality Was Awful. One Piece Delivered Broken in Box
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA -- I went to a party to help out a friend and purchased a few items for astronomical prices, now that I see the real product. One item arrived already broken in the box. It took almost a month to get a replacement. And, the "jeweler" told me that she's had this happen a few times. Just a normal result of mass producing. What?? And you want me to have a party and let my close friends spend their hard earned money on crap, so I can earn more free crap. No thank you!

The jewelry is the same quality I would find at a Claire's or Icing store at the mall. One or two uses and it breaks. But, instead of paying next to nothing, this jewelry was so expensive. What a rip off.
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User Replies:
onlooker on 05/02/2013:
You helped your friend out. The product was bad, thanks for the heads up.

Let your friend know the quality problems, and buy no more.
Lauren on 09/26/2014:
Stuff happens. My FINE JEWELRY has had defects in it. That can't be prevented. Premier is FAR BETTER QUALITY than that of Claire's, etc. Obviously, you didn't pay attention at the party you attended. There are 3 types of jewelry: Fine, Bridge or High Fashion, and Costume. We all know what fine jewelry is. Costume is the plastic garbage you buy your 8 year old from Claire's. Bridge or high fashion is just that, the bridge between the two. It is not cheap plastic materials...but it is not real gold, diamonds, etc. Moving on. If your jeweler told you that that has happened to her a few times, then she wasn't putting the orders through right away. I have done numerous returns for resizing, wrong item, defect, etc. As soon as someone tells me that they need a return, I retrieve the piece as soon as possible and put in the R/E order. Sometimes, I put the order in before I even get the item from the customer. In fact, I've had customers that received their new pieces from Premier before I could retrieve their old one. Try Sabika and let me know what you think of their prices if you thought Premier was expensive. The last show I did, the hostess got $555 worth of jewelry for only $123 and that included all taxes and shipping.
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Very Disappointed
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I have been a jewelry lady for a year and a half now. At first I thought I did a lot or research as to if I was making a good investment or not. I have seen many ladies be SUPER successful in this business and thought with my sales skills that I could be one of them.

Things started out great my first few shows went well and then it just started to all go down hill. My customers began to complain that the product was overpriced and was not holding up as well as promised. I sent back many pieces (out of my own pocket of course.) Then I had trouble booking shows. I spoke to my Premier "mom" about it and she said that I need to get out and meet more people. I did as she recommended and tried to step out of my comfort zone to expand my business. On top of that I had to buy more jewelry each time the new seasons line rolled out.

I became sick last year and had to stop selling for a bit. While I was not selling I tried my best to meet new people and let them about my business.

After much thought I renewed my contract with Premier. thinking I must have done something wrong and was determined to make it work. Shortly after I had more product issues than ever and no show bookings b/c guest were saying there is no way they would pay that much for jewelry.

I again spoke with my Premier "mom" who told me the people I were meeting were "flaky" and that I needed to meet people with
"expendable income" What? I don't have that so how can I expect others to have it? I really do enjoy doing the show when I can get them, they are fun but I feel this has been a blow to my ego. I work in sales my other job and I am super good at it so I don't understand why this is not working.

I have done training after training and now I am just disappointed. I once was proud to be a jewelry lady and want to be again. I just can't seen to meet the "right kind of people" If any other jewelry ladies read this I would love your thoughts on what I might could do to improve my business. I don't want to give up but might have to if it does not start making me money.

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User Replies:
At Your Service on 01/13/2013:
I really liked reading your letter. I think it's great that you've tried to stay so positive. With that said, however, it's difficult to sell anything you don't really believe in yourself.

You've indicated that you feel the product is overpriced and is difficult to find people with 'disposable income' when you don't have such yourself. In my opinion, we all have disposable income when it's a product we feel like is worth the price.

Sometimes the product is just not the right fit for the person. That doesn't make you bad at what you are trying to do. Working in sales can be fun but only if you really like what you sell; it sounds like you may not.

Best of luck and please keep us posted as to your future.
Lauren on 09/26/2014:
I also really enjoyed reading your letter. And I agree with a lot of what "At Your Service" said. It sounds like your upline is not very helpful. I would try to reach out to other jewelers for advice and let your "glam-ma" know what's going on with your momma and see if she has any advice. One thing that you said that REALLY upset me was that you think you need to buy jewelry when the new lines come out. With Premier, you NEVER have to buy jewelry. If you don't want pieces from the new line on your table just carry the old line. I had nothing but the old line on my table for the first 2 months I was a jeweler and then got pieces from the new line with the certificates that I earned. You are NEVER required to buy jewelry with Premier. Also, you are NEVER required to have a show. The only time that this stands true is if you have jewelers in your 10-10-10. If you want to receive your commission check then you have to have $X.XX of CV each month. I really hope that you haven't given up on it. I wish we were in the same area, I'd help ya out!! :) xoxo *Either way, I hope that you are well, and are having success in life!!
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Premier Designs Jewelry... Only the Name Sounds Good
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
Recently, me and several of my other family members purchased jewelry using Premier Designs... needless to say, we were very disappointed when the jewelry came. I was told that everything was made in America... my jewelry said it was from Korea. I'll give it that my ring was very sturdy... some kind of surgical steel I'd say, it was supposed to be adjustable but wouldn't even move when I took a hammer and a pair of pliers to it. Also, it was so uncomfortable to wear that it constantly made raw spots on my finger. My sister in law ordered the same ring and hers never said it was made in Korea and she said hers was easy to adjust. My grandmother's necklace looked like they had spent 75 cents and got it out of a gumball machine. My brother's wife ordered a $50 bracelet that was held together by fishing twine and broke on the first wear.

This company is a complete ripoff and I don't imagine they have very many repeat customers. At best, they probably buy overstocks of Dollar Store jewelry and jack up the prices on it. I'll rate it 2 stars cause that ring sure is some kind of super alien stuff.
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User Replies:
Charfiore on 07/19/2013:
Sad, I have been wearing premier for years. The products are guaranteed, so not sure why you did not return.
Sasha on 08/08/2013:
Premier Designs is NOT, I repeat, NOT, made in Korea. Please get your facts straight. It is made in the 'good ole' USA.'

I have worn and sold PD for 5 years and it is of excellent quality.

They have a Golden Guarantee that is hard to beat. Google it.

Women love high-fashion jewelry and PD is very reasonably priced. Watch QVC and compare for yourself. They often have goldtone or silvertone, etc. for the same price and more than PD who electromagnetically plates ALL of their pieces with real gold, silver, copper, hematite, rhodium, etc.

You want to see high prices? Check out Lia Sophia jewelry. Same quality as PD, but pricier.
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Conned into becoming a seller then scammed
Posted by on
IVRVING, TEXAS -- They are a lot of $100 necklace in their catalogs. And they are just beads, no real silver or gold. Everything is plated. I got conned into becoming a seller $395, plus shipping, tax for membership. Over $900 for a kit. $40, plus tax and shipping just for 12 catalogs. I could sell a darn thing! No body wanted to put with doing home shows just to buy a piece of jewelry. I'm too old to be going door to door trying to sell it. As if someone wants to let a stranger in their house anyway. Well anyway later on, I get talked into renewing for a 2nd year and was told it would be better customer service and better quality jewelry. So far every piece I have worn has tarnished & turned my skin green. I pay out $350, tax, shipping. $40, tax, shipping for 12 catalogs I bought 3 packs plus mini sales catalogs to be able to leave them with girlfriends. As soon as its all delivered, I get a letter from Premier Designs, stating that someone is selling the jewelry on my behalf on the internet and immediately closes my account! and the prices in the catalog were increased not decreased. Later found out the same woman that conned me into it makes commission of your sales! Last but not least my email was flooded with harassing letters from the company when I started sharing my story!
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User Replies:
Skye on 08/24/2011:
What was it they did that made you decide to become a door to door sales salesperson for this company? They offered you a job, I don't see that as a con.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

GreenstarYT on 08/24/2011:
As someone in the marketing field, there are a ton of seedy jobs that advertise under the guise of a "marketing" job. Door to door is sales, not marketing. At least I managed to find a real marketing job, but trust me, you have to dig through a lot of scams to find one.
jktshff1 on 08/24/2011:
Anytime you have to pay to sell something the warning lights should go on. You are not working for them, you are an independent contractor working for yourself.
jktshff1 on 08/24/2011:
K on 01/28/2012:
The jewelry is complete junk and poorly made. Breaks easily and tarnishes. I have stuff from the 70s that has outlasted this crap. Save your money, Avon jewelry is much better and cheaper.
Jeweler on 06/20/2012:
I would recommend that before making any rash decisions, you check out I am a jeweler and it is not a scam - I guarantee it. Commission is not based on a pyramid scam - if you don't work, you don't get any commission. Also, the payment is for marketing materials, a set of catalogues, online training, free shipping for jewelers, and your business to be registered with the company. You have to work this business to get something out of it. And it isn't a knock on the door business. The home shows generate the sales and repeat business. I could go on and on on why it works, but we are a reputable company with an amazing marketing plan and amazing jewelry that sells. I am living proof of that.
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Premier Designs Is An Awful Company
Posted by on
DALLAS, TEXAS -- PREMIER DESIGNS JEWELERY IS AN AWFUL COMPANY. I worked for them and my sponsor went around telling my family personal things about my business. Second of all the jewelery tarnishes after a couple months! The stuff is so ridiculously expensive, I got 6.00 necklaces at Forever 21 that are same quality! They get their jewelery made in China for dirt cheap and then sell it so high so jewelers can make money! Buy it on EBAY for more than 50% off the retail price! I have rings, necklaces and earrings that I had to get replaced within a few months! DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY! DON'T SIGN UP AS A JEWELER EITHER!!!!!! They're all FAKE!
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User Replies:
Alain on 03/16/2011:
These 'Distributorship' type jobs often aren't noted for being the best folks to work for or to buy from.
Lisa on 05/23/2011:
As a jeweler for over 6 years, I can tell you first hand NONE of Premier's jewelry is made in China! It is all made in the USA! Whoever told you that sold you a lie! As for your sponsor, that was not a Premier issue, that was something your sponsor did, not Premier! Silver tarnishes, were you not taught how to clean it to make it shine?
April on 05/23/2011:
As a Premier Jeweler sometimes when you buy things on the market like eBay it is from China kind of like the fake purses. Real Premier Designs Jewelry is however not made in China and I have had serveral items for years and none ofti has tarnished. We have a wonderful golden guarantee that will replace you Jewelry for free within 60 day if you are not satisfied or if it turns on you. I hope you have better exspriences in the future.
Michelle on 05/26/2011:
I was a Premier Designs Jewelry Lady for a year and I guess I missed the meeting where the passed out the Kool Aid (but since I had to pay to attend a sales meeting, I can understand why I missed it). I agree with Jeweler's comments. A year later, I still feel very "taken" by this company. I spent over $1,200 on my registration and my first set of samples. I was made to believe that I needed to buy a second set of samples when the season changed in order to get it at a discounted price (not true, you can buy one-offs). That was another $400. My first party was great. I made $600. Subtract what I had to pay for Hostess gifts, giveaways, catalogs etc and it was probably more like $400. Second party was a little less good. Made about $100 when all was said and done. My business continued down hill. You can only have so many parties within the same group and exptect people to attend. There is no other way to sell besides a party. I also stopped wanting to sell the product because it is crap. I have a giant plastic bag full of my $1,200 worth of jewelry that is in pieces or that has tarnished. About 50% of the items I sold came back from the customers for at least one replacement. When you pay $60 for a piece of jewelry, you expect it to last for more than 60 days, yet you have to pay an additional $5 to have it replaced if you bought it more than 60 days before? I am sorry, but that is, as a rep I had to pay the postage to return damages? I know they say that the jewelry is "Made in the U.S." However, I received a $28 faux pearl necklace on a very chintzy chain that had a "Made in Mexico" sticker on it. When I called Premier about it, they admitted that while their jewelry is assembled in the U.S., the parts are made in China and Mexico. Last I checked, it is actually illegal to say something is "Made in U.S." when it is just assembled here, but everyone seems to turn a blind eye to that. I often think that I must be insane when I don't see any other comments on these sights from "disgruntled" former Jewelry Ladies. I posted comments like these previously on a different site and they are no longer there. I admit that I failed at Premier Designs, but it's difficult to sell a product you don't believe in. BTW, I am a Sales Rep for a different direct selling business. I don't have to pay for samples, meetings, Hostess gifts, damaged returns, etc. My return rate is probably about 5%.I made it to their first tier of top sellers in my first full year, so it wasn't that I was a horrible sales person. I know Premier works for some people, but if you are not willing to pretend to believe in over-priced poor quality product, this is not the company for you.
M on 02/05/2012:
I have been a Premier consultant since September of last year. I paid the initiation fee, but I chose NOT to buy the kit. I did, however, purchase individual pieces for my displays. I figured that with the kit, you never know what you are going to get. So I bought only the pieces I personally like, because I figured if the business didn't work out I'd at least have a bunch of nice new jewelry to wear. I have had several pieces tarnish or damage, but I simply sent them back under the Golden Guarantee - it was no big deal. I, for one, have not had any returns beyond the 60 day mark, as most problems emerge pretty quickly. Yes, you have to pay return shipping, but that is the cost of doing business. USPS Flat Rate envelopes free and only cost $4.95 to send if you pay online. Each envelope will fit up to 4 boxes. That's not bad at all! As for products supposedly being made in China, I do know there are some that are imported. For example, the Cairo watch clearly has "China" stamped on the band. I have heard Premier reps claim that all the products are made in the USA, but there is NO literature / advertising from Premier that makes that claim. So either those reps are misinformed or, unfortunately, dishonest. By the way, as an experiment, I bought several pieces on eBay that were advertised as "wholesale" from Chinese distributors. Guess what? The pieces were FAKE!!! Some of the fakes were pretty well done, others were garbage. So always buy direct from Premier because you simply cannot top the Golden guarantee. As of right now, I have spent a bit more than I have earned, but I know I have to do a better job of promoting my business. That is on ME, thought. Overall I think it is a really good product and company and I plan on sticking with it for now.
Angela2604 on 03/01/2013:
I agree totally with Michelle who posted above. The company takes advantage of women and they should not be allowed to do what they do. The startup fee is crazy expensive and doesn't even include samples- those are extra. The pieces are GARBAGE- they are NOT MADE IN THE US. I emailed Premier and asked them specifically and they would not answer my questions but skirted the issue The pieces fall apart constantly and for a $50 necklace I would expect WAY more- save your money and go to a jewelry store and buy something that will last. They make jewelers pay for MANY things like credit card fees, fees for each show you hold and then encourage you to keep buying more samples and more products and before you know it, you have made NOTHING. I was a designer in Premier after a year and had 10 people under me. I sold over 30,000 my first (and only) year. It is an absolute scam. Stay away from it. After one year with 10 people under me, I barely made anything. They also fail to mention the $490 self employment tax that you will have to pay the feds. You pay for all return shipping (which is a lot because the pieces are JUNK), and they rope you in with numerous brainwashing phone calls and "rallies" and trust me, they are good at brainwashing you into believing you are selling a good product and "enriching" womens lives. You are basically overcharging people for an item, scamming others into joining the company and its all about pressure, pressure,pressure. I couldn't sleep at night thinking about the tactics this company pushes on weak women. And that is it, they prey on weak, low confidence, low self esteemed women who they can rope into doing this "wonderful business" . It is all garbage.- I could not sell another $5 necklace for $50 if I had to save my life- I felt awful charging people these prices. I am sure that Premier will find these posts and delete them, but I will keep posting them so people know the truth- it is freedom of speech afterall. It is not 50% profit that you make - bottom line. And they don't allow you to sell online at all either. They push you to ostracize yourself from friends and family with their "book a thons" and pushing you to ask, ask, ask for people to have parties and buy jewelry- they teach you that no doesn't mean no- it means not now. Really? I don't think so. The people at the very top are getting very rich from this so yes it is a pyramid scheme, even though they will tell you it is not and give you a handout showing you why it isn't. BS- it is a pyramid scheme. If I was a designer and that's the top 3% of the company and I made a measly 9,000 this year- then tell me how its not a pyramid scheme?? luckily, I am a well educated person (a teacher) and I was strong enough to see through the tactics and the fakeness of it all and I got out. I wasn't going to pay my $350 renewal fee - no thank you Premier, you can take your business elsewhere, to prey on a weaker, less educated woman who needs some confidence. I've got all the confidence I need in life and I know that I DON'T WANT TO BE A PART OF A CULT LIKE THIS!
MsTx on 04/01/2013:
As a customer I have to agree. I've hosted several parties making my Jewelry Lady lots of $ and the quality is not good at all. It all tarnishes or falls apart. I went to Sam Moon's this weekend (good Sam Moon''s a discount jewelry, accessories store) and I saw several pieces that were nearly identical to Premier pieces and the quality felt exactly the same. I found a watch that was almost identical to "Cairo" for $10.50!!!
CG7825NH on 04/15/2013:
I have been with Touchstone Crystal jewelry since 2011 and I am so in love with the company, the compensation plan and of course the jewelry!! Touchstone Crystal is Swarovski's direct selling company! Who wouldn't want to be backed by a fashion powerhouse? BEST decision I have made!
Melissa on 06/13/2013:
I feel for the women above. Mostly because what they wrote is very misleading. These must be people who were not capable of managing their own business.

None of Premier Designs jewelry is made in Chine. It really is heavily gold and silver plated and it has a warranty against manufacturing defects. They either worked for a different company or are very vindictive because of their inability to do the job they signed up to do.

I am so sorry for these ladies (a highly satisfied Premier Designs Jewelry jeweler for 14 years, with hundreds of very satisfied consultants and thousands of highly satisfied customers.

Good luck to you ladies, you seem like you need lots of prayer and an easier business than direct marketing to satisfy your needs.
InactivePDJeweler on 06/19/2013:
Yes, I have to agree. I'm not here to bash the company, my PD "mom" seems to be a legit good person. However, this company is not for me. IMHO, it is a hybrid of a pyramid scheme and a sorority. There is a hefty annual start up fee, the cost of the jewelry, the cost of implementing the "golden guarantee". Then there are the monthly trainings, which, of course, charge a fee. I have honestly purchased some of the same jewelry or complementing pieces at places like Dots and Charming Charlie's for less than half of the price. The mark up is high and although it is higher w other companies that doesn't make it right. As a jeweler I have spent quite a bit on jewelry that has not held up and of course as the one responsible, I have to eat that cost as well! The company seems to be designed for a certain demographic and not the one they claim. It works for well off women whose husbands make lots of money and have coworkers whose wives have disposable incomes. There is an apparent hierarchy and those at the bottom are there bc if their lack of hard work of course! The company was also built on "Christian Principles" and "Service". Interestingly enough, similar principles to the sorority I tried my hand at in undergrad, which needless to say did not work out for me either. Sorry for the long post, but you do the math and hope this helps!
brooke on 06/20/2013:
Wow! I am shocked by some of the things that were said. I completly understand if Premier was not for you. You gave it a try just like anything else in life but they did not promiss you ANYTHING! You do as well as the time and heart you put into it. You act as if they broke both your legs and stole your first born! Ridiculous!! Stop the hate and move on. I am sorry that you were not happy with the turn out but how would you like it if someone ran your name through the mud? If your sponsor misled you in any way then I am sorry for that but that is not Premiers fault. They cannot control each persons actions but only hope that they are good people who conduct a fair business with honesty and integrity.I have been doing this a few years and I have had a few issues but they have always taken care of me and my customers. For as large as the company has become I still think they keep it VERY personal and do their best to keep customers happy. Most companies that get large do not care about that anymore. As far as complaining about the fees and such, you made 50% when most companies only pay 20%. There are ups and downs to every business. Go ahead and open your own and see how much loss you make in the first few years. If you keep GOD in your heart and serve your customers instead of just trying to make money you will see a big difference! I have made so many wonderful friends, hostesses and jewelers. My husband doesn't make very much money(under 30k) and I am not rolling in the dough selling Premier, we still strugle with bills each month but guess what? WE ARE HAPPY! Premier has offered me something that I was missing in my life and it wasn't money. If I decide not to sell Premier in the future that is MY choice. No matter what happens good or bad, I WILL NOT bash any company like that. Just remember, what goes around comes around. Good luck with life
Rissa on 06/21/2013:
I have a question for Premier Ladies: I started in mid April and had my training show in mid May but I've realized that I have absolutely no time for Premier right now. I'm going through a lot in my life right now and I don't know who to contact. I have a Premier "Mom" but I'm afraid to tell her that I will have to quit. I don't want her to be upset or disappointed with me. Any advice?
InactivePDJeweler on 06/26/2013:
@Rissa, my advice is to just be honest with your PD mom :) They can be persistent but I think it comes from a good place! @Brooke I wouldn't say that bc one is not successful in running "their own PD business" that it is indicative of poor work ethic or an inability to achieve. Secondly these are responses to a thread in which people are recounting their experiences with Premier, good or bad. Trust me, I understand what service is! I am a social worker by profession and a contractual therapist! I made 50% of the cost of jewelry, true, but the entire cost of the show includes the tax and shipping, costs of food, Hostess incentives etc... So for example if I do a $400 show u can bank on pocketing roughly $150 to be generous... You do the math! Just as there is no need to slander the company, there is no need to vehemently defend it either! PD after all is not Jesus and the Horners God themselves! I was offering my honest opinion on a thread where it is OK to do just that :-) I had difficulty selling these products based on the fact that the markup for fashion jewelry is so high! They teach you the verbiage that they insist you follow to a T to grow ur business which suggests mentioning that the org was built on Biblical principals and donates to several charities.., Big Deal! There r things that I like about Premier and things that I don't and let's face it, at the end of the day it is still an MLM despite only going 3 levels deep! I study psychology, so I suppose that could be used to my advantage but I know what the struggle is and I just couldn't consider myself doing such a great service to people pushing off high priced costume jewelry! Oh and I love to shop, but I never buy anything full priced! So if I buy similar jewelry at a department store, please believe it has been marked down at least 50% some of these ppl defending PD tooth and nail are like cult followers, it's crazy lol. But if u think that's bad check out Rally!
Bling Diva on 07/09/2013:
I come here with mixed emotions. Being a Premier designs jeweler for year and a half I've seen some negative things, but I truly believe that comes with any company. Yes you have to pay the shipping to have the product return yes you have to go pick up the broken piece of jewelry. I've learned to understand this is an additional face-to-face encounter with another person which I can build a friendship and relationship with. I enjoy meeting new people and yes I enjoy making money. Please get your facts straight nothing is made or shipped from China or Mexico. Premier supports missions in the United States and around the world. And as far as the cost goes those are just suggested retail prices. Premier let's us sell the jewelry for what ever we want so long as it is NOT more than what is listed in the catalog. So please quit posting all this negative crap and stealing a dream from a possible new Jeweler
Arismoon on 07/29/2013:
My training show was in April, I hit my quick start 6 and am aiming for rookie club... its not a get rich quick scheme and it takes work. Work sometimes I don't want to do but for me the benefits outweigh the negatives unlike in my career as a software engineer which left me stressed out, or my career as a trade school instructor which left me overworked, underpaid and burned out.

Being a doctor is thought to be a good living but its not for everyone. Sometimes the investment in medical school is to high, some people don't want to be in school that long, some people quit as an intern or a resident. Some people realize their heart is just not in it. Other's go on to have great careers and private practices (which is considered self employment where they have to pay taxes and bills and insurances and what not).

It just seems wrong and misleading to share one's 3 cents as it were with such a negative tone. Share why it didn't work for you but being what sounds so contemptuous will send people into defense mode.

I love PD and it has helped me get in touch with my feminine side, I love the sorority aspects and I have been able to pay back almost all my personal debts (student loans are another beast all together). I love $400 shows because even at $150 is about $50 and hour plus all the tax write offs. I will gladly work through those to get to the $1000 shows I see people getting all the time. And I for one tell all my customers that this is not FINE jewelry which also can tarnish and break btw (usually without a warranty such as PD has) but a hybrid that still needs to be well taken care of... so far so good with about 5-6 returns with no problem from the company.

My last comments are that the average traditional job is more of a pyramid scheme than this will ever be in my eyes. When I worked in corporate America (which I still do occasionally but only as a consultant or short term hire because of what I am about to say) I was a minion who got paid the same as the goof-off in the next cubicle. Increases and bright ideas make everyone up the chain look better and even if you get promoted, it just equals a new level of people to make look good... lol. Work hard enough for long enough (or kiss the right butt) and you make it to the top and get more for doing less. I'll pass. Ain't nobody got time fa dat!

In PD, you can not be promoted if you don't average a certain number of shows a month so everyone has to work! So get to work! If it's not for you because you were not able to break outside your immediate friends and family, or you were not able to find a way to coach your hostesses, or because you spent all your profits purchasing all your jewelry instead of getting it for free (as is recommended - I mean you can have a show to pay your annual fee and to get free jewelry every year, plus contests and awards for crying out loud) find something else... not everyone is meant to be a doctor.

I am so sorry for those who have had terrible sponsors and experiences. I would recommend reporting them to PD and seeking a better upline... in fact, come join my team in Michigan... I will be a great PD mom to you!
Amy on 07/31/2013:
I've been with Premier Designs for almost 5 years and honestly it has been fantastic. I make what I put into it in hard work. It's NOT a get rich quick scheme but if you are willing to work, it can generate some nice income. I work about 15 hours a week and I make more than I do at my full-time job with a Masters and 10 years experience.
As to the claim that the jewelry is made in China......this is SIMPLY NOT TRUE! How do I know?......I toured the manufacturing facility in Dallas, Texas and the amount of work that goes into each piece made by AMERICAN WORKERS is AMAZING!
Also, Premier Designs supports missions around the world......again, how do I know this is true???.......because I have been to the missions organizations and have seen FIRST HAND the buildings that Premier has built and the missions work they due to support the needy in the US and around the world! I even know some of the leaders of those organizations personally and they rant and rave about all the good that Premier does. That's my favorite part of Premier! I know when I sell a necklace, it's way more than impacts people all over the world!
I feel bad when people have a bad experience, but like with ANY business, some people will succeed and some will fail based on lots of different variables. If it doesn't work for you then move on and be ethical about it. Posting lies in a public forum about a company, in my opinion, does not speak highly of your moral character.
Notebookgirl68 on 08/07/2013:
I am a very happy PD jeweler. I have worked with several direct sales companies. My reason for signing up with PD wasn't big money or big recognition. It was because I had suffered a serious blow to my life and I needed something uplifting to see me through. Supporting other women with a listening ear and laughter helped me find my way again. There isn't a single thing that I regret about joining PD.
It's very sad to hear anyone speak negatively about PD, but its certainly not surprising. I'm not sure if you were out for the get rich scheme or if you thought this was easy money. Either one of those and you missed the boat. Your upline is composed of human women. Perfection is not required. They are there for guidance. You are responsible for working your business. Women are catty so if you had an issue you should have discussed it with your PD mom.
Helping women in need is why you continue to be a jeweler. Prayer helps you build your business and consistency helps you be successful.
Have you ever purchased something and had to return it without proof of purchase? You either giot hassled or they just said no. Most likely you bad mouthed them too.
Jewelery is like anything else you own. Take care of it and it will last.
Finally, this is a big one so jot it down, a cult is any organized group. Ask Webster, he'll tell ya. Every choice I've made with PD has been my own. I've seen the fellow shipping change lives. If you had a bad experience I'm very sorry. The fact that everything you own was made here in the US is commendable. Way to live the life of a patriot! Do yourselves a favor and don't do direct sales anymore. It's not for the masses. I hope you find the business that works for you. I won't ask you to stop talking negatively about PD because you probably do it with every store you go to.
I hope you find something positive to say about your next endeavor.
Premier Hostage on 08/17/2013:
I was a casualty of the quest of my (now) ex-wife to change the world and "enrich" lives - with trinket jewelry.
First, I must agree that Premier Designs preys on the weak, the uninformed, and the financially distressed.
My wife jumped on board with Premier when we didn't have anything. Not a dime to our names. The economy had tanked, and we were selling our home to stay afloat. Thankfully, the home sold. And then the fun began....
With some of the proceeds from the home sale, my wife's Premier mom encouraged her to dump that money into the gaping maw that is the PD money machine.
Samples, catalogs, order forms, credit card fees, that contrived piece of PD accounting software that tracks your expenses, and more.
What's more, is that PD creates a culture that frowns upon those who work for a salary and/or for someone else. Yet, these same wage earners are the same folks PD then urges their euphemistically-titled "jewelers" to pester, harass and cow into booking "shows."
My wife thought this was fine. It really became a problem when the salary I earned was being siphoned off to bankroll this mess. Samples, more samples and more samples. As the Proverbs tell us, "The horseleach has two sisters who cry 'give and give' " There was never an end to endless parade of crap that had to be bought to sustain this untenable business model.
My wife then worked her way up to the "Designer" level which, along with $20,000 of real money earned at my real job, permitted us to sit at a table for lunch with Randy Draper a week before the Rally Re-education seminar in Dallas. This lunch encounter was characterized as the "crowning achievement" for a jeweler. Kind of like having a barbecue lunch with God.
And if that wasn't bad enough, my wife (read: me) got to pay for the entire share of our cost of eating this catered lunch with PD Royalty. Randy, bless his heart, is one of the most disingenuous and pompous jerks I've ever met. When he found out that my wife "only" had 26 "girls" under her, he did a quick math problem dividing our state's population by some unknown factor and determined that there was room for 1100 more jewelers in our state. I wanted to kill him.
Later, after $40,000 was shoveled into this mess, I had surgery that rendered me totally unable to work for two months. And when PD found out, what did they do? PD, the standard bearers of all that is righteous and holy in the direct sales industry, sent a $9 flower arrangement to my house. Get well soon.
The day after I returned from the hospital, and every day after that, came the "prayer calls" from PD that weren't for my recovery, but to encourage my wife to continue to grow her PD "family" by booking more shows, signing more "girls." Spread that message of hope, after all.
One spring, my wife was invited to Dallas to hang out at Andy and Joan's house. Former Governor Maddox of Georgia would have called such an encounter "Little People's Day." And, so as not feel like a freeloader, my wife (read: me, again) was forced to pay for everything.
Andy Horner, despite his folksy affect, is a charlatan. A huckster. And when he and Joan (who died in 2010 - I sent a $9 flower pot) held court over these rallies, it was as if Billy Graham entered the room.
These people can call themselves whatever they want, but know this - PD is a scam.
And if my experience offends the delicate sensibilities of anyone who sees PD as a way to become free and empowered - tough. My family suffered. My wife checked out emotionally from her children for 18 months while working 15 hour days to please her keepers at PD's "FLAG" in Dallas. Stay away from these people. It's a cult.
No more guilt on 08/20/2013:
I have been in only 8 months and after having some great shows I have discovered a few ''surprises' like the cost for the new updated kit that rolls over and you get pushed to update your kit to the tune of $1500 - 2000 three times a year. I work 60 hours a week and don't have a spare minute to book shows so I won't invest in this. The last thing I want to do when I get home for my job (and I am a single divorced woman and building a new home)...I just don't have the time or want the debt. Why would I reinvest in new jewelry when I don't have a single show on the books. And I don't want to book them. When I work overtime I make time and 1/2 guaranteed. When I set up hold a show I my have a $100 or $1000 show....its a crap shoot. I like the products and pass out catalouges but for me right now that's all I want. I will not get in debt and stress out about not holding shows. I attended my last meeting tonight and was feeling sucked in by not having one show booked so at the break I just told my PD mom I wasn't feeling well. I only have to take care of myself. God knows I work hard for me - I don't have to work hard to make anyone else a six figures by feeling guilty about not having the most shows last month. I won't feel guilty for taking care of myself and having the dignity to walk away when I need to.

A Tool To Use on 08/24/2013:
I can't believe you ladies! Wow!!! I think Premier is great! I started selling Premier Jewelry in October of last year and I love it. In addition this past February my daughter was diagnosed with cancer at 2 weeks old. My upline has been so supportive. Selling the jewelry has helped with medical expenses and given me the chance to work my schedule around my daughter's appointments. Also I check with my customers and I want them to be happy. I have had to exchange or replace some jewelry
Teresa on 09/16/2013:
I've been wearing premier jewelry for 3-4the years now have never had a problem with the product. Love it so much I have become a consultant. If you take care of it like you are supposed to, it won't turn.
Jules on 09/23/2013:
I have just started on my 4th year selling Premier Designs. For me, I get out of the business what I put in. You DO make 50% profit OF THE RETAIL SALES. You do NOT make profit from the taxes and shipping/handling). The taxes go to the government (which Premier takes care of paying for us so we don't have to mess with it), and the shipping and handling goes to Premier.

Secondly, this is my business. Along with any business you have misc. things to pay for. In my case, it's jewelers fees, buying incentives for your hostesses, postage, returns/exchanges fees, photo copies, samples, catalogs, fuel, rallies, meals at rallies...of which ALL is tax deductible. One reason 1 of my jewelers got in the business was for the tax deductions. People get in this business for different reasons.

A previous writer was complaining about the rallies. This is NOT required. Of course, they would like for us all to attend because it also helps motivate you to get back on track and give you some ideas of how to do that. It also honors and recognizes you for the accomplishments and achievements that you have made in your business.

You do not have to purchase ALL of the jewelery. My first year selling I bought WAY TO MUCH! I finally figured out I didn't need all of it and didn't want to have to load and unload all of it. Premier does NOT want you to go in to debt to get your business started. They tell you that up front.

I could go on and on about the positives about this company. As with any business you may find what YOU think are negatives. If I achieve at my business and it is doing good, it's because I am doing the things that they RECOMMEND me to do. I don't HAVE to use ANY of their SUGGESTIONS. They make these suggestions because it has worked for others who are successful in the business. Therefore, they share their ideas because they want you to be successful. If you don't feel you are getting the training or help that you need, call the corporate office and talk to them and get suggestions as to what you can due to get more or better training.

Another thing that I want to add is I have a VERY SUPPORTIVE husband. Husbands are welcome to attend the Opportunity Presentation. As a matter of fact, PREMIER RECOMMENDS that too!

I LOVE Premier Designs and what it stands for. It is NOT A SCAM!! Is it for everyone? NO, it's not. Is it for me? YES, it is!
Carla on 10/14/2013:
I happen to love the jewelry and bought numerous pieces. However, I do not like the way the representative talks down. My necklace turned and I went online to see how to clean it because the cloth method did not work. (She did NOT explain how to clean the product at the show) A couple of reps had posted both the water/salt and water/gentle soap method. I cleaned my Pandora and Alex and Ani with the water/gentle soap method and those are fine and like new! But my necklace from PD turned greenish gold on the chain and the disk never got its sparkle back. The sales demonstrator told me that she will make the decision if the product is returnable despite the guarantee because I used water! I also had my buckle brackelet break and she tells me that no one else's breaks. But I believe that this has to be just her and not company policies. I also had booked a party and then due to my mom's illness, had to cancel. But I got over $700 in orders. She had a special going that if you spent $75, you got another product for $5. She wouldn't honor it because she didn't actually come to my home. So, I took all my orders back and gave them to a girl that I work with whom sells for PD. Does anyone else have issues with the product cleaning? I am going to another party where this woman is the demonstrator and I want to be able to know what I am talking about.
Jessica on 12/20/2013:
On the "scam": it's not, you make 50% of what you sell! no matter how it's sold.
As far as HAVING to buy new kits every time a new line comes out. COMPLETELY UNTRUE. In fact, unless my downline is currently doing 3 or more shows a month. I tell them to hold off, see it in person and decide what they want, have a show or two to pay for their wishlist. I however, always buy most of the new line, then again I have 8-14 shows a month typically and it worth it an necessary for me to. I ALSO take every single opportunity to earn sample certificates so that I don't use any of my own money. PD has tons of them, in fact in August I got a total for $1200 in certificates, last month? Another $750. Work toward goals people! Any good mom would look at each girl case by case and help them make logical and effective choices for them. PD moms do NOT earn any commission on samples purchased by their girls.
As far as the products manufacturing....I've personally seen a manufacturing site, it's make by hand in the USA. ALL TYPES OF Jewelry can break, can be defective, can react with certain skin types. They will replace it if it's defective and let you exchange it if you have a reaction or dislike the piece. You just have to call the consultant in a timely manner, like not four months later, seriously folks. Abuse of the jewelry is not covered, so using a harsh cleanser is not covered....but the buckle bracelet that one gal mentioned is absolutely covered!
I can't speak much on the Drapers or Andy, I've only talked to each briefly. I hear from those that know them better than they are wonderful and I'm sad you didn't enjoy meeting them.
As far as jewelers not honoring the $75/$5 deal, well it's a premier ETHICS rule. They give us guidelines. Home shows have to be held (anywhere) but there must be a presentation involved, involving letting gals know about the business and Hostess plan. If they doesn't happen, it's techniqually not a show and you are not eligible for Hostess benefits or the $75/$5 guest special. The consultant was just being HONEST and ethical. You cannot blame her for that.
FYI premier will buy back your jewelry for 90% of the cost within the first year if you decide it's not for you. Ask your mom if you need to do this! Don't be in something if it makes you miserable, direct sales isn't for everyone, and that's OK! I enjoy the time with people and don't really care a lot about being fashionable, I do it for the social interactions and the money is secondary for me, which keeps it fun! That being said, all job require work and effort as all businesses require start up funding. You cannot expect to be employed very long without putting forth effort in your job and you cannot have a business without supplies. There is not get rich money train ticket, unfortunately....I know....I open all of my willy wonks bars expectantly, only to get an awesome chocolate bar and know tomorrow will be another day at work
CrummyXmasGift on 12/25/2013:
The people posting here saying this product is made in America only are liars. I received a pair of the "Minty Green" earrings today as a Christmas gift. They came in a cheap box and inside a plastic bag and ALL the labeling says "Made in China". I have very sensitive ears. I cannot wear just any earring and there is NO way I will wear a mystery metal from China. The worst part of all this is the person who gave me this KNOWS about my earring issues. This "gift" wasn't bought FOR me it was bought to support some gal at the church and I was just the byproduct. I simply was trying to research the product and stumbled on this page. They aren't bad earrings if you want very cheap costume jewelry, but I see they cost $23 and that is a total rip off. Oh and before you think I'm a snob, I received a $5 DVD from someone else that I love, because they were THOUGHTFUL. My two cents is spend your money elsewhere. Oh and worse yet, I was asked to go to this party and I said no and explained my reasons. So, all of that makes this "gift" more of a slap in the face.
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Premier Jewelry Pieces: Smelly Rusty Metal Odor - Some Never Worn
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DALLAS / IRVING, TEXAS -- I've purchased many pieces of Premier Design jewelry 3-6 yrs ago. Some pieces were never worn. However, all pieces have a smelly rusty metal odor to them (as if you were rolling coins).

I spoke with customer service regarding the odor on the pieces (not just the clasp area) and was advised to wipe down with sudsy water. After 1 hour of doing as recommended, no change. Having to revert to customer service again, I was advised to send each piece back, with $5 per piece, for their review. 21 pieces x $5 = $105! Every excuse question under the sun was asked regarding storage, wearing of the piece, etc. Bottom line - I purchased "costume" jewelry from Target years ago and still looks like the day I purchased it.

In addition, a bangle bracelet tarnished - I returned it with my $5 for a replacement. It has tarnished again, and Premier Designs want another $5 to replace. I asked customer service why would I waste another $5, again, for the same to happen. Responses: at least you're not paying the full amount, perhaps the humidity......I interrupted her saying are you going to put on your website if you live in certain states, PD should not be purchased? Really?????

The above has been advised from Customer Service Supervisors.

One of the biggest reasons I purchased from Premier was because it's a Christian organization. The quality of the jewelry does not live up to it's name no less it's price. I don't know about you, but I don't have disposable money which is what the outcome is going to be.

Just wanted to share my thoughts on Premier Designs.
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Poor Quality and Unsatisfied With Returns
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MARION, OHIO -- I am dissatisfied with the quality of the jewelry. It does not hold up very well and tarnishes easy. I return each piece in the plastic bag and box that it comes in and when I took it out to wear it I noticed it was very tarnished and did not look right. It was the shine necklace, which I love, but it looks terrible now because of the tarnish. I sent it back and they returned a different necklace and sent a note stating the item was discontinued. I was very disappointed. I bought from Premier because of the lifetime guarantee. What good is a guarantee if they are not going to send the same item back that you are returning? The same thing happened to me with another necklace. I only had this one about 6 months and it broke. I sent it in for replacement and they sent a different color because the original color is no longer available. I ordered this necklace to go with a pendant that I bought from them and now I can't wear the pendant, so I am without two necklaces. So much for their guarantee. I will not be buying Premier anymore.
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Premier Jewelry Is Total Waste of Money. My Necklace Arrived With Missing Parts. Everything Looks Different From the Catalog. Plea
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Rating: 1/51
I went to this Premier Jewelry party that one of my friends were hosting. So I purchased several items on the catalog. They looked pretty decent on the brochure. After my order arrived at my friend's but my friend and I were busy so three or 4 months after my friend visited me with my jewerly boxes. When I opened the boxes I was really angry. My necklace came with missing part. The ring and necklace I ordered as gifts for my mother-in-law looked like a piece of crap. I wasted about 150 dollars or so. I put all those junk on the donation pile. Please do not waste your time on this product/company. Piece of junk that will not last.
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User Replies:
Nancy Snyder on 07/15/2014:
So so disappointed with quality. I just can't afford to waste my money $150 on such stuff. Returning and not buying again. Clay ring and plastic watch. Such a bad experience.
hannah on 07/18/2014:
I have seen better jewelry in a gumball machine, which is where this junk belongs. It appears to be made of plastic and then painted over with a silver colored paint. Costs a lot, looks super cheap.
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