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Safety Issues
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WESTPORT, MASSACHUSETTS -- For anyone out there planning on buying a car from this shady place where they take gross advantage of the consumer!!!!! PLEASE THINK TWICE. The carrot they dangled in front of me was a shiny 2001 Mercedes slk 230. My crerdit sucks because I'm going through a bad divorce!! So I go in there they say they are running this great program where you can use your tax refund as a down payment! So I do that! Then they want the sales tax up front they want 895 in fees TO THE TUNE OF 4000 DOLLARS. so you do all that! And then what happens they tell you u can take the car right away! No Carfax no info no NOTHING!!!!! I'm having a problem with the cars interior light imagine it doesn't work! They tell me they have to order the part they do it takes two weeks!! They get it this service manAger who supposedly knows a lot about Mercedes named DANNY puts in the bulbs doesn't bother to check it! I get in car and the interior light won't shut off!!! Now I'm annoyed because he didn't even check it! So I'm done with this shoddy service!!! I got to viti Mercedes to have the problem diagnosed while I'm there they do the Rhode Island state inspection and safety inspection on my vehicle... well guess what 3 of the 4 tires were dry rotted! The drag Links are bad, THE STEERING SHOCK IS BLOWN! THE DRIVE BELTS ARE CRACKED!!!! tHE WORST PART IS THIS IS ALL SAFETY RELATED!!!! MY QUESTION IS HOW DO THESE PEOPLE SLEEP AT NIGHT TAKING ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE LIKE THEY DO!!!! TO THE TUNE OF 21% INTEREST NO LESS!!!! I CALLED THE DEALERSHIP AND GOT THE BANKER MANNY THE CROOK ON THE PHONE AND WHAT DOES HE SAY ITS NOT HIS PROBLEM!!! HES RUDE IGNORANT AND SOME ADJECTIVES I CANNOT WRITE HERE!! WELL THEY HAVE MET THERE MATCH WILL BE SUEING THEM FOR ALL I CAN!!! HE SAYS BRING IT ON YOU GET A LAWYER TRUST ME I WILL! I WILL ALSO BE WRITING TO EVRY MAJOR NEWSPAPER I CAN THINK OF TO WARN THE CONSUMER ABOUT PESTIGE AUTO MART! I WILL BE BRINGING MY CAR BACK TODAY!!!!!! DON'T I REPEAT DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!!!
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Don't Be Fooled By Corrupt, Shady Dealership!
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WESTPORT, MASSACHUSETTS -- Attempting to do business with this dealership was the worst, corrupt, shady dealership I have ever dealt with. I signed a purchase agreement on a vehicle, gave them $2,500, and they also made me write them out a post dated check for another $1000 and make the first weeks payment. My credit was not the best and they told me they will work with me because the boss was the bank. Well, what a bank it was, little did I know they were going to charge me 21%. The next day after signing the agreement, I called to find out when I could pick up the car. I was told it would be ready the next day. I had to call again the next day and was told, " sorry, we made a mistake, you can't have the car, if you want to give us another $500 dollars, then you can have it."

Come to find out they played games with the vehicle identification number. They refused to give me the car, and would not make good on their "mistake" or the signed agreement. They all hid when I arrived at the dealership, and they had nothing to say. I had enough of their lies and BS at that point. Too bad there were no customers there because I made them all know how I felt about their corrupt dealings! Let's just say they gave me all my money back real quick to get me out of there.

Come to find out later, this vehicle had been in an accident and there has been many other complaints regarding this dealership, as well as police being involved for customers attempting to get their money back. I was one of the lucky ones. Pass the word on regarding this corrupt dealership!!!!
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User Replies:
redsox33 on 04/20/2009:
I forgot to mention. If you buy a car from this dealership as a buy here, pay here, they put in a device that will shut your car off if you miss or are late on one payment. They do not tell you this and add another unknown fee.
inkspot1967 on 06/16/2010:
I would like to thank you for telling us this I found this device on my truck I just got off them and removed it and returned it to them. well lets just say they were pissed and threatened me they were going to repo the truck, funny thing is I haven't even made my 1st payment yet which isn't due til June 26th today is June 16th
PepperElf on 06/16/2010:
I've never heard of such a device though I'm wondering if it's legal or not

though obviously they cannot repo a car if you're not behind on payments

though if they're already threatening you I'd take extra care to make sure it's in early... so they can't screw with you
Anonymous on 06/16/2010:
The device is referred to as an ON-Time Payment System. It is basically hardwired into your steering column and connected to your ignition switch. It is a mini-computer that when given a code prompts the vehicle to be able to start. Basically, the customer pays each month and receives a 6-digit code. They enter that code into the receiver box, mounted under their dash, and the indicator light turns green. At the end of the month, or payment period, the box will begin to flash various numbers and colors indicating that the payment is drawing near. On the last day, it will beep, and the following day, if a payment has not been received it will shut off. It is a safety conscious device and WILL NOT shut off while the engine is running, so there is absolutely no threat towards an accident. These devices were initially intended for people with poor and severely damaged credit. The used automobile industry has stated in reports that the device has decreased their repossession attempts by nearly 70%. It has been estimated that in the next 10-15yrs, nearly all dealerships, both new and used will have the devices installed. Wave of the future I guess?

FYI-The information is true and accurate as we have 4 different employees with such said device installed. Hope this helps!!!
inkspot1967 on 06/16/2010:
the device I had was not like that at all where it was located there would be no way to get at it without taking the front panel off and the metal plate so mine may have been different. but after I got a call from the owner of prestige we came to a agreement that the device will not be put back in and no repo will be issued since I already knew it was there and could just take it out again and he apologized for everyone's attitude towards me today when I dropped off the box, so all's well.
Anonymous on 06/16/2010:
Wow! Sounds weird, because in our state that is considered tampering with their property (the vehicle title remains in their name until paid off), and is punishable by law.
PepperElf on 06/18/2010:
ahhhh that IS interesting then.
I wonder if tampering with the device could be grounds to negate the sale.
inkspot1967 on 06/27/2010:
if anyone purchased a car from prestige and wants to know if they have one of the boxes in there cars or want it taken out I'm willing to do it for them you can contact me at
raven2010 on 06/27/2010:
To anyone wanting to take inkspot up on that offer: read your contract very thoroughly first. It may indicate if you tamper with said box you are violating the contract, cause for immediately repo.
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A Terrible Experience In Westport, MA
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WESTPORT, MASSACHUSETTS -- What an awful experience. While they offer unique services such as in-house financing, their guise of 'helping the consumer' turns out to be a falsity. I purchased a car in July 2008, and by this time, March 2009, I have had to have the engine replaced twice, and have been held responsible for thousands of dollars worth of repairs. Beyond the unfairness in the service, they are rude, unaccommodating, and completely ambivalent to those they are supposed to serve. In the legal sense, a business and a customer should be receiving a balance in the 'benefit-burden' spectrum. Due to their corruptness, the balance has been so far tilted to benefit them and burden us, that we have decided to take drastic measures in not having to deal with them ever again. We took out a personal loan to buy out the loan we had with them, just they may receive no more benefit on our end.

We hope that people are not roped in by their false promises and gimmicks because in the end ... its more heartache and headache then its worth.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/16/2009:
"Under the Massachusetts New Car Lemon Law, Used Car Lemon Law and Lemon Aid Law, you may have the right to return a motor vehicle under certain conditions. For more information, visit the Consumer Affairs website at or call (617) 727-7780. "
dylans8542 on 07/22/2009:
this Manny the president of prestige and I want the people tha read this blog that I feel really bad about this situation and that I wasn't aware of the situation with mr Chaves.We sold in aur 6 years of existence over 6000 vahicles and I can say that 99% of aur customers are totally satisfied and that's why I purchased mr Chaves altima back.
BokiBean on 07/22/2009:
I just can't.
inkspot1967 on 06/16/2010:
I would like to say I just purchased a truck from them not only did they put me through hell just to get the truck and took there time getting it done when I was told I was already approved on June 10th 2010 the first day I was there and I didn't get the truck til the 16th. what crap is that and to top it off my payments start 2 weeks after the the 12th and every other Saturday are due, I didn't even get the truck til wed but payments are still do on Saturday which is a load of crap. they even added a device to shut the truck down ,I found out that info here on my 3cents, if you don't make the payments. well I removed it today and took it back to them and the flew off the handle at me with threats and said I cannot do that, well yes I can. then they say they are repoing the truck which is funny my 1st payment is due the June 26th 2010 and today is June 16th 2010 good one right. this place is not where you want to buy a car or truck they presure you right into one and make you world a living hell.
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