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Prestige Financial Services - Predatory Lending
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SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- Complain to your state attorney and the FTC....otherwise they will never be brought to justice. Also your State's Department of Financial Institutions and the Justice Department.

If you look up online there are hundreds people with complaints.

In June of 2008 I purchased a Ford F150 from Riverview Toyota a Larry Miller Company. Upon signing the loan agreement I was never advised that it was a no grace period loan.
My loan is at a 21% interest rate which is supposed to decrease with on time payments which I made for the first year of the loan and this rate never decreased.
At the time of signing, I was asked to provide a list of references; I did not authorize them to contact any of these people for any reason other than a personal reference.
I have never been 30 days past due on this account. They call demanding payment before the payment is even due.

Recently, my April 14th I had set up a post dated payment. This payment did not go through because there was an unauthorized transaction to my bank account. I advised them
That while this was being cleared up with my credit union I would not be able to make the payment until June 5th. I had just started training for a new position at my job and
I was unable to use the phone so I emailed them and spoke to one of their reps. (I have copies of the emails). I had in the past advised this company they could not contact me
at work. This company is harassing me, my family, my friends, my work, and calling my neighbors that are not even listed as references.
They threaten me with taking the truck, they tell me they are sending me to collection, and they do not give up. I am unable to produce money prior to my paycheck
This will not change by them contacting me a 100 times a day. I am still not 30 days past due. The debt collection techniques of Prestige Financial Services are harassing and
If I am not mistaken illegal per the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.

I requested that they send me a copy of the actual Loan application and my authorization to contact references they have never sent me this information and Larry Miller Riverview Toyota was only able to provide me with a copy of their papers not the actual loan with Prestige Financial Services. They never gave them to me at the time of sale and they are refusing to give them to me now. Something has to be done about this company, I looked them up on the BBB website and they have 122 complaints in the last 36 months and 51 closed complaints. On they have many, many complaints all people who are experiencing the same sort of harassment.
Please help me; I don’t know what to do anymore.

The sales person at the Dealership should have made it clear that the loan had a no grace period and provided me with a copy of the loan papers. This is Predatory Lending
Practices from both the Larry Miller Companies – Riverview Toyota and Prestige Financial Services.

I am contacting you in hopes of having this documented so that if you receive more complaints you will take action, so that you are aware of the type of companies these are And so that you can provide me with some assistance in having my loan documents sent to me, stop the harassment of my references and myself, and advice on what I can do To keep my car until I am able to find a refinance option to get away from this unethical, immoral company.

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User Replies:
Weedwhacked on 06/01/2010:
Instead of relying on them to advise you that there was no grace period, you should have read the contract yourself.
tnchuck100 on 06/02/2010:
Prestige Financial Services is the original lender therefor Fair Debt Collections Practices Act does not apply to them. FDCPA kicks in once they sell the debt to a collection agency. That is not likely until you are more than 90+ days behind.
yoke on 06/02/2010:
When was the payment due. If it was April 14 then you are 30 days past due.
saj80 on 06/02/2010:
There is no regulation that states a grace period must be given, so this argument doesn't fly. References can be used for character checks as well as contact information, if future actions dictate such. As yoke states, it sounds like you are over 30 days past due, and the creditor wants their money. In my opinion, you are not responsible enough to have credit, as you want to blame everyone else rather than take personal responsibility.
PepperElf on 06/02/2010:
good point tnc

but of course it's better to NOT have your debt sold off to a collector if you can avoid that
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Posted by on
BARTOW, FLORIDA -- On 02/21/08 I rec'd this call from Prestige who I have a auto loan through about 8:30pm. The man on the other end did not say who he was, just ask me my name and started to scream at me. He started to tell me that I was one day late on my pmt (that was due 02/20/08) and that they were going to repo the vehicle. I was so upset because I recently had my husband shipped out due to the military and I was waiting for our first check from the military. I tried to explain this and he said that because both of our names were on the vehicle that I should pay it. He was so mean and rude telling me I owned them money, that I should just pay it. When I requested to speak to a supervisor he refused and said that my account was delinquent. I could not believe that this could happen, one day late and they are threatening repo. What???

Anyway I'm going to make a report with the Better Business Bureau. I just wanted everyone to know that Prestige Financial is horrible and they will harass you. You will regret taking a auto out with them!!!!
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FoggyOne on 02/22/2008:
It does seem a little extreme. Have you ever been late before? I'm not sure if you were questioning it or not but you are as responsible as your husband for making the payment since your name is on it. Hope you get it settled soon.
sunshine619 on 02/22/2008:
Maybe he was on a power trip or just trying to scare you. It takes several months of no payment before they can actually repo your car, unless of course you are on one of those "special finance" plans where you must pay weekly/bi-weekly, in that case they can repo immediately.
madconsumer on 02/22/2008:
this is the way these second and third party loan offices operate. they make their money on your down payment. just pay them as soon as you can, as they legally have no way they can repo over 1 day late. (of course it depends on your contract)
Naomi48 on 03/07/2008:
I also have a loan through prestige, and the same thing happened to me. the guys' name is DONALD EATON, and he called me after being 3 days late (inculding the weekend). I had placed a Friday payment on their website and for whatever reason it did not go through, I honestly did not know I was late. Then DONALD calls me on Monday yelling that he will take the car away and he can play with my account forever, he marked me as deliquent and ended my rate reduction. He said and I quote, "I have the power, and I can mess with you for a long time". Positively absure, the most horrible person I have ever dealt with, this guy is out of control!
I went down this week and refinanced the auto just to get away from this company, I would advise anyone else to do the same. FYI- I have been told by a friend that does collections that he was WAY out of line and should be reported to the FTC, and the BBB. Anyone a few days late should not be threatened by law there is a grace period for every single loan out there. They won't tell you there is, but there is. FYI- I was with them for 4 years and never missed a car note,and never late. Please DON'T USE PRESTIGE FINANCIAL, THEY ARE TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL, AND BULL DOG THEIR CUSTOMERS.
Suusan B. on 03/07/2008:
Naomi48 - - you are wrong in your statement that "there is a grace period for every single loan out there". A due date is a due date and if your payment is not received and posted by the due date you agreed to in your contract your interest rate can be raised.
nae4u on 11/26/2008:
I have a with them also, and the same thing happened to me. The one thing I will say, if your ever more than 1 day late,they will call call call, you and your references.
gracie on 09/28/2012:
I hate them
upset 2013 on 03/27/2013:
I have a car loan with them also. They harass my neighbors (who are also customers), call my job demanding to know where the car is,family even before the payment is due! I got constant phone calls all day from them and constant emails..they even try to call from different numbers to see if I will pick up the phone!!! I don't like them and trying so hard to refinance with another lender
FedtheFup-w/Prestige on 10/29/2013:
I think they are rude and full of crap...I have asked for a copy of my contract and a copy of my payment history, to show what out of all I have paid in 2 and 1/2 years went to principal versus interest. Its been a year and still they will not produce either document, they sent in an email that they are not legally obligated to send me anything, and while I wait for documents my vehicle will be reposessed. Lol....I cuss them out via email all the time, I do not threaten them at all but I tell them to come get their piece of S car, that it was slower than the bus anyway and the bus is a whole lot cheaper. Don't let them intimidate you...they do not want the car or truck back, they stand a better chance of collecting more money off you and the high interest than they would paying to have the car towed and reselling it for change. They googled my neighbors and called them, I don't even speak to my neighbors other than high and bye, so imagine my embarrassment when they handed me a note saying your car company called and wanted us to let you know they are looking for you...and gave me there number as if I didn't have it....These people are scrupulous blood suckers....unethical and shady...They will go out there way to show you in anything in writing and publicly humiliate you first chance given....I really don't care if they come get this car...I am tired of the harassment and humiliation for a vehicle that you have to turn the air off to get on the highway.....Krista AND Jessika are ridiculous cublicle mates who pass the phone back and forwards both pretending to be managers whom will be escalating your account to the status of refusal to pay. That's all they do is sit in their little cubicles and trade files to see how much further one another can get....I'm laughing...yep... I screwed myself being pressed for a car and jumping into a den of lions and now I have resigned myself to not letting them get me worked up....I want them to come get this piece of crap CAR.....
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