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Bait And Switch Stop!!!!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NORWALK, CONNECTICUT -- First off, NEVER take the BBB's rating at face value, always scroll down to their complaints to see if there are any. How a company who has 3000 complaints, with 1500 resolutions and 100% of customers dissatisfied with the resolution, hold an A+ with the BBB is mind boggling and misleading. They have an advertisement for Priceline on their website and Priceline pays to be accredited, reeks of being completely untrustworthy and downright lying.

Okay to my Priceline horror story. I was purchasing a ticket to Honolulu HI and decided to try the "name your own price" button because it guarantees up to 40% off, who can resist, right? It sounds too good to be true, you want to know why? Because it is. I was sent to the next page where I was given 3 choices of departure cities but only ONE arrival was was "Honolulu HI" so I chose my departure assuming the arrival was all set. It stopped me before I went to the next page with big red letters that stated "choose an arrival destination" so I clicked on the ONLY ONE that was there, the one I typed in, not in code but the words, Honolulu HI and then hit the next button. I decided to take the insurance, read the rules, put in my credit card info and hit purchase. Well my price was accepted, yay! You would think so, but not to my destination of Honolulu HI, but to Helena MT!!! Where did that come from?!

After frantically searching for a phone number hidden deep in the site like a treasure hunt, I finally found the number and called it. I was put on hold for almost 10 minutes due to high call volume at 11:20 PM in the evening. This was not looking good for me. I noticed they took the money out of my bank account immediately. I got a woman on the phone that could barely speak English and she was rude as all get out. I told her my story and asked her to please help me fix this. I said that I even used the back button and there it was plain as day Honolulu HI and a check mark right next to it, how could this happen? I was in panic mode but figured it would be all set since it was Priceline's system that did it. She told me that the codes for Honolulu and Helena are one letter off. I don't know why she told me that, I didn't put in any code, I typed in Honolulu because I don't know any "codes".

She then said that I initialed on the page that confirmed that I wanted to go to Helena and my ONLY choice was to cancel, take a 30 hit for a fee then apply 120 towards a new flight and the rest would be refunded. After insisting this wasn't true and that I used my back button and it clearly shows I clicked Honolulu, she said "yes I know I see that, but then on the next page it said Helena and you agreed to it." I was out of my mind baffled, but was exhausted by her rudeness and unsympathetic nature, I reluctantly agreed because she said it was my only option and I thought 30 dollars isn't worth all this aggravation. I mean this just happened 10 minutes ago, this wasn't like I changed my mind or didn't like the flight, it was the WRONG destination, no one is going to Helena MT and especially paying 200 more than a regular ticket is worth! That's nuts!

I asked her to stay on the line with me while I redid this because I was going to read to her every step of the way and she was so annoyed she ended up hanging up after my 2nd attempt of them NOT accepting my price AFTER it said "your deal is all but sealed!". Of course they only counter offered with FULL price tickets. After looking at her email and finding out they were keeping over 160 dollars of my money, not 30, I called back got another agent and got the same exact wording as the first one. However, he did in fact state that although he does see me checking off Honolulu since I already cancelled he could not see what I actually purchased. That made no sense to me. I said so you can see me checking off Honolulu but you can't see what I actually purchased? What do you think I was purchasing? I was even more baffled. I asked for their customer relations department because he said they're the only ones who could help. He wasn't rude thankfully, but he didn't speak English either.

Then another non English speaking woman got on the phone and it hit me, they're not in CT or even in the US and they're not going to help me. She did say as a "courtesy" that they would refund my insurance and that I should try again tomorrow since Priceline would no longer let me name my own price. I was almost up to the full price of the ticket but was refusing to go over the amount I was out if I was stuck with this. I finally gave up, went to bed at 2:00 Am and first thing in the morning called their corporate office which sent me over to yet another call center where they didn't speak English. I got the same script read to me, the same wording everything. I even asked a yes or no question and she answered with the same scripted sentence and I told her "please, do not read a script to me and just answer my question, do you or do you not have the ability to help with my problem?" and she still read the same line from the script. I said I would take that as a no.

After doing more research on the company I was astounded by all the bad reviews from actual customers. Something I should have done in the first place, check with real consumers not the BBB who is paid to give a great rating for a poor track record on their own site. Well, I finally tracked down the corporate office and reached the voice mail of this woman named Lisa who stated she would get back to me today if I left a message. I left a long message spelling out that their website made an error although their customer service agent stated I agreed to it with another agent stating they could only see Honolulu could they please call me back. Of course no call yet.

I did call my bank who were very sympathetic to this situation because it's a gift for my daughter's graduation and she's going with all her friends. Some of them used a different site and got a great price, I warned the rest not to even go near Priceline. In the end I got a temporary credit back from my bank, they're going to do a full investigation and I still filed a complaint with the BBB, I have yet to hear back from them also.

So there's my novel. VERY BAD experience. I don't care about their codes, they knew what they were doing, they bait and switched me and it amazes me how they're still in business. I am pleading with you people, do not listen to the morons on here telling you that it's your fault and they just happen to know what it states on Priceline's site down to the punctuation marks, they have to be working for them otherwise they're doing an awful lot of purchases with them daily to coincide with your Priceline Horror Stories. Just stay away from this company, save yourself the headaches, just don't do it. It's not worth it, it's just a way to get you to purchase a full priced ticket to somewhere or not take accountability for their own errors. Shame on them for scamming the consumer in this economy. They should be put out of business instead of paying Shatner and that annoying Penny chick to snooker you into believing they actually guarantee to save you up to 40% off and the best prices, but more than that, for ripping off the consumers with bait and switches. They should be arrested for all the scams they've pulled.
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User Replies:
Laylareeves00 on 04/09/2013:
Well I just got a call from their so called Headquarters and they said they will show me where I agreed to purchase the ticket. I said although I don't believe they have me agreeing to Helena MT, I asked them if they could also show the page beforehand where I typed in Honolulu HI and checked off Honolulu HI and Oliver kept repeating over and over "you agreed to Helena MT" and I asked him not to read from a script. He stated he was not and that this was their policy. So I said, sure go ahead and email this so called document to me and said I was sorry to hear they don't want to do the right thing. I received the document and lo and behold, NOT MY INITIALS agreeing to this! I also received a survey right after it with someone else's name on it. I did the survey and in the comments area, I wrote that they did NOT speak with this person, they spoke with me and if they want to do better in the customer service department, stop outsourcing, reading from scripts and actually do some customer service. Oh he also had no answer for why they have an A+ with the BBB with over 3K complaints and 50% resolved with 100% dissatisfaction with the resolution. It's like they're robots over there! They know they're wrong and just refuse to admit it for lousy fees. If they had just canceled their mistake, I probably would have used them again, which is why they keep 150 of your money so you will buy a full priced ticket. Again, shame on this company.
trmn8r on 04/09/2013:
I know why people use Priceline - people shop at WalMart for the same one.

I'm sorry you got burned. I am wondering if what the CSR said about there being a verification page with "Helena" shown is true, prior to the transaction being complete. If so, I think you are stuck. Otherwise, good luck. Working with Priceline, you will need it.

What you say about "accredited" BBB businesses and ridiculously high ratings is right on the mark. I personally have had luck with the BBB resolving a few complaints, but their ratings are useless for ACCREDITED businesses. They are often accurate for non-accredited businesses.
Doreen on 06/20/2013:
I needed a hotel in Portland Maine for two nights.
I searched the Priceline webpage and reviewed the hotels that met my criteria in terms of area and star level.
I entered a bid for a THREE-star hotel in a particular area, guided by the Priceline website.
To my surprise, I was booked into a hotel, the Clarion, that was NOT featured on the webpage in any category, the net was that I finished up with a booking based on INCOMPLETE information.
There were NO reviews available for this hotel on the Priceline webpage.
I checked other websites and found very recent reviews stating that the hotel was dirty and that its star level required reevaluation.
I believe that I was subjected to Bait and Switch.

I spoke with a Customer "Care" Representative regarding the Clarion Hotel in Portland, ME.
Selene, was totally unresponsive, dismissive and almost abusive, ("Care" indeed!), to the point that she said that if I was not satisfied then I should pay FULL price.
I was amazed when she told me to pay FULL price to avoid these problems, a really strange comment from a Customer "Care" Rep for a company whose raison d'ĂȘtre is the provision of discount hotels, car rentals, air fares etc., - a company that has been promoting and featuring "name your own price" in its ads for years.
I was shocked that the Priceline Customer "Care" representative would insult and demean a customer for using Priceline's most touted feature.
I will NEVER use Priceline again, - bait and switch is a despicable practice used by corrupt organizations.
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Posted by on
On February 24th, I purchased a flight, roundtrip, from John Wayne/Orange County airport to St. Louis using the "name your own price". Flight was to depart on April 23rd and return on April 26th. I got a great deal, saving over 80 dollars off the same flights booked directly through Frontier airlines. As I am sure most people know, on April 22nd, the St. Louis airport was hit by severe weather/tornado. I monitored my flight online to see if it would be cancelled, and around 10:30PM PST the flight was canceled. I called Frontier Airlines to see what my options would be for getting rebooked, and the representative who assisted me stated they would not be able to get me to St. Louis until the evening of Wednesday the 27th, which, obviously, was not going to work. I was heading to St. Louis to spend Easter with my elderly aunt and uncle. Frontier advised me that they could rebook me for the future at that point, or, since I had purchased this ticket through Priceline, I could call them, and they could call Frontier's Agency Desk and tell Frontier how much I paid and they would give me a credit. Frontier didn't have the financial information as this was purchased as a "bulk ticket". Here begins the fun, and 5 hours worth of phone calls. First 5 times I called Priceline, they told me that they can't make outbound phone calls, which is a lie. Calls to Frontier were useless, as they had no way of assisting me. However, I will state this, they were EXTREMELY helpful and understanding, and they tried everything they could do to help me. On my 6th phone call with Priceline, all of a sudden they were able to make outbound phone calls! Jesus was the one who assisted me, and he put me on hold to contact the agency desk at Frontier. My call got dropped, and I dreaded calling and explaining to ANOTHER representative my problem, but Jesus called me right back. Amazing. Jesus advised me I would have a credit of 213.06, which was unacceptable as I paid 243.06. He was unable to explain the difference in price. The main problem ended up being as that Priceline thought I was IN St. Louis calling them to get rebooked. They apparently took out the taxes for my outbound flight. Jesus said I was entirely good to go and to just call Frontier and they would rebook me on a flight of my choice. I reluctantly agreed to call Frontier to confirm. When I called to confirm, Frontier advised me that I did not have a credit with them, but that I had a credit with Priceline. Frontier advised me that since the flight was canceled, I should be able to get a full refund, and not a credit. I called Priceline back ONE more time, and this time I spoke with James. James put me on hold to call the agency desk again at Frontier. After being on hold for 30 minutes, he came back to say I would be getting a refund. Yay! Success! However, James told me that I was being charged a 7.45 cents "processing" fee. He stated it was from the airline, but at this point, after almost 6 hours on the phone, I decided it was worth it to not have to deal with this anymore. I know people will criticize me for using Priceline for airline tickets, but the weather was unexpected, and neither the airline nor myself caused this issue. Thanks to Frontier, they were the most helpful! Writing this just to that others may know about issues that you may have to deal with by buying tickets through Priceline.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/27/2011:
Wow, they actually refunded you? You should count your blessings!
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Never Again!!!!
Posted by on
OK so here is my story. I in this the month of January turned 20, graduated from nursing school (LPN), and was accepted into an RN program. So it is a big month for me, and my mom being the best in the entire world bought us tickets to go to New York!!! She wanted it to be a present for me for graduating and my b-day, well she bought the tickets a couple months ago when everything was pretty OK where her health (she has been battling cancer for about a year), but just this past month her health had taken a down turn. Her leg (where the cancerous tumor was) is not receiving the skin graft and doctors are freaking out about the chance of infection and having to amputate the leg, so we are already under a lot of stress. The doctors sat no traveling and with good reason, my mom still wanted me to go and have fun and take a friend with me instead. So I call the airline to get the name changed, and low and behold they don't do that. All tickets are non transferable no matter the reason! The best they could do was hold the ticket and make it open date for a huge fee!!! Which I don't have. Then they say well call and have them just change the info they sent.

I do this and not only is every single person that I speak to the rudest person on earth! But not only do they tell me that it "doesn't matter that your mom has cancer you can't get the ticket changed", but they also have the audacity to say that I should have "planned my trip better as to not have an episode like this"............ WHAT!!!!! Like I asked for my mom the get cancer and be in the hospital!!! AHHHH, I lost it I broke out in tears, I was bawling!!!! And all these people they kept transferring me too were yelling and talking over me saying I need to be quiet and listen. I asked one women why she was being so rude and she said she was sorry but she couldn't explain things over my "excessive crying"....... Yea I am crying do you know how much freaking my mom spent to do this for me!!!!!!!!

Well to shorten this, I have never been treated so horrible in my whole life! Ever! And I was a CNA for pete's sake!! I know what it's like to have people screaming at you. I had to end up canceling the trip for which my mom only received 395 back out of 800. And then she rebooked it through with a different name for my friend. PTL she got the travel insurance so hopefully they will give us back at least half of the rest.

Honestly I can understand a policy is a policy, but first of all when you have a Doctor's letter and number and all that saying you cannot go, legitimately cannot go what the heck!!! And secondly when someone is in tears because they are so distort because their mom who is sick has just laid out bank so you could have fun and now they are telling you she just wasted her money, you don't treat them like crap!!

I will never use again, and I advise anyone who is going to travel, regardless of illness or not, do not use or United!! They are flippant disrespectful, compassionless and just plain rude.
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User Replies:
Ben There on 01/10/2011:
As you found out, most airfare is nonrefundable for any reason, and you can't change names regardless of how you buy it. Back in the day the airlines were more lenient with changes, but I guess they got scammed too many times. If you actually read the really long rules of plane tickets, the only exceptions are normally in the event of death.

Next time, look into flexible rates - they cost a bit more, but you can cancel and change your trip. Also, of course travel insurance is an option, but make sure the policy covers pre-existing conditions as some don't.
Anonymous on 01/10/2011:
As a manager at an airline, I didn't even have the ability to change names on a ticket. That went way above me and was only done if the original passenger passed away. And if that was the case, they wanted proof with a death certificate
dan gordon on 01/11/2011:
It has nothing to do with Priceline as its an airline policy. You were probably offered travel insurane which I'm sure you turned down. That is the risk you take. You might get a credit for the value of the ticket which you can use at a later date if you talk nicely to the airline. You would probably be better to just buy another tix for your friend.
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Horrible customer service!!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NORWALK, CONNECTICUT -- On September 25, I booked a round trip flight for November 9-12 for a class I was taking in Tampa, FL, and I opted to purchase the $16 travel insurance. My class was cancelled, and I called the Travel Insurance company, who advised me that because my cancellation was not due to the death or disability of myself or an immediate family member, my trip was non refundable!! I was transferred to Priceline, who told me that Delta Airlines would offer me a credit, however Priceline would charge me cancellation and convenience fees totaling over $200!!! and to top it all off, the CSR Supervisor hung up on me!!! I was livid!
I decided to call Delta, who credited me the full purchase price!!! Priceline has the WORST customer service I have ever experienced. I will NEVER book with Priceline again!!!
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 10/24/2012:
I don't believe this is horrible customer service, because it is within their policy.
Priceline's insurance only covers "emergency" changes such as death, injury etc, so what the Insurance Company told you makes sense.

It isn't clear whether Delta made a special exception for you or if your tickets were refundable, based on your description.
CowboyFan on 10/24/2012:
When one buys a non-refundable ticket, it means exactly that - no refunds if you decide not to go. Travel Insurance is not meant to be protection against the OP changing her mind. She could still go on the trip, regardless of whether the class was being offered. Such insurance is for situations where the passenger CANNOT go because of illness, injury, or death of a family member. There was nothing wrong with Priceline's service.
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Awful Customer Service
Posted by on
Priceline has great services, yes, but they have the most awful customer service I have ever come in contact with. I was scheduled to fly out of Sioux Falls to Colorado Springs, however, my grandfather unexpectedly passed away and the funeral was the day I was to fly out. I notified Priceline in my change of plans, and asked what my options were. Hence NONE of the customer service agents I spoke to could speak English. After being on the phone for OVER an hour, the only information I came out with is that they can hold my tickets, but if I ever want to use them again it will cost me $180.00 in fees. I spoke to the airlines then and they stated that they would waive their fees of $150.00, but Priceline refused to waive their $30.00 fee (seriously???).

About three weeks later I found a great flight for $40.00 less than my origninal flight and called to book it with Priceline. Again, I had an agent that could not speak English (awesome). So I spent another hour on the phone with him and was placed on hold numerous times. He would not waive any of the fees that I was originally told I could waive. That fabulous flight I had mentioned earlier was null and void because it was with a different airline than I had originally booked. He said the exact same flight (using the airlines I had to use) was $900.00!!!!! The flight I found was $200.00. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? The agent never apologized for the inconvenience and never offered any other suggestions. AND to top it off, I found a flight for $300 on their website using the correct airlines, but he failed to mention that to me on the phone. So all in all the money I spent on my first tickets is wasted because of unaccomadating services. Who is going to pay $180 in fees when you can find a new ticket for that price??
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Refundable tickets are not refundable...
Posted by on
WASHINGTON -- I used for the first (and last) time about a month ago to purchase 3 round trip tickets from Seattle to Austin, Texas for a friends wedding. At the time of the purchase, I was not certain of the departure date - so I wanted to buy refundable tickets. Although the website was very clear about stating that any tickets bought through their name your own price outlet were non-refundable, they were not clear about whether tickets purchased throughout the rest of their site were non-refundable. After digging through a lot of material on their website, I came to the conclusion that the tickets could be refunded (minus $150) as long as I canceled in a timely manner. This made sense to me so I purchased the 3 $350 tickets (for a total of $1050). A few days later I was realized I was going to have to change the departure date from Seattle to Austin to a day earlier. Good think I bought non-refundable tickets.

I called customer support and they attempted to help me. Unfortunately, the cheapest alternative to what I already had was $700 and I didn't want to spend that kind of money. I confirmed that I would be able to cancel the tickets and looked at other websites to find something cheaper. I purchased a $350 replacement ticket for myself from another company (Expedia) that left Seattle a day earlier than by tickets. (The remaining 2 tickets did not need to be changed so I left them as is.) I then called and told them I wanted a refund for my ticket. They informed me that the ticket was non-refundable and that they would hold the money for a year and that I could use it during that time - but after a year the money would be gone.

I told them that I felt that was deceptive - that I had been informed that I could get a refund for my ticket, that I didn't purchase non-refundable tickets - that their website STILL said that I could cancel the tickets and only be out $150. They replied that they would have to listen to the tapes of the person who informed me that I could get a refund - to verify that she actually said that. I was informed that they would call me back if 5 business days. 5 business days came and went without a call. I called them back and they apologized for not returning my call when they promised. I was also informed that they had not yet listened to the tapes.

Additionally, I was now told that my rickets were not only non-refundable - but that I could no longer cancel them either - meaning that I was out the full cost of the ticket. I told them that I had made 2 previous calls to cancel the tickets and that this was unfair. They apologized and I was told that they would call me within 3 business days. I confirmed that they had my correct phone number. It's now 8 business days since they were supposed to call me back. I have heard nothing. I don't know if they ever canceled by ticket. I don't know if I have $350 credit at I don't WANT $500 credit at

Their site is very deceptive as to the nature of the tickets. At no time were people rude to me on the phone - everyone was very nice and/or apologetic. I was never rude to anyone on the phone. However, it seems pretty clear their job is to get you off the phone and hope that you go away. I was promised twice that they would return by calls - but no return call was every made.

The economic damage was ~$350.
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User Replies:
dan gordon on 04/15/2009:
Alaska air is in your back yard and has non stops to Austin. The site is very clear. Its not Priceline but standard airline procedure. They will rebook your tix with a change fee which is the $150 most likely. They will credit the ticket amt against the new ticket amt. This is very standard. The fact that you bought another ticket without trying to use your 'credit' is going to work against you. Call the airline direct but I don't think they will help you cause you are Pricelines customer.
Ben There on 04/15/2009:
I hate to say it, but you probably just did not understand the wording of the rules... Priceline pulls them directly over from the airlines, so Priceline's rules reads exactly like the rules if you were buying directly from the airline or on another travel website.

For future reference, most domestic flights are nonrefundable, and any changes to itineraries cost $150 plus fare difference. Refundable fares tend to cost at least $500 for short flights and $1000 for long flights.
Anonymous on 04/15/2009:
Even if a ticket is refundable, if you change it you still have to pay the difference in the price of the ticket.
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Negotiate Your Price ??
Posted by on
To whom it may concern:

I had just made a phone call to 1-888-837-3774 and spoke to a gentleman about my situation and all I received was "due to our purchase agreement" there is nothing I can do. I asked to speak to someone else and then I spoke with James Employee #1319043 with Customer Relations and he told me the same thing, which I'm sure he was reading things off from a card just like the first gentleman. Here is the situation and it surprises me that a Company would not even check to see if there was anything they could do further for their customer.
I had told them that it was the first time I was using Priceline "Negotiator" and I had placed a bid for 3 airline tickets, 1 hotel and 1 car rental. Well, the airline tickets got denied, the hotel got denied but the car rental did not and was accepted. AND in order for you to find out if your offer would be accepted or not one would have to give their credit card information to even see if your bid would be accepted or not. Mind you, once again, this is the very first time I had used Priceline.

Since I live in Florida and I wanted to get to Reno for my daughter's High School Graduation I had submitted a 2nd bid for both airline and hotel. Which, once again they were both denied. Now I was able to find tickets flying from West Palm Beach, Florida to Sacrament, CA. that is approximately 2 hours away from my original destination, Reno, and were only 25 dollars more per airline ticket than what my highest bid on Priceline was. How ironic.. I had asked and requested that I would like to pick up the car I rented at Sacramento instead of Reno because that is where I have to fly into now. Repeatedly both gentlemen both stated that there was absolutely nothing they could do for me without even checking. They would only say that it is a purchase agreement and that was basically it. Oh, the did say how much I saved on the car rental but I had rebutted by saying, I did not save that much if now I have to rent a car to go get my car then once I have that car I have to drop that one off and rent another to get to the airport. That is some BIG savings, huh?

The first gentleman did say that there were exceptions if there was an emergency or something to that effect. I stated to him that this was an emergency to me and I feel since the way Priceline practices what they do. Such as giving the credit card number first then wait and see if you get approved instead of putting in your bid, accepting the terms then paying for it which left me with a car rental only with no flight tickets and no hotel reservations. Since this is the case, plus the first time every using Priceline and due to my daughter who was basically kidnapped and I haven't seen in 14 years due to this and when I finally found her, I wanted to see her graduate High School, all that Priceline could say to me over the phone is "Sorry." Well, I'm going to say that if Priceline does not change the car pick up and drop and/or compensate myself in any type of way due to the somewhat confusing way and how they conduct business then I will say that Priceline is Sorry and I will be writing this same letter to Corporate Offices of Priceline and I am sure that I will never - never use Priceline again and I am sure that I will tell everyone I know to never use Priceline because they will not be willing to work with their customers in no way, shape or form.

If your response to this email / letter is that "That's why we posted our agreement, etc." Then I will definitely know that Priceline is not a Company for myself and all my friends to never - ever use. If you are willing to help then I would be extremely humble and express my appreciation to your Company and everyone I know. All I want to do is to pick up / drop off the car I had already rented from Reno to Sacramento. That is it! The dates, the times, the car all stay the same but No One Cares! Do You?

Please respond to my request as soon as possible. The car rental is from 6/3/09 to 6/8/09. Dates that are well enough in advance that something could be done!

800 Connecticut Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06854

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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 04/14/2009:
If you know who the car rental company involved is, then I suggest that you contact them directly to see if they can modify your reservation.
dan gordon on 04/14/2009:
I agree with that suggestion. I'm sorry your experience was so bad but you really have to understand Priceline. There are websites devoted to explaining their policies. is one that deals with Hotwire and Priceline. Normally its a great service. I don't understand why you would bid for a car before you knew your flights.
Ben There on 04/14/2009:
Never book a car before your flights are booked. Prices are based on pick up and drop off times, and you did not know either yet. If you are not comfortable with the finality of booking travel online, I suggest you go to a human travel agent as they can give more details about what you are purchasing.
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They Lie to You
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ST LOUIS, ILLINOIS -- I bought airplane tickets to Mexico in Priceline. They offered the travel insurance in case of any health problem we could change it. Well I got sick and I was trying to change the tickets to a different time, and they said that they didn't cover that. so they lie and they are a complete joke.

I talked to the airline company and they said that they actually have travel insurance and they cover 100% of things like that, so I know now that it was a big mistake to buy the tickets with a no serious company like Priceline. Please don't buy with them, be safe and buy with the airlines directly, they can take care of you right.
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User Replies:
Bee on 07/29/2013:
It depends on the definition of "sick" It generally covers trip cancellation and interruption if there is a need for hospitalization or major surgery etc. It won't cover sickness like a cold or even things like strep throat or ear infections etc. You also must provide them with proof before you get refunded. This is the same for all companies, not just Priceline. on 08/28/2013:
Priceline engages in deceptive marketing as part of their business model. Misleading consumers deliberately with unethical and deceptive pricing. Price line will help you about as much as the U.S. Congress. Customer service does not exist, except to trick and hustle for the rich executives.
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Horrible Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I used Priceline for the first time to fly from SFO to Florida for my best friends wedding. The issue was that I made a mistake when I booked the ticket. I took responsibility for that mistake.

I thought my flight left on Thursday evening and when I arrived at the airport, the agent told me I had missed my flight from the night before. I panicked, as being the maid of honor was an important role and was afraid I would not get the honor.

I called Priceline and their travel agent department was not open. My flight home was cancelled as well. I called the airline directly and they helped me. My original ticket was $780, my ticket to get there and back was $1900. Yes, all true!!

I began calling Priceline when I arrived home, sending messages and was told it was an airline issue. After spending hours on the phone, between Priceline and both airlines, I have now been told by them it is a Priceline issue. The ball keeps getting tossed back and forth. I spend almost $3000 getting to Florida and Priceline is unwilling to even issue a credit for part of it.

I will NEVER use them again... and I cancelled the Visa with them too. I will be sure they don't get another penny of my money or friends/family.

The worse customer service EVER!!
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andbran on 05/28/2013:
with so many bad reviews why do people still use Priceline?
TomSF on 05/28/2013:
Your seat was paid for by Priceline and it was available to you. You missed your flight but the seat was still paid for. It is like buying a seat at a ball game and not going, you can't get your money back. I missed a flight (my own fault) and went to the airline customer service immediately and they booked me the next flight out for no additional charge - but I booked my seat directly through the airline not a 3rd party. I think you should at least get your return leg refunded because no seat was booked for you then.
Carl McDonald on 06/01/2013:
Motherinlaw was in hospital and we bought tics to go see her...well, she died and we had to change the date...$350 then couldn't change second tic...$512.....all together the BS we were told about flite ins is BS and we are out $1100
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International flight booking confirmed then canceled, still waiting for refund, poor customer service
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Booked a flight with Priceline. com, and charged to my credit card which sounds easy. But it took numerous attempts before the flights they had quoted were as they quoted, would always take me to the next page with an updated higher price. Anyway finally got a flight I wanted for an price I was willing to pay. The next morning woke to an email from them saying my flight booking had been canceled. I went to confirm this on there website with my literary number and it says flights are canceled and my card has been refunded. I went to book my flight again which actually was $20 cheaper than the one I had booked previous but it wouldn't let me pay for it. I call my bank and they say there has been no refund or cancellation of the previous payment to Priceline. So without that the limit on my card is not high enough to purchase another flight (the amount was about $2000). Tried to call there customer service which is a joke, no help just an automated message that leads you round in circles and never lets you thought to an operator or anything that can help you. Have emailed them with my problem but am still waiting for a reply. In the meantime flight prices have gone up hundreds of dollars.

Highly unacceptable service and would not use Priceline again, just wish I had read all the bad reviews first so I could have avoided this.
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Soaring Consumer on 05/23/2013:
Unfortunately these companies are designed to take your money quickly yet hold on to it as long as possible. I suggest calling your credit card company to dispute the charge, the cancellation email would eliminate any doubt about the case.
Alain on 05/23/2013:
Soaring Consumer's right. These third party contractors don't always get the best price, either. I've had many occasions when I've booked directly and received a lower rate that somebody on the same flight or in the same hotel who booked with Priceline, Travelocity, Expedia, etc.
Laura on 08/08/2013:
Same thing happened to me!!! I will never use or recommend Priceline to anyone. This was an expensive flight I had to get too, and they cancelled less than 24 hours before the flight. When I had to rebook it I could not get the same rate anywhere and had to pay much more. The Priceline customer support was awful as they couldn't do anything. They told me to call their risk management team but no one answered the phone. DO NOT USE PRICELINE!
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