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Priceline Used to Be Good 2013-2016. Now They're Terrible - Feb. - Mar. 2017
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Rating: 1/51

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I was so exhausted from what occurred yesterday, I can only say that when I needed help, I could not get it. My husband called Priceline on my behalf, as I could not reach them from my overseas location at the airport. They said they would speak ONLY with me. He asked if they would call my mobile number - they said "No, it's not our policy."

He tried online, entering all the trip, confirmation, airline numbers, my entire info, anything he thought might be requested. He tried the online chat twice. After telling him they needed more information, he returned for a 2nd chat with the info, and when it came down to the question of what was I supposed to do and what about a refund, they closed the chat immediately (hung up on him).

To sum it up, insisted that I was the only person they could speak to, and that I had to call them, even though this was impossible for me - no family member could contact them on my behalf, AND they refused to contact me.

Overcharge, and Rude Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

MICHIGAN -- I have purchased a flight ticket from Chicago to India, and unfortunately my school schedule is not allowing me to make the trip. Hence I have asked them to change my reservation to a different date. In this case I was aware that I have to bear the difference amount along with the $200 cancellation fee.

The representative gave me a shocking fare for the new ticket. Their website itself shows a much more less fare for the same flight. And it is the same on Etihad's website. When I asked, "Why am I being charged so much more?" the representative gives a rude reply that the fares online are discounted ones and I don't understand how the discount doesn't apply to returning customers, and it's silly that the price they offer me is far higher than the carrier's quote!

I am a international student and hardly make a thousand a month. Going to India is an once in 2 year event for me. It is very sad that the company doesn't respect their customer's interest, instead takes advantage of my situation and charges me more.

The saddest part is the trip protection that I have bought with the ticket is of no use in this case, just a trick to steal more money. The representative doesn't even help in suggesting a date with a cheaper price. Their website is the only way for me to make a choice of dates and at the end they won't offer me the same price. How mean of them.

Dishonesty Is Their Best Policy
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Rating: 1/51

IOWA -- My son is thousands of miles away studying abroad in South America. He needed a ticket to go to Chile for school studies, so I put the money into his expense account to make the trip. He went on and booked the trip. Priceline sent him a confirmation email that included confirmations of the flights and dates from the airline. The next day they called him to tell him the Airline had rejected the tickets but they could rebook him for another $300 - ON THE EXACT SAME FLIGHTS!

I called the airline who told me they never rejected the reservation - PRICELINE CANCELLED IT!! So I got a hold of Priceline, but the people I spoke to (and yes, even the so called supervisor "Eddie" ID **) are nothing more than script reading morons who either cannot or will not help you. They also will not let you speak to anybody else. This is a pathetic business model, and after we have spent over $10,000 with them in 12 months - they will never see another dime. Dishonest is the only word I can use to describe them on a public forum, be rest assured there are worse words in my mind about them now.

Flight - WOW - How Can They Operate Like This?
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Rating: 1/51

MINNESOTA -- I recently booked a flight from Minneapolis to Vancouver for my husband and I. About 2 weeks later I realized that since we were traveling out of the Continental US it was probably important to have exact names on the tickets. My mistake. Traveling domestically I've never had an issue - my legal name is quite long.

I called Priceline and Delta attempting to amend the name on the ticket. Delta said they would be happy to do it but since one leg was on another carrier they were not able to. Priceline said "forget it." I spent several hours on the phone making multiple phone calls - speaking to numerous departments at Priceline. They would not amend the name - which did not require a complete change - only an addition.

Finally, I asked for some type of credit for a cancelation so I could rebook with the correct name. Nope. I would have to eat the tickets - $560 - and purchase new ones. They would do absolutely nothing. I did mention I've been a good customer for many years - they were unmoved.

So - I called Delta back begging for some type of help. They were willing to cancel the ticket for a $50 charge each. $100 was better than $560. So now I'm off to attempt to get some type of reimbursement for the Travel Insurance I purchased for this ticket. What do you think my odds are? Not good. Since I need to now rebook this flight - I've been checking websites - and Priceline is the cheapest - but oh boy - I WILL NEVER BOOK WITH THEM AGAIN. Good Luck if you have an issue. They will not help.

Do Not Fly With Priceline's Name Your Own Flight Tool
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Rating: 1/51

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- I recently used the "name your price" tool on Priceline flights. When I began my search I entered the dates of 5/1-3/2015. No flights matched my bid so a box popped up with suggestions of how to modify my flight. Above the options for modifications it gave you an option to change your date so I changed my dates to 4/30/15 and 5/4/2015 so that I would be at my destination during the time frame I needed in case my bid landed me a redeye flight. I never checked the "flexible dates" box.

I was given a redeye flight for my initial dates, exactly what I was avoiding. After speaking to Priceline management the only solution I am being offered it to pay $200 to cancel my flight. Apparently when you change your dates they do not honor it unless you start the entire search over.

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Rating: 1/51

I went onto Priceline and bid for a ticket from Ft. Lauderdale Fl to Newark NJ. The bid was too low but they came up with a price I could afford. I went and accepted the price, paid for it, called my dad and told him the date and the time. The day I would travel I went to confirm my ticket and seen they sent me a email days later telling me to confirm a ticket from Newark to Florida.

I was so emotional because that week was so busy and stressful. I never thought to check my email to see any errors or switch on the airline ticket I originally bought. I called United airlines and they stated since they were a third party I would have to call Priceline to switch the airline ticket. There were available seats but Priceline would have to reroute the ticket.

I called Priceline and spent four hours with multiple people reading from a script and putting me on hold acting as if they were going to help me resolve the issue. Keep in mind that the email states there is no refund but the reps would repeat they could only refund me 15.00 of the whole ticket me at this point. I was so frustrated and explain to the representative that I was not calling for a refund just to change the destination back to the initial destination. I was laughed at, put on hold and nothing no resolution.

This is a company that is not even in states and all the reps are out of the states unable to do anything to help the consumer. I feel like this company should be shut down and receive no stars.

Stay Away - Misleading Offers
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Rating: 1/51

RENSSELAER, NEW YORK -- While buying 2 airline tickets on I was offered a $50 discount on my airline fare if I applied for their VISA credit card. After completing the application I hit the "submit" button. It processed for a moment & displayed an error message that my application couldn't be processed at that time. I couldn't do anything except to start all over again - even to order the tickets - and used my credit card.

2 weeks later I receive a VISA card! Nothing throughout the process indicated my application had processed or approved. I called to cancel the card and said I am displeased and thought it was deliberate & misleading on their part. The representative said there is a $50 credit pending; I told her that I was so displeased that I'm not using the card just to get the credit. I said that unless they send me $50 I will tell anyone not to use and not take the $50 bait to sign up for their credit card. She was unresponsive to that and so here I am.

Priceline - Airline Roulette
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Rating: 1/51

If you use Priceline's "Name Your Own Price" service, you could end up with a bad choice of airline. EXAMPLE: Frontier Airlines charges $25 per carry-on bag, when most domestic airlines provide your first carry-on free. Extra fees can be a got'cha to a winning bid.

EXAMPLE: Recently Korean Air executive Cho Hyun-ah, who was the executive head over cabin service, turned the plane around at JFK because macadamia nuts were served to first-class passengers in a bag rather than on a plate. They berated the senior steward, forced them to kneel in apology, then kicked them off at the gate. A family business run amuck.

After 22 days of back-and-forth with Priceline, it comes down to this. Priceline not only does not care, they will not listen. They refuse to discuss the policy or consider options to omit airlines during bidding. Their customer service refuses to connect you with a manager (I asked several times). Attempted contact with executives was ignored.

Bait and Switch Stop!!
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Rating: 1/51

NORWALK, CONNECTICUT -- First off, NEVER take the BBB's rating at face value, always scroll down to their complaints to see if there are any. How a company who has 3000 complaints, with 1500 resolutions and 100% of customers dissatisfied with the resolution, hold an A+ with the BBB is mind boggling and misleading. They have an advertisement for Priceline on their website and Priceline pays to be accredited, reeks of being completely untrustworthy and downright lying.

Okay to my Priceline horror story. I was purchasing a ticket to Honolulu HI and decided to try the "name your own price" button because it guarantees up to 40% off. Who can resist, right? It sounds too good to be true, you want to know why? Because it is. I was sent to the next page where I was given 3 choices of departure cities but only ONE arrival was "Honolulu HI" so I chose my departure assuming the arrival was all set.

It stopped me before I went to the next page with big red letters that stated "choose an arrival destination" so I clicked on the ONLY ONE that was there, the one I typed in, not in code but the words, Honolulu HI and then hit the next button. I decided to take the insurance, read the rules, put in my credit card info and hit purchase. Well my price was accepted, yay! You would think so, but not to my destination of Honolulu HI, but to Helena MT!! Where did that come from?!

After frantically searching for a phone number hidden deep in the site like a treasure hunt, I finally found the number and called it. I was put on hold for almost 10 minutes due to high call volume at 11:20 PM in the evening. This was not looking good for me. I noticed they took the money out of my bank account immediately. I got a woman on the phone that could barely speak English and she was rude as all get out. I told her my story and asked her to "please help me fix this."

I said that I even used the back button and there it was plain as day Honolulu HI and a check mark right next to it, how could this happen? I was in panic mode but figured it would be all set since it was Priceline's system that did it. She told me that the codes for Honolulu and Helena are one letter off. I don't know why she told me that, I didn't put in any code, I typed in Honolulu because I don't know any "codes". She then said that I initialed on the page that confirmed that I wanted to go to Helena and my ONLY choice was to cancel, take a 30 hit for a fee then apply 120 towards a new flight and the rest would be refunded.

After insisting this wasn't true and that I used my back button and it clearly shows I clicked Honolulu, she said "Yes I know I see that, but then on the next page it said Helena and you agreed to it." I was out of my mind baffled, but was exhausted by her rudeness and unsympathetic nature, I reluctantly agreed because she said it was my only option and I thought 30 dollars isn't worth all this aggravation. I mean this just happened 10 minutes ago, this wasn't like I changed my mind or didn't like the flight, it was the WRONG destination, no one is going to Helena MT and especially paying 200 more than a regular ticket is worth! That's nuts!

I asked her to stay on the line with me while I redid this because I was going to read to her every step of the way and she was so annoyed she ended up hanging up after my 2nd attempt of them NOT accepting my price AFTER it said "Your deal is all but sealed!" Of course they only counter offered with FULL price tickets.

After looking at her email and finding out they were keeping over 160 dollars of my money, not 30, I called back got another agent and got the same exact wording as the first one. However, he did in fact state that although he does see me checking off Honolulu since I already cancelled he could not see what I actually purchased. That made no sense to me. I said "so you can see me checking off Honolulu but you can't see what I actually purchased? What do you think I was purchasing?" I was even more baffled. I asked for their customer relations department because he said they're the only ones who could help. He wasn't rude thankfully, but he didn't speak English either.

Then another non English speaking woman got on the phone and it hit me, they're not in CT or even in the US and they're not going to help me. She did say as a "courtesy" that they would refund my insurance and that I should try again tomorrow since Priceline would no longer let me name my own price. I was almost up to the full price of the ticket but was refusing to go over the amount I was out if I was stuck with this. I finally gave up, went to bed at 2:00 Am and first thing in the morning called their corporate office which sent me over to yet another call center where they didn't speak English.

I got the same script read to me, the same wording everything. I even asked a yes or no question and she answered with the same scripted sentence and I told her "Please, do not read a script to me and just answer my question. Do you or do you not have the ability to help with my problem?" and she still read the same line from the script. I said "I would take that as a no."

After doing more research on the company I was astounded by all the bad reviews from actual customers. Something I should have done in the first place, check with real consumers not the BBB who is paid to give a great rating for a poor track record on their own site.

Well, I finally tracked down the corporate office and reached the voice mail of this woman named ** who stated she would get back to me today if I left a message. I left a long message spelling out that their website made an error although their customer service agent stated I agreed to it with another agent stating they could only see Honolulu could they please call me back. Of course no call yet. I did call my bank who were very sympathetic to this situation because it's a gift for my daughter's graduation and she's going with all her friends. Some of them used a different site and got a great price, I warned the rest not to even go near Priceline.

In the end I got a temporary credit back from my bank, they're going to do a full investigation and I still filed a complaint with the BBB, I have yet to hear back from them also. So there's my novel. VERY BAD experience. I don't care about their codes, they knew what they were doing, they bait and switched me and it amazes me how they're still in business.

I am pleading with you people, do not listen to the morons on here telling you that it's your fault and they just happen to know what it states on Priceline's site down to the punctuation marks. They have to be working for them otherwise they're doing an awful lot of purchases with them daily to coincide with your Priceline Horror Stories. Just stay away from this company, save yourself the headaches, just don't do it. It's not worth it, it's just a way to get you to purchase a full priced ticket to somewhere or not take accountability for their own errors.

Shame on them for scamming the consumer in this economy. They should be put out of business instead of paying Shatner and that annoying Penny chick to snooker you into believing they actually guarantee to save you up to 40% off and the best prices, but more than that, for ripping off the consumers with bait and switches. They should be arrested for all the scams they've pulled.

By -

On February 24th, I purchased a flight, round trip, from John Wayne/Orange County airport to St. Louis using the "name your own price". Flight was to depart on April 23rd and return on April 26th. I got a great deal, saving over 80 dollars off the same flights booked directly through Frontier airlines. As I am sure most people know, on April 22nd, the St. Louis airport was hit by severe weather/tornado. I monitored my flight online to see if it would be cancelled, and around 10:30PM PST the flight was canceled.

I called Frontier Airlines to see what my options would be for getting rebooked, and the representative who assisted me stated they would not be able to get me to St. Louis until the evening of Wednesday the 27th, which, obviously, was not going to work. I was heading to St. Louis to spend Easter with my elderly aunt and uncle.

Frontier advised me that they could rebook me for the future at that point, or, since I had purchased this ticket through Priceline, I could call them, and they could call Frontier's Agency Desk and tell Frontier how much I paid and they would give me a credit. Frontier didn't have the financial information as this was purchased as a "bulk ticket".

Here begins the fun, and 5 hours worth of phone calls. First 5 times I called Priceline, they told me that they can't make outbound phone calls, which is a lie. Calls to Frontier were useless, as they had no way of assisting me. However, I will state this, they were EXTREMELY helpful and understanding, and they tried everything they could do to help me.

On my 6th phone call with Priceline, all of a sudden they were able to make outbound phone calls! ** was the one who assisted me, and he put me on hold to contact the agency desk at Frontier. My call got dropped, and I dreaded calling and explaining to ANOTHER representative my problem, but ** called me right back. Amazing.

** advised me I would have a credit of 213.06, which was unacceptable as I paid 243.06. He was unable to explain the difference in price. The main problem ended up being as that Priceline thought I was IN St. Louis calling them to get rebooked. They apparently took out the taxes for my outbound flight. ** said I was entirely good to go and to just call Frontier and they would rebook me on a flight of my choice. I reluctantly agreed to call Frontier to confirm.

When I called to confirm, Frontier advised me that I did not have a credit with them, but that I had a credit with Priceline. Frontier advised me that since the flight was canceled, I should be able to get a full refund, and not a credit. I called Priceline back ONE more time, and this time I spoke with **. ** put me on hold to call the agency desk again at Frontier. After being on hold for 30 minutes, he came back to say I would be getting a refund. Yay! Success!

However, ** told me that I was being charged a 7.45 cents "processing" fee. He stated it was from the airline, but at this point, after almost 6 hours on the phone, I decided it was worth it to not have to deal with this anymore. I know people will criticize me for using Priceline for airline tickets, but the weather was unexpected, and neither the airline nor myself caused this issue. Thanks to Frontier, they were the most helpful! Writing this just to that others may know about issues that you may have to deal with by buying tickets through Priceline.

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